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sepenmorning all01:15
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jtnlhi ulughbegh02:02
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)02:08
jtnlmorning DarkNekros02:11
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rehabdollteK: contrib/syslog-ng is outdated, 2.0.10 has been out for a while09:47
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DarkNekrosdoes anybody know if the "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)" is related to a bad kernel make?10:05
DarkNekrosI don't know if this helps, but I have already fix it by compiling from the disk instalation (ie, passing CRUX root=/dev/sda1 to boot from HD and recompiling the kernel)10:07
rehabdollid guess you are missing drivers for ide/sata/scsi or whatever you use to boot on10:08
DarkNekrosrehabdoll: I don't think so (I hope so), I've tried many times from the cd and nothing happened, but compiling from HD, successed :/10:10
rehabdollis the kernel that fails from the CD?10:11
rehabdollcould you post the failing .config somewhere? (paste in topic)10:12
DarkNekrostoo late the .config that I have is the latest which doesn't fail :/10:18
rehabdollwell the error you pasted usually caused by missing drivers for something like hd-controller, filesystem or some such10:20
rehabdolljust make sure stuff that handles / are compiled into the kernel and not as modules10:20
DarkNekrosI did it ;)10:20
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rehabdolloh, the drm stuff is merged into 2.6.30-rc1 \o/10:41
teKrehabdoll: I know, I had problems with segfaults, failed a bug report and forgot to provide additional info10:54
teKrehabdoll: which DRM-stuff?10:54
teKfailed? filed.10:56
rehabdolloh, wrong window10:59
rehabdollradeon r6xx-7xx stuff :)10:59
rehabdollworks for me (tm), tek10:59
teKthe current version or 2.0.10?11:01
teK(current in CRUX)11:01
teKafter Easter I will be on holiday for two weeks -> time to look into it11:03
rehabdollno worries, just in case you missed it11:03
teKdidn't, thanks anyway11:03
teKah nevermind.11:08
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* rehabdoll just ordered a SSD13:53
rehabdollsome ocz crap, 30gb.. ~100EUR13:54
rehabdollbtw im building a new x86_64 iso atm. :>13:55
rehabdollis your disk dead yet? :D13:55
tilmani still need to copy over /home13:56
tilmanthen i'll send it in for a replacement13:56
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teKI use OCZ RAM (2x2GB) and couldn't tell if it were crap or not.14:18
teKoh and me wants a SSD, too14:18
teKIntel or $CRAP? :)14:18
rehabdollwell intel is 4 times more expensive14:19
rehabdollocz ram is good i hear, dunno about their ssd's though :)14:19
teKoh I thought RAM dimms :)14:20
k|drehabdoll, but we'll know ;)14:20
teKI'd love to get one of those Intel SSDs14:20
rehabdollyeah, in a day or two :)14:20
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jaegerI've been looking at a 64gb SSD for my eeepc :)14:43
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muerto_hi peña15:56
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nipuLand you though CRUX booted quickly
nipuLboot time was 2.3 seconds on my desktop18:57
Ditzii till cant download the iso19:00
Ditzinot even from the mirror19:01
nipuLi just grabbed the disk image19:09
nipuLand booted it with grub19:09
jaegerthe xpud website seems hosed, was interested in checking it out19:34
jaegerok, time to put crux on the eeepc19:38
jaegereasy peasy is just annoying me19:38
nipuLjust wait for the swarm to pass19:58
nipuLit's probably getting aton of referrals from digg/reddit, etc19:58
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jaegerbleh... for some reason I can't get the ethernet to work on the eee22:35
jaegerah, there we go... atl1e and atl1 are very different22:54

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