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pitiIIogood morning01:22
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weisbeckerhi namenlos03:09
weisbeckereh nipuL03:10
weisbeckerautocomplete fail03:10
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* weisbecker waits for rehabdoll's charlies angel reference greetings :) 03:10
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rehabdollmorning angels03:53
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nipuLholy repetitive micromemes batman!04:44
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weisbeckerrequest to add LVM2 support in CRUX-2.6..05:51
* weisbecker is too lazy to build his own iso 05:51
weisbeckerand not to mention takes a frigin year on this pentium05:51
rehabdolltheres a bug regarding libdevmapper and lvm2 filed already05:52
teK_there is a 2.4 ISO with lvm support, already :|05:55
treachweisbecker: there are some docs on the topic somewhere in the wiki. Unfortunately, since none of the developers are actually using it,  afaik, it's uncertain if it will be included by default.05:55
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sepenooops, anyone is using that?
roberthsepen: Installed it once, and also But I can't say I've used it.06:45
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sepenroberth, thanks, the fact is that I'm using geany with vcs support at office, but could be an alternative for doing some little tasks from the console ;D06:49
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spaceninja1rehabdoll: is that sign for real?08:34
spaceninja1blah I'm so tired of all these bad computer book authors, they write too much bs between the important stuff08:43
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jaegersepen: the download link for VirtualBox seems borked10:02
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sepenjaeger, thankx, just some minutes for going back to home, I'll try later10:05
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sepenwell, later!10:17
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cptnsweet, new gadget arrived (logitech mx revolution mouse)11:52
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spaceninja1looks dangerous :)11:55
spaceninja1isn't it hard to get every featured running with linux?11:56
treachdarth vader of mice. :>11:56
treach(sounds like it's gonna choke any time, and looks funny? :p )11:56
cptnspaceninja1: haven't had the change to test it yet, but there's a nice tool to configure it11:58
tilmancptn: didn't you get some ziomg-awesome mouse just recently? :P11:58
cptntilman: yes, and it broke11:58
cptnthis is the warranty replacement11:58
cptnwhich was actually a delightful experience; no delaying by Logitech CS11:59
cptnit was like 3 days between my initial contact till the replacement was sent11:59
* treach had his logitech ultra x flat die with in houers of delivery, and then the death of the retailer before the warranty could be exercised. :/12:00
cptnI got mine replaced directly12:01
treachwise move.12:01
cptnthey told me that they're making an exception :-)12:01
treachheh. don't piss customers off in a downturn. ;)12:02
* Rotwang likes KISS hardware12:06
Rotwangie. mouse w/ 3 buttons12:06
Rotwangkeyboard that doesnt maintain my ports for me etc. etc.12:07
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treach + rx100 = good enough for me. :p12:09
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spaceninja1Rotwang: what kind of hardware are you using?12:27
Rotwangcheap chinese/korean stuff12:28
spaceninja1Rotwang: which mobo?12:28
Rotwangmy keyboard has big "NTT system" written on it12:28
Rotwangwhatever that means12:28
Rotwangspaceninja1: mobo?12:29
treachNew Technology Technology. :>12:29
Rotwangspaceninja1: GA-945GCMX-S212:30
spaceninja1oh nice12:33
spaceninja1my mobo is totally bloated, I got all kinds of sockets that I don't use12:33
spaceninja1I'm looking for a mobo with the latest technologies but with as  few "features" as possible12:34
* treach features an allergy to people who use words like "technology" and mean them.12:36
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jesse_Simple, disable what can be disabled in the bios which is not in use. :p12:38
thrice`hurray, firefox :(12:39
spaceninja1treach: hehe I know suck, how would you put it then? :)12:39
tilmanoh, right12:39
treacha bios that is not in use? ;)12:39
jesse_Disable features not in use. :D12:39
spaceninja1I mean the sockets, as few sockets as possible12:40
spaceninja1I want a really tiny mobo12:40
treachspaceninja1: I'd probably never say anything like that. I'd just look up something that is good enough for me and use it. No need to chase the latest - and usually quite expensive - stuff.12:40
spaceninja1hey, what's that little white pci socket thingy?
treachpcie 1x12:42
RedShiftif anyone is looking for a replacement for GNU's mailman, I've started something:
RedShift*shameless self promotion*12:42
spaceninja1and that black one is agp?12:42
RedShiftspaceninja1: the black one is pci-express12:42
RedShiftthe little white one below it is pci-express too12:42
treachit's pcie 16x12:43
treachie. little one 1x, big one 16x12:43
jaegernifty, never seen a white pcie slot before12:43
RedShifthey come in all sorts of colors12:43
RedShiftthere was a time where you could say brown is AGP, white is PCI and black was ISA12:43
jaegersure, just that every motherboard I've seen that has pcie has them in black12:44
RedShiftbut that time has come and gone12:44
spaceninja1so there wasn't a agp on that board?12:44
treachfunny, I've never seen anything but white pcie... :p12:44
jaegerdoesn't appear to be12:44
jaegertreach: heh12:44
treachmy old mainboard died, so I got one of these instead.
jaeger <-- there's some ridiculous for you12:45
jaegerthat's the MB I have in this machine12:45
treachworks great for me, and is better supported than the old one..12:45
RedShiftget a supermicro12:46
jaeger9 SATA ports and they're arranged really oddly... 2 pcie 1x I don't even use12:46
RedShiftall the rest is crap IMO12:46
treachjaeger: tinyul would have been a boon to that one. :p12:46
jaegerwe use supermicro for all our server stuff12:46
RedShiftjaeger: I use it for both regular PC's and servers12:46
treachdifferent budget though ;)12:46
jaeger <-- there12:47
treachthat looks pretty nice.12:47
treachway more than I need though. :)12:48
RedShiftwhat the fuck @ the location of the PATA connector12:48
jaegeryeah, lot more than I need but whatever, it was cheap12:48
jaegerfortunately I don't use the floppy and PATA connectors12:48
treachbah, those are useless anyway.12:49
RedShiftI bet the guy who designed that board didn't get payed much12:49
spaceninja1are supermicro smaller that micro atx?12:50
treachit's a brand..12:50
jaegerthey offer pretty much any form factor you need12:50
RedShiftlol @ spaceninja112:50
jaegerspeaking of supermicro, we're looking at this one for a new server:
jaegermy coworker linked it to me and I said "not enough DIMM slots"12:51
treachjaeger: you mean you can get a supermicronanoitx and have all you bases covered? :D12:51
RedShiftIMNSHO you should get the newer boards based on the intel 5100 northbridge12:51
RedShiftthey use regular DDR2 registered ECC's instead of FB-DIMM's12:52
RedShiftyou can put less memory in but FB-DIMM uses alot more power and consequently generates alot of heat12:52
treachthat's the way it is with intel.12:52
RedShiftif you do need large memory sizes use the low-voltage FB-DIMMs (which is more expensive)12:52
treachyou pay, and pay and pay. :P12:52
treachperfect match for mac. :p12:53
RedShiftjaeger: if you think they don't have enough DIMM slots, they have boards which support up to 128 GB...12:54
spaceninja1ram abundance12:55
spaceninja1wow cool motherboard12:55
RedShiftjaeger: and the 5xxx northbridge is outdated anyway, use at least the 51xx or the 54xx12:55
spaceninja1how do i get into computers for real, did you guys study on university level?12:57
RedShiftI didn't do any college or university12:57
RedShiftwhat do you mean by "getting into computers for real"?12:58
RedShiftare you not typing on a real computer right now?12:58
spaceninja1I want to work with servers stuff12:58
treachspaceninja1: you take of the side of the chassie, and then you do some magic to shrink yourself. Then it should be peice of cake to get in.12:58
RedShiftare you typing on an imaginary computer? you know they have doctors for that...12:59
spaceninja1yeah, but I want to work with it12:59
spaceninja1in a company :)12:59
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RedShiftwell you are on IRC, you already know more than 95% of the average PC user12:59
spaceninja1and I got my own crux server, that counts aswell13:00
rehabdollyeah, that will do well on a job application :>13:04
jaegerRedShift: I was joking about that :)13:05
thrice`lol, "I know how to IRC!"13:05
spaceninja1WOW, that was dramatic13:06
teK_with telnet(1)13:06
teK_or even better: nc13:06
treachhah, look at that guy yesterday..13:06
treach"what's this?"13:06
spaceninja1well I've been trying to get job for 6 years13:07
jaegermy coworker is picking the hardware for this box but I'll pass that recommendation on13:07
jaegerall of the 5400 chipset xeon boards they list on their site use FB-DIMMs13:08
jaegercould drop to a 5100, though13:08
RedShiftjaeger: yes, 5400 = FB-DIMM, 5100 = regular13:10
RedShift5000 = older, FB-DIMM13:11
RedShiftpfff those gTLDs are FAIL13:12
RedShiftthey should drop the idea entirely13:12
tilman"internet inventor al gore [...]"13:12
RedShiftkillall -9
treachindeed. not nice to spread false accusations, even if you don't know what you're doing.13:14
RedShiftwould be funny if that site went down right now13:14
RedShiftI'd probably get some weird IRC looks13:15
treachRedShift: don't worry, we are already doing that13:15
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* gcov ehi ehi ehi13:16
* treach sends some e-cough medicine13:17
Rotwangits not e-coughing its e-chocking ;>13:18
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spaceninja1wow look at this! Excitement11!!Oneone.13:34
teK_I found a case as expensive as the whole board WITHOUT power supply13:37
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treachdoesn't surprise. those mini/nano itx case are as expensive as if they were made of solid gold.13:38
gcovehehehe true13:38
teK_I'm in need of such systems for our production environment13:39
treachI thought about getting one since I rarely load my system very heavily, but it would never pay off.13:40
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jaegerwe have a firewall box based on one of those mini-itx boards and
jaegerneat little boxes but pretty expensive14:26
treachheh, that was what I was looking at for my "desktop" replacement.. :p14:29
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spaceninja1jaeger: what do you work with if I might ask?14:33
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jaegerspaceninja1: web filtering/firewall company14:39
spaceninja1oh cool14:40
Rotwangyou filter internet from filth like 4chan? ;}14:40
jaegeramong other things, yeah. it's opt-in and the user selects what they want blocked or not14:44
jaegertreach: you can get some pretty decent hardware in those little form factors now. the last model of that firewall box I saw was a dual core 1.5GHz with 1G RAM and some manner of 2.5" HD in the case14:46
jaegerfor most desktop work it'd be more than enough, I think14:46
treachyeah, I know. too bad the cost is through the roof.14:46
jaegeryeah =/14:46
thrice`mac mini :)14:46
thrice`those are getting pricier too14:47
jaegercertainly nice hardware for the space it takes up14:47
jaegerI'm looking forward to the ions14:47
treachthrice`: I'd love to have one, but they are ridicolusly pricy here, even as second hand14:47
thrice`I've noticed apple keeps updating their prices as the specs go up14:47
thrice`i like the mac mini too, but for $600 or so, I think it could be better spent14:48
treachthrice`: as the economics are in the state they are, things are probably not going to get cheaper.. and if things change to the better apple have a tendency to try to rip you off instead.14:49
treachalso, paying for a heap of software you have no use for is a bit silly.14:50
treachfunny thing, with the latest bout of upgrades any mention of "value" or "low cost" or anything like that is *gone* from their web. :>14:53
jaegerthey must not have been selling enough of them marketing that way :)14:53
treachwell, a mini *starts* at 742 USD here, including 25% VAT14:54
thrice`i seem to remember the minis being introduced closer to $500, but might be wrong14:54
jaeger$599 here but that's still a tad high14:55
treachmmh, I like the format, but it's not worth that much.14:56
thrice`well, I guess it's not too bad, since you're buying the OS too14:58
treachstep 1. Get rid of that apple crud.14:59
thrice`not sure you can sell your license too easily, but who knows14:59
treachthrice`: that's no problem per se, but it's a waste of time and money.15:00
treachEULAS are not enforceable here.15:00
nipuLwouldnt't running a non mac os on mac harware invalidate your warranty15:11
treachvoid support, yeah, warrenty, no. and it would not be "Illegal" as the macheads tend to claim.15:13
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