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pitiIIogood morning01:25
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f1ysepen: Hello.01:40
nipuLyay, i have communication with the outside world again01:48
nipuL2 weeks without phone or interne02:02
joacimhow did you order food?02:12
dru1djoacim: Maybe with postcards ;]02:17
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nipuLthere's this thing called a supermarket04:46
nipuLyou, like, buy food from there and stuff04:47
sepenand also cybercafes04:55
sepennipuL, if you're a freelance, how did you work these weeks?04:56
nipuLi didn't :(04:57
dru1dnipuL: Some people have about few km to supermarket ;]05:00
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nipuLsepen: been living off my tax refund05:01
f1ySome live just the next corner.05:01
nipuLi've got ne guy having heart attaks though05:02
dru1df1y: some have wifes ;]05:02
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jtnlhi all07:12
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thrice`rehabdoll: do you notice xorg stability issues on 64-bit ?  it's become quite common for my xorg to hard-lock every day or so (and after a suspend/resume)07:44
thrice`I think it's mesa related, but have no clue.  logs are clean07:55
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rehabdollbut im not using any fancy power-mgmt stuff08:21
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spaceninjahas anyone managed to get vsftpd running?08:23
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rehabdollim sure loads of people have08:31
spaceninjaI don't get why it has to use port 2008:31
rehabdollits in the ftp-spec08:36
spaceninjaoh well, I'll use a usb pen instead, too much hassle to set up a ftpd08:41
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marohas anybody heard from cbou?09:04
thrice`that name doesn't even ring a bell :(09:05
aonnot in a while09:05
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jaegernot recently, no09:14
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matrix_hey guys this question has nothing to do with linux just wondering something whats the diffrent betwen the word role model and role model up top10:26
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thrice`I like that gentoo's portage can fetch parallel source tarballs while it compiles an update12:53
thrice`would be a nice thing for a sysup, perhaps :>12:55
luxhnaah just wait a couple of years untill high speed broadband gets cheap ;)13:03
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* rehabdoll enjoys his 100mbit connection13:08
pedjadoes anybody else get md5 sum mismatch with vim?13:12
thrice`yeah, my poor 3.0 mbit line :|13:13
* pedja has 1024/128kbit/s line 13:15
thrice`not sure how difficult it is to run pkgmk -do on stuff in the queue13:15
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thrice`(or similar)13:16
thrice`perhaps a 'prt-get --my-connection-sucks' option :>13:16
pedja'prt-get --margs=-do update'?13:17
* f1y po ciężkim dniu pracy otwiera czteropak.13:17
f1yOOps, sorry, my bad, wrong window.13:17
pedjai never actually tried that...13:18
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thrice`pedja: but will that perform -do on other thigns while it compiles the first?13:21
pedjait should just download the source13:21
pedjaor i might be wrong.again :)13:22
pedjathrice`: suggest that 'fetching  source in parallel'  to cptn next time he is around.13:32
pedjaor whoever is in charge for pkgutils/prt-get.13:33
pedjapatch would be even better, methinks.13:34
thrice`indeed :>13:35
pedjathat would require some heavylifting by pkgmk/prt-get, though.13:35
thrice`I think prt-get could handle it all, by just calling pkgmk -do in addition to the command (prt-get sysup or prt-get depinst <package with alot of deps>)13:36
f1yParalell-fetch like gentoo' FEATURES from make.conf?13:40
pedjai don't think that something like that is possible atm in Crux.13:41
thrice`I don't either13:45
thrice`just noticed it was a neat feature in gentoo13:45
pedjabut it comes with a price tag, like just about anything in life :)13:46
pedjaPkgfile is elegant/simple/easy to write.otoh ebuilds are...not so much ;)13:49
thrice`i agree completely.  I don't think the pkgfiles would need to be touched13:50
thrice`oh well, just a crazy thought :>13:50
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SiFuheverything works on OpenBSD except  sleep, suspend and display brightness :-(14:02
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