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jaegeryeah, that fixed it00:09
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tilmanjaeger: yep, i've wondered about that. same on my notebook01:09
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)02:04
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DarkNekrosWTF o_O ->
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: dsh: slightly adjusted maintainer-line05:08
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pedjahow different are {free,open,net}BSD, and which one is most suitable to begin with?or it does not matter?they all share the same base principles, right?09:38
pedjaI know Crux has best of both worlds, Linux and BSD, but I'd like to play with BSD proper/vanilla, to see what it's like.09:42
tilmanpedja: i only have very limited bsd experience, but i suspect freebsd will give you the least culture shock09:43
tilmanfirst thing you probably want to do is install bash/zsh (freebsd uses a c shell by default)09:43
pedjaculture shock :)?09:43
pedjai'm downloading latest FreeBSD atm.09:45
pedjaI skimmed thru the handbook, looks easy enough :)09:45
pedja'how hard can it be?'09:46
pedja(famous last words)09:46
tilmanpedja: yes, the installation is easy09:47
pedjaI intend to make virtual machine, so I can play with it.09:47
pedjagood way to spend a birthday09:48
tilmanhappy birthday!09:49
pedjait's tomorrow, but thanks :)09:49
pedjanp :)09:49
pedjaI just got from work, I went with some coworkers on beer.09:50
* aon is celebrating the day of the death of Jesus by coding Java09:50
aon...i don't know if "celebrate" is the right word09:51
pedjaEaster is on 19th(ortodox one).09:51
pedjaand easter holiday starts at 17th, until the 20th of April.cool09:53
aonfinnish orthodoxes have been allowed to have it on the same day as the western christians since early 20's or something09:53
rehabdollstop worshiping zombie-jesus and you'll be more happy (tm)09:53
aonwell i don't09:54
pedjayou don't need to worship him to enjoy the holidays :)09:54
aoni think in 2006 or 2007 i changed the seats in my car on this very day09:55
aonwell, ofc the date wasn't the same, but anyway09:55
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nipuLcrap, just broke a microswitch on my GH guitar22:06
nipuLi picked a great weekend to do it :\22:06

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