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tilmanrehabdoll: so that ocz ssd = awesome?11:26
oehi, whats wrong with
tilmandunno :(12:23
Rotwangis there any gnokii port around?12:44
Rotwangim asking because portdb is out and i need this information now12:45
oeor if you want a newer version12:49
Rotwanggod damn nokia12:59
Rotwangcant transfer simple file13:00
treachRotwang: what model?13:04
Rotwangi compiled gnokii plugged usb cable13:07
tilmancd vm13:08
treachyou should have gotten a model that you can mount as a hd. :>13:09
treach(why is it that everyone owning a 6610 decided to use irda??)13:11
rehabdolltilman: so far13:11
rehabdollbut my / drive has it quite easy so its hard to judge13:12
Rotwangtreach: thankfully its not mine13:15
treachheh, that's always something. ;>13:16
Rotwangheh ;] doesn't matter if the cable is plugged in or not ;>13:16
treach(the binary) virtualbox is probably the easier solution.13:17
Rotwangusb 2-1: device descriptor read/64, error -7113:18
Rotwangcan i access usb from vbox?13:18
treachit really pisses me off that there is no solution for syncing files/photos/calenders/todos that works really well. :/13:18
Rotwangi didnt know / care13:18
treachyeah, the binary version13:18
treachnot the OSE13:19
Rotwangeeee :\13:19
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DarkNekrosdo you know where is going to be on? :D16:09
jaegerDon't know what happened to it. :(16:14
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DarkNekrosstupid question: which is better, install the graphics driver via ports or dowloading it from the official web page (or is it the same)?17:15
jaegerI generally prefer ports so the system's package management tools can add/remove them and give me info about them17:42
RyoSdunno if its me but ports dont work well for me17:54
RyoSfor glx extension and stuff17:54
RyoSi ended up leeching them myself after cleaning my system from obsolete files and install them which works fine17:54
DarkNekrosI have a nvidia graphic card :D17:57
DarkNekroswhen will be online I'll look at the files ;)17:57
jaegerI have mostly nvidia cards and use the nvidia ports17:57
DarkNekrosI'll try them, thanks jaeger ;)17:59
jaegerusually as simple as "prt-get depinst nvidia; gl-select use nvidia" and edit your xorg.conf to match17:59
DarkNekroscool , thx again jaeger ;)18:00
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_mavrick61I'll fix I have missed that after our major system failure.19:46
_mavrick61The UPS batteries boiled or got overheated so the system was turned off..19:49
jaegersorry to hear that, glad you've got it figured out :)19:49
nipuLthat was quick :)19:57
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joacimall this time i thought it was my fault20:26
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_mavrick61New battery will arrive tomorrow afternoon.21:22
_mavrick61So the system is now running without anny power backup now.21:23
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