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treachtilman: you think we'll get zfs for linux now? ;)07:29
nipuLisn't that what btrfs is supposed to be?07:30
treachwell, oracle just bought themself a really big lightbulb. :>07:30
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tilmantreach: wait, oracle bought sun?10:09
tilmanwow, indeed10:11
tilmanlast i checked (last week) it was just rumours10:11
tilmani can has gpl'd dtrace?10:13
* teK throws the weightiest grammar book at hand at tilman 10:13
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teKyo can has grammar10:14
tilmanteK: sorry, long day at work ;)10:15
teKtransforms me into lolcats, usually, too10:15
tilmanteK: i didn't get you through the grammar book because of the lolcat grammar ...10:15
tilmanthrow through thrown10:16
tilmanyeah, right10:16
tilmanbe back in 10 ;)10:16
tilmanJust a quick note about the recently announced purchase of Sun by10:16
tilmanOracle.  This does not change Oracle's plans for Btrfs at all, and Btrfs10:16
tilmanis still a key project for us.10:16
tilmantreach: read chris mason's mail subjected 'btrfs development plans'? quote ^^^^^10:16
* teK is corious about what will happen to mysql10:17
teKaccording to oracle's FAQ it won't be harmed :>10:17
* tilman throws a dictionary at tek :>10:18
teKoh well.10:18
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teKwhy oh why10:18
jesse_There goes another batch of "zomg! zfs might be gpl'd!" on osnews \o/10:22
tilmanis there anything else that's cool in solaris except zfs and dtrace?10:22
jesse_No idea... I've never used solaris. :p10:23
teKwhy should I be in need of a dictionary?10:24
tilmanteK: 'curious'. i'm a nachtragender motherfucker ;)10:25
teKstfU already!!11110:25
tilmanget back to work you lazy person10:26
teKon vacation10:26
teKcurrently the 6th week this year10:26
teKnow there are about 5 weeks regular + one week overtime hours left10:27
teKI had to reduce them to start 'Kurzarbeit' in May10:28
tilmanoh :(10:28
teKand I'm studying in Hagen and should have finished some optinal coursework by today :D10:29
teKso yes I should do some work :>10:29
tilmanwhen did you start studying in hagen?10:29
teKWS 08/0910:30
tilmanhow tough is it?10:30
teKit's okay (I'm a lazy bastard)10:30
teKI had to lectures last semester: Masthematische Grundlagen and Einfuehrung in die imperative Programmierung.10:31
teKMath was quite tough (I took 4 weeks vacation for this, actual learning time was about a week and a half)10:32
tilmani bet the 2nd was challenging ;)10:32
teKthey stopped correcting after 18,5 credits10:32
teKsuckers, this would have been 95+% I bet10:32
teKfunny enough I figured two days before the test that it took place next saturday not the next weeks saturday *g*10:33
tilmanmax credits was..?10:33
teKabout 40 credits, dunno10:33
teKt'was a 'Leistungsnachweis' no 'Pruefung' -> four wins10:34
teKso the actual grade doesn't matter10:34
tilman"ein gutes pferd springt knapp drueber"10:34
teKjust as in Math10:35
teK80 credits, announced required credits: 40. My credits: 38,5. Final needed credits: 3610:35
tilmanit's okay10:36
teKI was lucky.10:37
teKa friend of mine from TUM said 'now you completed the hardest part'10:37
teKyouhold a BSc. in informatics, too, don't you?10:38
tilmancs, yes10:38
teKI never got the difference really10:38
tilmanwith more maths than usual i get10:39
teKno I look like a complete idiot *g*10:39
teKthis is the part where you say: "no you don't"10:41
teKso what..10:41
tilmanwell ;)10:42
tilmani hated maths in school, but loved the stuff we did in my course of study :)10:42
tilmanexcept calculus. calculus = major loss10:42
tilmanteK: as a CS person, you really want to learn about graph theory eg10:42
tilmanalso coding theory is super interesting10:43
tilmanas is cryptography :)10:43
teK1~we did Matrizen, Reihen, Folgen (where's the difference), Induktion, Konvergenzen, Lineare Gleichungssystem and them some10:43
teKthis Semester I have Algorithmische Mathematik which starts with 'Graphentheorie'10:43
tilmanah, great10:44
tilmangraph theory = graphentheorie ;)10:44
teKit's somewhat perverted to talk about this in English10:44
teKgraph theory solves the 'handlungsreisenden-problem' right?10:46
tilmanit's easy to confuse (imo) edges and Ecken when talking about graph theory in english :D10:46
teKyou're right. Edges are Kanten. :>10:47
tilmanteK: tsp is a graph theory problem, yes10:47
tilmanwell, it obviously involves complexity theory as well ;)10:48
teKI only had a peek at algorithmische mathematik10:49
teKI focused on Datenstrukuturen I until now10:49
teKIt's just about an hour from you to Hagen10:52
tilmani pondered trying to get a msc from hagen. but i doubt i'll be motivated enough to do all that shit in my free time, next to a job that keeps my busy 40+ hours a week10:54
teKit's daunting, ye10:54
tilmanals i hated writing my thesis10:55
tilmanthe though of having to write another one that's supposed to be longer and better is frightening10:55
teKI stronlgy will dislike the travelling to hagen for oral tests10:58
teK633 km – ca. 5 Stunden, 35 Minuten10:58
tilmanteK: where do you work? audi or bmw? :p10:58
* teK belongs to the lower end of the food chain.10:59
tilmanoh, okay10:59
teK< at a supplier  of a supplier of BMW and Audi10:59
teKour customer is EDSCHA:
teKthose pesky bastards -_-11:00
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tilmangood luck11:00
treachtilman: as noted "yeah". Sorry, was afk :p11:02
teKthanks. I plan to change the employer ASAP11:02
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: libisofs: updated to 0.6.1811:28
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* treach suddenly thinks of virtualbox. "Wonder what will happen to them, with wmware and oracle being all cozy"12:05
treacheh, "vmware"12:06
Rotwangmaybe someone could change 2.4 to 2.5 branches etc ;]12:20
Rotwangit would make copy paste easier12:21
treachthat reminds me.. I really should set up a vm or something with a wiki where I can cause mayhem with having to deal with "angry people (tm)" :p12:23
aonangry eh12:23
aonRotwang: well i probably could bump all versions up 112:23
aonand then someone else can revert it if it's horribly wrong for some reason :)12:23
Rotwangaon: thanks in advance12:23
tilmandon't contrib people have write access to that page?12:23
Rotwanghow do i register? :>12:24
tilmansimone knew12:24
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aonrefresh, see if i missed something12:26
Rotwangaon: seems fine and dandy, thanks12:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asciidoc: 8.3.5 -> 8.4.312:31
aonback to elisp i suppose :) ->12:34
aonshould actually be doing something important, but oh well12:34
treachprocrastination++; ;)12:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: awesome: 3.1.1 -> 3.2.112:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: dmenu: 3.9 -> 4.012:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: filezilla: update13:06
Rotwang2 min ago  root  filezilla: update13:07
sepenany idea where to find the 'xinput' command? fwiv is packaged on other distros as xorg-xinput13:07
tilmansepen: i didn't port it13:08
tilmani can put it on the list though13:08
sepenbut did you think that would be useful?13:08
tilmani have no idea13:09
sepenthe fact is that I'm trying to run a xfce script that requires it, but I never required it before13:09
tilmansepen: if _you_ want to have it, i'll add it to xorg.git :)13:09
sepenthanks tilman, it would be nice ;D13:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: fox bump13:22
treachread that as "fox hump" :D13:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: graveman dropped, not maintained by upstream13:25
treachit was, at some point?13:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: iw: 0.9.9 -> 0.9.1213:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libev: \/3|2510|\| |3|_||\/||>13:38
jesse_Update fest.13:39
treachthat last message was almost worthy aon. :P13:40
treachaon: the commit message for libev13:40
aonwhat does it have to do with me? :D13:40
teKwhat does it read? you suck if you can't read this13:40
aonit says "version bump"13:40
aonbut so? :)13:40
aonanyway, we should have up-to-date stats on ohloh very soon(tm)13:41
treachthat "\/3|2510|\| |3|_||\/||>" thingy reminded me of your regex magic. :p13:41
tilmanw t f13:43
tilmanwho did that?13:43
tilmanRotwang: would you please not pull crap like that?13:43
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aonit is pretty uncalled for, yeah13:44
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aonconfigure: error: Cannot find xcb-aux13:46
aonwhat's that?13:46
Rotwanggot bored with usual commit messages ;] sorry13:46
aonnvm, got it13:47
aon :)13:50
aonseems to work13:50
tilmansepen: i'll add xinput tomorrow i think. updating other x stuff first13:51
tilmananyway, from today on i'll have more time for crux stuff again :)13:51
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NecrosporusDoes crux contain non-free softwre?13:54
treachthe answer is probably "yes" if you're a total fantatic, since there are blobs in the kernel.13:55
teK% pinfo nvidia13:56
teKName:         nvidia13:56
teKPath:         /usr/ports/opt13:56
teKVersion:      180.4413:56
treachie, it's the vanilla kernel13:56
teKRelease:      113:56
teKDescription:  nVIDIA Linux Display Driver13:56
treachteK: that's not part of crux.13:56
teKoh well13:56
treachstill not part of crux13:57
NecrosporusI semi-fanatic :)13:57
treachNecrosporus: crux really isn't anything, it is what you make of it.13:57
teKoh that's phuilosphic :>13:58
NecrosporusI accept vanilla kernel, but not nvidia driver, for example13:58
treachNecrosporus: then you are completely free not to install it from the ports.13:58
tilmancrux doesn't force you to use nvidia...13:58
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NecrosporusSo, Is crux contains nvidia drivers on core opt or xorg?13:59
treachcrux is free as in "do as you want", not free as in "you're free to do as we say" :>13:59
treachbut that's a bit of a misnomer13:59
treachnividia may be in opt, but it's not shipped13:59
tilmanit's kind of opt...ional14:00
NecrosporusI prefer if non-free software is completely separated so user can't install it by mistake14:00
treachyou don't install ANYTHING by mistake in crux..14:00
teKthat's what alluded to with NV.14:00
Rotwanghah c:14:00
Rotwang"install by mistake"14:01
joacimhow do one accidentally install nvidias drivers?14:01
tilmanjoacim: prt-get install nvidia OOPS14:01
sepenhaving another card ;D14:01
NecrosporusDoes cd-iso contains non-free software?14:01
treachafaik, no14:01
sepeniirc no14:01
tilmani don't think so :>14:01
treachunless you count said blobs in the kernel source14:01
treachwhich is hardly our fault14:02
teKyou have to form a team that patches this kind of stuff out14:03
NecrosporusCan I automatically clean ports of non-free sotware? (except single I using is unrar)14:03
treachteK: a commitee, please. :>14:03
teKno you can't14:03
teKtreach: ouh, sorry14:03
treachNecrosporus: the ports doesn't contain anything unfree by themselves.14:03
jesse_crux is not big on automation.14:03
tilmanhang on14:03
* tilman plays some Hypocrisy14:04
tilman(yes, that was the best i could do)14:04
treachman, is this another one of those, "I hate unfree stuff, so I want my distribution to make life hell for anyone who wants/needs it" people?14:05
NecrosporusI know, but may be I don't want waste my traffic for upgrading non-free part of ports14:05
treachit's like 5kb a pop14:05
teKhu? Traffic during ports -u14:05
Rotwangport doesnt take much bandwtih to update14:05
tilmanNecrosporus: what do you use rar for?14:05
tilman(extracting rar archives, duh)14:05
treachrock:/usr/ports/opt% du -h nvidia14:05
joacimsimply refrain from installing those non-free applications14:05
tilmanNecrosporus: crux won't update anything you didn't install first14:06
NecrosporusI think, non-free stuff should be in separate repositary (like in mandriva)14:06
tilmanso if you don't install nvidia, it won't be silently upgraded14:06
joacim <-- "unrar is a free software version of the non-free unrar utility that exists on many GNU/Linux systems today."14:07
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treachNecrosporus: I get the feeling you don't really understand the concept of ports, or how it works.14:07
treachyou might want to read the handbook on the topic14:07
NecrosporusI read more then half14:08
aonjoacim: does that thing work?14:08
* tilman hytter med naven at sourcefail14:08
treachthen you _are_ aware that ports are nothing but "recipes" and that they are updated via rsync?14:08
* aon would be glad to ditch rarsoft-unrar14:09
joacimI dont know, I use the non-free unrar utility14:09
* treach doesn't use rar at all, and the only way to encounter rared stuff is to deal with illicit goods as far as he knows.14:10
Rotwangpr0n from RS14:10
tilmantreach: hence my question :D14:11
treachheh, pardon me for being slow. :>14:11
NecrosporusTADS-libs russian is free and distributed in rar format14:11
Necrosporustreach, yes I am14:11
tilmanwhat's that?14:11
NecrosporusInteractive fiction engine14:12
joacimcomics are often archived with rar for convenience14:12
treachNecrosporus: so, why would you want to keep that stuff out? It doesn't contain anything "unfree", and it won't cause any even remotely measurable traffic for updates.14:13
NecrosporusBut I still think, non-free stuff should be separated for convience14:13
tilmanor for inconvience :D14:13
treachit's not convinient at all, but that aside.14:14
NecrosporusSo user don't need to read licenses14:14
Rotwangyou dont need to read any licences14:14
treachyou don't need a licence to have the port on the disk..14:14
tilmanNecrosporus: i think we lack man power for stuff like this14:14
joacimthe bsd license is nice and short tho14:14
tilmanwe're spread thin already14:14
aonthere's a license for you14:15
teKand it'd be a stupid thing imho.. (i.e. wasted time)14:15
NecrosporusUser will know "if I installing package from location /usr/ports/non-free it is free software"14:15
Necrosporus* not from14:15
teKaon: yay14:15
aonwe'd need non-free opt and non-free contrib14:16
treachNecrosporus: I can see that point, but then again, crux is meant for people who know what they are doing.14:16
aonand who'd enforce especially the latter? :)14:16
treachso, separating stuff is not a priority, especially since without doubt most users / developers don't really give a hoot.14:16
aoni'd also like to see all gpl'd software tagged non-free :)14:17
* treach buries aon face down with a copy of the bsd licence through the heart14:17
teKcontrib-gpl opt-gpl opt-non-free contrib-non-free contrib-bsd opt-bsd contrib-misc opt-misc14:17
teK{contrib,opt}-{bsd,gpl,non-free,misc} d'oh ;)14:18
aonwe also need to separate bsd with and without the advertising clause :)14:18
treachwell, that doesn't matter anyway, since prt-get nicely abstracts that mess away.14:18
NecrosporusI use Slackware :P14:19
tilmanto create foo-nonfree, we'd first have to decide on what 'free' actually means14:19
tilman... see you next year14:19
treachquick, form a comittee14:19
teKto be sure14:19
Necrosporustilman, there are free software definition by FSF14:19
treachyeah, we relly need one to observe that the rights of "gay linux users" are observed.14:20
treachand one for women.14:20
tilmanNecrosporus: bsd fans wouldn't agree with those14:20
teKtreach: *g*14:20
NecrosporusI almost agree14:20
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-dri2proto: updated to 2.0.14:22
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: mesa3d: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-server: updated to
tilmannew x dep: xorg-dri2proto14:22
tilmanie, install that first before updating mesa and xserver14:22
NecrosporusBut I think, redistribution of unmodified version in binary form should be permitted if recioient knows where sources is. GPL3 is much better in this case, but I think it is too complex14:22
treachNecrosporus: we are, if you haven't noticed, a pretty relaxed bunch and quite anarchistic. the very idea that some would decide what is free and what is not, and begin sorting things up - and eventually begin to make things difficult for "heretics"...14:23
Rotwangspeaking of non-free, any news about propertiary ati and xorg?14:23
treachthat just doesn't jive, and we don't have the manpower for it, as tilman said. not even nearly14:23
*** sk4 has joined #crux14:24
NecrosporusI intersted, what that 2KiB of ATI firmware excluded from gNewSense for r300 actually do14:25
tilmanyou mean the microcode that ships with drm?14:26
NecrosporusIsn't the best solution throw out any copyright or patents lawsuits?14:26
Necrosporustilman, yes14:26
treachno manpower, nobody cares, and gpl relies on copyright...14:27
tilmanthat topic came up in #xorg-devel yesterday14:27
tilmanalex deucher (amd) argued that the microcode is considered part of the chip iirc14:27
Necrosporus$ /home/xenius/from_desktop/Загрузки/vir/fasm/fasm Newws/r300_microcode.asm14:28
Necrosporusflat assembler  version 1.67.26  (16384 kilobytes memory)14:28
Necrosporus1 passes, 2048 bytes.14:28
treachtilman: well, that's easy to decide. Is it copyrighted? :>14:28
NecrosporusI made it from radeon_microcode.h14:28
treachwell, I presume you could use the gNoSense kernel source with crux, if you feel like it.14:29
treachas I said, crux all by it self isn't really anything, it's just a heap of packages and tools.14:30
treachwhat it turns out to be is up to you.14:30
Necrosporustreach, kernellibre14:30
Necrosporus* LinuxLibre14:30
treachwhatever. I use the vanilla source, have always done, and will probably always do.14:31
NecrosporusI'm not sure, what I'll use14:31
treachI bet you could get it running with the freebsd kernel if you really wanted... :>14:31
NecrosporusWhat disassembler can I use with this 2 KiBs?14:32
treachfeel free to look in the portdb14:32
NecrosporusCan this code perform malicious activity?14:33
NecrosporusVirus for GPU sounds14:33
treachas I said, nobody will stop you from fixing YOUR system.14:35
treachWhat others have/use is frankly not your business.14:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: thunderbird: ->
NecrosporusWindows 7 users can't modify _ther_ system files without heavy cracking/hacking14:38
NecrosporusSo M$ can14:38
treachthat's THEIR problem, right?14:38
joacimmaybe windows 7 suit some users perfectly14:38
treachthey like to be pwned, who are we to argue?14:39
NecrosporusYes. And I think, what distro should I advice for they14:39
treachhopefully something that fullfills their needs and makes them happy.14:40
joacimI dont recommend linux to mundanes anymore14:40
treachforcing YOUR values and expectations one someone else is usually a really bad way14:40
NecrosporusArch or crux or slackware of gentoo?14:40
treachobviously we'd say crux, but NO WAY IN HELL for new users..14:41
treachI'd probably put new users on opensuse or something.14:41
aonall the "how will the users cope" talk has brought a lot of evil upon us who apparently aren't users :)14:41
Necrosporustreach, do you think CRUX in not good as first distro?14:42
treachdepends. if you are interested in learning to hack, yeah.14:42
treachif you want a system for surfing the web, do some office work, and not particulary care to see a compiler.. no.14:43
tilmanargueing about graphics card microcode is insane14:43
NecrosporusI'm interested of low-level computing14:43
treachtilman: fanatics have never particulary known to be sane. :>14:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tornado: version bump14:44
treachNecrosporus: then I can't think of a better place to start.14:44
aon22:33 < Necrosporus> Can this code perform malicious activity?14:44
aondo you read through all of your opensource source and see that it's not malicious?14:44
tilmanaon: that's not quite fair14:44
NecrosporusI interesting microcode14:44
aontilman: huh :|14:45
tilmanaon: with an open source tree, the chance that $someoneelse has found the bad code is higher than with a blob14:45
treachNecrosporus: beeing all about Free is cool and dandy, just don't forget about "respecting other people".14:45
aonyes, but still there are hideous bugs all the time :)14:46
jesse_Meh, gimme mo' features! I don't care about bugs.14:46
aonor perhaps even rewrites with less features but with more bugs14:48
NecrosporusWhat is diff crux arch?14:48
treachif the difference between a working $$$ peice of kit and a $$$ paperweight is some "Unfree" code, I think most people would say "gimme the code"14:48
aonwe haven't been mentioned on osnews that often14:48
jesse_Indeed, we're not in Eugenia's good book.14:49
treachwho gives a shit about eugenia?14:49
treachor for that matter ANY of those retards running that site14:50
aoni, for one, have been traumatized by it years ago14:50
jesse_osnews and arch represent a very different approach in managing a distribution because arch wants and tries to become mainstream and accepted.14:52
treachwhat did osnews have with that to to? :>14:53
treachepic fail at seeing the connection. :p14:53
jesse_osnews probably did play a noticeable role in propping arch's popularity.14:55
treachoh, right.14:55
treachanyway, arch is evil because it ships binaries. ;)14:55
jesse_Another thing it did for arch was that it lowered their standards and now more of oten than not it seems they will change BASICS such as their init system because some people have no clue what they were doing. :p14:56
jesse_Even tuomov was bothered enough to write emails on some arch mailing lists concerning ion's binary distribution. :D14:57
treachI remember that. :P14:57
jesse_You know you're popular when that happens.14:57
Rotwangheh ;]14:57
aoni think we came clean from that one :)14:58
treachwe damn well should14:58
NecrosporusIsn't crux _too_ simple?14:58
treachit's just the way we like it.14:58
NecrosporusSlackware seems optimal to me14:58
treachwell, stick to that then14:58
aonslack seemed a bit too tedious to me14:58
treachwe're not stopping you14:58
NecrosporusBut if crux boots for 15 seconds...14:59
joacimso can slack14:59
treachcrux isn't that different from slack, the biggest single thing is probably the port system IMO15:00
NecrosporusI can make dualboot and use CRUX for fast tasks such as view one file and turn off15:00
NecrosporusCRUX activation: call to maintainer, say your license code, then write out that activation code, he'll say and use echo ACTIVATION_CODE > /etc/license.key15:09
treachare you drunk?15:09
NecrosporusNo, should I?15:09
treachif you're starting to talk about licence codes and activations, if you're not drunk you're either a troll or an idiot.15:10
treachPlease identify yourself15:10
NecrosporusOr just in 5 hour of night15:11
NecrosporusYoo can cout it as drunk15:12
treachtechnichally triedness works as "drunk". but please refrain from such annoying stunts.15:12
NecrosporusYou haven't heard about ubuntu crack?15:13
treachinterest in ubuntu << 015:13
*** Necrosporus has quit IRC15:14
treachthank god.15:14
jesse_Ubuntu crack.15:17
joacimwe already have ubuntu cola15:17
treachcrack from the crack pot15:17
treachyeah, I laughed really hard when I saw that in the shop here. :P15:18
treachwouldn't dream of tasting the stuff though :P15:18
treachthat stuff is for real.15:19
treachthey sell it in the shop down at the corner here :)15:19
aonbut not affiliated with ubuntu linux15:19
treachno, just like the "linux" washing powder I've seen pictures off. :D15:19
aonmy grandma used to have some unix woodglue :D15:20
aoni think dmr had a page on stuff like this15:20
treachthat glue probably explains the "slowlaris" meme ;)15:20
tilmantreach: yeah, i think they sold that in germany maybe 9 years ago15:20
aoni wonder if the bottle still is around somewhere15:21
tilman(washing powder)15:21
aonshoudl check whiile there15:21
treachtilman: I think the picture I saw was from switzerland.15:21
tilmanthey just copy the good stuff from .de15:21
treachlol @unix fire extinguisher15:23
treachthe unix modular book shelf seems pretty in tune though. :>15:24
treachThere are those who take risks, and those who take UNIX."15:26
treachthat's a great slogan :P15:26
treach"Can you afford to ignore the Unix difference?" Pure gold15:27
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xinput: initial release.15:27
tilmansepen: mira xorg-xinput!15:27
treachjoystick? People still use that? With linux/crux??15:28
treachI'm amazed.15:29
tilmanthe driver has been resurrected two years ago or so15:29
treachI thougth everything these days was about fps and not much more.15:29
treach"We elimanted of your biggest hassles.. loose hinge screws. Introducin UNiX." If only... if only...15:31
*** racer has quit IRC15:32
treachthe UNIX dance bar sounds great too. :>15:33
jesse_Wonder if that means Kraftwerk in a perpetual loop? :D15:34
aonsepen: hey, did 4d574b7f3c9765bcd3fac231a22d747cf74ddf42 fix the xgtk issue you reported15:34
aoni sorta neglected it and the dpaste went stale, but i think it was that :)15:34
treachtilman: planning on pushing driprot2 soon? ;)15:40
treachmaybe add it as a dep to mesa too.15:42
sepenaon, what?15:52
aona while ago you said that there was something wrong with wxgtk, was it the footprint issue i fixed or something else?15:52
sepentilman, oh thanks I see15:52
sepenaon, hmmm can't remember now but you find a solution?15:53
aonwell it was just a matter of updating the footprint15:54
aoni guess that was it since it seems to be building and working fine otherwise15:54
sepenhmm I'm going to try now15:55
DarkNekros[22:28] <treach> joystick? People still use that? With linux/crux??15:57
DarkNekrosyes, I use it o play Star Wars15:57
DarkNekrosX-Wng aliance :P15:58
treachblast(er) from the past..15:58
* treach remembers flying around in his tie-fighter on his 486. :p15:59
DarkNekrosit goes very fast in a dual 2 core xD16:00
DarkNekroswe can reach moron-light-speed xDD16:00
treachI'd reckon so. :>16:00
treach"Lunatic speed"16:00
DarkNekros>-o<[  <-Uaaaaaaaaah!!!16:01
sepenaon, 4d574b7f3c9765bcd3fac231a22d747cf74ddf42 seems ok16:04
DarkNekros <- xD16:07
DarkNekrossheep happenz xD16:09
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC16:20
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f1yI believe mesa3d needs xorg-dri2proto as a dependency:16:48
f1ychecking for DRI2PROTO... configure: error: Package requirements (dri2proto >= 1.99.3) were not met:16:48
f1yNo package 'dri2proto' found16:48
f1yI'm talking about Mesa-
f1yWhich is the newest mesa3d package from xorg repo ofc.16:51
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thrice`sepen: you around?17:30
thrice`sepen: not sure if you could use it, but   is a great new power / battery manager for xfce 4.617:33
f1ygnight [;17:33
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