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pitiIIogood morning02:05
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sepenplaying with vbox 2.2.0beta103:00
sepenwow, Mesa/GLU support for linux guests03:28
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prologicQ: Is it possible to burn an ISO onto a DVD and expect it to boot ?04:05
prologic(never done this) - and don't have any blank cds :)04:05
sepenwell iirc you need isolinux to boot from a cd, so you'll need to have a iso9660 dvd format but no idea if it could manage more than 700megs, I think no04:11
prologicso no ?04:18
prologicI can't just cdrecord the iso ?04:18
sepenwell, I think not using isolinux04:18
prologicso I'll need a cd04:18
sepenprologic, read the link I pasted, so it seems that there are some wonderful programs for doing it04:19
prologiconly for windows it seems04:19
prologicunless I'mr aeding that wrong04:19
prologicI don't have windows obviously :)04:19
sepenno!? and how do you play GTA?! ;D04:20
prologicI don't!04:20
prologicI don't care for games04:20
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sepenprologic, and why not using a usbdisk image?04:22
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nipuLsepen: wine can run gta04:24
sepennipuL, hmmm at least I would happy with vice-city ;D04:24
sepenATM I've an old desktop-pc only for this game04:25
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nipuLi just got a 2nd hand ps2, games for them are cheap as these days07:35
jaegerI still play a lot of my PS2 games on my PS3, so many available07:53
nipuLi'm going to have get a ps307:54
nipuLgod of war 3 won't be released on ps2, the arseholes07:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: imagemagick: updated to 6.5.0-507:57
jaegeryeah =/08:02
jaegerthat's one of the ones I'm looking forward to08:02
jaegerI wish there were a Shadow of the Colossus type game using the PS3's hardware08:03
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sepenvbox update to 2.2.0_BETA1, I'll wait to release 2.2.0 for pushing it09:06
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RyoSa friend sent me this D:
RyoSpretty funny actually :D09:27
aonpasted it on one channel and they had seen it 6h ago :/09:30
jesse_Haha. "yeah, I'm full of shit, trust me on this one."09:31
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rehabdollheh, i got it yesterday10:32
rehabdollspreads like wildfire10:32
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spaceninjaah, crux, it's so... zen11:42
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rehabdolli wonder how long it would take to compile xorg on that thing :)11:47
aon"it will be able to handle things such as Firefox3 or Quake3 with ease"11:51
aondoes that mean that ff needs as much processing power as q3?11:51
* spaceninja has figured out that he works better when he isn't on irc11:54
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rehabdollwell firefox is still slow on my q660012:19
rehabdollwhile q3 ran fast on my p2 450 :)12:19
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tilmanhahaha, comparing q3 to ff3 ftw12:25
rehabdollasdf, it seems impossible to use diffrent dpi's with xrandr and two displays12:46
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teKaon:  around?13:05
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aonteK: yeah13:09
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teKdoes wine build for you?13:10
teKfreetype.c:166: error: 'FT_MulFix' undeclared here (not in a function)13:10
teKfreetype.c:166: warning: type defaults to 'int' in declaration of 'pFT_MulFix'13:10
teKfreetype.c: In function 'WineEngGetOutlineTextMetrics':13:10
teKfound a patch via google but it won't apply cleanly13:11
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aoni'll check13:12
teK JFYI13:12
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aonteK: yeah, same problem, testing with patch now13:38
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teKaon: which patch? "mine" won't apply13:46
aonyes, i applied it by hand13:47
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teKcould a see the patch, please? :>13:57
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clarehello people; having clobbered everything in my laptop except the "windows" part; I am going to try to get it going properly this time.14:37
clareI am starting with only core opt and xorg and updating allt he prots first.14:38
clareSo my first question is how to I get the console font to be the nice tiny ones it had during install?14:39
jaegerYou need VGA framebuffer console support for that in your kernel, then you specify an option to the kernel at boot time for the desired resolution14:43
teKaon: did it myself, buildt.14:50
aonwas watching tv and stuff14:50
aonbut yes, seems to build14:50
clareJaeger; thank you indeed. I'll be back much later as they are not set14:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wine: fixed compilation14:51
jaegerclare: np15:07
jaegerclare: there's a vesafb.txt in the kernel source tree for reference, it has some of the available modes listed, etc.15:07
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clarejaeger; thanks, I went looking and found svga.txt and kernel-parameters.txt (2.6.28) which look very promising. Did not find the one you mention in the Documentation directory16:33
jaegerI'll reboot my laptop into crux and take a quick look for it, perhaps they've deprecated it16:37
jaegerclare: in my case, /usr/src/linux-
teKdoes anyone know if I will collect some files and softlink them into a single directory, will cdrecord follow those links?16:41
jaegeras far as I know it does, have not tested it though16:45
teKdon't want to ruin the last of my media :>16:45
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clarejaeger; Oh dear! I did miss a lot. Will have to load it in something small and read it in the train.17:16
jaegergood luck :)17:18
clareteK; I made an iso yesterday with mkisofs and to my horror (I cdrecorded it) but the iso file has not even listed the links let alone follow them17:22
teKgreat *rolleyes*17:23
teKthis would be a really useful feature.17:24
clareteK; I should have read the manpage - -posix-P17:26
clare              Do not follow symbolic links when generating the  filesystem17:26
clare              (this  is  the  default).17:26
teKI searched for link in cdrecord(1)17:26
teK(prior asking)17:26
teKwhich version of cdrecord is this man page of?17:27
clareteK in mkisofs; can you record withot making an iso? (I also managed not to get the upper case, aother manpage problem I had forgotten)17:27
clareteK; ver 5717:28
teKit should be possible for audio cds (without mkisofs)17:29
teKI burned <10 CDs with Linux during the course of the last 5 years17:29
teK3-5 of them were CRUX CDs17:29
clareteK; Never done audio, but do they know about links?17:29
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