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f1yHi all.01:15
pitiIIogood morning01:15
f1yWhat a lovely day. I heard snow will melt. Yeah, sure, -15C at night and is still snowing ;/01:15
f1yFrozen cars, mess at the streets, crashes, ice, brrrrr.01:16
f1yI feel like it is Greenland or Alaska.01:17
aononly -6 here :)01:21
teKcarneval here, no people in and on the streets, same goes for snow. great!01:23
teKoh and the best thing about carneval: no people at the office01:24
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rauz__mh... prt-get depinst centericq --> configure: error: Your libstdc++ installation does not have the extra hash classe02:11
teKtry centerim02:13
rauz__anybody ideas02:13
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rauz__thx centerim works nice02:43
teKyou're welcome02:43
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spaceninjawhat should I use, rsync or httpup?03:38
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nipuLspaceninja: yes :)07:07
spaceninjaI'm going with rsync, but I can't understand how I sync something to the server,07:10
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nipuLhttup is a better choice, especially if you want to put it on the portdb07:30
nipuLit's easier for people to inspect your ports07:30
spaceninjaI guess so, but I'm trying to sync my website projects with my server07:36
spaceninjaand I have to share my ports aswell, so I might use httpup for that07:36
sepenhttup is a better choice when you try to update ports and you only have access to internet via http-proxy07:50
sepen"...I first had the idea in 1902. Forty years later the first computer was invented and I got to work." ;D08:09
aon hehe08:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.6012:10
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* spaceninja finally understands rsync14:28
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* nipuL is still awake at 8am15:07
rehabdollsleeping is for pussies15:12
RyoS_stop crying15:12
RyoS_get ahold of yourself!15:12
RyoS_drink coffee :>15:12
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treachomg, get your compilers out, bash 4.0. :D15:27
Rotwangtreach: oldddddd15:28
Rotwangfrom all new things i like associative arrays the most15:28
aonposix sh ftw!!115:28
treachsorry, I don't even use bash, it just struck me as something that makes peopel go "oooh" and "aaah" :p15:29
aoni still remember when 3.0 was new :)15:29
aoni think the {1..10} stuff came with it15:29
aonnot sure15:29
joacimhow does it compare to zsh?15:34
treach"still behind" presumeably.15:36
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