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pitiIIogood morning01:11
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nipuLyou'd think in this day and age it would be easier to write man pages02:38
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f1yHi there, boys and girls <:02:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: monit: updated to 5.0.103:24
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: vim: update to 7.2.16004:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gvim: update to 7.2.16004:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: tmux: initial release04:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: nvidia: update to 180.5104:23
treach@seen tilman04:45
clbtreach: tilman was last seen in #crux 16 hours, 21 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <tilman> if (errno == ENOENT), anyone?04:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ati: updated to 9.305:38
rehabdollclb is lying05:42
rehabdoll10:13 -!- tilman [i=tilman@xmms2/developer/tilman] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connect'05:42
f1yWhat's wrong with t1lib?05:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: dos2unix: updated to 3.1-27.105:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: fmod: updated to 4.24.0205:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: iasl: updated to 2009042205:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ipw2200-fw: updated to 3.105:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: acpid: updated to 1.0.1006:04
guaquahow large is the full mirror of crux?06:05
teKhu? 'all' installation ISOs for 2.5?06:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: dcraw: updated to 8.9306:07
guaquawell, just looking at the download page and thinking whether i should contribute a crux mirror in finland06:07
teKI don't see much value in hosting anything <2.5 so there should be i686 and i586 and (maybe) the experimental 64bit version06:08
guaquajust the isos?06:09
teK+ md5sums, yes.06:09
teK e.g.06:09
teKor a 'real' full mirror:
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guaquais there a preference on which mirror to use from those?06:12
teKaccording to, is the master mirror06:13
guaquawas just thinking if there's a mirror with no bandwidth limit or so06:14
teKbut the isos are distributed with MD5SUMs (and hopeflly validated against them) so you should be finde with each mirror06:14
teKdespite the fact that someone from russia (user agent windows 98...) tried downloading the files (unseccessfully) several times there was no high demand on those files in the last days ;)06:18
teK(speaking for
guaquahaha :)06:18
guaquai chose this time06:18
treachheh, win98.. sounds like he's got the hardware needed for a source based distro. ;)06:18
teKspoofed UA06:19
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* teK wonders who really is06:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: claws-mail-themes: updated to 2009040406:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: exiftool: updated to 7.7406:36
* guaqua crosses fingers and begins crux installation on laptop06:38
guaqua* a laptop06:38
treachnot his own apparently though. ;)06:39
guaquamy own, grrh06:39
guaquaand now, which filesystem to choose06:39
treachjfs works pretty well for laptops IME06:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ipsec-tools: updated to 0.7.206:40
guaquaoh well, maybe something like errors=continue would be okay06:40
* thrice` uses jfs too07:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: zabbix_utils: updated to 1.6.407:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: zabbix_agentd: updated to 1.6.407:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: zabbix_server: updated to 1.6.407:13
f1yWhat about that t1lib? Does anyone else have problem with compilation of it, too?07:20
f1yCRUX 2.5 of course, updated today.07:20
thrice`sorry, not at home to try.  any errors ?07:21
teKno problems here07:22
teK=======> Building '/usr/ports/opt/t1lib/t1lib#5.1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.07:22
teKprt-cache: installing t1lib 5.1.0-107:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-compress-raw-bzip2: updated to 2.01707:24
f1yWill show in few moments.07:24
aon=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/t1lib#5.1.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.07:24
f1yLooks like sth with my CRUX.07:25
f1ySth's missing perhaps.07:27
aonseems like something's wrong with your math lib07:33
aon does that fail for you too?07:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libasyncns-python: updated to 0.7.107:43
nipuLyou pboke your toolchain somehow07:49
guaqualet's see how badly i borked the kernel config :)07:50
thrice`I think the rule is it must fail once07:51
f1yaon: It works.07:51
nipuLI am the winner!
thrice`damn, nice07:55
guaquareddit guru :)07:56
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f1ynipuL: Yaaay \o/08:26
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thrice`hurray, firefox :\09:18
aoni switched to conkeror for a while again09:21
thrice`oh man09:22
thrice`not heard of that, and found a description of "emacs-inspired web browser" :>09:22
thrice`does it ever end?? :)09:23
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aon64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=240 time=11984 ms09:25
aonimagine how slow this ssh session is09:25
sepenoh nice 12Ks09:25
aonwtf really09:26
aonthrice`: yeah,t' it's pretty slick09:28
aoni think when i first used it it was a mozilla extension and us didn't quite work with gtk2 :)09:29
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aonseems better now09:36
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sepenpedja, ping09:54
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treachtilman: time to bump firefox? ;)12:28
thrice`the cron job hasn't run yet, maybe12:30
rehabdolli dont really get the splitting of firefox into firefox and xulrunner12:37
rehabdollboth ports need to be updated, right?12:38
rehabdollwhat are the advantages?12:38
treachwell, you could use something else than firefox.12:38
rehabdollim sure this has been up before, but i forget :>12:38
thrice`i agree, for most cruxers12:38
treachuses xulrunner, but not firefox ->
thrice`theroetically that could build on firefox though too, if we combined the browser + engine, no?12:39
thrice`what I dont' get, is how tilman got conned into maintaining it ;)12:40
treachnobody else stepped up when jaeger bailed out. :>12:41
rehabdollthat port is cursed :)12:41
thrice`still, I would have guessed it to be dropped before that happened12:41
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tilmanstfu pls kthxbye12:46
NecrosporusCan I make crux usb flash?12:47
NecrosporusI can't found free CD-R for crux12:48
thrice`tilman: :D12:49
thrice`at least it's basically maintainable with sed12:53
treach*mood* "Pissed"12:53
DarkNekrostreach, how conkeror looks like on console? (just intrigued) ;)12:58
treachDarkNekros: no idea, I used it for a while back a long time ago, so I only found out that they had dropped the "firefox" dependency pretty much by accident.13:01
DarkNekrostreach, interensing conception of Xulrunner qnd how to drop firefox :)13:03
DarkNekrostreach, is it not an english word or is it too strange as meaning? ;)13:11
treachit's an english word, but at first I didn't quite get the context13:12
* Rotwang understands it13:12
treachI think you meant "concept", not "conception". :)13:12
DarkNekrostreach, indeed xD (as Teal'k will say)13:13
treachwell, yeah, it's not a bad idea, but it doesn't really seem to have taken much hold compared to the webkit stuff.13:15
DarkNekrosthere's no a port for Stumpwm? ->
treachvim ports/stumpwm/Pkgfile ;)13:16
treach :D13:18
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sirmacikhi o/13:20
DarkNekrostreach, from the portdb on crux web I can't see the stumpwm :S13:22
treachDarkNekros: I was getting at if that it doesn't exist, hack one up.13:23
DarkNekrosi'll try ;)13:23
DarkNekrosxDD ->
tilmannot going to update firefox tonight13:49
treachtilman: no sweat, I thought you just might have missed it13:49
tilmani don't have a ck4up entry for that crap13:50
tilmanusually people poke me about it13:50
tilmansometimes i also see the ziomg-security-blah headlines on lwn13:50
thrice`I'd guess those security advisories pile up13:51
treachI don't think there was anything *that* alarming this time. Didn't see anything about "remote execution of arbitrary code" this time :p13:51
thrice`as in, FF has been vulnurable for awhile anwyway (and probably will be after updating too) :)13:51
tilmanyour system should have a separate user just for running firefox anyway13:52
aona guy i know from uni had got an e-mail from his mum about firefox vulns :D13:52
treach"better use this blue e thing, I've heard it's much safer" :>13:53
treachanyway, if you use noscript, most vulnerabilities are moot.13:53
aoniltalehti (i guess the equivalent of expressen) had reported about it :)13:54
treachI get that kind of friendly "warnings" too from computer illiterate friends. "Hey be careful, there's a new virus out" :>13:55
DarkNekrosthe best ones are internet ads saying your e has virus while using firefox in GNU/Linux xDD13:58
treachads, what's that? Havn't seen 'em in years. :p13:59
aonor the ones with faux messenger popups14:00
aonhow am i supposed to fall for that, i haven't ever even seen a real one14:00
DarkNekrosI got the same with sexy sex relations xD14:01
aonoh right, the ones with "GET LAID IN <some 200-person southwest finland village> NOW!"14:01
aon"no thanks"14:01
joacimI had a hard time explaining to this girl back in highschool that the "you have a virus" ad she saw in her browser was nothing more than a picture, she complained to be that some other window popped up when she clicked "ok"14:02
treachGet HIV now!14:02
DarkNekrosget AD-HIV now xDD14:02
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gautehgreetings- does there exist a way to get ports to sync with git ?14:34
tilmanthere's an experimental git driver14:35
tilmanbut imo rsync is superior14:35
joacimwhy dont you guys arrange release parties like the ubuntu folks do?14:35
tilmanthere's like 5 users in germany14:35
tilmanwooooo party14:36
gautehim gonna be in germany in a few weeks, im up for a party14:36
treach"Ubuntu developers have cut off a classic piece of Unix rope by boldly disabling the "rm -rf /" command."14:37
* thrice` books his flight14:37
tilmangauteh: where exactly in germany?14:37
gauteharriving in berlin, but going to be in rostock14:37
* treach sees some ubuntu neophyte using some other random system, "No that's not dangerous! Oops!" :P14:38
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aondoes rh still have rm aliased to rm -i? :)14:39
* aon images crux release parties14:40
aoncould involve typing 'crux' in a terminal14:40
aonand looking at the git branch name14:40
treach2.6 in october? Release party in Munich? :p14:40
tilmanwho's in munich?14:40
aonoktoberfest is in munich14:40
tilmanit's in late september i think14:41
treachthat makes sense14:41
rehabdollgerman logic14:41
aonInside Hacker-Festzelt (a typical Oktoberfest tent)14:41
aonsuits us14:41
tilmanhahahah, i didn't know there was a Hacker Festzelt :D14:42
tilmandoes it have wifi and power outlets?14:42
gautehtilman: do you know where the git driver is ?14:43
treachit does exist apparently, not sure if it has with the october (september) festivites to do14:44
tilmangauteh: try searching the mailing list archives of crux-devel14:44
tilmanRichard Pottler wrote it14:44
treachseems so though14:44
aonHacker-Pschorr just doesn't stop being fun14:44
aon that would be an interesting thing to visit, too14:45
aonreminds me, should probably switch ctrl to capslock14:46
treachAnnoying To Read14:47
aonit's already switched14:47
treachbloody annoying. I like to have a "killswitch" when things go south..14:48
treachand tbh, how the hell do you press ctrl+alt+backspace, by _accident_?14:49
tilmanyou can easily reactive the x killswitch14:49
tilmantreach: happened to me at least three times14:49
tilmanover the course of maybe 2 years14:49
treachtrue, but why disable it in the first place.14:49
tilmanbefore I enabled DontZap14:49
treachinteresting, what were you trying to accomplish?14:49
tilmanswitching workspaces maybe (ctrl-alt-left/right)14:50
tilmanthen deciding to delete some characters using bs14:50
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treachmmh? left / right isn't near backspace..14:50
tilmani know.14:50
tilmangotta run, it's sleeping time soon :P14:51
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thrice`omg, crux release party \o/15:33
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thrice`rehabdoll: I vote opt-x86_64 for booting :)16:49
thrice`er, mplayer from opt-x86_6416:49
treachthrice`: had a look at the x86_64 udev?16:51
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thrice`hmph, udev works perfect on my 64-bit :|18:28
thrice`I mean, it works *better* on 64-bit than 32.  about twice as good18:42
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