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pitiIIogood morning01:08
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f1yGood morning.01:19
pitiIIoyo f1y01:22
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f1yOops, sorry, wrong channel.02:37
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DarkNekrosmorning sepen ;)03:03
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joacimwhich x86_64-iso supports multilib?08:30
joacimI dont think I really need multilib for everyday use, but it would be nice to still be able to use those older 32-bit binaries I love so much08:31
rehabdollonly nipuls version08:31
jaegerof which there's no ISO currently08:31
rehabdollbut i dont think he's build a iso yet08:32
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joacimthanks =)09:02
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joacimLooks like a pure 64-bit system is much simpler.09:35
rehabdolli dont miss anything not running multilib09:55
rehabdolli guess if you depend on wine you would need it though09:55
rehabdollor some 32bit only closed app09:55
joacimI have a few games that I never play ;)10:01
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jaegerhrmm... I wonder if any crux users are even using gnome besides me11:13
Rotwanghaha ;]11:14
Rotwangi used gnome some time ago11:14
jaegerover time I'm less and less inclined to update it :P11:14
sepenjaeger, just pack all ports in a bigger one ;D11:15
Rotwangim using some gnome stuff11:16
Rotwangjaeger: and im fetching ports from gnome-trunk11:16
sepenme too, so some xfce's extra apps requires it11:17
jaegerhrmm, ok11:19
jaegersepen: are the ones that cross over not in opt now?11:19
sepenno idea ATM11:19
sepenI'll take a look later, surely11:20
jaegerRotwang: just wondered since nobody has said anything about it in a long time, not even complaints about it being outdated11:20
sepenjaeger, you could use this script to find differences between repos
sepenjust an abstraction of diff on directories11:26
sepen$ repodiff -s gnome opt   --->
rehabdollawesomeness, 2d is fast with the latest r6xx commits \o/11:33
teKcruxbot dead, once again :>11:49
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sepenteK, :D12:04
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jaegeranyone have a klibc that works with crux 2.5 and 2.6.28.x?12:20
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treachmeh, anyone successfully configured the evdev driver with anything but a us keyboard?16:43
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dru1dFail to install crux on eeepc ;f16:53
treachnational chars failure with edev here. :>16:53
dru1dDay of fails I see ;]16:54
treachdon't talk about it. :/16:54
rehabdollno its a day of wins!17:04
rehabdoll(**) RADEONHD(0): Selected EXA 2D acceleration.17:04
treachwhee, what model?17:04
treachok, that's good17:05
rehabdollstill some image corruption17:05
rehabdollbut at least its usable now17:05
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rehabdollxv works good17:05
* treach have a box with an integrated 3200, works ok, if not perfect. XV is fine though.17:06
treachcertainly better than the "official", binary drivers..17:07
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burglurjaeger, ping23:40
jaegersorry for the slow response, trying to get my windows box to encode a 2-pass xvid or x264 video without blue screening :P23:55

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