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pitillogood morning02:10
prologicanyone here know of this compile issieuw ith freeradius ?02:24
prologicmodules.c:(.text+0x1624): undefined reference to `lt__PROGRAM__LTX_preloaded_symbols'02:24
prologicit was supposed to have eben fixed02:24
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pitillogood morning sepen02:29
pitilloprologic: may be problems with libtool? (first hint in google)02:30
prologicdamnit :)02:32
prologichow do I fix this ?02:32
pitilloprologic: no idea, I can't search too much here, but may be that can be a little clue to see if there is a patch to fix it with libtool > 1.502:40
prologichmm thanks pitillo :)02:42
prologicI"ll have a look02:42
pitilloprologic: can you check configure options? --with-system-libtool is this option there? can you verify using it?02:44
prologicone sec02:44
prologicno it is not02:44
prologicI"ll try it ?02:44
pitilloummm I got that info from here
prologicthanks k - trying it02:45
pitilloI can't help too much. Time to work a bit02:46
prologicnps :) thanks though02:48
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spaceninjahaha is he serious? :)08:34
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L3thalthe kde in ports is 4 ? :D11:46
Rotwangbut there are kde4 ports around11:47
L3thali hope so :)11:47
Rotwangthere are ecaruxs ports or at least was in the portdb11:48
Rotwangor mine, kde-svn11:48
L3thali will check it as soon as i install crux :D11:49
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lftp: updated to
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krasselany gnome package maintainer here?12:45
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jaegerkrassel: what's up?13:01
krasselgconf is built with openldap libs. it should be in the Pkgfile or update the .footprint13:03
jaegerit's optional, not required13:03
krasselok. then the footprint should be updated13:04
jaegerI'll take a look13:04
jaegeropenldap gets built before gconf in the gnome deptree, shouldn't be a problem if you're using the metaport13:05
jaegerare you building ports individually?13:05
krasseland should policykit really be a depend if openldap is not?13:06
jaegerpolicykit is far less optional, unfortunately, if you want all features working13:07
jaegerconsolekit will be added to it as well when I get the time13:07
krasselok. great13:07
jaegerthen shutdown/restart/cpufreq should work13:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: kexec-tools: initial commit13:15
jaegerhrmm... can't quite make freetds/unixodbc do what I want for some reason13:46
jaegeroh, maybe my issue is network connectivity, not freetds :P13:53
jaegeryay, working now13:54
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jaegercan one of you pygtk/gtkperl gurus tell me if there's a trick to using gtk.TreeView.columns_autosize() ? It doesn't seem to have any effect in my TreeView14:47
jaegerI must not understand when to call it or something14:51
Rotwang1not me, i find treeview stuff rather confusing14:51
* tilman hasn't written gtk code in a long time14:51
jaegereach time I hit the search button I want to clear the list and repopulate it with the new search results. that works great but the columns stay the same size as the last time they were drawn14:52
jaegerwhich doesn't always look right14:52
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jaeger <-- for reference14:53
spaceninja[here]           [<x>select this sibling]      [<x>select this sibling]        [<x>select this sibling]        [<y>don't select!]14:56
spaceninjais it possible to select all the x?14:56
spaceninjano wrong channel14:56
jaegerah ha! I had set_resizeable(True) on my columns, this seems to override the automagic resize15:00
jaegerwhen I disabled it it started working15:00
Rotwang1jaeger: do you parse portd via html parser or regexes?15:02
jaegerI'm not working with ports :)15:02
Rotwang1ah i thought you were doing gui for postdb or sth like that ;]15:03
jaegerI'm making a GUI that will search a filtering database and allow some manipulation of it15:03
jaegerthe presentation is just similar to your ports thingy :)15:04
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krasselanyone using gnash actively/default flash?16:27
krasseli thought i would give it a try16:27
krasselis it worth it?16:27
latitudekrassel: you may give it a try, but since there only one chair for flash plugin in the browser16:31
latitudeas for me, personally, in debian I leave it as long as I need to view some site really bad16:32
krasseli know. but Ive never tried it and should stop bashing flash until i tried a hopefully better implementation16:32
latitudeit is quite usefull, and plays the flash only when you request it to do, saving you nerves sometimes )16:33
krasseldont leave home without a flash blocker anyways16:34
latitudesun is one step apart from creating their own flash16:35
krasselreally! interesting16:35
latitudei hope there will be interesting collaboration soon16:35
krasselwhat happened to java fx16:36
latitudei dunno, but if i'd be at sun, I'd certainly think about it16:36
latitudeno idea, the last i know is about 1.0 release but that is quite old news )16:38
latitudeah, yes they integrated it into netbeans16:39
krasselah ok16:39
latitudebut I never tried it16:39
krasselhow wwas the reformance of gnash?16:39
latitudeit plays youtube, so maybe it's not that fast as adobe's but it is fast enough to not be disappointed16:42
krasselreformancce. ha ha, my fingers dosent like this eee keyboard.16:42
latitudeYou'd better really give it a try, it'd be great to hear how it goes16:43
krasseli will.16:43
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krasselRotwang1: cheese should have gnome-doc-utls as dep or it wont build17:04
Rotwang1i think it goes to jaeger17:11
krasseljaeger: cheese should have gnome-doc-utls as dep or it wont build17:11
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