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nipuLsweet, my superannuation audit has finally started, maybe i'll finally get all my super from my dickhead EX-boss00:01
pitiIIogood morning01:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mtools: updated to 4.0.1002:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: syslinux: updated to 3.7502:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.6.105:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: subversion-python: updated to 1.6.105:27
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: hdparm: update to 9.1506:26
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: man-pages: update to 3.2106:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: cups: update to 1.3.1006:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dovecot: update to 1.1.1406:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mod_svn: update to 1.6.106:26
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: stunnel: update to 4.2706:26
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NokiHi! Someone here with right to edit ?07:50
MisterMixelpixSeems a bit slow this mornin.07:52
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tilmanNoki: thanks, i'll fix up the list later today08:02
tilmanMisterMixelpix: there's not that much action in here usually :p08:11
tilmandoes anyone of you use arora regularly?08:13
tilmani'm looking for a working adblock thingy... sucks08:13
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MisterMixelpixwish I could help, don't know an arora is, haha08:18
MisterMixelpixFrankly I'm just here to try and convince myself to switch to CRUX from Arch.08:18
tilmanwhat's annoying you about arch?08:20 i think08:20
MisterMixelpixreally nothing's annoying me about Arch. just wanted to try out one of the source-based distros and CRUX looked like a winner.08:22
tilmancrux = sane ports system with a sane kernel08:24
MisterMixelpixgot the documentation open at the moment and the ISO sitting waiting to be burned, all that concerns me is how much upkeep is needed.08:25
tilmanyou mean how much you need to look after the system?08:26
MisterMixelpixsort of, yeah.08:26
tilmanprobably more than in arch08:26
tilmancrux doesn't hold your hand08:27
MisterMixelpixthat does concern me. Difficulty in setup isn't a problem, I'd just prefer not to need a whole ton of work to go into updating.08:27
tilmanupdating programs is usually very little work08:27
tilmanupgrading from one release to another is more work though08:28
MisterMixelpixAh-hah, there was my other question. I've gotten a little spoiled by the rolling release.08:28
tilmanit doesn't work as nicely as 'apt-get dist-upgrade' :)08:28
tilmancrux is 'rolling' as well08:28
tilmanbut we usually only update gcc/glibc/stuff like that in a new erlease08:28
tilmanwhich means you should boot with the new iso and run the upgrade program08:29
MisterMixelpixso when a new one happens i need to burn the disc for it and all.08:29
tilmanthat's the recommended way08:29
mike_kupgrade from iso is trivial and can be made by hand as well08:30
MisterMixelpixright on08:31
tilmanhahaha. today's xkcd08:31
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thrice`tilman: are you about?08:36
tilmani guess08:37
thrice`mouse scrolling in epdfview doesn't work for me since 0.1.7; I'm not sure what it's related to, but this patch from arch fixes it for me, at least08:38
tilmani'll try to remember to import this08:39
thrice`not sure if you hit the same, or are interrested, but thought I'd pass it along :)08:39
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MisterMixelpixoop, I'm outs. Later all.08:43
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jaegeroh, nice. rt2860 got added into the kernel somewhere along the line but it still doesn't compile in :P09:06
jaegergood job there09:06
tilmannic driver?09:06
jaegerwireless one09:06
jaegerI figured drivers that made it into mainline actually got tested but I guess that's not always the case09:12
jesse_Featuritis über alles!09:13
jaegerguess so09:13
tilmandid you see that relatime will be the default from 2.6.30 on?09:15
treach"legacy" ftw09:16
thrice`does that mean "default" in fstab will actually be relatime?09:16
treachI'm sure there are more, but the ONLY application I know of that really cares about "atime" is mutt.09:17
thrice`ah, ok.  neat :)09:17
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treachand mutt, while heavily used by some, is still to be considered as something from the dark ages.09:17
treachkind of reminds me about a story I read about what decided the width of the booster rockets used for lifting the space shuttles.09:18
treachtilman: I'm not belittering mutt, but face it; You can call mutt many things, but stuff like "userfriendly", "easy to configure" and most other contemporary buzzwords.. just kind of don't fit. :>09:20
tilman'something from the dark ages' sounds too negative though09:20
treachwell, I was trying to refer from the viewpoint of the mythological "normal user"09:21
tilmanthat seems to fit evolution (pun?) more than mutt09:21
thrice`definite pun ;)09:21
treach"punian" maybe? :p09:22
treachsometimes I get the feeling the configuration file for mut is bigger than the application... :>09:22
jesse_.muttrc can get pretty big if the user documents absolutely everything.09:23
jesse_At times mutt does seem to be too flexible and extensible for its own good though. :p09:25
aonmutt is a piece of cake, it's the other apps you need to add to do what you want :)09:26
aon17:22 < treach> sometimes I get the feeling the configuration file for mut is  bigger than the application... :>09:28
aondidn't you use to use fvwm? :)09:28
treachaon: both that and mutt. :p09:28
jesse_Sounds like tweaker's paradise. ;)09:29
treachhowever, just because that I used and actually like both those applications doesn't mean I can't see what's in front of me.09:30
aoni know09:31
nipuLi don't consider 'something from the dark ages' a negative connotation with mutt09:33
nipuLi presume most mutt users would prefer the dark09:33
jesse_Compared to today's GUI rage, it is from the dark ages in relative terms. :p09:33
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jesse_"if you can't click on it, it's useless!"09:33
nipuLi use mutt and the only light on in the house is the glow of the lcd in front of me09:34
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nipuLi disagree, among power users there's been a bit of a keyboard driven interface renaissance09:37
nipuLespecially with the glut of tiling wms coming out lately09:37
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thrice`yuck :>09:37
jesse_Spot the sarcasm in relation to the modern so-called typical user.09:38
treach that doesn't change anything.09:38
thrice`what, kde/gnome? :)09:38
treacheven if punishments and church doctrine of past suddenly to became en vouge again, that would still be something from the dark ages, that wouldn't make it popular09:39
treachugh /s/popular/modern09:39
nipuLyou;re comparing tiling to the spanish inquisition?09:39
treachno, I'm saying that even if we reinstated the inquisition, it wouldn't be modern.09:40
thrice`perhaps i'm too mordern for hating tiling WM's :)09:40
treachit would be an echo from the past09:40
thrice`or worse, running a DE all together09:40
aontiling is hardly dark ages09:41
aonif dark ages is xerox star etc :)09:41
thrice`esp. haskell tiling09:41
nipuLshall i go hook up my c64?09:41
treachnipuL: maybe you could call it a "rennicense" (or how you spell it)09:42
aoni guess it's more about what you do09:42
tilmanhaskell tiling as opposed to python tiling?09:42
aonwhen i used to actually be productive with computers i used ratpoison exclusively09:42
aonnow i'm on openbox09:42
thrice`tilman: exactly :)09:42
* treach ponders going back to c64 since 32 isn't an option09:43
aonwow, we have a xdm port09:43
nipuLbut then if i made the wife use my desktop rather than her gnome+compiz setup she'd probably divorce me09:44
* treach would probably get a frying pan in the head if he put gnome on the other computer09:44
thrice`cause for separation:  window management09:44
tilmanaon: try slim!09:46
tilmanthrice`: :D09:46
jesse_[x] irreconcilable differences [x] window mismanagement09:46
thrice`ha ha09:47
treachno, xdm + twm + xterm + mutt + nvi -> Complete blast from the past09:47
thrice`and links of course09:47
treachmmh, lynx is probably too easy09:48
nipuLwouldn't lynxs be past blastier?09:48
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nipuLFFFUUU inkscape, don't compile, see if i care09:49
aontilman: can't really say...09:53
aonit's all fucked up now :)09:53
aonwhere in the default openbox menu is xterm? :)09:57
aonah well, got emacs open, that should be enough09:57
tilmanaon: uname -r ?09:58
treach"The OS has booted"09:58
aonthat's what it was supposed to be, right?09:58
tilman ?09:58
tilmani945 or i965?09:59
tilmanaha, i've got an 94509:59
thrice`KMS? :)10:00
tilmanthrice`: kernel based modesetting10:00
thrice`of course ;)  I've got a 965 too10:00
tilmanwasn't sure what you were asking :)10:01
thrice`ah; just didn't know if that's what you were talking about10:01
tilmanit is10:01
tilmanthrice`: tried it yet?10:01
aonwhat you are seeing is an emacs and an xterm10:01
tilmanaon: sec10:01
aonsome ww's in xorg.0.log tho10:03
thrice`tilman: briefly, yes10:03
thrice`seemed buggy, but it coulda been my laptop.  i haven't tried with 2.7 yet10:03
aonyeah, mouse cursor is ok here too10:03
tilmanoh wait10:04
tilmani run libdrm 2.4.910:04
tilmanyou guys probably use 2.4.7 from opt :o10:04
aongot a port for 2.4.9?10:05
tilmanwait, that's probably not it10:05
thrice`no, i'm on 2.4.9 actually10:05
thrice`but only tried with intel 2.6.310:06
aoni'll try to patch with that10:06
thrice`2.7 scared me :>10:06
aonah, ofc it doesn't apply to this tree10:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libdrm: updated to
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glade3: 3.6.1 -> 3.6.210:08
tilmanaon: try booting with that modesetting=0 kernel parameter10:08
tilmanto use the x driver's mode setting10:08
aontrying now10:11
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aonok now10:12
aonso should i try cloning anholt's tree?10:14
tilmani probably wouldn't bother10:14
aonwhy? :)10:15
tilmankms isn't that ziomg-awesome10:15
aonbut wasn't this about seeing if it blurs fonts? :)10:15
teKdon't you boot up your PC a hundred times a day?10:15
tilmansure, if you care enough to try it :D10:15
tilmanteK: ouch10:15
aonwell it's not a lot of work now that i have a kernel config again10:15
aonand 24M downstream10:15
aonand --depth 110:15
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nipuLas much as i'd love to hang around and discuss BLUR FACISCM, i should get an early one, going to spend all day tomorrow trying to hurt myself10:27
tilmansounds like fun10:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: sqlite3: fixed md5sum10:29
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nipuLin the vain hope i'll one day be this good
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lsof: updated to 4.8210:32
thrice`is that where you're going?10:32
nipuLhah, i wish10:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lsof: changed distfile download location10:36
aonokay, here goes..10:39
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aonokay, still pretty much as glitchy10:41
aonbut from what i can see no effect in font rendering10:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon10:42
thrice`could try switching between EXA / UXA.  I think UXA is default in 2.7, which I had bad luck with10:42
nipuLi'll leave you lot with this
aonbut isn't that somewhat the point with kms?10:43
aonuxa, that is10:43
thrice`oh, right, KMS10:44
rehabdolllol nipuL10:44
rehabdollp a i n10:44
rehabdolli really enjoy those grinds10:46
tilmankms -> default=uxa10:46
tilman!kms -> default=exa10:46
tilmanaon: so, no, that's not the point of kms10:47
aonso there's some point in kms+exa?10:47
thrice`yeah, I forgot I switched KMS off at the same time as EXA10:47
aonanyway, i think i'll stop playing with this now :)10:47
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jesse_The Pirate Bay group probably is not too happy about their 1 year prison sit-in plus the fine they were awarded.11:57
treachfully expected idiocy11:57
treachtilman: kangaroo-court in action11:58
tilmanone of my fellow swedish xmms2 developers was convinced they'd win11:58
jesse_I have not followed this trial too much, although some analysis said the court proceedings had basically no hard evidence.11:59
treachtilman: they SHOULD have won11:59
jesse_Let's see what the appeals do.11:59
treachunfortunately we have political courts, and they are a total joke11:59
treachthis pisses me off no end, and makes me feel like a citizen in a fucking banana-republic11:59
jesse_There is no such thing as an independent court. ;)12:00
treachjesse_: well, courts can be more or less sensitive to economic power and political winds.12:00
treachours are infamously sensitive to both.12:01
jesse_I won't argue against that. Money does a lot of talking with this case.12:01
treachare you kidding?12:01
treachthe prosecution didn't prove a *single* thing.12:01
jesse_Guilty. Here's your sentence and your fine. Have a nice day.12:02
treachall they had was a bunch of allegations, expensive lawyers and an inept prosecutor.12:02
treachAnd they still managed to get a conviction, jail and a record fine.12:02
treachit's fucking perverse12:02
jesse_Nothing like a bit of lobbyists "convincing" the political leadership, or who knows if they directly targeted the court system.12:03
treachno, it was done by lobbying politicians.12:04
treachthey in turn made sure the court knew what to do.12:04
tilmancan anyone describe what this 'kopimi' thing is? preferable in one sentence ;p12:04
treachremember, we have political courts. I'm not kidding12:04
treachjesse_: in this court instance, it's only the chairman that actually has any judicial training. guess what makes up the rest..? Yep. Political appointees...12:05
treachtilman: context?12:06
tilmanit's been referenced on trial.thepiratebay.org12:06
treachAre you refering to peter sunde?12:06
tilmani guess i might be ;)12:06
tilmannot sure if it's a just him or a tpb thing12:06
treachhis name is Kolmisoppi apparently12:06
treachPeter Sunde Kolmisoppi12:07
treachmight have something to do with that12:07
tilmankopimi = copy me ;)12:07
* treach doesn't speak "newspeak"12:08
jesse_Transliteration ftw.12:08
treachlike the brain dead people who write "majls" to eachother. >_>12:09
jesse_haha, there's a candidate for the eu parliament from the pirate party. Sure winner, guaranteed.12:10
treachmaijl, majl, mejl... various variations exist. they are all an affront to the eye12:10
aon"meili" :)12:10
treachugh. not much better. :p12:10
jesse_Not at all. "meilata" "mailata" there's a few of those.12:11
* treach writes "mail" or "epost"12:11
aoni usually say "sähköposti" in finnish, but then again i don't talk very much so i don't have to be economical with words12:11
tilmani should either learn swedish or finnish this summer =)12:12
*** pedja has joined #crux12:12
treachI'd reccomend swedish. finnish is a real pain. ;)12:13
aonwell swedish would probably be easier to learn in a summer :)12:13
jesse_It's a much smaller leap going from german to swedish, they at least are related languages.12:14
treachI wish more people would realize that its just theater, just like the pirates have said.12:20
treachthis instance doesn't mean squat.12:21
jesse_It's a petty symbol. Kill off tpb and oddly enough, it will not remove or dent filesharing.12:21
treachthe people in the court are political appointees with no judicial training, and the rulings rarely stands when appealed12:22
jesse_Speaking of insane legal interpretation:
jesse_Attack something symbolic and it will automagically bring world peace... yeah, sure.12:23
treachand in this case especially things HAVE to change because  the court has commited so many errors that the outcome is beyond the bizarre12:23
treachjesse_: yeah, saw that. damn loon12:24
treachI doubt he's getting anywhere with that though, he doesnt have any BigCorp backing him, rather the opposite. :>12:24
jesse_If that logic is extended, surgery must be along similar lines to torture and bodily perversion.12:24
rehabdolltreach: only two out of three are political hacks12:24
rehabdolland the verdict was unanimous12:25
treachrehabdoll: doesn't change anything.12:25
jesse_Only 66.7% politisized!12:25
treachyeah :>12:25
rehabdolli dont think much will change the higher you go in the system though12:26
treachwell, they tend to look a bit more at the law higher up12:26
jesse_It's not much of a trial when they already had the verdict before it all started.12:26
jesse_It's a political theater.12:26
treachremember, the chairman is NOT a judge. He's usually just in the beginning of his career...12:27
rehabdolli dont think the "assisted copyright infringement" verdict will change though12:27
rehabdollits pretty hard to defend i think12:27
treachmaybe it will, maybe not. But the ruling will not stand as it is.12:27
rehabdollnah, the appeal was obvious before the verdict, no matter who had won :)12:28
treachactually it's quite simple to defend. it's just the same as any infrastructure.12:28
treachpeople do bad things on the roads, over the phone, mail etc. Nobody is going after the responsible ones there.12:29
treachthe trick is to get the court to understand that "with a computer" doesn't change anything, and that having a big fat wallet doesn't make your arguments valid if they suck donkeyballs.12:32
teKobv. they do12:33
treachteK: hence why I think we are living in a banana republic.12:34
teKin germany tbp will be censored shortly, I bet.12:34
treachfascism, take 212:34
teKbecause it's quite as bad as child porn12:34
jesse_All you need to mention is threat of terrorism or child pornography and common sense flies out the windows.12:37
jesse_zomg. EVIL! BAN BAN BAN12:37
treachI'm sad to report that there was no common sense in the first place.12:37
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treachwe have two kinds of politicians; One kind that is pure evil, hellbent on turning us into a fascist police state, and a second kind that has no fucking clue about what is happening and thinks everything is A-OK12:38
jesse_Let's see, bad or even worse? Hmm. tough choices.12:39
treachok, there are a few with a clue; Unfortunately they all belong to minor parties with practically NO influence whatever.12:39
teKto become a mighty/influential politician12:43
teKyou have to go through a brainwashing program, I think12:44
treachteK: or you have to have a parent who had great influence in their day.12:44
treachthat's how it has worked with several of the idiots we're stuck with here. :/12:45
treach(It's fucking unbelivable, I can't belive I sit in a so called democracy and type that kind of shit, but it's completly true!)12:45
teKpeople get what people deserve12:46
teKsad but true12:46
*** dru1d has quit IRC12:46
treachwhy did I deserve bodström & co? I never voted for the bastards D;12:47
teKbecause you didn't do anything against them12:47
treachof course I did. I did everything I legally could.12:47
Rotwangdemocracy is bullshit12:48
jesse_The 51% democracy model is bullshit.12:48
Rotwangthis is practically impossible to be ruled by idiot choosen by ever bigger idiots12:48
teKI'm keen to get to know if democracy is past due  or not12:48
treachjesse_: if it at least was 51%...12:48
teKwell, we did it, #crux is now a channel for democracy-doubting TERRORISTS!12:49
Rotwangbunch of stupid childish fuckers arguing over and over who is more important12:49
treachteK: I say like churchill. slightly paraphrased, democracy sucks, but the alternatives are worse. :>12:49
teKthis behaviour can be seen everywhere (office for example)12:49
teKtreach: until today: ACK12:49
treachbut today we have shown that we are no longer a democracy.12:50
treachwith this blatant collusion between state and bussiness we are treading into fascism. No ifs and no buts.12:51
teKin Bavaria there's a saying: 'the one who pays says what's happening'12:52
Rotwangimo every system can be good if maintained by proper ppeople12:52
Rotwangits like with software ;]12:52
treach"who pays the piper decides the tune"12:52
teKRotwang: I espcially second that for monarchy :)12:52
teKtreach: yeah12:52
Rotwangand communism!!oneone12:53
teKwhich is  b0rked econmically12:53
Rotwangyeah ;]12:53
teKbut we're in a linux channel so communism must be the right way!!1112:53
treachwell sorry for the spamming.. just too pissed off to hold back. :|12:54
teKI feel quite similar12:55
treachI mean, I don't really care about tpb as such. But I imagined that for you to be convicted the prosection at least had to PROVE something, like that a crime had been committed, and that you had something to do with it.12:57
treachAnd that there *really12:57
teKwe visited court once12:57
treach* was a crime.12:57
treachnone of that happened.12:57
jesse_treach: it's in a legal gray area at best... but since they cannot prove a damn thing, it should not result in a guilty verdict.12:58
teKthe judge told us more or less the accused stole once so in this case he probably stole again and he did not dissent the ruling so he must be guilty12:58
treachexactly. If you can't prove anything, no guilty verdict. Innocence until PROVEN otherwise12:58
teKthat's practically impossible in many cases12:59
jesse_That principle seems to be nothing more than a romanticized notion nowadays.12:59
teKand always has been.12:59
jesse_zomg, the defendent is even behaving in a guilty manner. GUILTY!!!111twelve!!113:00
treachand that's probably because people let way too much slide.13:00
rehabdollcurse sepen and his countrymen's tasty beers13:00
treachjeez, if we are equal in the eyes of the law, how about filing child pornography charges against the prosecutor?13:01
treachthat would be amusing to see him prove that he isn't.13:01
tilmandid they publish the verdict just today?13:01
teKIF it'd be taken to court13:01
treachtilman: yep, 11.00 so it's been out for a while13:02
tilman30 million SEK ~= 3.3million euro?13:02
rehabdoll1 euro = 11,0118696 svenska kronor13:02
treach(one can always try "30000000 SEK in EURO" :p13:06
rehabdollnow wheres the challenge in that?13:07
treachtry to find an easier way? :>13:07
treachannoying that google doesn't recognize prefixes though.13:08
treachor suffixes I guess13:08
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tilmantreach: so, will the people set stockholm on fire tomorrow? or maybe they did that today. /me checks13:41
treachi don't think so, but allegedly the pirate party got 500 new members in two hours. :>13:41
treachI think this at least to some extent are going to bite the established parties in the ass.13:42
treachapathy is unequaled in this country, we tend to just say pretty much "Zu Befehl" and accept any nonsense, but this have incensed a lot of people because it was such a kangaroo court, on top of the ipred and fra bullshit from before.13:44
tilmanipred is that vpn that TPB people are building, right?13:44
treachno, that would be "Ipredia" I think13:45
treacha countermeasure to Ipred13:45
tilmandoh, i didn't know it was a pun13:45
tilmani soooo haven't kept in touch with things lately13:45
treachipred is the brand new "private police" law that gives private corporations the right to ransack peoples homes in search of illicit copies. :|13:46
tilmanwhat the shit is happening to your country?13:46
treachI'm seriously wondering too.13:46
treachIt's getting fucking worse than nazi germany.13:47
jesse_ipred: giving rent-a-cops a raison d'etre!13:47
treachtilman: said with a touch of dry humor, don't mistake me.13:47
tilmanyeah, i know13:48
jesse_It seems to have some parallels with our lex nokia. Basically companies have greater policing abilities over email traffic in their networks etc.13:49
treachwell. the very fact that private corporations can raid you should serve as a blinking red light on the facism-meter..13:49
treachnot even the freaking police are allowed to raid your home for that kind of stuff.13:50
jesse_Although it did not include provisions about rent-a-cop agents raiding homes without any warrants.13:50
treachjesse_: well, there are supposedly warrants involved. but you'll obviously never be told someone asked for one, and you'll never be able to contest it.13:51
jesse_...nice. Surely that _cannot_ be abused.13:51
treachso, essentially the way it works is 1. MegaCorp asks court for permission to raid your home. 2. Kangraoo court looks at the "evidence" (that's like screendumps and other higly reliable material)13:52
treach3. Permission garanted, 4. Company contacts appropriate authority who raids your home together with agents of the corporation.13:53
jesse_In other words "we think" + $$$ is enough.13:53
jesse_I have to admit this is rather sneaky for sweden.13:53
treachbtw, "appropriate authority is NOT the police"13:53
jesse_You'd think it would have taken place in a place like UK or Germany. Seems they are all trying to outdo one another.13:54
*** dru1d_ is now known as dru1d13:54
treachhi dru1d_, do you have a computer problem or are you just pissed of at judicial/political corruption? :>13:54
treachjesse_: an expensive suit and a screen dump, that's all it takes. That's freaking scary.13:56
dru1dIm from Poland. This don't touch me;]13:56
*** Ditzi has quit IRC13:56
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aonthe last time i checked poland was part of eu, at least i'm worried of such stuff somehow making its way through the union13:57
tilmanwhaat, ipred is an EU thing?13:59
tilmanThe new file sharing law is based on the European Union's Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive[...]:14:00
tilmannow firefox is sucking 90% cpu time14:02
treachtilman: all this shit is our fault. sorry14:02
treachone of our stupid politicians tried to pull this shit stunt over here first but failed, so he took it to the EU instead.14:02
tilmani shall investigate14:03
tilmanif this crap becomes mandatory to implement by EU governments...14:03
tilmanEU member governments*14:03
treachEU - the perfect excuse for backdooring evil stuff14:04
aoni was trying to find out some details on how some car lights should be actually wired14:23
aonpretty hard when the law is just "see EU directive ###"14:23
*** bandito85 has quit IRC15:15
tilman"Initial R6xx/R7xx 3D Driver Pushed"15:16
treachtilman: seen anything about xv?15:17
treachwhee. looks like it's getting there too.15:19
tilmanit's similar-ish i think15:19
tilmansince these days, you'll use textured video for xv rather than an overlay15:19
tilmanr6xx+ probably even doesn't have the overlay anymore15:19
treachI just got a bit more motivation to see if I can live with crux again. :p15:20
treachbut it's a bit of a problem that we don't have a 64 bit relase. oh well, I guess I could try helping out with whatever I can.15:21
tilmanrehabdoll's stuff works pretty well15:21
treachwould be a bit easier if there was some kind of real structure though, and some kind of general direction15:22
tilmani think he's preparing a new iso, too15:22
treachyeah, I saw something about it a few days ago, that's why I asked in devel a while ago.15:22
tilmanhis stuff now uses the 32-bit opt.git and a separate opt-x86_64 repo that only contains ports that are different from opt.git ;)15:22
treachNo reply on that though15:22
tilmanwhat i still don't like is that the toolchains are different :>15:23
tilmani think he's using glibc 2.9 or something15:23
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:23
aoni think i could carefully start planning to upgrade my c64 box from 2.4 :)15:23
aon@seen sepen15:24
clbaon: sepen was last seen in #crux 13 hours, 55 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <sepen> morning15:24
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treachlol, apparently the swedish pirate party gained 3000 more members in seven hours..17:13
treacha bit of a statement, I'd say17:14
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darknekrossomebody knows why I get a black screen with the nvidia driver when I run X?19:00
RyoSdo you use some cool desktop manager like compiz/beryl? D:19:30
darknekrosRyoS, nope19:32
darknekrosonly pekwm19:32
darknekrosbut with the nv driver I got the same result :S19:32 is down again :S19:33
*** Ditzi has quit IRC19:35
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RyoSdarknekros: check your card maybe? XD19:49
RyoSim off cya19:49
darknekrosbye RyoS ;)19:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: poppler: update to 0.10.622:31
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