IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-03-11

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pitiIIogood morning02:18
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sepennamenlos_, I wrote the mult-driver, any problem?02:44
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namenlos_sepen: sorry02:47
namenlos_sepen: I will correct it. i thought he wrote it, since he pointed it to me.02:47
sepenah no worries02:47
sepenis working fine for you?02:48
namenlos_sepen: corrected02:51
namenlos_sepen: yes, it works. but haven't tested it much, since docbook doesn't change very often02:51
sepennamenlos_, thanks for the doc page02:53
sepenhmm also I think I could provide a port for it02:55
namenlos_sepen: this would be great (then i could use the mult driver to update the mult port :D )02:57
sepenreally I don't like 'mult' as a name ;D02:57
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Rotwangmulti? ;]03:00
namenlos_yapd (yet another ports driver)03:01
sepenyapo -- yapd03:02
Rotwangmpd ports driver03:02
Rotwangrecursive gnu approach03:02
sepenmusic player daemon03:03
Rotwangqpd looks cool tho ;]03:03
Rotwangqpd ports driver03:04
Rotwangit doesnt matter what q stands for ;]03:04
Rotwanglike fvwm or kde03:05
f1yWasnt it FantasticVWM? ;>03:11
f1yOr FurryVWM? [;03:11
Rotwangor favourite03:14
f1yNaaah, it was F1yVWM [;03:15
Rotwangoff to work03:20
f1yRotwang: Tally ho [;03:23
nipuLwell if you guys can make up your mind, i'd be interested in using a mixed repo ports driver for the portdb i'm working on03:23
sepennipuL, of course, but note that there are more people working on03:29
cptnnipuL: do you plan to create semi-automatic ".mult" files?03:33
cptnlike, when you want a port, you could ask for a mult file with all its dependency03:33
cptnand allow the user to select the repository if there are duplicates?03:33
nipuLyeah, the user can add ports to a meta collection and a .mult is generated from their collection03:40
nipuLdependencies are also calcuated03:40
nipuLbut i haven't got that far yet03:41
nipuLstill ironing out the dependency tree algorithms03:41
nipuLwhich for some reason isn't working on the online version03:44
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nipuLthat's better04:40
nipuLcheckut how deps are calculated http://localhost:8000/portdb/repo/hnc/gtk/deptree/04:40
nipuLpay close attention to the links04:41
cptndoesn't work on my localhost ;-)05:00
nipuLperhaps i should have paued close attention to the links05:01
cptncan't reach this one either05:01
nipuLwithout the :800005:02
cptnthat works, yes05:06
nipuLwell you won't get to see the fancy dep detection, i just used hnc locally for testing05:13
nipuLbasically it goes like this, it tries to find the dep in it's own port, then in core/opt/xorg/contrib, if that fails it links to the search page05:14
nipuLi should be doing a number theory assignment, but this is more interesting05:16
nipuLbecause algebraic analysis is sooo interesting05:16
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sepennice models06:00
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: libisofs: updated to 0.6.1611:15
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