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prologichey all00:23
prologicwhere is the 64bit iso ?00:24
prologicnmv :)00:29
prologicI'll just upgrade to 2.5 32bit00:29
prologicnow like I have zillinios of bytes of ram anyway :)00:29
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pitiIIogood morning02:18
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f1yHi there :)02:40
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi04:26
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mike_knipuL: my qt3 dependent ports work with your qt3 (after small adjustments).05:55
mike_kKDE stuff seems to be working as well (most of them load AFAIK).05:55
mike_keven if you use this port instead of kde/qt3, seems there is even no need to rebuild KDE apps05:58
* nipuL just got back from a Danny Bhoy gig06:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: popper: initial commit13:26
Rotwangi think there is a typo ;]13:28
rehabdolli have a popupkiller in my browser, why would i want popups on my desktop? :)13:32
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prologicHrmm, mh gtk decoration is stuffed13:39
prologicwhat port is that in ?13:39
prologicnevermind :)13:43
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* cjg ehi ehi ehi14:10
f1yDoes ehi stands for something? Does it mean anything?14:13
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prologicMy firefox keep crashing (Linux 2.6.28 Firefox-3.0.7): strace output --> (segfaults -->
* treach notes that his firefox is better than prologic's. :p15:13
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prologiccmon' that's not funny15:21
prologicI just upgraded to 2.515:21
prologicinstalled a new kernel15:21
prologicand boof ;/15:21
prologicn more FF15:21
treachff does like that sometimes. one of the reasons I don't really like it.15:23
Rotwangarora is great alternative imo15:24
prologicit is ?15:26
* prologic installs15:26
Rotwangits qt based15:26
prologicCHrome isn't available for linux yet is it ?15:26
prologicit's ok I have qt3 here15:27
prologichave in the past used Opera15:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: popper: fix dependencies15:29
treach<- afk15:30
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prologicasif :P15:33
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treachgoogle sees you. :>16:02
prologicso what /16:03
prologicthey see me anyway16:03
prologicwho cares16:03
prologicyou're paranoid :)16:03
treachyou know, that doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. :p16:04
prologicyour government knows who you are :P16:04
prologicknows your medical/dental info16:04
prologicetc etc16:04
prologicseriously though16:04
prologicI don't really care :)16:04
treachno, actually they don't.16:04
prologicgoogle me :)16:04
prologicwell they have your tax no.16:04
prologicyour address16:04
prologichow many live in your home16:05
prologicwhen you last voted16:05
prologicwhere you went to school16:05
prologicoh ok16:05
prologicso you lived under a rock in some cave ?16:05
prologicand you somehow hooked up staellite internet /16:05
treachthere is no central "├╝berregister", and cross checking them are strictly prohibited.16:05
prologicoh ?16:06
prologicyour government is nice16:06
treachwell, it used to be, until recently when our version of the new "facism-ligth" politicians took over.16:07
prologicoh ic16:08
prologictoo bad most democratic countries like our suck so much :)16:08
treachyeah, really. :/16:08
prologicthey know just about everything about you16:08
prologicand have way too much power16:08
prologicand abuse the system like hell16:08
prologicf**k'n politicians :)16:08
treachprologic: the problem here is that we *used* to have a nice country, with reasonably decent people in power.16:08
prologicthen someone else always comes along to f it up :)16:09
treachthat's why we have way too little stops in our system, beacuse the people who set it up couldn't imagine it being totally corrupted. So now things are going downhill rather quickly.16:10
prologicahh well16:10
prologicisn't Olbama trying an open approach to government ?16:11
prologicI hear16:11
treachotoh, more stops probably wouldn't help either, since once you start stacking the deck it doesn't matter much anyway.16:11
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prologicfuck'n christ19:53
prologicFF still crashed19:53
prologiceven after rebuilding xulrunner19:53
prologicand firefox19:53
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prologicFF is a pos :/20:31
* prologic goes back to using Opera20:31
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