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pitiIIogood morning01:06
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aoni think my previous employer had barracudas, btw :)01:54
sepenat office we're developing a smtp spam filter appliance01:57
sepenaon, hehe that's like my old pc01:57
aonmine was pretty bad too, but not that bad :)01:57
aonhad been mostly uncleaned since 2002 until 2008 when i replaced it01:58
aonyay :)02:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ode: updated to 0.1102:03
sepen""I didn’t have time for this shit...""02:05
sepenI hate this sentence ;D02:06
sepennobody has time for the shit02:06
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CrashBurnIf I have my hardware clock set to UTC should TIMEZONE in rc.conf be set to my local timezone, or should it be set to UTC?02:13
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rehabdollholy fuck thats dusty03:17
rehabdollmakes me feel less bad about the current state of my apartment though03:17
rehabdollthanks aon! :>03:17
aonhehe :)03:17
sepenJan 30 10:36:40 eko kernel: [drm:i915_getparam] *ERROR* Unknown parameter 503:34
sepenJan 30 10:36:40 eko kernel: X:2044 conflicting memory types f0000000-f8000000 write-combining<->uncached-minus03:34
sepenJan 30 10:36:40 eko kernel: reserve_memtype failed 0xf0000000-0xf8000000, track write-combining, req write-combining03:34
sepenany idea?03:34
netossepen: intel/x11 problem by any chance ?03:44
sepenI reinstalled it, also removed some sections from my xorg.conf and the problem also appears03:45
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pitiIIosepen: can you tell libdrm and xorg-intel driver versions?03:58
pitiIIosepen: have you tried to force UXA in xorg.conf? (Option "AccelMethod" "UXA")03:58
sepenlastest ones03:59
sepenno, I don't have UXA, what it doeS?03:59
pitiIIoanother acceleration type (XAA, EXA,...)04:01
sepenwell but also when I dissabled acceleration the problem appears04:03
sepentoo weird, just I can obtain the 'slim' login screen, but when tries to load the wm (tested on xfce, and pekwm) it fails and halts my box04:04
pitiIIocan you upload the Xorg.log?04:06
sepenalso I've this error on slim.log04:07
sepen(EE) intel(0): ivch detect failed due to address mismatch (0 vs 2)04:07
pitiIIowich kernel version are you using sepen? .27-X?04:08
sepenLinux eko
pitiIIocan you make a bump to 28?04:08
sepenpitiIIo, no I can't04:08
sepenat least for now04:09
sepenI prefer to use a non intel driver instead, so my girlfriend wants to use the pc now04:09
pitiIIooki, reading that may be the memory conflict can be solved with 2.6.2804:09
sepenyep also I read it04:10
sepenbut not enough time for that04:10
pitiIIook, I hope you can report if you update it04:12
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spacenin1ashould I download the minified jquery file?05:29
spacenin1aoh wrong channel05:29
* spacenin1a annoys other people now :)05:30
spacenin1aah, freenode, what a place!05:35
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tilmanjaeger: just read on the btrfs mailing list that XFS_DEBUG isn't what you need to hunt down your fs issue "Turning this option on will result in kernel panicking any time it detects on-disk corruption." ;)08:55
jaegerhaha, nice09:05
jaegerI haven't gotten around to testing it yet but that's good to know09:05
jaegerI brought my desktop to work today to get some video processing out of the way but I was hoping to look into that as well09:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: updated to
pedjanipuL: is not reachable from wiki main page( i.e no link.11:10
* pedja wonders if 'official' Crux64 is on the horizon...11:11
rehabdollin the very very far horizon perhaps11:12
pedjayes, I know, not enough devs, several technical issues and all that, but one can hope :)11:13
rehabdollbut it _works_ today if you want it to11:13
rehabdollthere is some juggeling with some ports etc, but nothing major11:13
rehabdollalso its not as "clean" as it could be11:13
pedjawhich one?there are what, three, versions/forks/branches?11:13
aonalso slacking maintainers :)11:13
rehabdollatleast opt-x86_64 is pretty much up to date :>11:14
* aon is still on 2.411:14
pedjaAnd there is
tilmanpedja: yes, there are three x86_64 flavours11:16
rehabdollit doesnt matter which iso you use11:16
tilmanecarux' and rehabdoll's are "pure 64 bitz"11:16
tilmannipul's is multilib11:17
pedjawhich is closest to vanilla crux?11:17
rehabdollboth are11:17
rehabdollthere are only some tweaks to allow stuff to build11:17
rehabdollmy iso offers a "newer" toolchain though11:17
rehabdollglibc 2.911:18
rehabdollno reason really, i was just bored >;11:18
tilmani'll probably switch to x86_64 again once i finished deus ex :D11:18
tilman(which should be in ... 12 months or so :P)11:19
pedjaif anybody has a pointer to pure vs multilib compared, please share :)11:19
acruxpedja: there is on CLFS wiki11:20
tilmanmultilib: wine works, proprietary stuff like flash/skype/foo work ;)11:20
rehabdolltheres 64bit flash now11:20
pedjatilman: great game, that :)11:20
pedjaacrux: thanks, I'll take a look.11:21
tilmanpedja: yeah, but i never finished it. gave it another try around christmas, but didn't get to finish ;)11:21
rehabdollalso sun released 64bit javaplugin after 5years of development :>11:21
tilmanwhat annoys me about multilib is that a lot of ports need 32 bit compat equivalents11:21
tilmans/ports/library ports/11:21
rehabdollSubmit Date   14-JAN-200311:23
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sepentilman, did you know that?11:55
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tilmansepen: no... i think DRI does work on my i945 O_O11:57
sepenI can't startx here11:58
sepenI was able to running it with kernel
sepennow I have after using Option "AccelMethod" "UXA"12:00
sepenbut without lot of problems12:00
sepenalso this link could be useful
rehabdollworks for me, but i build dri from git12:09
rehabdollr6xx-r7xx branch12:10
tilmani think this is about intel only rehabdoll12:10
rehabdolljust read the dramatic title of the bug :)12:10
tilmansepen: just checked the laptop. dri just works for me... default config i think12:11
tilman(ie: exa, not uxa)12:11
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sepennot here, I tested it for both of them (exa and uxa), only uxa starts my X but too inestable (I can't see nothing on the sceen), and also when I try to kill X, it jumps to PPID = 1, :(12:13
tilmansepen: what intel chip is this?12:14
sepenI'm reading that;a=summary12:14
sepenagpgart-intel 0000:00:00.0: Intel 865 Chipset12:15
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tilmanoh, old stuff12:15
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sepenI'll switch to vesa drivers for now, I'm from my older pc a it sucks ;D12:16
sepençhaving in mind to try the git branch for the driver12:16
tilmanxf86-video-intel 2.6.x should be good enough12:17
tilmantry updating mesa to 7.312:17
tilmanthat one uses GEM for DRI instead of the old TTM12:17
tilmanbefore anyone asks: 7.3 is the development branch, so it won't go into xorg.git :P12:18
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sepenwell now re-compiling my kernel without PAT, I'll tell you results later12:20
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sepensame results12:51
sependefinitively I'll switch to vesa ;D12:51
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rehabdollisnt it possible to disable drm?13:00
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tilmanwouldn't downgrading to linux 2.6.27.x make more snse? :P13:10
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spaceninjais it easy to change the C* flags to 64?14:34
spaceninjaI mean, will it work without a hassle?14:35
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spaceninjanevermind :)15:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libdnet: inital import17:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: arpon: inital import17:10
teKyeah, two typos in a row17:11
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teKyeah, ports 554 nad 555 for me17:18
teK100 in core17:18
teK333 in opt17:18
teK555 in contrib17:19
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