IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2009-04-26

NecrosporusOh, I spend about 5 hours to menuconfig and still not configured all option00:43
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NecrosporusWhy you haven't included lvm? I can't mount my disks from crux02:57
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NecrosporusI got it. CRUX boots03:32
spaceninjais there a 2.6 test iso?03:35
spaceninjaI lost my 2.5 cd03:35
spaceninjaneed a new one03:35
* spaceninja downloads 2.503:41
spaceninjano, I'm trying to virtualize crux in vb, but it gets aborted after it has loaded the IDE modules. Has anyone else encountered this?04:04
spaceninjaduring boot04:05
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DarkNekroshi everybody ;)04:06
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NecrosporusDarkNekros, interesting nickname04:08
DarkNekrosnecrosporus is also interesting ;)04:09
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DarkNekroswe came from the dead as I can see :D04:09
spaceninjanecro-, the Greek prefix meaning death04:10
Rotwangsup guys?04:10
DarkNekrostht is spaceninja ;)04:10
NecrosporusSpore of Death04:11
spaceninjaRotwang: hi, not much, just trying to run crux in virtualbox04:12
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NecrosporusOr semen of death04:12
spaceninjabut I can't04:12
spaceninjaRotwang: it gets aborted after it tries to load the IDE modules during bootup04:12
Rotwangi know, there is easy solution for it04:12
NecrosporusOh, I know, I can take lvm from slackware initrd tree04:13
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, I think is more seed of death ;)04:13
DarkNekrosdo you speak spanish, Necrosporus?04:14
spaceninjaRotwang: thank you04:15
Rotwangread from this one^04:15
spaceninjayes, "fb800 libata" works04:18
guaquamy own kernel seems to fail to boot on my thinkpad t40p. could it be that its actually recognizing the hard drive as sda, not as hda?04:18
guaquathe boot kernel on the cd sees hda, but my own kernel panics cos it can't find the boot partition04:19
spaceninjamaybe I can help, are you using lilo or grub? Might be something wrong with the conf file04:21
guaquaboth seem to fail04:22
guaquagrub at the moment04:22
guaquai'll have to try using root=/dev/sda04:24
spaceninjagrub uses other names for  devices04:26
spaceninjawait, I have to think04:26
spaceninjalike sd0,004:27
spaceninjafor hda104:27
spaceninja this is my lilo.conf file. You can check if you did something wrong when you used lilo04:29
guaquayea, i did it like that04:30
spaceninjaok, but did you try to name the devices correctly in grub?04:31
guaquawell, it seems to boot04:31
spaceninjaoh great04:31
guaquaand it seems to be kernel that's panicing. so i'm guessing i'm passing the wrong stuff to kernel or didn't include the ata driver (so it can't find a hard drive)04:32
NecrosporusDarkNekros, spanish speak is no04:32
spaceninjaoh I see04:32
NecrosporusNow I have to configure firewall04:33
spaceninjaguaqua: yes, you might need to enable something in the kernel04:33
NecrosporusFor what file should I add my iptables settings?04:33
spaceninjaguaqua: is it a IDE hard disc?04:34
spaceninjaguaqua: I think I know what you need, I have to check the kernel04:35
spaceninjaguaqua: check drivers->ATA/ATAPI-> Include IDE/ATA-2 DISK support04:36
guaquai had no ide support :)04:37
spaceninjaguaqua: that was what I suspected04:38
guaquaor well, i had it but as a module...sort of doesn't fly ;)04:38
spaceninjaI have encountered this before, lets hope this was the fix :p04:38
spaceninjasome new kernel setting04:39
spaceninjain .config04:39
spaceninjaguaqua: did it work? I'm going out soon, so I need to make sure I closed this open loop :)04:49
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, ok04:50
Necrosporusinitramfs, initramfs04:54
NecrosporusDarkNekros, have you tried dragora?04:54
guaquaspaceninja: still configuring. i need something else, too04:54
guaquafor dvb-t, actually04:55
spaceninjaguaqua: hehe ok, happy tinkering! :)04:55
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, nope04:55
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, have you tried SliTaz GNU/Linux?04:58
NecrosporusNo. Slackware, Fedora, Mandriva, RedHat, gNewSense and some others only04:59
NecrosporusDragora CD boots faster than CRUX05:00
DarkNekrosit's a matter of kernel config :D05:01
NecrosporusAnd its concepts is close to CRUX or Slackware, but 100% free software05:01
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, as you were told, a GNU/Linux distro can be as free as the user wants05:02
NecrosporusAnd CRUX kernel I compiled05:02
DarkNekrosyou can coose to made it yourself or to get it already done05:03
NecrosporusBut If distro is like Dragora, it is simplier to get maximum freedom05:03
spaceninjainteresting distros05:03
NecrosporusIt can contain precompiled linuxlibre for example05:04
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, I have one simple question to you, is the kernel you download from it's official page web free as FSF wants to be?05:04
Necrosporuslinuxlibre is, vanilla linux isn't05:05
DarkNekrosyes, but where do you download the source kernel?05:08
DarkNekrosbut I don't see the linuxlibre, only the tar.bar205:08
NecrosporusDarkNekros, what kernel? I use from CD one05:09
NecrosporusDarkNekros, linuxlibre is not located on kernel.org05:09
spaceninjaoh sry :)05:09
DarkNekrosyes, but the cdrom kernel is from the page (if I don't mismatch)05:09
NecrosporusDarkNekros, CRUX one Is05:10
NecrosporusDragora one isn't05:10
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, so if you want a linuxfree kernel you have to dowload it and install it, isn't it?05:10
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, this is what you have to do ;)05:10
NecrosporusI can download just small script05:11
spaceninjaDarkNekros: so you mean that dragora can use bsd kernels?05:11
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, so you agree that you can transform the non libre crux into a libre version, don't you? ;)05:11
DarkNekrosI'm not speaking of dragora05:12
* spaceninja needs a smoke05:12
DarkNekroswe're at crux irc channel :=)05:12
NecrosporusYes. But use already-libre is simplier if you really want such libre with slow graphics even ATI chips05:13
NecrosporusBut on my intel-vjdeo laptop gNS can run compiz05:14
DarkNekrosNecrosporus, the point is if you want to make from bottom to up your libre OS or if you want to have it already done :D05:14
DarkNekrosis that simple ;)05:14
NecrosporusWhat is question?05:15
NecrosporusAnd why CRUX doesn't contain lvm05:15
DarkNekrosthere is no question, only your imagination of what you want as a OS ;)05:16
DarkNekrosI don't kwnon :P05:16
NecrosporusAnd it said it can found ip_tables05:17
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spaceninjaoh it doesn't matter, crux always wins in my eyes :)05:42
spaceninjagtg bye05:46
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joacimisnt lvm in opt?05:51
tilmanto be really useful, it probably should be in core and on the iso05:52
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NecrosporusI was can't mount my existing lvm partition, but used static linked lvm instead and got it06:15
NecrosporusOh noes, No chain/target/match by that name06:51
guaquahas someone used icecream (icecc) for distributing compilations?07:04
rehabdollno, only as a refreshment during hot days07:07
thrice`anyone remember cptn (?) making a kernel patch to replace tux with the crux logo ?07:17
thrice`tuz is giving me nightmares07:17
thrice`heh, ok, sorry, first hit for "logo" :|07:20
thrice`drivers/video/logo/logo.c:91: error: 'logo_crux_clut224' undeclared (first use in this function)07:28
NecrosporusWhat can I do with my iptables?07:29
tilmanfilter network traffic and stuff07:29
NecrosporusIt said No chain/target/match by that name when I try -A INPUT -i ppp+ -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT07:31
guaquawhat is ppp+?07:33
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tilmangreat, now my laoptop's battery is down to ~43%07:54
thrice`which equates to how long ?07:54
tilmanless than an hour07:56
tilmanthis model is 3+ yeears old07:57
tilmanfinding a new battery fr it is hard07:57
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tilmanand they cost a fortune, too07:57
aoni should buy a new laptop soon too08:01
aonthis one's falling apart :)08:01
tilmani'd like to have a mcbook air08:02
tilmanbut ofc they are insanely expensive08:02
tilmanthis one is a hp 53008:02
thrice`a thinkpad x61 or so is a good (cheaper) alternative08:03
tilmanwas 50 euro in 200608:03
aonbeen thinking about that08:03
tilmanpretty good deal imo (core duo 1.6 ghz, 1 gb memory)08:03
aonor W8, or TP X61 (they seem to be pretty chepa nowadays)08:03
aonbut with less battery life and more weight08:03
aonthe main problem (if you set the wear and tear aside) is that i can't fit this one on the table in the lecture halls and breathe freely :)08:04
aonhp compaq 6720s, got it when my thinkpad broke when i was in the army and needed something to replace it08:05
thrice`I have a thinkpad R61, which is pretty fat08:05
aonfunny thing was that laptop prices came down so fast that i was almost able to buy this one new with the money i got from the insurance for my used T30 :)08:06
tilmanbest thing about it: intel i945 :D08:06
tilman(the 530)08:06
aon965 here :)08:07
thrice`boo, 965 :)08:07
thrice`X3100 in mine, I think08:07
tilmanif i buy a new one, it would have some intel thing (except the poulsbo bastard) or radion i guess08:07
aonX61 is only ~1ke08:10
aoni remember the last time i looked at them they were like 2.5k08:10
thrice`i'm pretty sure it's the one I'd get, if I were getting a new laptop08:11
aoni've played with T61's and they seem fairly ok08:11
aonbut the panasonics have FLUID CHANNELS08:12
aona bit like ModelM keyboards :)08:12
thrice`my R61 (thicker), shipped with SUSE on it for about $550-$60008:12
tilmanfluid channels?08:20
guaquawhen you spill your coke on the keyboard you don't brick the whole thing08:21
guaquanew thinkpads have holes through the laptop to get the liquid out08:23
guaquadunno about the panasonics08:23
aonnew = how new?08:24
thrice`mine's about a year old, shall I dump my coffee as a test? :)08:25
guaquathrice`: there's some sort of a logo below the laptop08:25
guaquawith a waterdrop-symbol of some sort08:25
Necrosporus My system is broken08:32
aonalready? :(08:32
NecrosporusYep. But I have working Slackware, Mandriva, Fedora 6, an probably freedos08:35
NecrosporusWhere is generic config, that need not very much changes to get well-working system?08:40
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jesse_In my opinion providing a generic kernel configuration is something a big, mainstream distribution does. crux is a barebones structure that the user is supposed to tailor to their corresponding system.08:43
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teKyou can use the installation-kerneÄ's config anyway08:57
NecrosporusI spent ~ 7 hours to configure kernel and iptables doesn;t work09:06
thrice`also, it keeps some away from using it ;)  "advanced users" etc09:06
NecrosporusWhat option do I need to make iptables work well with my config?09:09
Necrosporus-A INPUT -i ppp+ -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT09:09
Necrosporus-A INPUT -i ppp+ -j LOG09:09
Necrosporus-A INPUT -i ppp+ -j DROP09:09
thrice`I don't use iptables, so I usually stick to (mostly) default stuff in menuconfig for networking09:09
Necrosporusthrice`, so are you vunerable?09:09
thrice`spare me, please09:10
teKNecrosporus: if you needed 7 hours, you did something wrong.09:10
teKOr was it the first time for you?09:10
guaquaNecrosporus: what does ppp+ stand for?09:11
guaquado you actually have on interface called ppp+?09:11
Necrosporusppp0, ppp1...09:11
guaquaor is it some kind of wildcard?09:11
guaquaand do you know it should actually work?09:11
NecrosporusIt works with slackware09:11
NecrosporusteK, yes, I use GNU/Linux ~ 2 year but compile kernel myself at first time09:13
teKit works on slack with the identical config?09:14
NecrosporusI'll try with CD kernel and then with kernel now compiling09:14
teKif the kernel versions differ copy slack's config to your CRUX box (into to kernel src-dir) and say: make oldconfig09:14
NecrosporusteK, I dunno. I sais, it was first time I compiling kernel mysels09:15
teK-m state implies the state module for iptables so it should be available for the kernel09:15
teKthis is an extra submenu, so be careful to enable this09:15
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NecrosporusWhat is exacr name I need grep to state?09:16
teKand CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK sounds reasonable for me. But you'd simple could read the corresponding help options proveded by the make config-menu09:18
NecrosporusI read almost all help, spent some hours... thx.09:20
teKthen I feel sorry for you09:21
teKI just googled it. The second hit tells me:09:21
teKLooks like there is a new configuration option in the kernel that CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STATE depends on:09:21
teKif you compiled it as a module you have to load it, of course. (I'd select it for static inclusion)09:21
teKGentoo uses a the SIZE of a .ebuild-File to make sure it's not corrupted? WTF!09:23
teKbetter: the SHA1 SHA256 and RMD160 AND the size. Holy shit.09:24
guaquawell, for collisions, you know...09:27
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teKguaqua: what a mess of time and ressources.09:29
tilmanteK: using some checksum + size seems like a good idea09:29
tilmangetting/storing the size is cheap09:30
guaquawell, yes. but using multiple :)09:30
tilmanso what exactly does gentoo use?09:30
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NecrosporusCan I edit .config manually or should I use makte menuconfig only?09:35
nipuLfreebsd ports use size+sum09:35
nipuLspecifically size+md5+sha25609:37
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aonopenbsd uses md5+rmd160+sha1+sha256+size09:48
aonfor distfiles, that is09:49
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue10:12
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.41.510:20
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: nfs-utils: update to 1.1.610:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: foomatic-filters: fixed md5sum10:22
thrice`hi jue :)10:22
*** f1y has joined #crux10:22
juehello thrice` :)10:23
NecrosporusWhat it can be wrong, if i install slackware or dragora package?10:28
thrice`package linking, mainly10:29
NecrosporusWhere is sample pkgbuild? Can I easily translate slackbuild to pkgbuild?10:29
aonthe handbook has a sample pkgfile iirc10:32
NecrosporusBut I can't copy it to crux system before I set up internet10:33
thrice`pkgfiles are extremely simple10:33
aonwhy do you have to start crafting packages before you have a net connection?10:34
aonyou need to download the sources after all10:34
Necrosporus1st. my connection is expensive. About 5¢ per MiB10:35
Necrosporus2nd. I need bluez utils to set up bluetooh connection with mobile phone. Using with USB cable is not so comfortable10:36
Necrosporus3 I need browser, IRC and jabber clients10:37
thrice`paying / MiB = bigger fail10:40
jesse_Not everyone will have access to broadband with decent traffic allowances.10:43
aontilman: bluez+phone probably isn't wifi :)10:43
tilmani wasn't commenting on Necrosporus's tisutation10:46
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aonin many cases ethernet = more fail :)10:49
tilmanmy wlan speed just degraded to 1xx kb/s10:49
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tilman9x% signal strength though10:49
aoni was almost driven insane the other day when i was trying to wash the dishes and the music kept stuttering11:00
aonturned out to be a nfs problem tho11:01
NecrosporusMy system boots again, but ptables -A INPUT -i ppp+ -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT — my iptables said it is invalid argument11:02
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teKtilman: its Manifest file contains all that I mentioned beforehand11:34
teKEBUILD screen-profiles-1.42.ebuild 1154 RMD160 8fc0ffc831a4014d064cf59fa54b4a16c8c10532 SHA1 80197e4f7d1a5cc959dda1cbb8305c55ee50b6b0 SHA256 7479d0aa579c3ca959282aef75b4df0a7fd244009196cb2f670eb76f7b072ed211:35
teKhaving size and checksumS will protect you against a corrupted ebuild file that would rm -rf / instead of touch'ing /usr/local/crap *rolleyes*11:38
tilman'good': it installs crap on your already broken gentoo system11:40
tilmanbad: it breaks the world, which means you gt to reinstall crux11:40
teKI simply don't get the point. rsync should suffice to transmit files in a sane way. Instead it hindered me to quickly modify the ebuild to fit my needs11:41
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gautehhmpf.. firefox segfaulting :(11:58
joacimthe rm -rf / wouldnt make it out of the sandbox11:59
Rotwangtell us something we do not know ;]11:59
Rotwanggauteh ^11:59
joacimunless the user is dumb enough to disable that feature :p11:59
gautehRotwang: is it happening alot ?12:00
Rotwanggauteh: not for me atm, but it happened often in the past12:00
gautehheh ok12:00
gautehwell.. im having a hard time figuring out what it is.. must be some lib i updated since last reboot12:01
Rotwangtry rebuilding failfox12:01
gautehyeah i did.. i think it is something with my profile.. accidently running as root worked fine :)12:02
Rotwangmaybe try stracing it12:02
gautehyup, i got it. profile was corrupted12:03
joacimcould be a rogue addon12:03
gautehlibbz2 is the last it loads before crashing12:05
gautehjoacim: deleted my profile with addons12:05
gautehhow can i figure out the package that owns a file ?12:06
Rotwangprt-get fsearch12:07
Rotwangpkginfo -o12:07
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gautehit seems like it is crashing on gettimeofday() :)12:10
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f1yHi there.16:46
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VileTimesGreetings all.19:44
VileTimesQuick question: is there a particular reason why no one has bothered putting together an Moblock port?19:45
*** Nomius has joined #crux19:46
thrice`never heard of it :)19:46
VileTimesGreetings, Nomius, thrice.19:46
NomiusHi VileTimes19:46
NomiusDo you know if firefox and xulrunner are compiled separated in crux?19:47
thrice`I do know that they are19:47
VileTimesReally, thrice? It's a reasonably useful precaution to load if you enjoy rtorrent.19:47
aonVileTimes: there probably is no port because nobody has seen the need for one19:47
thrice`which precaution while using rtorrent ?19:48
VileTimesIs there an alternative that I'm not aware of, aon?19:48
aoni don't now19:48
thrice`Nomius: they are separate19:48
NomiusThanks thrice`19:48
VileTimesMoblock checks all traffic against a large list of IPs to make sure your torrenting isn't being snooped/corrupted.19:49
aonyeah, i can see that from googling19:49
VileTimesMy apologies.19:49
aonbut that's the reason for most of the apps that aren't ported not being so; people haven't needed them so far19:50
aon(or have ports sitting somewhere unpublished)19:50
VileTimesIt's no big deal. I was surprised more than anything else.19:50
VileTimesrtorrent = evil20:21
nipuLafter years of using crux, nothing suprises me anymore20:23
thrice`I still think arnuld was the best :)20:24
aonwe were discussing him on today :)20:32
aonerr, yesterday20:32
aon :)20:32
nipuLhaha, lispmachine blog20:39
nipuL"I am working on C++ based solutions and practice about Software-Designs."20:41
VileTimesIs it a crux policy not to support torrent software, or do people here truly never use any of it ever?20:45
VileTimesThankfully rehabdoll hosts libtorrent.20:48
VileTimeslibsigc++ I had to get from, however.20:49
thrice`it's in contrib20:50
VileTimesWhich package?20:50
VileTimesIndeed it is.20:51
thrice`I use transmission, personally20:52
VileTimesI've always been very partial to rtorrent. Super lightweight and highly configurable.20:52
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nipuLtransmission is in opt, i hope that answers your question23:19
jaegerI use rtorrent and love it, got it in my own repo23:41
nipuL> pdb search rtorrent | wc -l23:42
nipuLso do a lot of other people23:42

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