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hacker_kidmorning sepen01:12
f1yHi there.01:25
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pitiIIogood morning01:29
hacker_kidlol there is life in this channel ;)01:29
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hacker_kidthats the only downside to a distro aimed at advanced users01:38
hacker_kidyou get a smaller community01:39
f1yQuality over quantity.01:39
hacker_kidvery true01:39
sepenI think this is not correct01:40
hacker_kidits not just correct, its easily proven. crux is aimed at advanced users and has 38 in channel, ubuntu is aimed at noobs and has 1309 in channel01:40
sepenhow many people is using ubuntu?01:41
hacker_kida great deal01:41
f1yAt least we do not have questions like "Oh noes, I am doomed, how to change resolution in my gnome".01:41
sepenso I think crux has an acceptable percentage of users and irc users01:41
hacker_kidoh definitely01:42
sepenthe community is not only this irc channel01:42
sepenf1y, yep01:42
hacker_kidi wasnt saying anything bad, just stating an observation01:42
hacker_kidf1y, haha, yeah true01:42
hacker_kidthis box is on ubuntu, its not my choice01:42
hacker_kidbut i would rather the fam use ubuntu than windows01:42
hacker_kidwhen its my box, its something a bit less... how would i say this01:43
f1yI have desktop with CRUX here at work, but my router works under ubuntu. This wasn't my choice either.01:43
hacker_kidubuntu is downright irritating to the power-user sometimes01:43
hacker_kidbut honestly, to teach someone about linux, or at the very least to give them a good box away from windows it is a good distro01:44
f1yWe are changing this with gnome-hardened soon (or CRUX if I would be able to force this step ;)).01:44
f1yDoh, gentoo-hardened, ofc.01:44
f1yToo soon for me... And coffee isn't ready yet.01:44
f1yNevertheless gnome-hardened would be an interesting project :P01:45
hacker_kidi like something less configured is just my thing01:45
hacker_kidi like small, clean distros01:45
hacker_kidand fast... its gotta be fast01:45
hacker_kidi dont like the feeling that im not in total control of my computer01:45
f1y"Fast" is rather relative nowadays imo.01:45
f1yIt depends more on configuration than hardware.01:46
hacker_kidby fast i mean consumes less resources01:46
hacker_kidi like distros that dont hog up my resources01:46
hacker_kidthats why i love CRUX01:46
f1yI work at 2xIntel Xeon 2.8GHx with 2GB RAM now, I have to say I do not see the difference when compiling with -march=i686 and -march=native (or -march=nocona), with -j5 ofc.01:47
f1yI looked for ideal distro for a very long time. I've tried PLD, Red Hat, Suse, *BSD, Gentoo, Archlinux, and stayed with the last one. But Arch goes in some weird, strange direction.01:51
f1ySo I've migrated to CRUX (read somewhere, that CRUX is some kinda protoplast of Archlinux).01:51
hacker_kidi have played around, i dont think there is an ideal distro01:52
hacker_kidbut crux fits most of my needs01:52
hacker_kidso its my main distro01:52
f1yIt depends of what You want from your distro. I use CRUX at every workstation I use.01:53
f1yBut on routers/servers I prefer gentoo-hardened.01:53
hacker_kidi never liked gentoo much, its decent tho01:54
hacker_kidbut thats more opinion and taste than anything solid01:55
hacker_kidbetter than redhat ;)01:55
joacimI dont like having to recompile the application or manage a package.mask every time the devs change a use-flagg02:04
joacimeven when the use-flagg is of no importance to me02:05
f1yIt's true, on desktops this is annoying.02:07
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sirmacikHi all03:17
sirmacikI want to ask You about my 'joining contrib' process. I'd sent You a list of ports that I want push to cotrib about a week ago. And after a week I'm back ;]03:19
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mahnlto5does a corded mouse benefit from usb2 at all?04:01
sepensirmacik, wait I'm doing a new report of your repository04:01
sirmacikok, thx sepen04:03
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sependru1d, morning06:00
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dru1dnext day fighting with eeepc ;]06:06
sependru1d, did you installed it by using the usbdisk script?06:12
dru1dBut I have problem to boot installed system ;]06:13
sepenwhat kind of problems?06:26
dru1d“VFS: Unable to mount root fs”06:28
dru1dVFS: Unable to mount root fs ;)06:28
dru1dI have sata,ata drivers compiled in, and fs support.06:29
sepenlilo or grub?06:29
sepenpaste your confs (
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dru1dthis take a while I must wrote this from eee ;]06:30
sepenno worries, but could be useful for you to share this information with others06:31
dru1dmaybe something I miss in kernel about boot from ssd disk06:37
dru1dBut i take .config from another, working kernel.06:37
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sepenseems a kernel config problem06:42
f1yMaybe this .config is from distro, which kernel needs an initrd?06:42
sepenI don't have any eeepc but iirc people use the same config in lilo.conf06:42
dru1di have eariel without initrd06:43
sepenalso you can append="hdc=noprobe" etc.etc.06:43
dru1d100km to home, i have time in train to recompiling ;)06:43
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sependru1d, this could be useful too
dru1dI read that, thx.06:47
dru1dit works ;]06:51
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dru1dsepen: thanks for help ;]06:54
dru1dno use some modules from arch07:02
dru1dand all is working ;]07:02
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jdolan_jaeger, i couldn't find you on facebook to tag it.10:12
jdolan_found per, tho.10:12
jdolan_waiting for him to confirm me.10:12
jaegerI have no facebook account, so that's probably why :)10:13
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f1yLibsndfile has broken link. Please, update libsndfile from 1.0.18pre25.tar.gz to 1.0.19pre1.tar.gz.11:40
f1yI'm too lazy to post a bug...11:42
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: updated to
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rauz_can somebody help me i have a problem with my Xserver on crux 2.512:20
tilmanrauz_: did you see the url in /topic ?12:21
tilmanfeel free to ask if yours is another problem :P12:21
rauz_tilman: thx i dont read the /topic12:22
rauz_mh.. i edit the xorg.conf and add the AllowEmptyInput to false but i does not help my X freez12:35
sepentilman, maybe you should open a new section called Wiki/News ;D12:37
tilmanrauz_: can you put your Xorg.log somewhere?12:37
tilmansepen: maybe12:37
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rauz_my xorg.conf12:43
f1yrauz_: /var/log/Xorg.log12:45
f1yI mean /var/log/Xorg.0.log12:45
tilmanf1y: i think you should file a bug for libsndfile, because romster is'nt in #crux these days12:46
tilmanor maybe you could just /msg him :)12:46
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
tilman(WW) AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drivers 'kbd' or 'mouse' will be disabled.12:47
f1ytilman: Doh...12:47
f1ytilman: OK, I will send bug to flyspray then.12:48
sepensirmacik, also I think you didn't read my mail
rauz_tilman: tilman where must i wirte the AllowEmptyInput ?12:51
tilmanSection "ServerFlags"12:52
tilman  Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false"12:52
sirmaciksepen: I've read it, but I do not have enough time to slove all problems. I've sloved that with ports that I want to push into contrib.12:53
sepenah ok, that sounds nice12:53
sepentilman, or s/false/off/12:53
tilmani think both work12:54
tilmanOption "NoAllowEmptyInput" should work, too12:54
tilmanman xorg.conf12:54
tilmanlook for 'boolean options may '12:54
sepenI really think that we should have a news section in the wiki12:54
sirmacikI'd read somewere that this problem can be sloved also by installing dbus and hal, but I haven't tried itt.12:55
rauz_tilman: it works thx12:55
sepensirmacik, don't forget edev12:55
tilmansirmacik: 'solve', not 'slove' btw :p12:55
sepensir love ;D12:55
sirmacikoh, yes solve ;] thx12:56
f1yslave slove sloven? :D12:56
sirmaciksepen: and thx for that helpfull list of problems (
sepenwell but you should know that some errors are due to duplicates12:59
sepenlike 'file conflict erros'12:59
sirmacikyes, but this tells me to add somewere READMEs and say there that it conflicts with some other ports ;]13:00
sepenthat would be really fine13:00
f1yOK, bug reported.13:03
f1yTime for a smoke.13:03
f1yAnd beer.13:03
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sirmacikok, I'd improved most of my ports13:12
sirmaciknow I'm pushing it into the web13:12
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DarkNekros_New Lara Croft? ->
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