IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-04-22

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pitiIIogood morning01:06
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DarkNekrosmorning ;)01:31
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f1yHi there.01:57
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rehabdollnew firefox06:37
jesse_I wonder if they've added yet another layer of slowness. :p06:40
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thrice`I believe I *always* miss the summary field box on our bug tracker07:10
* thrice` files bug and runs07:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: kvm: 84->8507:45
aonjesse_: perhaps a layer that turns c++ into javascript and back07:47
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jesse_There's a must have feature.08:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ncmpc: 0.11.1 -> 0.1408:15
thrice`teK: ever tried ncmpc++ ?08:16
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thrice`  \o/09:06
thrice`  \o/09:06
treachsigh, that fucking idiot again.09:08
treachas if he hadn't done enough damage with PA.09:11
aonwhat's pa in this case?09:11
treachPulse Audio09:11
aonsomehow always expands to 'precision architechture' in my head :)09:12
treachnot quite..09:12
thrice`haha, exactly the opposite here :)09:12
aonwell, i've never even seen pulseaudio but precision architechture is everyday stuff :)09:13
* treach wants to see PA + crew guilty of pushing that mind-fucked idea burned at the stake09:13
thrice` ridding of /usr just seems so dumb09:14
treachjust like pushing pa on everyone. :>09:15
treachperfect consistency09:15
jesse_Why keep /usr when you can perfectly pollute your system's /? :s09:15
jesse_Say hello to /man, /share/, /include and the rest as a result. :p09:16
thrice`i've always hated /var too09:16
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thrice`pid's, etc. belong in /09:16
treachnot that not even HE finds any advantages with it.. he's just preforming some general handwaving towards "peopels wishes"09:16
aonlet's just get rid of the whole confusing concept of "directories"09:17
aonCP/M, here we come...09:17
treachso in essense, some huge cardial operation for no good reason at all09:17
thrice` /Applications/ ?09:17
aonwhat the fuck?09:18
thrice`ha ha09:18
aoni read openbsd-misc some days ago for a change and thought that was bad09:18
aonbut apparently, no :)09:18
treachthere's a reason that guy is called "Pot-tering"..09:19
jesse_The mad man is even a red hat employee? Now this is something. :D09:20
treachindeed. I hope he's gone too far this time..09:20
jesse_Something like this would not be too difficult to imagine being from some loony fanboy type.09:21
jesse_Oddly enough this one is in the system :D09:21
treachit's completely inane09:22
jesse_/usr is obsolete because _I_ say so, now remove it!09:22
treachto me that guy seems full of solutions.09:23
treachLooking for problems. :>09:23
jesse_He's clearly way ahead of the bell curve in these matters.09:23
jesse_I'm so avantgarde that the problems do not even exist right now.09:24
thrice`I feel so derprived with my openbox setup.  not only do I lack pulse audio, I have a bloated /usr too :(09:25
jesse_zomg, I know! Man, crux is _so_ behind the times! :D09:26
treachthank $GOD09:26
treachthat pulse audio / gstreamer fiasco definitely has something to do with me being back in crux. :>09:27
thrice`at the small downfall of having to append --prefix to all your stuff, though09:28
jesse_ Lots of explaining going on without any hard-hitting justifications to remove /usr \o/09:31
jesse_/etc apparently needs a serious overhaul09:32
jesse_I can barely imagine the pool of partitions and lvm trickery involved with such designs.09:40
thrice`I wish I could get paid to come up with solutions all day09:53
jesse_Be a modern Nostradamus.09:53
jesse_Then again, gettind paid for such prediction work is much easier by becoming a pastor in the US. :D10:02
DarkNekrosjuas me he cepillado el prt-get xDD10:02
DarkNekrossorry xD10:03
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teKthrice`: nope10:41
teKworth a shot?10:41
teK \ try10:41
thrice`if you like ncmpc, I think so :)10:42
thrice`wasn't sure if you actually used ncmpc or not10:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: [notify] udev: updated to 141.11:09
tilmanthrice`: ^ thanks!11:09
thrice`for the awesome RH mail, or udev? :)11:10
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thrice`sure :)11:11
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thrice`tilman: also, sorry about signing to you directly; probably should have gone to core or left blank, but I know you typically do that one11:26
tilmanthat's fine11:27
thrice`ok :>11:29
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DarkNekrossome problems with modules version here -> "Module fbdev compiled for 1.5.3 doesn't match the server's version 1.6.1" ;)12:05
thrice`you need to rebuild all input and video drivers for a big xorg-server update12:05
tilmanyou probably shouldn't be using fbdev ;)12:06
DarkNekrosthrice`, so prt-get -fr stuff ?12:06
DarkNekrostreach, thanx ;)12:07
treachnp, you'd probably realize it quick enough yourself. :P12:07
thrice`prt-get update -fr $( prt-get listinst | grep xf86- )  or something12:08
DarkNekrosthrice`, thanx again ;)12:09
DarkNekrosI'm not yet use to prt-get tricks :P12:11
thrice`me neither ;>12:13
DarkNekrosproblem rebuilding xorg-xf86-video-xgi ->
tilmanxgi is broken12:18
DarkNekroscool :D12:18
DarkNekrosso I have to wait for a fix? :)12:19
tilmando you use xgi hardware? :o12:20
DarkNekross/I have/ have I/12:20
DarkNekroswith an nvidia 8600 GT I don't think so... ^_^12:21
tilmanjust remove it12:21
treachNOOOO, it's fun compiling stuff for hardware you don't have! :p12:21
thrice`you should only have a couple input and video drivers installed ;)12:21
DarkNekrosI love compiling :P12:22
tilmani love how epdfview asks for a password if you try to open a nonexisting file12:23
tilmanif (errno == ENOENT), anyone?12:23
* thrice` runs before another pdf browser discussion occurs12:23
thrice`er, reader12:24
thrice`tilman: seems there is already a quite lengthy bug report for that12:27
thrice`ooh, he fixed the mouse scroll issue in svn too :>12:29
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aonbanana[~]$ xpdf asdoaijdoj13:34
aonError: Couldn't open file 'asdoaijdoj'13:34
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guaquaor evening14:36
guaquatrying to rescue my debian installation with a crux cd (2.4) any idea as to whether there is jfs support in the kernel?14:36
guaquai was hoping you wouldn't say that :/14:37
treachyou don't want access to your eventual jfs partitions?14:37
guaquai do want access. just that now i know the problem isn't a kernel without support but the filesystem itself14:38
guaquaso :/14:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glade3: 3.6.2 -> 3.6.314:39
guaquaoff to the treacherous road of fsck ;)14:39
treachguaqua: sorry for the strange question..14:39
guaquano problem at all :)14:39
treachwe've had a few crackpots here lately. :>14:39
guaquathat explains. i used to use crux a lot more. nowadays it's mainly just my rescue backup14:40
guaqua"Incorrect data detected in disk allocation control structures."14:44
treachugh. :/14:46
guaquajfs_fsck -f -a /dev/hd... seems to have fixed something. crossing fingers :)14:47
treachlet's just hope it doesn't find more to fix..14:49
treachusually things start to go downhill pretty fast even if you manage to fix the initial problems IME.14:49
guaquai'm thinking of backing the whole thing up14:50
treachgood idea14:50
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dru1dAnybody use mutt? ;]14:57
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guaquahaving a gigabit lan does have its perks. backups using netcat at over 20 MB/s15:04
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rehabdolldru1d: yes15:32
thrice`guaqua: very nice :)15:32
thrice`rehabdoll: thanks for the iso; my toolchain is behaving a little more nicely now ;)15:32
dru1drehabdoll: solved ;]15:38
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nipuLyay, my unionfs based clean bulid envorinment is working20:37
nipuLnow to make it able to stack more directories20:39
nipuLie overlay:xorg:core -> buildnev20:40
thrice`sounds complicated :)20:54
nipuLnot really20:56
thrice`huh, xorg + openbox sucks away about 400 MB of ram here21:00
thrice`don't remember 32-bit pulling that much21:01
nipuLthat doesn't sound right21:02
nipuLxserver here is using 140 RES21:02
nipuLbut i do have a lot of running windows21:03
thrice`mine shows 35 from top21:03
nipuLhow much is openbox eating?21:04
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jaegerlooks neat21:04
nipuLit will be when i can stack environments properly21:05
thrice`huh, openbox adds up to about 621:05
nipuLkeep in mind linux wants to use as much memory as possible21:08
nipuL"unused memory is wasted memory"21:08
nipuLhow much of that 400 is cached?21:08
thrice`well, it's showing 1086 used, 882 free, 618 cached, 467 used21:09
nipuLthen it's probably not xorg or openbox :)21:10
thrice`strange, I have 3 rxvt terms open, conky, and a pager21:11
thrice`neat script indeed :)21:22
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nipuLhitting lots of footprint mismatches now21:49
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nipuLthe fun part is determining if they are a 64bit problem or an actual error22:04
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nipuLAll your WiFi are belong to Aus.22:47
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