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akin_morning sepen, I'm following your pendrive howto, it's great! :D03:06
akin_or maybe your just hosting the script03:07
akin_ah well nevermind, I'm just dizzy as usual03:07
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spaceninjayes, I got my nick back03:09
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sepenspaceninja, well the howto is not as great as I wanted, so my english is too poor but I think that comments are enough  ;D03:16
otwieraczHow to set compilation parameters when using prt-get (like parameters to configure)03:22
spaceninjathe script is what matters ;)03:22
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sepenspaceninja, just I wrote the usbdisk stuff to install crux on a eeepc, if you think that something on the wiki is wrong, feel free to change it03:30
sependru1d, morning03:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ati: updated to 9-103:31
spaceninjasepen: oh, is there a eeepc howto aswell?03:38
dru1dIn my head.03:39
dru1dLinux brainhole #303:40
sepenspaceninja, nop03:40
dru1dWith asus_acpi, atl2 patch, eeepci_acpi patch.03:40
spaceninjabut I heard the latest kernel has eee stuff in the kernel03:41
dru1datl2 and ath5k :)03:41
spaceninjabut not the rest?03:41
dru1dDon't know about elantech (touchpad) and some features.03:41
* spaceninja got a 90003:42
dru1dspaceninja: I don't know. 2.6.28 works relly bad for me.03:42
dru1dI got 900 and hpmini.03:42
dru1dspaceninja: You have on 900 crux alredy?03:43
spaceninjanope, I just booted the usb pen with the installation iso03:44
dru1dWith Sepen script?03:44
dru1dI done it in this way:03:45
dru1dUSB stick with CRUX03:45
dru1dOn this same usb, kernel sources + .config.03:45
dru1dAt chroot time I have copie sources with patches.03:45
dru1dBuild kernel. And add do lilo paths.03:45
dru1dPyk, nad works.03:46
dru1dAh, be ready for 80 C03:46
sependru1d, it would be nice if you write a wiki page for that03:46
dru1dsepen: to bad english ;]03:46
dru1dI could write in polish ;]03:46
sepenwell someone could help you03:46
dru1dI talk with rotwang.03:46
sependru1d, or at least you could put your command lines03:47
dru1dOk, i do this.03:47
dru1dAt this week.03:47
dru1dBorin time with repair my adobe.03:47
sepenmany thanks for it03:47
dru1dAt work.03:47
dru1dspaceninja: If you have problem with kernel, i pack sources and put them on web.03:48
sepenI'm glad to see that the usbdisk stuff its useful ;D03:48
dru1dsepen: ba, we have plan to put crux on servers without optical. This be useful.03:49
dru1dsomething like crux-hardened;]03:49
sepencrux-on-room too03:49
dru1dSomething like router ;]03:50
dru1dNow im fighting with pld-linux.03:50
sepenme with crux-arm to put crux on my hp-jornada-72003:51
spaceninjasepen: yes it's great, dru1d: I let you know if I get stuck, I'm thinking about copying the kernel  to another usb pen, and stick it in when I need to compile the kernel03:54
spaceninjadru1d: but did you have some "customized" .config file?03:54
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dru1dspaceninja: .config for 90003:57
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spaceninjaif you have it04:01
spaceninjathanks alot, worth gold04:05
dru1dspaceninja: Think about filesystem on ssd disk.04:06
spaceninjaI used ext304:07
spaceninjawill it work? :)04:07
spaceninjaor does it have to be vfat?04:07
dru1dNo no.04:08
dru1dBlah how to say it.04:08
dru1dsdd disk have limits with write/read.04:08
dru1dAnd in many faq or something like that04:08
dru1dpeople use ext2, filesystems without jurnaling04:08
spaceninjaoh ok04:08
dru1daspect about lifetime of disk04:09
dru1dbut i think that is bullshit04:09
dru1dand use xfs04:09
dru1dfor faster work ;]04:09
spaceninjaoh, thanks04:09
dru1din distros like crux04:09
dru1dand compiling stuff ...04:09
dru1dYou must selective choos software ;]04:10
dru1dHowerver i have sometime kde4.2 ;]04:10
dru1dFor test.04:11
spaceninjahehe, was it slow?04:11
dru1dnope i twas normal04:11
dru1dit *04:11
dru1dbut after few H04:11
dru1dthat was nightmare04:11
dru1dI use ratpoison/dwm on all machines ;]04:12
spaceninjaI tried dwm, I couldn't handle it, maybe I should've done some more reading on it04:13
spaceninjalooks cool, I guess that's dwm04:13
dru1dAnd 3 gtk apps.04:15
dru1dspaceninja: lxde you could use04:15
dru1dits fast04:15
dru1dand have lxlauncher for eeepcs;]04:16
spaceninjalooks nice04:17
spaceninjabut I'm currently using openbox04:17
spaceninjadru1d: btw, which kernel version is that config files used with?04:17
dru1dBut withch patches.04:18
dru1dFor atl2, elantech and eeepc_acpi.04:18
dru1dah if you install crux i put on a web eeepc-hal package04:21
dru1dblah my hp 1005 don't work on crux04:23
prologicdon't spose any of you have tried to install crux on a routerboard ? (
dru1dI dont.04:27
dru1dspaceninja: Ah, webcamera works too ;]04:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: lvm2: 2.02.42 -> 2.02.4405:42
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kmandlaGreetings, sports fans.06:49
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* thrice` just read the backlog horror of tilman + debian </308:29
luxhso..have debian released yet?08:30
tilmani installed rc2 (i think)08:30
tilmanthrice`: it kind of sucks that i will only have 120 mb of swap :D08:30
thrice`oh, so not dropping crux ?08:31
tilmani will leave crux on the laptop at least08:31
thrice`I vote for crux64 on the desktop instead :P08:31
thrice`come to think of it, i've never actually used debian08:32
tilmani last used it in 2002 or so08:32
tilmansome stuff is tedious to do in crux (and not fixable)08:33
thrice`like maintain xorg? :)08:33
tilmanno, i'm _very_ happy with the state of xorg in crux08:33
thrice`i thought I read that alot of the xorg devs are debian users?08:34
tilmani probably won't like debian anyway08:34
tilmanthrice`: yes, that's true08:34
tilmandebian and fedora are the most popular distros among xorg developers i think08:34
thrice`ah, interresting08:35
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Rotwang /usr/sbin/crux-chroot: line 5: 24998 Segmentation fault      chroot /crux /bin/bash10:22
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Rotwangbtrfs for my test crux environment might have been not the best idea x|10:29
tilmangrrrr wireless lan10:36
tilmanBit Rate=54 Mb/s; yet i only get 2.5 M/s when transferring stuff10:37
thrice`blame debian somehow?10:39
thrice`tilman: are you using openbox still, or were you forced into gnome?10:47
tilmanthis is on crux10:52
tilmani'm visiting lennart, my desktop sits at home obviously ;)10:52
tilmanthrice`: don't be silly! ;) openbox for life ;>10:53
Rotwang4 life homie10:54
* thrice` had failed to realize lennart and tilman were related O.o10:54
aonthe secrets unveil10:55
thrice`the plot thickens10:55
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bdfyIs there Sepen?10:57
bdfyI had some questions.. mm10:57
bdfyheh this is my trouble =(
tilmanbdfy: try emailing him10:59
tilmanor file a bug10:59
bdfyheh, thanks!11:02
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rehabdollgeek overload11:51
thrice`interrestingly enough, there are alot of related videos of devices playing other melodies O.o11:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glade3: 3.5.6 -> 3.5.713:03
pedjaif I want to modify permissions on dev nodes after they are created, where do I put udev rules for that?13:12
pedjadev nodes that vmware creates at startup, to be precise, /dev/vmnet*13:14
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jesse_Maggot brain? Is this a new euphemism for fanboy behavior?15:28
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jesse_Too bad there was nothing to back up the claim, not a single word. :D15:55
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sirmacikwhat dvd video player do You recommand? Xine after update don't want play dvd's (I'm unable to control film menu)16:47
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jesse_I've used mplayer for watching dvd movies for several years. Sure it is not a fancy player, so I will just say "works for me" tm.16:57
f1yMplayer is powerful.16:57
treachit's pretty bad, IMO, but the competition is worse. :>16:58
* jesse_ puts on maggot brain mode: what competition? :D17:05
rehabdollvlc :D17:06
treachxine is the closest thing I guess. Some insists on bringing vlc to that table too, but I have no clue what such a peice of feces would have there to do.17:06
rehabdollnow that is a piece of shit for a player17:06
rehabdollyeah vlc is horrible17:07
rehabdolli remember using it in windows a couple of years ago. damn it was buggy17:07
treachstill is. it's insane.17:07
treachif you want a gui player for windows, I'd recommend smplayer.17:08
treach(mplayer with a qt frontend)17:08
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sirmacikI used to play dvd's with xine but now it don't want let me to countrol the film (like select subtitles language)17:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: nvclock: 20071205 -> 0.8b422:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: fftw: 3.2 -> 3.2.123:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libsamplerate: 0.1.6 -> 0.1.723:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libsndfile: 1.0.19pre1 -> 1.0.19pre223:59

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