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pitiIIogood morning01:21
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f1yHi there.01:39
pitiIIoyo f1y01:40
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pitiIIogood morning sepen01:44
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euwsepen, neat. CRUX would have done even better ;)03:30
euwsepen, nope03:45
sepen( James Dolan03:47
euwyea just same last name as jay :D03:47
euwand no i am not the cable guy :P03:48
sepenare you a cableman superheroe?03:48
sepeneuw, did you have some kind of problem with me?03:49
euwsepen, no.. i dont think so.03:49
sepenso I can't understand why you tell me 'neat. ....'03:50
euwthe link03:50
sepenI pasted it yesterday at night03:50
euwahhh. just checked the backlog then03:50
sepenhere is 10:42, sorry for the confussion03:51
euwsepen, am ?03:51
sepennow I understand ' CRUX would have done even better ;)'03:51
euwits 22:51 here <<03:51
sepenyes, 10am here03:52
euwhehe i am a good 10 hours infront of you03:52
sepen12hours of difference, nice ;D03:52
euweh 1203:52
sepenyou're in the past, you're in yesterday ;D03:53
pedobearMS Office works under wine?03:53
sepenpedobear, iirc Rotwang knows that ;D03:54
euwpedja, not very well03:54
euwlast time i tried it03:54
euwnot sure about the latest realese thp03:54
pedobearso i need to install windows in vbox03:55
sepenseems that people are running vice city in winehq too03:55
* euw learns spanish 03:56
sepeneuw, there are more links in english about that03:56
pedobeari preffer console gaming03:56
pedobear"world of goo" is very good game btw. ;]03:57
pitiIIomaking a break here (not sure if there are gamers here) Can someone take a look to this screenshot and give me a clue about the strange things (maps or models) which are shown here?
pitiIIonot sure if someone saw this... quite strange and without solution atm (using fglrx)03:58
sepenpedobear, I really like the 'torcs' engine
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spaceninjaI'm trying to set up my wireless, but iwconfig wlaon0 key open s:$KEY doesn't work04:01
spaceninjaError for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A)  :04:01
spaceninjaSET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument04:01
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pitiIIospaceninja: without the open?04:03
pitiIIospaceninja: I mean, have you tried without?04:07
pitiIIoa eso me refiero04:07
spaceninjasame error04:09
spaceninjaI got wep/psk encryption04:10
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spaceninjais there a wep module in the kernel?04:13
euwspaceninja, <M>   IEEE 802.11 WEP encryption (802.1x)04:15
pitiIIospaceninja: take a look, search for WEP and you will be answered04:15
spaceninjait's inside Generic IEEE, which is depricated04:46
spaceninjaI guess it doesn't matter04:47
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spaceninjaah, same error, blah05:19
spaceninjadoes it have to be a module?05:31
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prologicHow do you unlock an NTFS volume ?05:36
prologic"Operation not supported, mount is denied becuase NTFS is makred to be in use."05:37
prologicIs there anyway around that ?05:37
pitiIIoprologic: can you take a look to lsof to see who/which is locking it?05:37
prologicone min05:38
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rehabdolli think i came across that ntfs thingy a while back07:14
rehabdolliirc, the issue was the ntfs drive was still "mounted" ie: windows had crashed previously07:15
nipuLif you use ntfs-3g you can use -o force07:17
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spacenin2adoes anyone have a wifi rc.d script that's using dhcpcd?10:29
spacenin2a# $Id:10:38
mrksyes i do10:38
spacenin2awhat's that?10:38
spacenin2amrks: share? :)10:39
spacenin2ajust want to see it10:39
mrksspacenin2a: sure,
spacenin2athank you10:41
mrksno problem10:42
spacenin2aaha, now I see what I'm missing, wpa_supplicant, great10:42
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clareHi, Please remind me what to do to get caps lock working..11:57
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Rotwangclare: press once key with 'Caps Lock' written on it.12:40
rehabdollworks for me13:13
rehabdollYES IT DOES13:13
jaegerclare: what's the problem?13:16
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ironheadhey been trying to setup my fonts to look neat like the looks of opensuse etc. i have enabled bytecode in freetype. they still dont look as clear and spaced out22:53
ironheadjust woundering if they is some other option i am missing out22:53
ironheador if i need to tweak gtk Pkgfile22:54
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