IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-03-10

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pitiIIogood morning02:12
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Rotwanggood morning02:15
Rotwangits time to work02:15
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rehabdollmorning angels03:16
sepenhey guys03:27
sepenhehe "undefined method `transaction_status' for #<PGconn:0xb75e231c>", rubyonrails sucks!03:31
aonjava.util.NoSuchElementException: No line found03:34
aonjava sucks too03:34
aoni think i'll go to bed for a while more :)03:35
DarkNekrossepen, aon test python ;)03:36
DarkNekroszope to be exact ;)03:37
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nipuLif you like 800 pound gorillas that is04:03
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DuddeHow can i se what hz my kernel is running?04:15
namenlos_Rotwang: you are the author of the mult repository driver, right?04:15
weisbeckerDudde, via menuconfig ?04:16
DuddeI dont know where to find it :D04:17
mrkszgrep HZ /proc/config.gz04:17
namenlos_the pmwiki syntax sucks...04:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: herrie: updated to 2.205:26
aonheh, forgot to push that in january05:27
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nipuLfinally a commit, i can test how port history will work on my portdb05:34
aonhaha @ the logo05:38
nipuLperhaps i should add a drop shadow, make it even sillier05:42
nipuLand the letter 'r' on the end05:42
treachthis line looks funny, not sure who to blame though :p MANDIR=/usr/man ./configure no_nls no_xspf alsa05:44
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f1yHi there.05:53
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* treach digs out mike_k from gmails spamtomb.08:17
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mike_ktreach: don't remember myself spamming you...08:39
treachmike_k: no, no. but you sent a mail to the ml, to which my gmail account is subscribed.08:40
treachand gmail apparently considers anything posted east of finland as spam, or something. :p08:41
* jaeger kicks gmail in the nuts08:41
jaegerthanks for breaking my fixed-width style again, assholes08:41
mike_kI'm trying not to look like a spam bot, but unfortunately I am08:41
sepenjaeger, did you tried vbox? finally I updated it to 2.1.4-308:43
jaegersepen: I updated it locally, worked fine08:43
sepenok, running fine here too, thanks08:43
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rehabdollomg ffmpeg 0.509:19
rehabdolli dont think i remember ffmpeg ever releasing something other than svn/git09:19
mike_kmaybe to force other projects to adopt API changes09:31
mike_kor just headers locations =)09:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: imagemagick: updated to 6.4.9-1009:48
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pedjawould someone take a look at this ?11:45
pedjaI'm trying to compile testdisk, and it spews this error.what is broken, testdisk or e2fsprogs ?11:49
jaegerno idea here, sorry11:50
pedjait is weird, debian has a package in unstable, similar version of e2fsprogs(1.41.x), and there it compiles without a patch, afaict.hmmm11:53
pedjagoogle comes up empty, too.a mystery :)11:54
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mrksdoes it actually link with libext2fs?11:59
pedja-lext2fs is there12:03
pedjaso, it tries to link with it, and throws an error?12:04
pedja'undefined reference to foo'12:04
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mrksyes, it's not a compile error, it's the linker who complains12:05
mrksmaybe there is something interesting in the full log?12:06
pedjai'll dig further, but before that, lunch :)12:11
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tilmantreach: mind bumping your pidgin port? ;)12:47
treachyeah, actually, since I atm don't have a crux box available.12:48
treachI'm despicable. :<12:48
tilmanok, i'll vim /etc/prt-get.conf then12:48
tilmandd jj p \o/12:49
treachI'm sorry, I'll try to get back on track with things asap. Too much crap going on atm though.12:49
tilmannah, no worries12:49
rehabdollhmm, anacron sounds good for my desktop12:50
treachyeah, redhat, debian and friends have used it for ages iirc.12:51
rehabdollouch, needs patching12:54
tilmanRotwang: i can has pidgin 2.5.5?12:54
treachrehabdoll: btw, did you get your keyboard issues sorted?12:55
treachrehabdoll: while sniffing around looking for something else I found this -> Option "AutoAddDevices" "off", maybe that could help?12:57
rehabdollyeah but i want to use hal13:00
rehabdollim using xset atm.13:00
rehabdollugly workaround, but works13:01
treach ok.13:01
* treach totally doesn't get why they started fucking around with the keyboard settings in the first place.13:01
Rotwangshure you ken!13:02
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Rotwangnot much in changelog tho13:04
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tilmanRotwang: says it fixes problems with icq13:06
tilmani cannot login anymore with 2.5.413:06
treachlooks like a WV to me..13:07
treachVW dammit13:07
tilmantreach: yeah, looks like a golf13:07
treachit should at least have been an opel..13:08
tilmandoes automatlada refer to the gear/switching thing?13:08
tilmanare those popular in sweden?13:08
treachnot really13:08
rehabdollautomat is for pussies!13:09
treachor people who can't drive.13:09
tilmansame in germany13:09
treachafaik, automatic gearboxes are mostly popular in the US13:09
treachdamn americans, too lazy to even switch gears manually ;)13:10
tilmanif tv and the cinema don't lie, then yes, most americans probably drive automatic ;)13:10
rehabdollhow dare you accuse tv/movies of not being truthful!13:11
treachI know of a number of models that have automatic gearboxes available in the US version only13:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pidgin: 2.5.4 -> 2.5.513:15
tilmanthanks Rotwang13:15
Rotwangtilman: tell me if update resolved your icq issue when you update13:16
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jaegerthere's a shock :)13:24
rehabdollicq.. -98 flashbacks \o/13:25
tilmanrehabdoll: yeah... i could impress the kids today if i still knew my UINs from back then ;>13:28
aonis there some way to make alsa mirror the left channel into the right one?13:28
aon(hooray for youtube videos with stereo sound where the other channel is silent)13:29
juerehabdoll: instead of dcron + anacron you can use fcron ->
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: fakeroot: update to 1.12.213:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mdadm: update to 2.6.913:34
jaegerI have a similar effect with these really crappy speakers from best buy but it's caused by crappy pots, not youtube :)13:35
jaegerif I turn the volume down quite low the right side goes out13:36
rehabdollcheers jue13:39
aonyeah, here it's straight from the laptop to headphones13:42
aonif i was using speakers it wouldn't matter that much :)13:43
jaegerno-so-stereo :)13:46
jaegerer, not-so13:47
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RotwangnipuL or namenlos mentioned something about new portdb lately13:48
Rotwangis new portdb coming anytime soon?13:48
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Rotwangive just started to write some portdb search utility so id like to know if its going to be obsolete until im going to finish it ;]13:54
tilmantalk to nipul13:56
tilmanor better yet, email him ;)13:56
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pedjaSo, i grepped and there are no `ext2fs_file_{open,read,close}' symbols. no wonder testdisk bombs out...15:05
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pedjabut, there is  ext2fs_file_open in /usr/include/ext2fs/ head is starting to hurt...15:19
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nomnyceusing CRUX in Sun VirtualBox but I am having an issue21:23
nomnycethought you guys might be able to help21:23
jaegerwhat's the issue?21:25
nomnyceim getting VFS:cannot open root device "sda1" or unknown-block(8,1)21:27
nomnycei can boot into it using the CD hitting F5 and typing CRUX noide root=/dev/sda121:28
jaegerperhaps you're missing the proper chipset support or SATA support21:32
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nomnyceim going to recompile the kernel right now21:48
nomnycegot it22:10
jaegerwas that the issue?22:11
nomnyceits seems crux does not like sata controller for virtualbox22:12
nomnyceswithing the disk to ide seems to work22:12
jaegerI use the SATA controller in my VMs22:12
nomnycewith Virtual Box?22:13
jaegerI don't use any of the old PATA code, for what that's worth, only the libata stuff22:13
nomnycewhat version are you running of virtual box?22:14
nomnyceim on 2.1.422:14
jaeger2.1.4 on ubuntu, 2.1.4-3 on crux, I think... though I seem to remember now that one of them doesn't have the SATA controller available anymore22:15
jaegernot sure if that was a 2.1.4-3 thing or what22:15
jaegeryeah, still see it in 2.1.4 on ubuntu, not in 2.1.4-3 on crux22:18
nomnycethe strange thing is I have to put noide in to get the CD to boot or VirtualBox fails22:18
jaegeryeah, we've run into that before22:18
jaegernot sure if it's a vb bug or specific to that kernel version22:20
jaegerbit annoying, though22:20
nomnycei have one more question if you have time22:21
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nomnycehas to do with prt-get22:24
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