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sepenhmm sorry guys, my server is down (until this afternoon)01:07
teK*dyndns-Repos do suck anyway01:08
sepenno no01:08
sepenmy server resides on my home01:08
pitiIIogood morning01:09
sepenthere is an electric problem01:09
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nipuLspeaking of electric problems, electronics annoys me01:50
nipuLi spent the last hour trying to figure out a circuit only to discover it's 2 superimposed voltage dividers :\01:52
sepenI only now voltage regulator such as 7805 ;D02:02
sepenand actually I'm building this great fx circuit for the guitar:
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nipuLoh god, i can actually read that schematic, it's begun02:27
DarkNekroso_O WTF!! ->
DarkNekrosteenager ninja turtle ->
aonhaha :D03:43
aon1st of april rfcs are classic03:43
DarkNekrosyou got me, aon ;)03:55
DarkNekrospigeons for IP transmission xD03:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: samba: update to 3.3.303:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: socat: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: sqlite3: update to 3.6.1203:59
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sepen -< please read the 'why exherbo is not for you'08:36
sepenits really funny muahhaahah08:36
sepenwell all phrases are funny08:36
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Trashlordhello. is there any chance of getting crux for x86_64?11:22
aonyes, there is11:23
TrashlordI could use i686, but I prefer x86_64, all that11:24
Trashlordwell, thanks11:25
aonafaik that image is not multilib, though11:26
aonmy x86_64 box is still at 2.4 :)11:26
tilmanright, it's not multilib11:26
tilmanTrashlord: that's work in progress btw... it might not work as smooth as vanilla crux11:26
Trashlordyeah, that's what I'm thinking, maybe I should just get the i686 version11:26
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Trashlordbleh, I'm gonna get the i68611:27
Trashlordoh and, does crux use a BSD style init?11:32
Trashlord(rc.conf, all that)11:32
TrashlordI currently use Archlinux11:35
Trashlordnever been on a system with ports, or source-only installations before11:35
Trashlordbut there's a first time for everything11:35
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Trashlordhm, does crux have ext4 support?11:49
tilmanthe last iso's kernel doesn't have ext4 support11:49
Trashlordoh, can I get a later kernel and compile that one instead, or do I absolutely have to install the one provided in the ISO?11:50
TrashlordI guess I can live with that11:51
treachI wonder how many still uses the one on the iso 3 months after relase. :P11:51
tilmanTrashlord: you can build your own iso with your own kernel11:51
tilmanmaybe jaeger even has an updated iso with a newer kernel?11:52
Trashlordit's just that I have a different disk with all my music on it, and that one is ext411:52
tilmanTrashlord: just update the kernel after the installatino :)11:53
Trashlordtilman: yeah, I'll do that11:53
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maroaon: re-ping :)14:03
aonmaro: re-pong14:03
maroaon: can you verify that opt/amule is currently buildable?14:04
* Rotwang whispers "mldonkey"14:05
maroI get this error from configure: Could not find crypto++ header file "cryptlib.h"14:05
Rotwangmaro: crypto++14:05
aonno, it does that even if it is installed14:05
aoni'll poke around a bit14:06
maroCRYPTOPP_CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/cryptopp" ./coonfigure ... doesn't work either :(14:06
aonyeah, the configure script for amule is somehof fuxored14:06
maroCPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/cryptopp" ./configure ... breaks because there's a (cpp) zlib.h in there14:07
aonthink i fixed it14:11
aoni'll let it build and go to shower14:11
marowhat was the fix?14:11
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aonwell the configure script greps for a line with 'Reference Manual' to determine the version14:21
aonturns out it's 'API Reference' now14:21
aonugly :)14:21
aonfailed in linking but that was my mistake, retrying now14:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.6114:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wxgtk: updated to 2.8.1014:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: amule: fixed compilation with cryptopp 5.6.014:54
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maroaon: thanks :)15:32
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aonoh, he left15:32
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jaegerAnyone know why python can't reverse a list for me? I need to go through a list of files backwards and it's being a pain16:20
jaegerfileList = glob.glob('/path/to/*/*/*.access.log.gz')16:21
jaegerthat's how the list is created. that part works16:21
jaegerfileList.reverse() magically returns None16:21
jaegerit's 2575 elements long if that matters16:21
jaegeroh, maybe it's destructively reversing the list in place16:24
jaegerooh, it is. how lame.16:24
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