IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2009-03-15

nipuLdoes anyone have a nice ck4up rule for gnome stuff?00:37
nipuLthat will catch both minor and major releases?00:38
jaegernot I... never really applied ck4up to gnome00:43
nipuLthis the best i can think of00:45
nipuLlibglade md5 @GNOME@@NAME@/2.6 @TAR@00:45
nipuLlibglade-rel md5 @GNOME@libglade \d+\.\d+00:45
nipuLit's not so bad i guess, compared to the sf rules00:46
jaegeryeah, not too bad00:47
jaegerthat would kinda keep you somewhere in between formal releases at all times00:47
nipuLonly problem is i have to edit the conf file after each release00:48
nipuLi plan to make my new portdb use ck4ups00:49
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nipuLooh, freshmeat 3.002:33
tilmandoes anyone still use freshmeat?03:42
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tilmanarora needs adblock and image caching04:24
nipuLyou can adblock in arora with a custom css04:30
tilmanoh great04:32
tilmanthat's how i block ads in firefox, too04:32
tilmanuserContent.css or what's it called04:32
tilmanworks \o/04:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dovecot: update to 1.1.1205:11
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rehabdollfor those of you who played kung fu on NES05:51
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nipuLteK_: ?08:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ffmpeg: 20080826 -> 0.515:19
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nipuLwth, an actual release of ffmpeg17:18
jaegeryeah, it's weird17:24
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nipuLwth, why isn't version history working on the online portdb18:46
nipuLi spent days getting it working18:47
nipuLupload it, and it doesn't work :\18:47
nipuLah, i updated the repos locally18:47
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treachthree packagers.. and I personally think one is redundant. :p19:22
treachfour. damm.. I should selep. :/19:22
treachwould probably fail at counting sheep anyway. ;/19:23
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nipuLyay, builtin port verification,
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