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pitiIIogood morning01:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: leafpad: Updated to 0.8.1603:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: dmidecode: Updated to 2.1003:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: elinks: update to 0.11.605:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gv: update to 3.6.705:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lcms: update to 1.1805:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wpa_supplicant: update to 0.6.905:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lcms: new source tarball06:08
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prologicI have CRUX 2.5 (PPC) on a G307:34
prologicAny reason I can't resolve hosts ?07:34
prologicI have a static ip configured and can ssh into it obviously07:34
prologicbut it can't resolve anything07:34
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teK /etc/resolv.conf is ok?07:58
teKresolve in what sense?07:58
prologicI cannot resolv anything07:58
prologicat all07:58
prologicand yes07:59
teKping $ip doesn't work either?07:59
prologicmy desktop works fine07:59
prologicwith the exact same setup07:59
prologicwell that's the thing07:59
prologicI cannot ping the nameserver/router from that box07:59
teKyour routing table + netmask is ok?07:59
prologichowever I _can_ from my desktop07:59
prologicbut not from this new box07:59
prologic10.0.0.1/24 (router)07:59
prologic10.0.0.3/24 on the box that doesnt work08:00
prologicand on my desktop08:00
prologicassigned by dhcp08:00
teKerror message for ping?08:00
prologicthis is driving me nuts08:00
prologicdno't remember08:00
prologicthing is ...08:00
prologiconce the box is up and running08:00
prologicI can login to it from my desktop (
prologicand I can ping it from my desktop08:01
prologicafter some time, the ssh conenction dies08:01
prologicand then it stays "connection refused"08:01
prologicit's like the machine is running out of entropy08:01
teK /c08:04
prologicok this is fuck'n weird ass08:05
prologicI rebooted that non-working box08:05
prologiclogged into it's console08:05
prologicdisabled the static network08:05
prologicenabeld dhcp08:05
prologicand now it all works perfectly08:05
prologicthe config matches and is identical to my desktop's08:06
teKdon't try to understand it :>08:07
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sepenprologic_, maybe you could compile your NIC driver with debug messages08:51
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jaegerAny pygtk/glade gurus in here?11:55
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tilmancool, .29 is out12:05
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prologic_jaeger, aye13:51
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jaegerI want to make a small app that will search a database and draw a list view widget with the results. I'm using glade 3 at the moment to design the layout, so the question I have is this: is filling that tree view programatically easy to do with the glade setup or should I go with straight up pygtk?13:56
jaegerseems to me like either would work but wanted to ask someone who's worked with it13:56
prologicby fitting, you mean layout right ?13:59
prologicI'm guessing if you want to ensure it stays looking nice depending on the data you put in it, programmatically would be best14:00
prologicbeen a while since I've used glade ;)14:00
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jaegerthat's not really what I'm asking but I'm not sure a better way to word it14:02
jaegerI can tweak the layout as I need to, more curious about how to go about actually filling up the widget with data14:02
teKglade3 from the ports?14:02
jaegerI'll get either a tuple or a dictionary depending on how I do the query14:03
prologicprogramatically of course :)14:04
Rotwanggtk2-perl ftw ;>14:04
prologicyou and youer perl14:04
jaegerRotwang: yeah, that's pretty much how I want it to end up but using python here :)14:04
jaegerteK: on an ubuntu box at the moment but I plan to duplicate this on crux at home when I have time, so yes14:05
prologicjaeger, I'd just add the data in programatically14:05
prologicjust load your xml layout from glade14:05
rehabdollokami \o/14:06
jaegergreat game14:06
jaegerprologic: yeah, looks like that's the best way, thanks for the input14:06
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jaegerI switched from glade 2 to glade 3 and my tree view widget doesn't look quite the same :) trying to figure out how to duplicate it14:07
rehabdolli bought it for wii, but then i gave away the console to my nephew earning some cool-points14:07
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Rotwangi never played with glade, maybe i should14:07
Rotwangrehabdoll: shame on you!14:07
prologicRotwang, you should play with python too :)14:08
prologicit's much nicer ;P14:08
Rotwangprologic: n014:08
jaegerI played it on PS2 and never really could get into it due to the controls... bought it for the Wii, then sold my Wii14:08
Rotwangi preffer perl, i tried with python14:08
Rotwangokami is teh art of video games14:08
Rotwangi can be ME with perl, messy and ugly14:10
prologicgawd :(14:10
* mike_k is trying to remember what have stopped him from playing okami14:11
prologicI can be ME with python, clean and tidy :)14:11
jaegerRotwang: I like glade so far, I can see it being a great time-saver if I end up doing more GUI apps14:13
prologic <-- how hard would it be to get crux running on one of these ?14:26
RyoSprologic: is it intel atom or what? Oo14:36
RyoSi am currently thinking about geting an intel atom board to replace my router system14:36
prologicI'm not sure14:38
prologicwhat is an AR7167 chip ?14:38
prologicoh no my friend14:38
prologicget yourself a RouterBoard14:38
prologicand MikroTik Router OS14:38
prologicthey are the _best_ router systems (next to Cisco)14:39
prologicwe use them everywhere here14:39
RyoSprologic: i want netbsd on my router14:39
prologichowever I want to build crux on one of these things14:39
RyoSi use it for irssi, mailserver and other stuff too14:39
prologicso I can run radius on one14:39
prologicoh ok14:39
RyoSlooks like a good piece of hardware though14:39
prologicthen do what you like :P14:39
RyoSbut its not intel atom ^^14:39
prologicoh it is14:39
prologicvery bloody good14:39
prologicI believe it's ARM ?14:40
prologicso I'd have to look at the arm linxu proejct ?14:40
prologicor can I just port crux to ARM ?14:40
RyoSuhm there was a port of crux to arm14:41
RyoSbd2 made it someday14:41
RyoSbd2 his nick was i guess..14:41
RyoSyep should be him14:41
RyoS <- looks down to me :p14:41
prologicoh wow14:42
prologicoh damn :/14:42
prologicI need his work!14:42
RyoStry to catch him in #handhelds14:43
prologicahh k14:43
prologicawesome - thanks :)14:43
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prologicI'm gonna get CRUX running on these RouterBoards I swear :)14:44
prologicon a 64M CF card too14:44
prologicsee how much software I can pack into it14:44
prologichopefully lighttpd, php-cgi, python, zend_optimizer, mysql14:45
prologicmaybe I might not go with mysql though14:45
teKmysql @_@14:45
teKhf :)14:45
prologicand try to get stuff that needs sql to run on sqlite instead14:45
prologicyeah i hate mysql :)14:45
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jaegerprologic: do you have a link to a decent example of populating a list view in python?15:10
prologicno I don't, but I'm sure I could help15:10
prologicable to pass me your code ?15:10
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Rotwanguse Gtk2::SimpleList ;>15:12
prologic^^^ does that help ?15:13
prologicroberth, shutup :)15:13
jaegerthere's not a lot there yet, I hadn't messed with this before today15:14
jaegerthat first one looks like it'll answer the question, thanks15:14
prologicno worries15:14
prologicwhat problem you having atm ?15:15
* prologic looking through your code15:15
prologicit seems reasonable15:15
jaegernot so much a problem as didn't know what to do next :) never used a treeview15:15
prologicwhy are you using a treeview btw ?15:15
prologicwhy not a listview ?15:15
prologic(btw I can't stand gui apps/programming) :)15:16
prologicjust fyi :)15:16
jaegerneed a list with columns, I was under the impression that both were done with the treeview widget15:16
jaegerjust want to represent rows from a relational database15:16
jaegerlike Rotwang's screenshot, more or less15:16
prologicI am _sure_ there is a ListView15:16
jaegerI'll go back and look15:17
* prologic checks pydoc gtk15:17
jaeger <-- this is where I was reading that, partially15:17
jaegeralso gtk.ListStore says "gtk.ListStore — a list model to use with a gtk.TreeView"15:18
jaegerso you can see how I got that impression :)15:18
prologicok my mistake15:19
prologicseems it is TreeView :)15:19
jaegerI think gtk.ListStore is what I want15:19
prologiccarry on then :)15:19
prologicwell if you use a ListTore you'll be able to pull your data into that15:20
jaegerregarding your comment about gui apps/programming, I'm usually the same way, and in this case I already have python scripts that manipulate the database how I want to... this tool is for the tech support guys15:20
prologicsql query -> ListStore -> TreeView15:20
prologicand voila15:20
jaegerbasically taking my database tweaking code and sticking the GUI on top of it15:20
prologicoh I love python15:21
prologicjust can't stand gui programming :)15:21
prologicdid you not think of doing it web-based ?15:21
prologicwith ext2 or something ?15:21
prologicI have much more experience on the web with ext2 :)15:21
jaegerI'm enjoying this project because it's something new but I don't think I'd want to do it often15:21
jaegerI specifically want to avoid web in this case so they don't try to convert it to asp and fuck it up, heh15:22
jaegerfigure this way I can hand them a windows exe or a linux binary and say go15:22
jaegerwe actually have a tool in place that does this but it's horribly coded in asp and has very little error checking. it's quite easy to break15:22
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prologicahh well fair enough15:22
prologicASP sucks ass ;)15:22
prologicwhoever invented that language ought to be shot :)15:23
jaegeras an example, if I want to mask an entry in the database with 8192 and 4 to get 8196 my tool will check that the input is valid first, whereas the asp one would just add numbers to whatever's there15:23
prologicpyjamas is nice btw15:23
jaegerpython has made working with the mssql server here bearable15:26
jaegerMS' query analyzer can do some neat things but I still prefer to avoid it :)15:26
prologicI have some nice stuff in pymills.db btw15:27
jaegerI like that PyWine tutorial, some neat tricks there15:28
jaegerwill make my code cleaner15:28
jaegerhrmm, nice15:28
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spaceninjai've seen a pygtk glade tutorial introduction video on youtube16:30
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spaceninjatoo bad you can't read the thing he is displaying16:31
spaceninjasomeday I'll learn it16:31
* spaceninja goes back doing some jquery16:33
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krasselquestion: if i build a package that dosent comply with the .footprint and want to generate a new .footprint file without deleting the old one and rebuildning I do ?16:50
Rotwangcp .footprint .footprint.old; pkgmk -uf16:50
krasselok. thanks16:51
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prologicwho was I talking about crux on arm with ?17:04
prologicand about bd2 ?17:04
prologicteK, was it you ?17:04
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* Rotwang scrolls up17:08
prologicRyoS, ping17:08
prologicbd2 deleted his stuff ;?17:10
prologicconsiders crux on arm a waste of time17:10
prologicgave me lots of pointers though17:10
prologicI get the feeling he thinks crux is a waste of time and we should all be hpeling the bigger distros17:10
prologic*sigh* :)17:10
RyoS.hehe.. :)17:10
prologicanyway, I'm going to port crux to arm and these routerboards specifically17:10
prologicI don't care even if it's only for me!17:11
RyoSdo it17:11
prologicI hardly consider this a waste of time17:11
prologicor rework at all17:11
prologicbe simply porting a very nice distro to a peice of hwardware I want to run it on :)17:11
nipuLsomeone had done an arm port a while ago17:14
nipuLno idea what happened to it17:14
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prologicyeah it was bd217:15
prologicand he went and trashed his work17:16
prologicuseless !@#$ :)17:16
sepenprologic, we have a started project too (pitillo and me)17:21
sepennow we are still doing some tests on our hp-jornada-72017:21
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prologicc is awesome!23:30
nipuLso is sloppy focus23:36

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