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clarejaeger: Hi, sorry I think I fell asleep the other night, after i asked about Caps Lock. Question what stops the light from working? I was pretty sure the answer is x-server somehow.04:32
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nipuLworks for me04:57
nipuLwhat version of crux are you using?04:58
f1yclare: It works fine, have you updated ports and CRUX to 2.5?04:58
clarenipul: no, still on 2.405:00
f1yWasn't there a patch somewhere on mailing list?05:01
clarefky: do you remember what was patched?05:01
clares/fky/fly/, sorry05:02
Rotwangbut teh latest  xserver from 2.4 branch didn't need patch iirc05:04
Rotwangclare: have you updated your crux 2.4 box?05:04
clareRotwang: Sorry, but no. and it will be a while before I do. I started (on laptop) and had problems, and have not had any time to spare.05:08
clare(Not even to worry about carzy Capps Lock up to now)05:08
clarelooks as though I am not using latest 2.4, I might do the move up on this desk machine and see if it gets fixed. (n the next week or two)05:13
Rotwangor apply patch from mail i pasted05:13
clareOh thanks, didn't read carefully enough. But if I have 1.4.3 installed and the port in my collection is already 1.5.3, do I have to go and search for05:19
clare1.4 to do the patching; maybe 1.5.3 will be OK without any effort other than installing; (and the things shown as dependencies.05:20
clareBye folks, thanks, I will try to rouse out in the small hours and get some cheap downloading.05:35
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rehabdolloOoo bash 4.007:28
Rotwangassociative arrays <307:28
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verdeanything good?13:43
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viakinghey ulughbegh20:26
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