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sepeniirc they also have a netbsd kernel01:29
teKsepen: why do you use /usr/etc e.g. in jailkit? imho this sucks :>01:44
sepenhmm I'll should take a look01:46
teKwould be reasonable01:46
sepenwell basically I tried to use the rules
sepenbut jailkit seems reasonable as a system software too01:47
teKI once argued that every software can be declared as system software01:48
sepenohh but jailkit is on my private repo, ;D01:48
teKyes, t'is01:48
sepenteK, yep, give a try, later, when having sometime :D01:49
sepen*give me01:49
sepennow I'm at office01:49
teKyou gotta work once in a while01:49
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nipuLhasn't gentoo had kfreebsd for ages01:55
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sepenwell I think you can run a bsd system with linux binary compatibility in the kernel, so where is the difference?02:02
nipuLgnu vs. bsd userland02:07
nipuLdifferent package managers02:07
teKjust wait for t e h HURD02:08
sependebian experienced with hurd too02:10
teK.deb-Nazis meet GPL Nazis02:11
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nipuLsepen: experimented?03:27
sepenboth translations mean the same from english to spanish03:32
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nipuLyeah, but different things from english to english :)05:34
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nipuLexperience is something aquired through observation or pariticpation05:35
nipuLan experiment is testing something in a controlled environment05:36
latitudewhat're you about?05:39
nipuLexperience == experiencia06:12
nipuLexperiment == experimento06:12
nipuLodd how the past tense of the words are the same in spanish06:15
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sepennipuL, experienced and experimented are both translated to 'experimentado', but thanks for the explanation13:20
sepen --> 'Depending on your experience and time commitment, you can help us in...' ;D13:22
sepennipuL, but yep, it makes more sense to say that they experimented with hurd ;D13:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: getmail: 4.8.4 -> 4.9.014:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glade3: 3.6.0 -> 3.6.114:04
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latitudei just realized, that i have 3 extra keys on the keyboard14:19
latitudethe funny thing is that i have no idea about the icons on them14:19
latitudefrom web it's clear they are vista related, but hell i know what they are for :)14:20
tilman* force-kill application that has the input focus14:24
tilman* kill explorer.exe and respawn it14:25
tilman* reboot14:25
tilmanis my guess14:25
aonget a hhkb14:25
aonno problems with extra keys14:25
tilmanhh=happy hacking?14:25
aonanyway, brb ->14:26
tilmando you have one?14:26
tilmanis it awesome?14:26
aonhacking on it makes me happy14:26
latitudesince using it in linux, i have the right to call them whatever i like :)14:27
* latitude is gratefull to genius for giving him choice in life14:27
treachtilman: afaik, you really can't "force-kill" anything in windows. ;)14:27
latitudetreach: you really can force-kill everything in one hit, you know14:28
treachyeah, "reset".14:28
treachunless it has flashed your bios. :>14:28
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latitudei miss the times when keyboard was userproof and just worked14:30
latitudeeven the first apm buttons were pissing me off14:30
* treach misses the time it didn't come with umpteen useless keys.14:30
tilmantreach: true :(14:31
jaegerI never even use the multimedia keys on this dinovo edge14:36
jaegerhaven't even tried to set them up14:36
treachmmmh, I think my logitech keyboard even had a "logitech" key..14:37
treachno idea what it was supposed to do, but how's that for "bloody annoying hubris"?14:37
latitudetreach: you're supposed to express your love by pressing it :)14:38
latitudeas much as possible14:38
latitudeevery day14:38
treachmy what? :>14:38
treachI'd like to express my feelings towards the person who came up with that idea.14:39
treachIt would involve a hammer and his pinkeys, I'll say no more.14:40
* latitude blesses keys of amarok, notes and terminal14:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: imagemagick: updated to 6.5.0-1014:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: imagemagick: updated to 6.5.1-014:52
cjgso far!?14:52
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aoni see16:41
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