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latitudeoops, that was for bc07:15
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TuxRugHi, everybody.  I am having trouble booting Crux in a virtual machine.  I followed the handbook, and I can boot with the kernel on the CD with my root partition13:12
TuxRugBut when I try to boot the kernel installed on the hard drive, I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)" in grub.13:13
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mrks_TuxRug: did you compile support for your root filesystem into your kernel?13:15
TuxRugI get a different pair of numbers in lilo "unknown-block(3,2)"13:15
TuxRugI used the defaults provided by menuconfig, and I watched the compiler, it compiled ext3, I don't think it was made into a module13:17
TuxRugroot filesystem is on /dev/hda2 type ext3.13:18
TuxRugI have separate partitions for /boot, /, /var, and /usr, /boot is ext2, the rest are ext313:19
TuxRugI'm double-checking the menuconfig now13:20
TuxRugThe guest processor is a single core AMD Turion, should I change the CPU in menuconfig while I'm in there (default is Pentium Pro)13:22
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tilmanmy hard disk has a few bad sectors that i'd like to reallocate13:30
tilmani'd like to follow, but the problem is that the bad sectors are in an area of the disc that i've filled with an _encrypted_ ext3fs (luks)13:31
tilmancould overwriting those sectors fuck up the decryption of the data or something?13:32
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tilmani guess writing zeroes to /dev/mapper/foo (ie the mapped fs) should work13:35
TuxRugyes, ext3 support is built-in to the kernel13:36
tilmanthen again i probably cannot calculate the fs block the usual way13:36
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TuxRugWell I tweaked my kernel a little bit, recompiling now... la ti da time to get a snack13:41
TuxRugI don't understand why my kernel is unable to mount the root filesystem.  I know the device name is right, because I've booted the CD using the same root.  And my root fs is ext3, and I just checked, I compiled that in.13:50
jaegerdid you include the proper IDE/SATA controller support?13:51
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TuxRugYep, I started with the defaults, and that didn't work, so this time I've made sure that EVERY intel-based IDE controller is built into the kernel, since my VM provides a PII4X to the guest13:53
RedShiftfor the most crash "recoverability", should an ext3 FS be mounted with data=ordered or data=journal? and why?13:53
RedShiftwith recoverability I mean least chance of data corruption13:54
spaceninjais c the most popular non oop language?13:54
TuxRugRedShift: I don't know, I just use the defaults, and have never had any corruption that wasn't caused in layer 8 (human stupidity)13:55
TuxRugMy last linux file corruption problem happend in a VM (thank goodness) when I accidentally wrote a blank mbr to the wrong disk (dd if=/dev/zero bs=512 count=1 /dev/hda when I meant sda)14:00
TuxRugDang I still can't get the kernel to boot.  Same error.14:24
TuxRugI'll try some more stuff later.  ttfn14:24
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rehabdolllol aon, did you grow up with this shit?:
rehabdollplease tell me its a parody :D17:37
aonand it's from 199817:38
rehabdollhaha, awesome17:38
rehabdolltoo bad i dont understand anything17:38
tilmanwhat is it?17:39
rehabdollwords does not describe it17:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: xulrunner: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: firefox: updated to
aonwell it's something like that in case of a nuclear war everyone's homes will explode and the prophechies of the book of revelation will come true17:41
aonand hence we should be prepared to live in the nature and then he builds a fallout shield from eggcells17:41
aonand he sings "greek sea, the sea of greece" or something like that17:42
tilmani'm sold. /me downloads17:43
aonwell he doesnt actually get into building it but has the materials on display :)17:44
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tilmanstupid out of sync flv crap17:45
aoni mean that's what he says in finnish17:45
aonbut the video itself is a bit disturbing too17:45
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tilmandoes he mention emacs? ;)17:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: flup: depends on setuptools19:02
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