IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-02-28

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rehabdollhaha sepen01:47
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f1yHi there.05:56
latitudehello f1y, mike06:06
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kmandlaHello all.06:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libpng: updated to
tilmanhi kmandla06:12
latitudehello, kmandla06:14
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pedjatilman: it seems you forgot to close :)06:24
pedja[firefox update to 3.0.6]06:24
pedjaxfce-4.6.0 is nice.06:25
pedjawhat is the Crux policy on .desktop files?keep them, remove them?06:26
Rotwangeveryone decides by himself ;f06:26
pedjaXfce now uses them to regenerate the menu06:27
pedjaRotwang: not for opt :)06:27
tilman.desktop files were one reason why we added that INSTALL stuff to pkgadd.conf06:27
tilmanor at least it's one of the examples i remember :D06:27
tilmanso: don't remove .desktop files in your Pkgfile and let the user decide whether she wants them or not06:28
pedjai can't find any mention of .desktop in my pkgadd.conf.06:29
tilmanby default, desktop files are installed06:29
tilmanlet me look up the syntax06:29
tilmanINSTALL .desktop$ NO06:29
tilmanwould make pkgadd _not_ install .desktop files06:30
tilmanerrrr, \.desktop$06:30
tilmanmaybe you should add the directory though ;)06:30
pedjaand run 'update-desktop-database' in post-install06:31
RyoSopen question: i copied 10-x11-input.fdi from /usr/share to /usr/etc/hal/fdi/policy and adjusted it to use german keymapping06:31
RyoSrestarted hal06:31
RyoSbut it still uses us keyboard by default <.<06:31
RyoSwhat am i doing wrong..?06:31
tilmandid you build xserver with haldbuswhatever support?06:32
RyoSi guess, didnt alter it06:32
tilmanthe xserver that's on the iso doesn't use that newly fandangled stuff06:32
RyoSin my xorg.conf however i have specified what to use too06:32
RyoSone last try, brb06:32
RyoSok, forget it ;306:33
RyoSworks again *makes moar coffee*06:33
RyoSanyone else though had problems running openbox-gnome-session? :D06:34
RyoSfor me it starts metacity XD06:34
RyoS <- \o/06:36
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RyoS <- doesnt work for me06:44
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* gcov ehi ehi ehi07:58
Rotwangehi ehi ehi?07:59
Rotwangdo you need haimlich maneuver?07:59
gcovwhat is it?08:04
Rotwangits useful when youre choking to death08:05
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