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pitiIIogood morning01:06
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akinomg someone has hijacked my nick, spaceninja02:07
RyoSakin: XD02:08
RyoS09:08:47 [freenode] -!- spaceninja []02:08
RyoSare you sure? :P02:09
akinNick spaceninja is already in use02:09
akinI've been getting this for 2 days now02:09
akinI have to track this guy down02:09
f1yakin: Do You have registered nick?02:11
f1yIf so, then use /msg nickserv ghost spaceninja your_password02:11
euwhehe someone tried upgrading to latest mplayer ?02:12
euwseems like it keeps looping on libdvdread02:12
akinno, oh well, I just have to accept it02:13
akinhmm seems like no one is using it atm02:14
RyoSghost should help02:15
RyoSlike f1y told you02:15
RyoSi g2g cya02:15
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akinthx for the help02:20
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pitiIIoeuw: # pkginfo -i | grep mplayer02:32
pitiIIomplayer 1.0_rc2_p28450-102:32
pitiIIoin the middle of a sysup atm ... updated without problems here02:32
akin 1.0_rc2_p2828802:49
akinthat's the version I got installed02:49
akinnow I get it, mplayer has been updated :)02:54
akinhow do I remove virtualbox and every package that depended on it when it got installed?03:29
akinI mean03:29
akinlooks like I have to do that manually03:30
nipuLyou can give this program a whirl03:30
otwieraczI have problem, I set 10 terminals in /etc/inittab03:30
otwieraczBut somtetimes when I change to tty11 (where will be Xorg), the system freezez03:31
nipuLit finds all packages with no listed dependencies03:31
otwieraczAnd i must restart it03:31
otwieraczAnybody know what's wrong?03:31
nipuLwhy do you have 10 terminals?03:31
otwieraczBeucase i need 10 terminals :]03:31
otwieraczSometimes, 2 browsers, irc, jabber and others03:31
otwieraczAnd why not?03:32
otwieraczBut, the problem was also when i have default 6 terminals03:32
f1yotwieracz: Use one terminal and 10 screen sessions.03:32
f1yOr edit /etc/securetty03:32
otwieraczf1y: in this file i set on what terminal root can log in?03:33
nipuLwhat video card do you have?03:35
otwieracznv gf fx 550003:35
otwieraczAnd no framebuffer03:35
nipuLwhat driver are you using?03:36
otwieraczin terminal? native terminal?03:37
nipuLno, for x03:37
nipuLnv or nvidia?03:37
otwieraczBut i'm downloading nv03:37
f1yTry legacy maybe.03:37
otwieraczBut the problem exist if i don't have X installed too03:37
nipuLis this a fresh install, or something that started recenty?03:38
f1yotwieracz: You mean CRUX hangs when changing tty?03:38
nipuLeuw: i've installed libdvdread and seeing if i can replicate this problem you're having03:39
pitiIIogood morning, has someone an ati radeon 9800 se here?03:40
f1yDoes dmesg says something?03:40
f1ypitiIIo: Close... 9600 Pro [rv350ap].03:40
otwieraczf1y: i don't know, i must reset them03:41
pitiIIof1y: seems same chipset rev, r350. Which driver are you using? fglrx?03:41
otwieraczAnd old dmesg was overwritten03:41
f1ypitiIIo: Never, fglrx for old chipsets means big problems.03:41
sirmacikHmm, there is some problem with opt/mysql-python03:42
f1ypitiIIo: The last version of fglrx without problems was 8.40.4 with kernel <
sirmaciklooks like it has a out of date dependency03:42
pitiIIof1y: ummmm strange, I have problems with radeon drivers. I can get better performance with fglrx (using fglrx's drm) but I see "acid effects" on games03:42
f1ypitiIIo: Catalysts seem to work, but they freeze my machine when using OpenGL (f.e. enemy-territory).03:42
pitiIIof1y: I am using contrib version in a 2.6.27-7, and when moving to radeon driver, I get dri but only 96fps (glxgears), no way to move a game03:43
otwieraczf1y: or to see what's wrong i must debug it03:44
pitiIIof1y: I talk about true-combat03:44
otwieraczf1y: but i never do that03:44
pitiIIohaven't tested et, it can be a choice to see if performance on it goes better03:44
f1yWell in my case performance was better on fglrx, 25-50fps with opensource drivers, 85-150fps with fglrx depends of what's going on in game.03:45
f1yBut I could lock fps on 76 value for trickjumps.03:45
f1yAnd it was constant.03:45
f1yBut as I told, only to 8.40.4 version of fglrx.03:46
f1yWhen kernel developers changed SLUB/SLAB, fglrx stopeed working properly on my machine.03:46
pitiIIoummm may be I will check that version (thinking in a burnt graphic card)03:47
pitiIIobut I don't understand quite well why radeon driver doesn't work properly in my case03:47
f1yAnd new catalysts seem to work, but freeze whole machine after 1-5 mins of playing et.03:47
pitiIIohere I got the same problem using drm from kernel, when I changed to fglrx drm stoped freezing here03:48
pitiIIoI haven't made too much tests with games lately03:48
f1yAti sucks with older chipsets.03:48
pitiIIotoo much time without playing atm...03:48
f1yDunno, how it looks with newest ones.03:49
pitiIIof1y: yes, I always used radeon driver (radeon ve, radeon r250) and atm with this rv350 I must use fglrx because radeon doesn't give me good 3d performace03:49
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mike_k!seen prologic04:10
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rehabdollatleast nipul is still around. guess not all .au folks burned up :/04:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: zabbix_utils: updated to 1.6.204:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: zabbix_agentd: updated to 1.6.2 (without extended cpustats)04:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: zabbix_server: updated to 1.6.204:30
mike_k_I was wondering how is prologic going on with official CRUX release on slicehost...04:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: boost: 1.37.0 -> 1.38.005:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: jack-audio-connection-kit: 0.116.1 -> 0.116.205:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: jack: new port upcoming jack audio connection kit version 205:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libsndfile: 1.0.18pre25 -> 1.0.19pre105:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ntfs-3g: 2009.1.1 -> 2009.2.105:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: xine-lib: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: gpm: 1.20.5 -> 1.20.605:09
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mike_k_prologic: hi05:56
mike_k_are you still using slicehost with crux?05:57
nipuLeuw: mplayer still built fine05:59
nipuLi use crux on slicehost06:01
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akin_vboxdrv kernel modules isn't loaded.06:22
akin_I'm trying to run vbox06:23
akin_what have I missed?06:23
pitiIIoakin_: sudo depmod -ae && sudo modprobe vboxdrv ?06:23
akin_ah it worked06:25
akin_should I add modeprobe vboxdrv in etc/modprobe.conf06:26
pitiIIoakin_: check /etc/rc.modules06:27
akin_great thanks06:28
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mike_k_nipuL:  but you use a custom x86-64, while James tried official crux and run into some troubles... I'd like to know how that was solved.06:59
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prologicmike_k_, yes I am07:33
prologicmike_k_, and hi07:33
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mike_k_prologic: the one installed from the official iso?07:34
mike_k_so, your troubles with their XEN/kernel were not solved with 32 bit crux, right?07:38
prologicI had to install 654b07:41
prologicwhich wasn't a problem07:41
sepenakin_, did you read the vbox's README file?07:41
sepenakin_, also it could be useful to you07:42
mike_k_prologic: it's a pity. I don't have an x86-64 by hand to build/test it on.07:43
prologicyou don't need one07:44
prologicjust use the 64b iso07:44
prologicthat's all you need07:44
prologicall you need to do is built the root image07:45
prologicwhich you can do on a 32bit machine easily07:45
prologicI did07:45
mike_k_prologic: the iso from
prologicyou just need to pkgadd everything basically, tar it up, boo07:46
prologict the rescue image07:46
prologiccopy it over07:46
prologicuntar it07:46
prologicand setup the system07:46
prologicmike_k_, yes07:47
mike_k_yep, and I am just concerned about the increased memory usage and maintenance, local port testing on 64bit07:47
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mike_k_prologic: btw, do you know the reason it failed to work on 32 bit?07:49
mike_k_could they fix their kernel or smth later?07:49
prologicit didn't so much fail07:51
prologicas much as the toolchain was broken07:51
prologicyou can get it running07:51
prologicbut good luck compiling things07:51
prologicthey were not very flexible with their kernel07:51
prologicnot like linode are07:51
prologicI'm running 32b crux on linode07:51
mike_k_any other reason to choose slicehost for crux? linode is somewhat cheaper and got some good reviews too.07:52
prologicslicehost is simple to use07:53
prologicthey are both as good as each otehr afaik07:53
prologicI am basically running 2 servers07:53
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mike_k_prologic: thanks08:24
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-libpixman: updated to
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tourett_                                           THANKS :-)11:16
tourett_                                           THANKS :-)11:16
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jesse_Thanks for changing? That link does not even load :D11:35
tilmanit's some crappy browser game11:37
tilmanbut maybe that's obvious ;)11:37
aonfor a while i contemplated about kicking him11:38
aonbut it was already too late11:38
DarkNekrosI think it was some thing of gaining points or golden coins xD11:41
tilmanaka "money" :D11:42
aonsurprisingly it was .de11:49
* tilman tries to resize some ext3 filesystems11:52
tilmanwish me luck :P11:52
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DarkNekrosgood luck tilman ;)11:55
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tilmanseems to work12:01
tilmani didn't know gparted can move ext3 filesystems these days (ie change the starting cylinder/offset/foo)12:01
* f1y is drunk.12:02
jesse_It is Friday after all. :p12:03
f1yAnd 13th.12:03
mike_k_and it's
tilmani'm fucking with my partition table on friday 13th12:04
tilmanall my music and stolen series will be gone12:04
jesse_Backups ftl.12:04
tilmanbackups? what are you talking about?12:05
treachthe thing you're supposed to do as opposed to crying. :)12:05
jesse_Who needs them when you put a bit of luck and excitement to your computing experience.12:05
jesse_Spin the dice, take a chance.12:05
tilmanyes, that's what i did12:06
treachhard to do much else, multi gig backup sessions really sucks.. :/12:07
tilmantreach: yeah, i started copying my digital music collection to the laptop (over wireless), but.12:08
tilmanlooks like i'm going to install debian btw12:08
treachwireless is teh suckage. :12:08
treachoh, no more crux?12:09
tilmani'll leave crux on the laptop for now12:09
tilmani want shiny new things like KMS on the laptop, so debian isn't an option ;)12:09
f1yI heard debian lenny was expected to be released someday at the end of 2008.12:09
f1yThey released, but etchnhalf.12:09
treachman, we've got to stop our devs turning into escape artists. :/12:09
tilmanf1y: now, it "will" be released tomorrow12:10
tilmanon valentine's day12:10
f1yYeah, sure.12:10
f1yLike always.12:10
treachheh, who lives will see.12:10
tilman<release_manager> we'll release on feb 14th, and after that i'll be going skiing in france12:10
tilman<debian person> where are you going skiing again?12:10
f1yMaybe their devs plan to release lenny at 1234567890 day :)12:11
tilman(fosdem talk about the lenny release)12:11
treachheh, that means, HE plans on relasing, unless some baby-pissant peon puts a spanner in the works, just to show that he can. :/12:11
f1yI don't like debian.12:12
f1yIt just works. Means no fun.12:12
tilmani would like to like debian12:12
treachI don't mind debian, but I really dislike some of the people involved.12:12
tilmanlet's see how it works out this time12:12
f1yLike all the time - just works imo :)12:13
treachtilman: just pray that you don't get the apt stuff corrupted.. it happens FAR too easily IME.12:13
tilmanf1y: i ran debian in 2001-ish, but eventually decided that it was too weird ;)12:15
tilmanactually i used debian in 99, and from 2001-2002 i think ;)12:15
f1ytilman: Nothing changed, it is still too weird [;12:16
f1yDamn, I hate, when my beer is empty.12:17
treachbetter that, than having an empty fridge ;)12:18
rehabdollawesome title12:18
luxhporn titles rock12:18
tilmancool, it worked12:18
f1yp0rn-get [;12:19
tilmanlesbian gnu/linux?12:19
tilmandoes that website still exist?12:20
tilman doesn't seem like it12:20
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bdfyHi all, i have trouble with building blender
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onestephappy 1234567890! :)17:44
aonalthough it's been a while already17:44
onestepI was happy to catch the 1234567928 :)17:45
* onestep does the parallel build of xulrunner and qt4 with -j3...17:45
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aoni cheated with watch17:49
onestepoh, many xterms :)17:52
thrice`hehe, is that your crux setup?17:52
thrice`very sharp17:53
aonthe other crux box has ratpoison17:54
onestep(qt4 finished first. it started first though...)17:54
aonbut i have to run crap that doesn't really support it all that well17:54
onestepI had the same CRUX setup until switched to Xfce later :)17:54
onestepwith so many xterms, really17:55
aoniirc openbox came on the iso? :)17:55
onestepexcept I've used freetype for them17:55
aonhaven't really bothered to switch17:55
aoni like to use terminus but haven't bothered to switch fonts either17:55
onestepI don't remember, compiled it anyway :)17:55
onestepterminus is too geeky IMO :)17:56
thrice`nah, it looks good17:56
onestepxulrunner finished too. parallel builds aren't too bad really, I think I've saved some time.17:57
onestepusually it takes longer to compile them separately17:58
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