IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-04-21

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pitiIIogood morning01:25
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elderKHey guys?01:27
pitiIIoyo elderK01:28
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f1yHi there.01:33
f1yDamn, I'm coffeeless right now ;/01:34
dru1dBut You have something to smoke ;)01:35
dru1dHalf success at work.01:35
f1yBut half success might be a half way to fail too.01:36
dru1dBe happy, God loves you.01:36
f1yYeah, I'm so much better now.01:36
dru1di know ;]01:36
f1yOK, time for sysup.01:37
dru1dTime for coffe cup.01:38
f1yRude beast -.-01:38
treachf1y: that will probably fail. ;)01:41
dru1daye, thats that second half ;]01:42
* treach wonders if tilman possibly broke a vein last night on that FreeOrDie guy. :>01:43
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aoni think i'll have some coffee too02:11
aonslept for 3 hours last night02:11
aoncould also try to sleep a bit more but that easily becomes a bit more than a bit :)02:12
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elderKHey guys, I'm currently wandering the linux landscape, yet again in search of a distribution that doesn't annoy me endlessly.02:20
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treachelderK: "welcome"02:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: dhcpcd: update to 4.0.1302:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: foomatic-filters: update to 4.0.102:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lcms: update to 1.18a02:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: sudo: update to 1.7.102:45
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DarkNekrosmorning ;)03:57
f1yHi :)04:00
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thrice`sepen: about?08:38
sepenthrice`, xfce4-power? ;D08:38
thrice`ok, didn't know if you saw it yesterday :)08:38
sepenyep, and I have some time for doing it today08:39
thrice`I should have taken the port from home, but it's just a very basic one08:40
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sepenthrice`, well you mean right? the same that resides in xfce.git08:47
thrice`hm, I didn't see it in ports last night08:49
thrice`;a=tree;h=2.5;hb=2.5  ?08:50
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sepenthrice`, seems 2.4 only ;|08:51
sepenmaybe I need to merge more things to 2.508:52
thrice`like 4.6 too :D08:53
sepeniirc all merges were done sometime ago, well I'll need to take a look08:53
thrice`4.6 is growing on me, though :)08:55
sepenI've no problems on my lenovo laptop with 4.6.1 and the power pluggin ;D08:57
thrice`nice, same on my lenovo :)08:57
f1yOne question: What do You think about making port for kernel with grsecurity patches plus gradm and paxctl apps? It would be only a port, which should unpack sources to /usr/src and patch them.08:57
sepenjust yesterday I updated some ports to 4.6.1 after testing them on my laptop, really they rocks08:57
sepenf1y, read about 'kernel as a port' discussions on the ML08:58
thrice`using 0.6.5 power-manager, I think08:58
sepenthrice`, yep08:58
f1ysepen: I know kernel shouldn't be as a port and end-user should compile it on his own, but in this case I have mixed feelings...08:59
f1ysepen: OK, will do.08:59
sepenf1y, I've my own script for automate this kind of tasks09:00
sepenno Pkgfile is need for that09:00
f1yRly? Show me, please <:09:00
sepenf1y, but no for paxctl and your stuff, sorry for confussioning you ;D09:01
f1yHa, knew it :)09:02
sepenf1y, also you can write a helpful notes in the wiki09:02
f1ySo, there is a possible sense of making that: 1) to patch with grsec the proper version of kernel, 2) to provide gradm and paxctl as dependencies.09:02
f1yNot sure if I am right to do so, I'm just a lame.09:03
sepenbut what about external modules?09:03
f1yWhat do you mean?09:03
sepenlike nvidia or ati drivers, or etc.09:03
f1yHmm, this is the dark side of my concept :)09:04
sepenthey should be patched or reinstalled after prt-get update yourkernel09:04
sepenso you need pre-post-install scripts and the whole shit I think09:04
Rotwangsepen: any good news about ati and xorg?09:04
sepennot for my card ;|09:04
thrice`i thought I saw 9.4 out recently09:05
Rotwangnut in overall, will 9.04 work with xorg from xorg/ ?09:05
f1ysepen: OK, thanks, I will think about that.09:05
sepenwell, so I'll should take a look soonest09:05
sepenf1y, np09:05
sepenthrice`, are you using the last driver in ubuntu?09:06
thrice`nooo, I have intel :)09:06
thrice`just saw it on some news site, I think09:06
f1yWell, it seems that there will be a lot of README stuff in my concept (f.e. how to set up PaX for xorg to make it work properly and such).09:08
sepenthrice`, I think I need a lighter for my ati card, maybe it  will work better after that09:08
f1ysepen: What gpu?09:09
sepensorry, I'm at office ATM09:09
sepenits based on radeon9600SE09:09
f1yAhhh, I have the same one I suppose: rv350ap09:10
sepencan't remember more ;|09:10
sepenyep, iirc09:10
sepenI'm sure that is not the 9250 (which sucks)09:10
f1yOther older ATI suck too, especially with fglrx drivers.09:11
sepenoops, time to hide the xchat window, the boss is nearrrrrr09:11
f1yMine worked up to 8.40.4, newer catalysts were freezing my machine.09:12
thrice`is xf86-video-ati  getting any better?09:12
Rotwangxf86-video-ati is nor bad09:12
Rotwangbut my wobbly windows doesnt work09:13
f1yLower performance, but much much higher stability (like I could say, that driver, which freeze PC might have some stability)09:13
thrice`intel about the same09:19
f1yOK, time to go home. Cya later.09:23
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thrice`  :>09:56
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tilmantreach: huh, i did push xorg-dri2proto10:51
treachwell, not to me.. ;)10:52
treachf1y-boy among else also didn't get it, by the look of it10:52
thrice`it's in xorg.git O.o10:52
tilmanit is10:54
tilmanhas been since 1.0 (where it wasn't used at all)10:54
treachtilman: this is quite weird.10:54
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tilmanwe've got awesome weather though10:55
treachI've got the port now, and the mesa port lists it as a dep. I could have sworn neither was true before.10:55
treachsend it over here please10:55
treachweather here is not nice at all. :/10:55
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f1yYou all have bad weather. Here's beautiful weather :)11:09
tilmantreach: :>11:10
treachdamp, gray weather, icy winds and 8 degrees C.11:11
treachwhy do I have to live in a refridgerator? :/11:11
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NecrosporusIs there what distos like CRUX?11:35
treachtilman: you migth want to read the log, so you're ready when he asks you how to activate crux. :>11:38
tilmano_O i was around last ngiht11:38
treachok, thought you possibly had gone to sleep. :p11:39
NecrosporusI can name Dragora and arch11:39
thrice`I'd say it's closest to slackware11:40
Rotwangarch isn't similar to crux11:40
Necrosporusparticulary slackware11:40
Rotwangnever heard about dragora though11:40
treachcrux is probably more like netbsd than slack imo.11:40
f1yDragora... Scary name...11:41
NecrosporusI like this name. Like dragons...11:43
NecrosporusWhat's wrong? Don't you like dragons?11:45
thrice`can't say I've ever seen one11:45
NecrosporusAnd what does it mean? My dictionary doesn't contain it11:46
thrice`hum hum11:46
rehabdolltreach: ubuntu cola is tasty11:47
treachok, I'll remember that when they run out of the ordinary stuff. :>11:48
rehabdollquite pointless though, since even coca-cola uses sugar from non-slave farmers11:48
rehabdollor, unless you count skåningar as slaves :)11:48
* treach looks around to see if he can find his musket.11:49
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thrice`rehabdoll: do you have an iso online anywhere with the 2.5 toolchain (even if it doesn't boot properly) ?11:50
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treachUbuntu is an ancient word that means "I've got just cavities"...11:51
treachbesides, at least they are honest. "The money will be used to:" 1. Support the sugar producers and their communities11:52
treachthanks, that's really assuring11:52
Necrosporus"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "I can't configure Slackware".11:53
treach2. "Encourage projects showing real entrepreneurship and creative ways to tackle poverty" among dentists?11:53
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tilmanmmh, i want cola now11:56
treachget a beer instead, probably healthier. :>11:57
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tilmani'm out of beer, too11:57
treachoh noes.11:57
aonme too11:58
treachwe've got a crisis. :D11:58
aoni even went to a pub and didn't have any :o11:58
thrice`that's a sin, even11:58
aoni also shrinked the number of my irc channels by 311:59
tilmani just shrunk it by one12:00
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aontempted to shrink it a bit more, but meh12:00
aontilman: :O12:01
aonwell that _is_ a pretty pointless chan nowadays :)12:01
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tilmanwifi wtf12:14
tilman132.3 kb/s12:14
treachwifi sucks12:14
tilmani think my AP decided to take a nap or something12:15
treach"Abruch Punkte"? :p12:15
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NecrosporusAny way, what is simpliest known distro, except CRUX? Slackware is little more complex in some cases, but it's slackbuilds simplier then pkgbuilds in case it is plain script, without requiremensts except it should build package12:18
*** DarkNekros_ is now known as DarkNekros12:18
Necrosporuspkgbuilds should contain special build function12:19
thrice`so, you're after the second simplest?12:19
thrice`did crux's lisence turn you off? :(12:20
treachno, it's the activation :>12:21
thrice`oh, right12:23
thrice`I meant lisence key12:23
NecrosporusI mean, what is simpliest known distro?12:24
spaceninjadoes windows vista take up 20gb?!12:24
treachspaceninja: yeah12:24
spaceninjahaha the microsoft dudes are crazy :D12:25
thrice`Necrosporus: crux, of course12:25
NecrosporusVista have almost no software and uses much more space than full slackware DVD install12:25
treachspaceninja: I'd argue "insane"12:25
treachcoding from the asylum12:26
spaceninja      lol, the short description12:27
spaceninjaoh wrong article, oh well12:27
spaceninjabah, they redirected that article to Psychiatric hospital12:28
treachwell, I'd say microsoft meets the criteria.12:29
spaceninjahehe :)12:29
treach"if someone is an immediate threat to harm themselves, or to harm other people" [x]    [x]12:29
spaceninja"If there is uncertainty as to the extent of a patient's danger to themselves or others, they are typically placed in a hospital for safety reasons."12:30
spaceninjalol, back to work, need to finish that restaurant webpage, they have opened it and customers are flooding in, :S12:31
treachno spaghetti code plz. ;)12:32
spaceninjathat's what I'm trying to avoid, no stress :)12:32
spaceninjamy "coworker" made some coding, it was the worse piece of ugly code I have ever seen, I had to rewrite it12:33
spaceninjahaha I saved it, wait12:34
NecrosporusDo you interested CRUX-style license checking?12:37
spaceninjait's just html, this was the "final" result that he wanted to use.
spaceninjanotice the commented out css :)12:38
spaceninjaI think people who can't keep their homes clean, have problems with coding12:39
* treach blames the educational system12:40
spaceninjamaybe they should teach people how to stay organized12:40
treachIt's all about superficially going through a lot of stuff and meet deadlines, nothing else.12:40
spaceninjaand planning12:40
treachNot about understanding how things actually works, and WHY best practices ARE best practices..12:41
NecrosporusAnd license cheking doesn't violate GPL if you got full source and so on (and you can legally remove it)12:41
spaceninjayes exacly12:41
spaceninjato truly understand...12:42
spaceninjaoh well12:43
spaceninjaNecrosporus: what's happening peter?12:43
NecrosporusI don't understand12:44
spaceninjabad quote from office space12:44
spaceninjajust trying to figure out what you want to figure out12:44
spaceninjaim too lazy to read the history, but I have to work, omg caffeine isn't good for focusing, i'm just babbling12:46
NecrosporusBut some people prefer to use cracked sotware, because they think commercial software is better. For such people we can add license chenking to free software that such people can crack and enjoy12:46
treachspaceninja: then close the irc client. ;)12:46
spaceninjamaybe, I've tried it before, it helps, but I can't atm, I have to grab the mouse first, Im stuck12:47
NecrosporusSo I invented CRUX-style license checking12:47
spaceninjaaha cool, so I can see the license for each package?12:48
NecrosporusCRUX style license checking I meant: an file /etc/license.conf contains key your `(/sbin/lspci; cat /proc/cpuinfo) | md5sum` signed by secret maintainer key. If this key doesn't match, you can boot only to single user mode unless you "crack" the system by removing line from rc.conf12:48
spaceninjamaybe it should be added to the pkgfile?12:48
spaceninjamaybe not12:49
spaceninja why license crux? :)12:49
spaceninjanot that I opposite, just asking :)12:49
spaceninjaopposite it12:50
Necrosporusspaceninja, you should read sources for license as described in handbook, but I think, license string should be good12:50
spaceninjaso there is already a licence key?12:50
spaceninjabut it's free software, no need for licence12:51
spaceninjaNecrosporus: how long have you used "free" software?12:51
sepenhmmm when oracle will ship crux?12:52
Necrosporusspaceninja, no license keys is required to free software, but you can add activation to free program if you distributr sources12:52
NecrosporusSo any user can legally remove this useless procedure12:53
spaceninjaso crux is going to be commercialized?12:53
Necrosporusspaceninja, I don't think so12:53
spaceninjaoh, now I've tuned into you12:53
NecrosporusIt's just joke12:53
spaceninjabut what if12:54
spaceninjaI've already made a promise that when i become a millionaire, I will fund crux12:54
spaceninjain some way12:55
thrice`wow, I thought compiling FF was bad, IE8 just took about 2 hours on my work PC12:56
spaceninjait's hard to become a millionaire, I haven't cracked it yet12:56
spaceninjait can't be impossible12:56
tilmanthrice`: *compiling* ie8?12:56
thrice`no, binary install :)12:56
tilmaneven more o_O12:56
spaceninjaso you can compile IE?12:56
thrice`nooo (well, maybe?)12:57
spaceninjaI heard the new firefox is going to be really fast12:57
thrice`yes, there was a forced malware scan that took about an hour12:57
tilmanthat's what they said last time12:57
tilmanspaceninja: try arora (contrib/arora)12:57
tilmanthat's instantly if your qt libs are still loaded or in disk cache12:58
NecrosporusIE is malware I suppose12:58
NecrosporusWindows is too12:58
spaceninjatilman: thanks I will check it out, but I need to conquer my mixed feelings about qt fist12:59
spaceninjaI'm either all gtk+ or all qt13:00
thrice`Necrosporus: sorry, but have you been drinking or something? :>13:00
spaceninjanothing between13:00
thrice`midori is a gtk webkit alternate13:00
Necrosporusthrice`, you think, M$ Windows is not malware?13:01
NecrosporusSeriously, it is big piece of malware or spyware at least13:02
thrice`oh, no, I just read your secret encrypted /etc/license.conf  suggestion :>13:02
spaceninjaI feel sorry for people who uses vista and doesn't understand computers so well, when they encounter problems, ripping my heart out.13:03
spaceninjawindows healing is karma :)13:04
Necrosporusthrice`, google for ubuntu crack, it is not my idea, I just adaoted it to CRUX13:04
spaceninjaok I need to stop typing, cya13:05
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thrice`you're killing users!!113:06
NecrosporusWe can use such idea to attract some windows users13:06
Necrosporusoh noes13:06
jesse_Arch would be thrilled to have such a scheme.13:09
Necrosporusjesse_, arch activation?13:10
jesse_Why not? If commercial software is better, then cracked must be even better. Viva warez.13:12
NecrosporusSome users think so13:13
thrice`arch is a strange one indeed13:18
jesse_I see them as quickly getting too skewed toward lightweight 'ubuntuism' while claiming to uphold and implement simplicity.13:20
jesse_It's a tough road since you have to cater newbies while trying to spin yourself off as a power user distribution etc.13:22
*** sepen has quit IRC13:24
jesse_Another thing that comes to mind is that their devs have a lower threshold to start patching software and making alterations. What I like about crux is that its devs do not take it upon themselves to fix upstream issues. ;)13:25
rehabdollthrice, sure ill put one up13:25
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rehabdollbut rebuilding glibc isnt that bad13:28
treachbtw, apparently plain mplayer from opt builds with c64 now.13:30
teKis there a list of modifications you had to make?13:30
teKwhy is there no bugtracker for crux64?13:31
teKthose things should be more visible, imho :)13:31
treachit's not official13:31
treachthat's probably the reason. ;)13:31
teKeventually it will become official13:31
teKhello tilman, my (native) english fella13:32
tilmansup tek13:32
treachteK: Considering it's basically rehabdoll's skunkwork it would be strange if it had an official bugtracker.13:33
teKtilman: samsing13:33
teKwell, it's a pity having no 64 bit flavour in 200913:34
* treach doesn't argue that13:35
teKor does it have to be 'not having ... is a pity'.. dunno13:37
thrice`rehabdoll: thanks :)13:42
thrice`yes yes, i'm lazy13:42
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* thrice` votes for un-official release with "at your own risk" support (though that doesn't differ than 686, I guess :( )13:52
*** roliveira has joined #crux13:52
jesse_Mentioning the different 64 bit "alternatives" on the wiki would be nice.13:53
jesse_Then slap a big warning saying they are not official nor supported. :D13:54
thrice`yep.  take it up with marketing :>13:55
jesse_Now to wait for the marketing committee to pass its omnipotent ruling on the matter.13:57
treachwell, one of the official developers would probably have to put a decisive foot in that camp before something like that would happen. ;)13:57
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thrice`I think the committee can be reached at tilman @ ...13:59
tilmani think it can be reached at crux-devel@13:59
treachnew members wanted ;p14:00
thrice`well, alot of other distros get away with 1 script for both arches14:02
thrice`nevermind, I wasn't trying to start another "where is 64-bit" discussion14:02
treachcongrats, you did it anyway. :p14:02
DarkNekros_and how about 128-bit? :>14:03
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pedjahurray, xfce-4.6.1 is out :)14:13
sepenI updated it yesterday too14:15
pedjaxfce repo?14:15
sepenand I'll update into xfce.git early14:15
sepenpedja, nope xfce4614:15
pedjathanks :)14:15
* thrice` votes xfce.git too :>14:15
sepenbut if you plain to update from 4.4 be sure that you delete it before14:16
pedjawho. me?I'm using 4.6.0 atm14:16
sepenoh nice14:17
pedjaI modified/updated/blah your xfce46 ;)14:17
pedjathe patches are in the mail...somewhere...14:17
pedjaj/k. great job, sepen :)14:18
sepenI like how xfce works for me as a office desktop, and at home, just the Xfce team did a great job14:19
thrice`at first I didn't like 4.6, but now it has grown on me14:20
pedja agreed, I tend to recommend Xubuntu over vanilla *buntu to people.14:20
sepenyeah it seems bigger at first14:20
pedjaeither that, or openSuse14:20
*** Necrosporus has left #crux14:21
sepenits time to prepare something for dinner, bbl14:22
sepenoh thrice` I recently added the power manager to xfce4614:22
tilmanthe crazy license guy is asking about the r300 microcode on #xorg-devel right now14:26
rehabdollthat will go down well14:26
tilman<      ajax> scratching your ass would be a more worthwhile use of your  time14:26
thrice`oh my14:26
thrice`sepen: thanks! :)14:27
*** roliveira has left #crux14:28
thrice`what's his theory, that the microcode stuff is proprietary ?14:29
tilmanwell, it is ;)14:29
tilmanhe suspected it might be a virus14:29
tilmanor otherwise harmful ;)14:29
thrice`ooh, rigth14:29
thrice`er, right14:29
pedjasepen: missing deps for xfconf ?
thrice`tilman: do you develop xorg stuff, out of curiosity?14:31
tilmani worked on the mga driver for 2 years or so14:32
thrice`oh, neat14:32
tilmanvery interesting experience14:32
tilmani mean it14:33
* treach seems to remember a few "wait, I'll just change my graphics card" moments :P14:33
aonnah, lol @ the crazy license guy14:33
tilmanthrice`: actually it only was 1-1.5 years :(14:33
tilmanjudging from my blog posts on it :D14:33
aoni should put my g450 back into the box where it belongs14:34
thrice`ah, ok.  I still vote rakt as the best project, though :)14:34
aonand sell the dvb-t card that's taking it's place :)14:34
aonerm, dvb-c14:34
treachthrice`: agreed on that. Too bad it apparently isn't too much fun. ;)14:35
thrice`I think nipuL did some hacking on it\14:36
tilmanraktpdf is the most crappy crap i ever published14:36
treachtilman: well, the competion isn't any better.14:37
aonxpdf is pretty sweet :)14:37
thrice`hey, if it had page support, I would be 100% converted14:37
tilmani'll just leave now14:37
treachtilman: well what do you suggest? There is epdfview that is questionable wether it's alive or dead, and it's buggy.14:38
treachxpdf is ancient, and the other major thing is depending on gnome..14:39
treachokular is really nice but I won't install kde4 just for that. :p14:39
aonyes, ancient14:40
aonsee when it was last updated :)14:40
thrice`s/ancient/ugly  then14:48
treachwell, a crossbow is still ancient, even if you build it from composite materials. :>14:49
aoni tend to look at the contents rather than the widgets, but yeah, i guess everyone doesn't find motif appealing14:49
thrice`I'm surprised there isnt' some emacs plugin for pdfs :)14:50
treachnot so sure about how well xpdf even works, haven't used it in years, but I remember dropping it because it failed on some files other applications could handle.14:50
jesse_Never misunderestimate emacs.14:51
aonacroread probably is the only one that doesn't choke on anything14:51
treachI don't remember specifically, but I think it was along the lines of turning stuff upside down, and only showing a few pages etc.14:52
aoni see14:52
thrice`I too give in with epdfview14:54
thrice`I wonder how much of a fight evince might put up14:54
*** jtnl has joined #crux14:57
joacimI like :]15:04
thrice`I'm surprised xfce doesn't have their own pdf app yet.  they seem to get getting many "gnome-free" counterparts15:05
treachif you want a pdf reader tied to a DE, I think there's one for OpenStep. :p15:05
thrice`well, one geared for xfce, anyway, but sure :)15:06
*** dru1d has quit IRC15:20
*** grafzero has joined #crux15:21
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*** Ditzi has joined #crux15:56
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*** pedja has joined #crux16:03
*** Necrosporus has joined #crux16:14
NecrosporusCan I use sources from slackware CD and slackbuilds instead of downloading, or even install slackware packages? I think, mv package.tgz package.pkg.tar.gz && pkg_add package.pkg.tar.gz && rm -rf /install should work16:19
treachnot sure why you would do that, but in princip, "yes".16:20
treachyou'll have to edit the pkgfiles though16:21
NecrosporusI have no fast internat connection16:21
treachas I said, you'll have to edit the pkgfiles, md5sums and footprints won't necesarily match, but you _can_ do it.16:22
Necrosporus* I pay for traffic and lazy to rebuild already created my slackware packages16:22
Necrosporusdoes pkgadd use such files?16:23
treachwell, depends on what the Pkgfile says.16:23
treachsource is source16:24
*** errdil has joined #crux16:24
*** errdil_ has joined #crux16:26
*** errdil has quit IRC16:28
NecrosporusI think, it will be good to port slackware pkgtools to CRUX, so user will be able to install both slackware or crux packages16:28
*** errdil_ has quit IRC16:28
treachthat's the wrong way.16:28
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:29
treach*note* BINARY slackpacks will probably NOT work.16:29
Necrosporusbut format is same except install directory16:30
treachyes, but the libraries against which they are built are not necessarily the same.16:30
jaegerI guess you can also install the libraries but it sounds like a waste of effort16:31
treachanyway, time to ZZzz16:32
NecrosporusOr port crux portutils to slackware?16:32
*** treach has quit IRC16:32
Necrosporusit should be possible16:32
DarkNekros_ <- xD16:36
joacimsounds like you want to use slackware, not crux ;)16:38
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:49
thrice`there was a cruxports4slack project about16:56
jaeger <-- this makes me very happy17:01
*** DarkNekros_ has quit IRC17:29
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Necrosporusjoacim, I already use slack18:07
thrice`have you tried crux yet?18:09
NecrosporusNo. I started download from univercity, but some bad person removed it at ~80%18:23
*** MzOzD has quit IRC18:32
*** sepen has quit IRC18:44
NecrosporusWhat if  I want to use SHA512 insted of md5 for passworsd?19:03
nipuLso what if you do?19:29
nipuLcrux is all about control19:30
NecrosporusSo I'll need to recompile libcrypt?19:49
NecrosporusMD5 is already cracked19:50
* thrice` rolls eyes20:08
NecrosporusI read crux grub is patched. Why?20:15
thrice`grub kinda sucks20:16
thrice`crux ships lilo in core, which, I suppose, is the "default"20:17
Necrosporuswhat? Grub is best bootloaded ever20:17
Necrosporuslilo is ancient solution20:18
thrice`how do you figure?20:18
thrice`grub requires a ton of patching to work halfway well.  lilo works excellent20:18
NecrosporusWhat patching? I use unpatched default grub from slackware. It works20:20
thrice`for example, ext4 was recently released; grub wouldn't load it by defualt, lilo would20:20
thrice`slackware applies 5 patches, btw20:21
NecrosporusI can make separate /boot with ext3 anytime20:22
thrice`ok, another.  grub won't compile with gcc4, which was release about 2-3 years ago now20:22
NecrosporusDunno I used precompiled version20:23
thrice`anyway, use whatever you want :)  that's the beauty of it20:23
thrice`but for being so upset that grub is patched on crux, it sure doesn't seem to bother you that it's patched on slackware too ;)20:24
thrice`nipuL: I get alot of qt4 related mismatches in poppler :\20:24
NecrosporusI just read entire crux handbook and newer read entire slackbook20:25
Necrosporusbtw I read russian version for 2.420:26
Necrosporusgrub have command line with some interesting functions20:31
nipuLthrice`: new files?20:34
nipuLthey are safe to ignore, it's because i was requested to remove --disable-qt from the build script20:35
nipuLand i guess i had qt4 installed20:35
thrice`seems so :)20:36
nipuLwell, i was wondering what to hack on today, seems you've given me motivation to get my clean build environment up and running properly20:37
thrice`sorry :|20:37
nipuLit was that or fold the washing that's been piling up for days20:39
thrice`haha, fair enough :)20:42
*** Necrosporus has quit IRC20:43
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