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pitillogood morning02:00
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: hdparm: update to 9.1304:16
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: iptables: update to
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: [notify] openssl: update to 0.9.8k04:16
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sepenoops, any idea how to fix this ext3-related problem?
sepenthis happened on a centos production server, so I'm affraid to test things directly on it07:20
aontried fscking it?07:21
sepenaon, thanks but its done07:21
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sepenhow can I get wich directory is #12225162 (inode 12225198), no idea how to manage ACL's or how to perform this operation07:29
teKfind -inum 1222519807:30
teKfind / -inum 1222519807:30
sepenohh thanks teK07:30
sepenO.o no results found, I'll try later, now time to eat07:32
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rehabdollDarkNekros: i want one of those!08:02
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prologicApparently, my supplier of Radius Manager, Viktor, tells me what he cannot compile the proprietary/clsoed binaries rmauth and rmacct on a host I'm trying to build Radius Manager for because he needs Fedora Core installed on it because apparently Fedora Core has "special stuff"08:50
prologicAnd he says "trust me I've been workign on this since 2003" - in broken English. ;/08:51
prologicI swear something I just want to kick people08:51
prologicThis box btw, has CRUX 2.5 (PPC) installed oni t.08:51
prologicWe're even prepared to pay him $100 USD to build those binaries on ths box08:51
prologicBut no, he insists that he needs FC08:52
prologicI'm gonna fly over to the US and kick his ass :)08:54
prologic"Fedora has special things" is the most stupidiest things I've ever heard in my life08:54
Rotwangprologic: you mean fedora 10?08:54
prologiche's finally conceded08:56
prologicand agreed that we can pay a 250 USD liecnese08:56
prologicand he can build the binaries on this box08:56
prologiche must have realized what a stupid thing to say about Fedora being special08:56
teKFedora is A linux08:57
prologicyeah well08:57
prologicgo figure08:57
teKjust like Linux 10.1 from Novell08:57
prologicI swear08:57
prologicit's all Linux!08:57
prologicit's a f**k'n kernel :)08:57
teKo'reilly? :>08:57
prologicapparently :)08:57
prologicoh wait hold on08:58
teKmany people don't get the difference08:58
prologicRedhas doesn't have linux08:58
prologicit has redhat :)08:58
prologicthey are red!08:58
teKno penguiin, just a guy with a hat08:58
prologicgood thing I insisted on this08:58
prologicthere is no way in hell I'm touching FC witha  10-foot pole08:58
prologicI can't stand the shit08:58
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latitudeplease update my repo record12:21
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mike_klatitude: Have you tried ?12:41
latitudemike_k: i have the record, just need to update it12:43
mike_kI mean, that mail address might be of some use12:43
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latitudehowever i posted to crux ml, need to do that for contrib-admin12:44
latitude contrib-admin probably already got that mail anyway, so i'd rather skip12:45
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mike_kwhat the heck is above japan though?14:33
krasselhmm. tvs and cameras could be south korea. but why would japan be evil-doers?14:38
krasselmaybe because ot their racism14:38
aonnorth korea?14:40
aonjapan is tvs and cameras14:40
krasselok. so americans think korea is north of japan?14:41
aonwell i dunno what else it could be14:42
aonthe "communists" and "they make our stuff" parts are a bit ambiguous :)14:42
krasseli still think evil-doers is japan. mostly because of their evil wii updates14:43
aonyeah, americans don't probably care about dprk that much since there's no oil :)14:44
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jesse_The Us is having trouble keeping dprk in check, just like with Iran or even Cuba.14:51
jesse_It's easy to demonize them all as bloodthirsty enemies out to get you.14:52
jesse_Even hint at nuclear / atomic issues and you get your spectators going apeshit.14:57
spaceninjanorth korean is synonym for human pixel :)14:58
krasseland australia is not only kangaroos. they have tuz as well14:59
krasselor use to have14:59
krasseli actually thought that logo was a kernel virus for a few seconds15:00
spaceninjaI can't find the show they made, it was amazing15:00
spaceninjawhich logo?15:00
krasselthe logo in the 2.6.29 kernel15:01
krasselthey changed tux to tuz15:01
spaceninjathis one?15:02
spaceninjawierd creature :)15:02
krasselthats the one15:02
krasselyes. no think about me, late at night booting a new kernel and seeing that thing15:02
spaceninjahehe yeah, looks something like a "you've  been hacked" character15:03
Rotwangfuck, $treeview->expand_all doesnt work15:04
Rotwangat all15:04
spaceninjabut i like tux, he looks so friendly15:04
krasselRotwang: still stugeling with that?15:05
Rotwangno, just started the struggle15:06
krasselspaceninja: there is a shop in lund (sweden) that ripped the tux logo and use it in their windows15:06
Rotwangit's debugger time15:06
spaceninjakrassel: what do they sell?15:07
spaceninjakrassel: I want to visit Lund someday, maybe during the summer15:07
spaceninjaI have to check it out then15:07
krasselspaceninja: its a convinient store15:08
spaceninjaoh well15:08
spaceninjathey probably don't even know what it stand for15:10
spaceninjathey just googled penguin, found tux, and made it their logo :)15:10
krasselthere was a swdish web shop that used the debian logo as well. although they made it blue15:13
krasseltrying to find the link15:13
krasselspaceninja: you made tux the google logo?15:14
krasseli dont think they will like that15:14
spaceninjaI didn't say it was the right thing to do :)15:16
krasselapparently others have used the debian logo as well
krasselspaceninja: why do you want to visit lund?15:18
spaceninjahehe, I like to read about big corporation's logos, and their occult symbolic meanings15:18
spaceninjajust want to see if it's nice, maybe I'll go to school there or something15:19
krasselah ok. I went to school there.15:19
spaceninjaI don't know if they got good tech educations15:19
spaceninjado they?15:19
krasselthey used to, i think. Im a computer scientist so I dont know15:20
spaceninjaoh well, back to work15:22
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pedjaAdobe Reader security update
rehabdollwho in their right mind uses adobe reader?17:10
pedjaI do :)17:12
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