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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: kvm: initial import06:05
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latitudehello, folks09:30
latitudeI noticed that pkgmk understands .nostrip files09:30
latitudewhat that for?09:30
latitudeis it to make port not stripped or anything else?09:31
tilmanlatitude: yes09:31
tilmaneg in the glibc case, it's important not to strip the dynamic loader09:31
tilmanin order to be able to debug threaded applications09:32
tilmanthe .nostrip feature is used rarely though09:32
latitudeso it's not a directive to pkgmk to not strip executables but just a set of filters to mark those that should not be09:33
latitudeam i right?09:33
Rotwang.nostrip is passed to grep -v -f09:34
Rotwangyou heve probably seen it09:34
latitudeRotwang: yes, just want to make thing clear09:35
Rotwangwhich mean yes .mostrip is a contains set of regexes which filter oput stuff that shouldnt be stripped09:35
Rotwangs/is a// ;]09:35
tilmanlatitude: yeah... if you want to strip no files at all, use 'pkgmk -ns' (-ns = no strip)09:36
latitudetilman: that will do, but i may just forget it the next time or on upgrade09:38
latitudeso i'll just put *everything* into .nostrip09:38
latitudei thought i'll be happy with kde built as release, but that was a bit quick )09:39
mike_kwhy not passing it to prt-get?09:39
tilmanlatitude: i always use 'pkgmk -ns -kw' for my debug builds fwiw09:39
mike_ktilman: xorg-xf86-video-rendition is one of the few ports that uses .nostrip and it points to the old locations =)09:40
tilmanmike_k: aha, maybe strip barfed on those .uc files09:41
tilmanmike_k: thanks!09:41
tilmanstrip: Unable to recognise the format of the input file `usr/lib/xorg/modules/v10002d.uc'09:42
mike_kyeah, saw that a few times before09:43
Rotwangmaybe glibc port should filter out -Os CFLAG?09:43
latitudemike_k: i expect it will sink my system in debug symbols eventually09:43
Rotwangbecause build breaks with it09:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-video-rendition: fixed the file names in .nostrip.09:43
tilmanmike_k: fixed, thanks for the heads up :)09:43
mike_ktilman: np09:44
* mike_k only notices trivial things09:44
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krasselHi. Im new to the crux package tools, but I enjoy them alot. One question though. Is there any nice tool for deleting all your sources and build packages from the ports tree?10:53
krasselpkgmk -c but recursevly is what I need10:53
latitudekrassel: try combining it with other tools, like find10:54
krasselok. so there is no package tool that can do this?10:54
jaegerdoes -r not do what you want?10:56
krasseljaeger: yes it did. Thanks jaeger10:57
tilmankrassel: people usually have separate directories for packages and source archievs10:58
* tilman uses PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/tmp"10:59
tilmanand PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/home/tilman/sourcen"10:59
krasseltilman: good idea10:59
tilmankrassel: also, consider using fakeroot to build packages (as explained in the wiki)10:59
tilman... if you aren't doing that already ;D10:59
krasseli am11:00
krasselbut not for core.11:00
mike_ktilman: I thought unusable PKGMK_* defaults were about to change some time ago...11:00
* latitude underestimated pkgmk one more time11:01
tilmanmike_k: i guess we forgot about that ;x11:01
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mike_kthat would allow to delete/deprecate a few tools like prtsweep o_O11:02
rehabdolloh, its pi-day today11:02
rehabdoll3.141592 ftw11:02
latitudeoh god bless pi11:03
rehabdoll(18mb) :)11:08
latitudei think it's a perfect example of making fun out of a obvious things x)11:09
latitudeat least I know there is a Pi Day11:09
rehabdollstrange, firefox only loads ~9mb11:09
rehabdollscratch that11:10
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krasselQT is crazy big now adays. is there any OSS app that actually uses the webkit stuff from this lib?12:22
krassel800 MB to build!12:22
krasselwhich one?12:22
treacharora for instance, maybe konqueror in the future.12:23
tilmandon't listen to me12:23
treachno, not arora, midori12:23
krasselah forgot about those12:23
tilmanmidori uses webkit-gtk12:23
tilmanarora uses the webkit straight from qt12:23
treachlol, confusion ftw.12:23
treachactually arora was pretty decent when I tried it a couple of months ago.12:24
krasselok. might try it since i got all this qtwebkit stuff now12:25
treachff ftl. :/12:25
treachheh, got any other opinion on that prologic? ;)12:31
prologictheoretically speaking I could rebuild my entire system could I not ?12:31
prologicff is shit :)12:31
prologicI'm using Opera atm12:31
krasselme to12:31
jaegerthey're all shit in one way or another, heh12:31
krasselbut opera cant use QT12:31
jaegerit's kinda amazing12:31
prologicno seriously jaeger12:32
prologicff is really shit12:32
prologicit keeps segfaults12:32
prologicand when it doesn't it chews 30% of my cup12:32
jaegerI was serious, too12:32
jaegerI don't like any of the browsers, they've all got some problems12:32
prologicwhat's the best way to rebuild my system anyway ?12:32
prologicprt-get update `prt-get listinst .*` ?12:32
prologicwith a -fr and a few other things maybe12:32
treachff tends to be a bit more unreliable, which is the worst possible flaw in my books.12:32
treachlike segfaulting for no apparent reason etc.12:33
prologicI'm actually considering writing a web browser myself12:33
prologicusnig pygtk and circuits12:33
krasselI think most OSS browsers are fine. Its flash that messes things up12:33
krasselin all brosers12:33
prologicI believe gtk has builtin html renderers12:33
krasseleven in win12:33
prologictrue that12:34
prologicflash is a terrible pos12:34
prologicI don't even need it :)12:34
jaegerall my ff problems are flash-induced12:34
krasselhtml 5!!!12:34
jaegereven with that it still seems buggy and slow at times12:34
prologicumm yeah soo: prt-get update `prt-get listinst .*` -fr -if -im ?12:34
prologicthat'll do right ?12:34
treachI've had problems with ff both with and without flash. Besides that it's just huge and overly complex imo.12:35
* treach really, really hopes arora grows up well.12:37
tilmancan't hurt to have a serious competitor to ff12:37
jaegerI find that WITH flash it's crashy and hellishly slow on some pages. without flash it's somewhat slow :)12:37
* tilman doesn't use flash :>12:38
jaegerI like the concept of flash but it's a shame it found its way into everything without being more stable12:38
krasselI hope flash will atleast loose some ground when html 5 is done.12:39
prologicit's one of those engines within an engine12:39
prologicas if we dn't have enough :)12:39
krasselthen i can go back to dillo12:39
prologicxulrunner, js and flash12:39
prologicdillo is nice and quick12:40
prologicbut I can't type in urls in the address bar ;/12:40
tilmandillo is worthless :>12:40
prologicit doesn't work :/12:40
cjgwho needs flash?12:40
prologicno one!12:40
treachdamn, there was this little DE, based on qt, which wasn't kde, but what was it called...?12:40
tilman(i googled 'qt desktop environment -kde' :D)12:41
treachno, I don't think thats it.12:41
treachI totally forgot the name, dammit.12:42
prologicrox ?12:43
treachthat's not qt12:43
treachqt4 to be specific12:43
prologicqdesktop ?12:44
prologicqdesktop is a pure Qt4 based desktop environment.. I will start building it from Qt 4.3 I think. Right now the project is under planning. Please do not expect some source codes or downloads here in ...12:44
krasselis it a nokia project?12:45
cjgAntico is a Qt4/X11 Desktop/Window Manager (i.e. KDE+KWin).12:45
treachcjg: thanks.12:45
treachthat's exactly the one I was looking for12:45
prologicurl ?12:46
cjgi guess that's an italian project12:47
treachthe screenshots would indicate that. ;)12:47
cjgalso the name12:48
krasselman that qt build takes up space. I hope my 100MBs thats left on my HD will be enough after 2 hours of compiling12:48
krasseli have to switch to reiser4 asap12:49
prologicgonna try antico ?12:49
krasselwell i think reiser4 will have to come first12:49
krasselnot that I support homocide but thats a fine fs12:50
jaegernot that the two are particularly related12:50
* treach waits for btrfs. :p12:50
* cjg waits for brtfs12:50
treachjaeger: one would belive so, if you look at wp.. that page is not the best argument for wp. :/12:51
krasselthats some crazy shit12:52
jaegerI just can't make the "I make a nice FS, I shall now kill people because of it" connection12:53
jaegersure, nice FS and crazy can come in one container but I see it as coincidence12:53
krasseljaeger: me to of course12:53
jaegerbut all the time people say stupid shit like "I would use reiserfs but yeah, killer"12:53
krassela fs can only kill data.12:54
krasseland hard drives i suppose12:54
teK_which reiser3 occasionally does12:54
teK_what. I think. :>12:55
cjgwho is developping reiserfs now?12:55
krasselno one i belive12:55
krasselbut there must be a maintainer i suppose12:56
krasselto bad the crux dosent come with the reiser4 tools12:57
krasselit should.12:57
Rotwangif linus doesn't suppoirt it crux won't support it either xD12:59
* teK_ figures that's the reason why there's no binary kde/gnome on the installation ISO13:00
jaegertilman: it would be pretty easy for you to make a custom ISO with reiser4 support and tools13:00
jaegerI used to do that for XFS back around crux 0.9.2 or something13:00
tilmandid you mean to direct that towards me?13:00
jaegertilman: no, sorry13:00
jaegerI meant that for krassel13:00
jaegerI was gonna ask you an xorg question and forgot to backspace13:01
tilmansure, i just need to get my laptop from the car13:01
* tilman walks out of the room, runs to the car and speeds away13:01
teK_simpsons-style :>13:01
tilman<acne troubled kid> hello, my name is leonard nimoy.13:02
jaegerI refetched my xorg wc, trying again. if it bombs again I'll bug you, if not yay13:04
tilmanyou mean the crux xorg.git?13:05
jaegeryeah. was building ports for an updated ISO13:05
jaegervideo-nsc is one of the problems, fails because it can't find assyntax.h and throws assembler errors13:08
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jaegervideo-xgi fails missing xf86Version.h13:10
tilmanare those still on the iso?13:10
tilman(can you diff your packages.xorg against the one from 2.5?)13:10
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jaegerthey seem to be, I updated iso.git as well13:11
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tilmanjaeger: i misremembered. i thought we only had a handfull of popular video drivers these days, but that's bs13:18
tilmanjaeger: i don't really feel like trying to fix those build errors :D just kick them off your iso :|13:32
jaegerfair enough13:33
tilmanjaeger: i have a potentially wrong patch for xgi, but i'm too lazy to submit it for review :(13:33
namenlos_i guess pkgmk can't extract lzma files, right?13:34
tilmannot yet ;)13:34
namenlos_that's bad. texlive is compressed with lzma...13:34
tilmanthe lzma format probably won't find widespread use in *nix13:36
tilmanthere's a successor called zx (or xz?)13:36
tilmanwritten by the same guy who wrote liblzma or whatever it's called13:36
tilmansee tukaani.org13:36
namenlos_but that doesn't change the fact...13:38
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namenlos_could we host a tar.bz2 on
namenlos_i will talk back to you13:41
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tilmannamenlos_: if it turns out we cannot host it on, then i'll host it on code-monkey.de13:43
tilmanno worries there ;)13:43
namenlos_tilman: thx13:44
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jaegerwow... first I'd built a kernel on this quad-core machine, that was nice and fast with -j514:06
teK_are you doing it already on a tmpfs?14:07
jaegernot yet, this was just a regular build14:07
teK_it won't take longer than 120s for a "common" config14:08
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teK_Kernel: arch/x86/boot/bzImage is ready  (#1)14:12
teK_make -j6  829.69s user 70.99s system 735% cpu 2:02.48 total14:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: figlet: initial import14:37
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jaeger <-- this is a bigger list than I expected15:40
treachwell, qt is pretty well ported to various platform, I guess that adds up.15:42
treachheh, funny if you look at the gecko based ones.15:45
jaegeryeah, I got a good chuckle out of that :)15:45
treachquite a few of them are listed as "discontiuned". :>15:45
* treach blames the beer15:46
teK_good point.15:46
* teK_ vanishes in the larder15:47
teK_no beer for me :(15:48
treachwtf. IceCat? "Iceweasel" weren't "free" enough?15:49
jaegerthey can't make up their minds15:49
treachI bet it's something like "iceweasel can still use proprietary plugins" or something. :P15:50
tilmanis this from the gnewsense people? :>15:50
jaegerprobably :P15:50
treachtilman: Gnownsense.15:51
treachk, looks like I was right; "The plugin finder service also offers only free plugins"15:51
treachhow predictable15:52
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jaegerhrmm, this is interesting: "configure: error: Sufficiently new version of libasound not found."16:08
jaegerbuilding alsa-utils on a fresh system16:08
jaegerdo we need a newer version of kernel-headers for that?16:10
tilmanlibasound ~= libalsa... doesn't sound like kernel stuff16:11
jaegerI thought they were closer than that, must be mistaken16:11
jaegeroh, I get it. my system tried to install alsa-utils before alsa-lib because I did something dumb with prt-get :)16:13
* tilman stops reading ;)16:13
jaegerasound.h is in glibc, I equated that with alsa for some reason or other16:14
tilmanjaeger: /usr/include/sound/asound.h is the alsa kernel header, yes16:15
tilman(it must be a kernel header, otherwise it wouldn\t ship with glibc. or am i mistaken here?)16:16
jaegerwell, there you go, heh16:16
jaegerI assume you're right, I just haven't looked into it much because I don't mess with glibc often16:16
tilmanopt/alsa-lib installs and the userspace headers ;D16:17
tilmanjaeger: just checked alsa-lib's footprint; that one installs /usr/include/alsa/asoundlib.h eg :D16:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: boxes: initial commit16:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: poppler: update to 0.10.519:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gnutls: update to 2.7.619:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: hal-info: update to 2009030919:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mplayer: update to 20090226.2873419:18
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nipuLhaha, from wine wikipedia "There are also undocumented low-level functions and obscure bugs that Wine must duplicate precisely in order to allow some applications to work properly"20:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: kqemu: fix url, change maintainer20:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mkvtoolnix: update to 2.5.321:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: psycop2g: update to 2.0.921:17
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