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DarkNekrosmorning sepen ;)01:18
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nipuLi'm still waiting for someone to do Spiderspider06:42
nipuLor perhaps Manspider, where a spider get's bitten by a radioactive homeless guy, then get's a job in marketing06:44
nipuL:\ that wouldn't work, s/'//06:44
nipuLffs, s/'//g06:44
rehabdollspiderpig ftw06:49
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sepenany using bash4?08:09
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aonnipuL: would spiderspider have 16 legs08:15
aonor perhaps 6408:15
nipuLno, just a spider that has the powers of, A SPIDER!08:15
teKsepen: no I have been using foo/** for years (with ZSH) *g*08:16
nipuLi'm one of those weird tcsh users08:16
sepenteK, lol08:16
sepen$ head -1 /usr/bin/pkgmk08:18
teKI never said that I'm happy with crux using bash throughout all important scripts :)08:18
sepenyep, I know08:18
sepenteK, iirc sometime ago pkgutils were written in C08:19
teKI'd be ok with /bin/sh an no bashism :-)08:19
teKbut I already discussed this with the devs08:20
sepenI like to write in bash, perl or python due to their portability, now I'm running the same scripts in openbsd, crux and solaris for sparc08:20
sepen /bin/sh sometimes is linked to csh in openbsd08:21
sepenso you need to specify the right sebang line08:21
aondefine sometimes08:23
aonksh and sh have been the same binary since forever :)08:23
sepenyea, sorry it was ksh ;D08:24
aonwell ksh is a superset of sh08:24
sepenkorn shell, a shell owned by a metal band08:24
aonkoRn shell08:24
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sepenwell, I added bash4 to my private repo for tests08:36
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jaegerwhat the hell is the framebuffer boot logo?11:17
treacha tasmanian devil, masquerading as a penguin?11:24
treacha tasmanian devil, masquerading as a penguin?11:25
treachsay hello to "Tuz"11:25
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tilmanjaeger: haven't you heard about the saving-the-tasmanian-devil thing at
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tilman\o/ tuomov on the xorg mailing ilst :D12:47
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treachRotwang: raving mad finn, guilty of ion and a huge amount of insane ramblings13:06
treachtilman: got a link? :D13:07
tilmanoh sorry Rotwang13:07
tilmanforgot about you13:07
tilmanhang on treach13:07
* treach hangs on for dear life13:07
treachdon't want to miss this. :p13:08
tilmantuomov enters the stage in the third mail in that thread13:08
tilman<3 xml-vomit <313:08
treachas insane as ever. however, I didn't know alan cox was such a dick.13:19
DarkNekros_spider-monkey xDD ->
rehabdollis he funnier than schilling?13:36
tilmanit's a tie13:37
tilman"blur-fascists" <313:37
teKPollute my system with KDE or Gnome? Rather install Windows.13:38
rehabdollschillings logic is superior though. and his ability to completely disregard whats actually written and just make stuff up13:42
tilman"I could not even test Gnomefox 3 (known to some as Firefox) on Etch,13:42
teKrehabdoll: Joerg Schilling?13:43
tilmanof course, who else?13:43
treach"s(c)hilling for sun since xxyy"  :>13:44
teKI love those duels (giant vs. giant [ figuring out, giant in what regard, remains as an exercise for the reader :> ])13:44
teKFelix von Leitner vs. Schily on or $ML ... priceless :>13:44
treachI have to agree with that; It never ceases to amaze me how *small* purportedly *big* men are when it comes to it.13:49
tilmanteK: url?13:50
rehabdollis it in german? :(13:50
teKrehabdoll: indeed, sorry13:50
teKJörg "core dump" Schilling13:51
teK is worth some time in general :>13:52
rehabdollfitting name :)13:52
teKI saw a screenshot were schilings star(1) would dump core if called without arguments13:53
rehabdollbest url ever13:53
tilmanhahahah "core dump"13:56
treachmeh, I don't think you can find a debugger that could deal with one of those though :/13:56
treachlol "He has apparently changed license in order to piss off other people" :P13:58
tilmanrehabdoll: :)13:58
treachtilman: what does "to leave the church in the village" mean?13:59
treachI don't get the meaning of that13:59
tilman"Das hat selbst dieser komische Finne nicht verdient." ROFL13:59
tilmantreach: um. something like "hold your horses" maybe14:00
tilmans/your/ones;/ :D14:00
treachMy favorite was otherwise " enn SO böse verkackt hat dieser Finne ja noch gar nicht"14:00
tilmanteK: please help with a better translation/english proverb14:00
* treach realizes that 1. he's getting old, and 2. he needs a newer german wordbook. the pages are getting too yellow to read14:01
teKDie Kirche im Dorf lassen ~= Now that's going too far14:03
teKi.e. don't overestimate smth.14:03
tilmans/overestimate/exageerate/ (sp)14:04
tilmani think14:04
tilmanhahahhah fefe+14:04
tilmanteK: still reading through the Q=schiling one on fefe's blog14:05
treachokay, thanks for the explanation.14:05
teKZu einer Diskussion zwischen Jörg Schilling und Felix Leitner: Was wird das hier? Saddam und Kim Il-sung versuchen sich, in Stöckelschuhen und roten Ballkleidern gekleidet, gegenseitig mit pösem Haarspay die Frisur zu versauen?14:05
teKthis comparison rules14:06
tilman"werner kochs stinkenden gnupg-sourcen" <314:09
tilmanDiese komplette Fehleinschätzung der Dinge ist mir bisher nur einmal unter gekommen: bei Jörg Schilling14:11
tilmanteK: i had a look before, but i didn't know of his awesomeness ;)14:11
treachseems like they are old friends ;)14:12
teK#1 in my blogroll14:12
tilmanin your what?14:12
teKI read his blog almost from the beginning (accidently hit it while looking for ne blogs, it even wasn't publically linked at this time)14:12
rehabdolldamn i actually wish i'd taken german in school14:13
tilmanFreshmeat-Wahnsinn und Jörg-Schilling-Wahnsinn auf einmal!14:13
tilman"freshmeat insanity and schily-insanity all at once!"14:13
tilmanSchilling-Software ist ja schon immer für ihre Zuverlässigkeit, Robustheit und Sicherheit berühmt... zu Recht, wie man hier sehen kann. gets()! gets()!!!14:13
tilmanfucking massive awesome win14:14
tilman there it is14:15
tilman$ smake14:15
tilmancore dumped14:15
teKyou can import this into e.g. bloglines or feedburner14:17
tilmannewly fandangled web 2.0 crap14:18
treachfull time blog reader? :p14:18
tilmantreach: yeah, my though exactly ;)14:18
teKI skip the unimportant stuff14:19
teKand I imported some feeds from a friend (tech crunch etc.) which I have to sort out one time14:19
tilmanfefe prefers bsd?14:20
teKand no it's not web 2.0 crap. It's an easy way to gather and read information. I go through my blogroll two times a day (10-15 Minutes)14:20
teKtilman: don't think so.14:20
treach :p14:20
tilmanhe seems to dislike linux though14:20
tilmantreach: :D14:21
teKrocks, yes.14:21
teKread those slides at <> and realise that fefe dislikes BSD more than linux.14:21
teKbtw guys! There's one man fefe can't stand even less than schilling14:22
teKhahahaha give me a second14:22
treachI was just about to say that I don't get the impression he's overly impressed by anything.14:22
teKthat's true. Except of Dan Bernstein :)14:22
teKto be honest: I'm a fefe Fanboy :>14:23
treachbesides IMO schilling, tuomo, and drepper are pretty much the same in some aspects.14:24
teKlol Drepper was the guy I talked about14:24
tilmantek: :O :O14:24
teKwait a second :>14:24
teKtilman: I live in Bavaria Mr. Herrmann is intolerable.14:24
teKwell. May all of you have much fun reading those entries ;D14:25
* tilman off for shower14:25
teKif there was a code-killfill, Drepper would be in it14:26
treachwell, it's a bit of a challenge.14:26
treachmost of the stuff is fine, but things like "leaving the church in the village" and shipping somthing in ubuntu's shoes"?14:27
teKpaste the Entrie's URLs and I'll help were i can :P14:28
treach Ulrich Drepper hat gethostbyname() falsch implementiert, weigert sich es zu fixen, und schiebt es Ubuntu (!?!?) in die Schuhe14:28
treachthat's the quote14:28
teKblames Ubuntu14:28
teKgn8 ppl14:30
treachgood night.14:30
treachUlrich Drepper ist für mich der Anti-Programmierer, der kann noch weniger als dieser Python-Schnösel oder dieser Ruby-Knallkopf lol14:31
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tilman"Lieber Herr Drepper, warum erhängen Sie sich nicht einfach an der nächsten Eiche? Das würde uns allen viel Ärger sparen. Danke. "15:03
treachyeah, I saw that. Seems like he REALLY doesn't like him :p15:04
tilmanhe likes openbsd ;)15:06
tilmanoh well\15:07
treachheh, I guess that explains why teo the rat is so conspiciosuly missing from his hitlist. :p15:07
tilmanhhah, theo the rat15:07
tilmandidn't know that one ;)15:07
treach LOL15:08
tilmanyeah :(15:09
treachKafka would have been proud.15:10
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teKfefe dislikes OpenBSD16:54
RyoSopenbsd ftw D:17:01
teKat least that's the impression I got from him17:02
teK(not that I'd bother..)17:02
treachteK: I'd say I agree with that impression :P17:04
treachQuotes like "OpenBSD supported Offloading nicht, und so stinkt ihre Performance noch schlimmer als sonst." doesn't seem like full endorsement to me. :>17:06
teKstink does not have to be translated here17:08
treachnope. :p17:08
treach"Aber hey, nicht nur der IP-Stack ist bei OpenBSD Dreck, auch das hochgepriesene CARP ist eher eine Lachnummer.", braucht ja auch keine übersetzung. :P17:09
teKsimply funny :>17:10
rehabdolllol you are still reading it? :D17:16
treachnah, only on and off. it's fun because it's so different from reading normal newspapers/books.17:17
treachhaha, I think we can bury the "likes obsd" theory:
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libcddb: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.217:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: rrdtool: 1.3.5 -> 1.3.717:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: transcode: 1.1.0 -> 1.1.217:40
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rehabdollis it just me, or does xorg-xf86-video-xgi not build?19:31
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nipuLcool, i just discovered imagemagick supports postscript23:10
jaegerrehabdoll: I couldn't build xgi or nsc (?)23:21

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