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pitiIIogood morning02:20
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: nfs-utils: update to 1.1.504:58
teK_good morning04:58
sepenheyo teK_04:58
dru1dMorning ;]05:10
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi09:19
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namenlosi updated the xorg packages yesterday, and since then my mouse and keyboard in x don't respond any more12:02
tilmanrebuild your drivers12:02
tilmannot your fault12:02
tilmani wish someone would write to the mailing list about this12:03
namenlosis in the readme?12:03
tilman(someone not me :D)12:03
tilmannamenlos: no12:03
namenlosi c12:03
tilmannamenlos: it's in the x log file though :D12:03
f1yModule version mismatch?12:03
f1yTrue, rebuilding drivers solves problem.12:05
f1yAffirmative :)12:05
namenloshm, should we put this into the wiki?12:05
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cptntilman: maybe you could bump the revisions for for the input ports anyway12:07
cptnjust to avoid the reports12:07
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tilmancptn: gmpf12:08
f1yMaybe something in post-install to rebuild drivers automatically?12:08
tilmancptn: it's the video drivers as well12:08
tilmanwiki or mailing list announcement is best imo ;D12:09
cptnML sounds fine, yeah :-)12:09
mike_kcptn: when prt-get says "cyclic dependencies", how could someone narrow that down to the specific port?12:14
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
* Rotwang locks xorg-server from now on12:17
Rotwangim going to update it 2 months after release12:18
mike_kRotwang: tip: that sounds a bit offensive12:19
rehabdollnot running bleeding edge makes you a pussy12:19
tilmanmike_k: i don't take people seriously who use proprietary drivers and then bitch about things :>12:19
aonsuch as xorg-xf86-video-intel? :)12:20
tilmanlast i checked that's free software12:20
aonbut still it crashes and burns ten times a day :o12:21
aonafter upgrading the server, that is12:21
tilmanrock solid here (i945 i think)12:21
mike_kaon: mine too. like once a day. maybe related to the fact I hibernate the laptop every day.12:21
tilman2.6.28.7 fwiw12:21
aonperhaps i should try upgrading that too12:22
tilmanlast time i suspened this thing was around christmas :D12:22
aoni965 iirc12:22
aoni don't even have suspend set up12:22
aonbeen meaning to do that for three months or so12:22
tilmanaon: filed a bug?12:22
aonnot enough info12:22
aonperhaps when i care to research it enough12:23
mike_k2.6.28.2, 915GM, but no crashes since the latest bunch of xorg upgrades12:23
aononly crashes when mplayer is running, though12:23
tilmanaon: try switching from the overlay to textured video12:24
tilman(vim ~/.mplayer/config, add xv:port=XX)12:25
tilmanrun xvinfo to find out what XX should be ;)12:25
aonXX is the port base?12:26
aonlet's see if that helps12:27
aonway too much emacs state to be lost atm :)12:27
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Rotwangmike_k: offensive? why?12:31
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mike_kRotwang: I was not that serious...12:33
Rotwangi just meant that xserver causes a lot of trouble lately12:34
Rotwangnot that its not properly maintained here in xorg repo12:34
tilmanthe trouble is caused by the fglrx crap you decide to run12:35
rehabdollradeonhd works great12:36
rehabdollstill no 3d though12:36
Rotwangi use ati atm12:37
Rotwangbut i dont have wobbly windows any more :<12:37
Rotwangand it makes me sad12:37
aonwobbly windows is what makes linux a serious desktop os!112:41
f1yFglrx sucks imo.12:41
f1yEvery fglrx after 8.40.4 freezes my pc.12:41
f1yATI Radeon 9600 Pro [rv350ap].12:42
tilmanRotwang: unfortunately i cannot argue against that :D12:42
tilmanand i've never run compiz ;)12:42
Rotwangi run kwin412:42
f1yDoes ATI still openes its specifications?12:43
tilmanRotwang: kwin4 has wobbly windows, too?12:43
f1yYeah, like a virgin.12:43
f1yDid they open specifications of 3D acceleration? Or still I/O procedures only?12:44
aonwonder if i should check out scrotwm12:44
aononce i get all this useless handwaving done12:44
tilmanf1y: they have specs for 3d stuff as well12:44
tilmanmodern chips don't have separate 2d stuff anymore12:45
Rotwangtilman: wobbly windows, dekstop cube, snow, etc etc ;]12:45
f1yI guess they will not open specs for older chips.12:46
tilmanf1y: afaik they don't even have enough time writing docs for new stuff12:46
tilmanonce upon a time r200 docs were available under NDA afaik, but i guess there's little incentive in having those reviewed by their legal departments12:47
Rotwangi like feature that shows windows from all workspaces (in real time) the most12:47
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f1yRotwang: What wm?12:55
f1yDWM ownz [;13:00
f1yNvm, pizza time \o/13:00
cptnmike_k: unfortunately, there's no support for pointing out the dependency cycle13:01
Rotwangmaybe something like prt-get deptree port | grep port13:02
mike_kcptn: I see.13:02
cptnRotwang: deptree requires a valid dependency tree13:03
cptnwhich can't be created if there's cycles13:03
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cptnlet me have a look at this code13:05
mike_knot sure if prtverify catches such errors, but user can have a different set of repos against which developer could test it.13:05
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namenlosshould files be installed into /usr/share ?13:48
mike_kpkginfo -o /usr/share | awk '{print $1}' | uniq | wc -l13:49
namenlosthe wiki ansered the question..13:50
treachnamenlos: when in doubt, consult the fhs. :P13:50
treachFile Hierarchy Standard13:51
treachthat's a bit terse13:52
treach"The /usr/share hierarchy is for all read-only architecture independent data files." sayeth the migthy FHS13:53
namenlosyes, you are right! satisfied? ;)13:54
treachof course. :D13:54
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treachnamenlos: I wasn't trying to make any kind of particular point, or look smart or something. Just trying to provide a more complete pointer.13:55
namenlostreach: don't worry13:55
namenlosit is good to know it exactly, and it is better to share the knowledge13:55
namenlosi was just joking (maybe, because my sister always wants to be right :) )13:56
treachheh, women always wants the last word. :p13:57
namenlosthat's true13:57
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namenloshow do you rip and tag mp3's from cd?16:07
aoncdparanoia + easytag16:07
aon+ lame16:07
aonlame goes in the middle16:07
treachshouldn't that be "=lame" :p16:08
aonthere might be better tools than easytag, dunno16:08
aoni mostly rip on windows these days :)16:08
treachtraitor ;)16:08
namenlosk, i will try that16:10
treachicedax is popular for ripping too.16:11
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treachripperx was pretty neat, iirc, but I haven't used it for ages.16:11
aoni wonder why i'm not using icedax tbh :)16:12
treachold habits etc, proably. :)16:12
aonperhaps because cdparanoia has such nice progressbars16:12
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rehabdollasdf, new evdev b0rked my keyboard repeatrate16:49
rehabdolldoes anybody know how to change it in hal?16:50
rehabdoll<merge key="input.x11_options.AutoRepeat" type="string">"250 30"</merge>16:50
rehabdolldoes not seem to work16:50
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