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prologic <-- why is wine failing to build here ?07:16
treachno cheese.07:17
treach#include pFT_MulFix_cheese.h07:18
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nipuL#ifndef MAKE_WORK07:32
nipuL#define MAKE_WORK07:32
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mike_knipuL: have you received a mail from the flyspary?07:41
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mike_kskipper`: back to the roots? =)07:45
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krasselanyone have wicd installed without dbus problems?12:53
krasselor anyone with dbus config different from default?12:54
treachswiss cheese!12:56
krasselwell even root is messing with me. Guess i have to study up on dbus13:00
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krasseldo prt-get actually run the  post-install and pre-install scripts or do you have to do that by yourself?13:11
treachyou have to do it yourself.13:11
krasselah. ok13:11
treachor fix your prt-get.conf13:11
krasselok. will do13:11
krasselmy first week of crux as you know. thanks13:12
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treachnote, that enabling the automatic running of postinstall scripts could be a bad idea if you use ports from repos you don't really, really trust.13:12
krasseli try to wright my own ports. but i didnt for dbus13:13
treachdbus is ok, I was thinking about "third party" repos13:13
krasseli get it13:13
krasselx-reboot time13:13
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treachxchat ftl :>13:14
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krasselI saw that crux climbed to 76 on distro watch. what is the alltime high for crux?13:52
treachI don't think so.13:52
treachno idea why we'd be on the rise now though.13:53
krasselwhat is? not "is it"13:53
treachright, getting tired.13:53
treachdon't know, top 10 something I think13:53
Rotwangcrux is going to conquer teh world13:59
Rotwangyoull see13:59
treachI like crux a lot, but I'm sometimes feeling that the time for source based distros are running out.14:00
Rotwangnah, time for gentoo is running out14:01
krasselme to. the reason for installing crux this time was that i needed to get back to the basics. I did lfs like 8 years ago and needed to catch up on source builds14:02
treachthat's just a sign of the times.14:02
krasseland i hate gentoo14:02
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treachwell, my point is that "the basics" are getting increasingly complex, and stuff keep growing to a point where it's getting seriously unweildy to build stuff yourself.14:03
krasseldbus is one clear exampl14:03
treachyeah, and hal14:04
treachbut the trend is all over.14:04
krasselyeah the amount of time you spend on setting up packages is not worth the performance anymore14:05
krasselit used to be14:05
Rotwangits harder and harder to keep up with KISS prnciple14:05
treachRotwang: exactly my point14:05
krasselhal and dbus arent really KISs compliant14:06
krasselbut you cant stay away from them anymore14:06
treachwell, you can.14:06
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treachbut you get kinda limited14:06
krasselto limited14:06
krasselbut I hate building debian packages. I throw up a little every time i have to14:07
krasseli throw up alot14:07
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* treach renames krassel as "SirThrowupalot"14:08
treachnp ;)14:08
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-radio-plugin: updated to 0.4.214:09
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krasselalthough source based distros will might become more popular now that ARM runs at 1Ghz14:14
treachno. never was, never will be.14:15
krasselwhat? source popular or ARM@1GHz14:16
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treachno matter how you look at it it's niche, and it's a shinking one. But I doubt it will ever go away. There will always be controlfreaks around that wants everything "their way" :)14:16
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krasselBut I use Open embedded alot. And that partly source based.14:17
krasseland on the rise14:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gnutls: don't use development version, upgrade to 2.6.417:17
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nipuLi don't think i could ever go back to a binary distrobution18:17
nipuLi wish i could, i try it occasionally, but after a week something annoys me in the end18:18
nipuLusually because i get sick of waiting for a version of something to be released and bulding deb or rpm packages is so annoying18:18
nipuLheck, even arch annoys me, it claims to be simple, but it's rc is anything but18:19
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nipuLjaeger: getting a collision installing gnome21:29
nipuLgob and gob221:29
nipuLthe gob pacakge installs gob2 aswell21:30
nipuLlooks like a meta bug, gmpc (in contrib) is dependeing on gob2, when gob will suffice21:32
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