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jtnlmorning to all03:38
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jtnlmorning sepen04:22
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sepenooops $06:58
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DarkNekrosafternoon gentlemen ;)07:05
Xenius[xchat]Darkness come07:05
Xenius[xchat]DarkNekros, do you like crux?07:06
DarkNekrosyes, I do, why?07:07
DarkNekrosI'm from Spain ;)07:07
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Xenius[xchat]DarkNekros, your domain is fr07:08
DarkNekrosyes, I kwon I live in France, but I'm from Spain :D07:09
Xenius[xchat]DarkNekros, how have you configured the kernel?07:09
DarkNekrosnot so fine, but it is :D07:09
Xenius[xchat]And so can you read spanish?07:09
DarkNekrosyes, I can07:10
Xenius[xchat]You can try Dragora GNU/Linux, and may be, translate its site from spanish into english07:11
gcovis this spam?!07:11
Rotwanghehe ;]07:11
DarkNekroslet me see07:12
DarkNekrosXenius[xchat], do you know slitaz GNU/Linux?07:12
tilmanXenius[xchat]: haha, didn't you say dragora also came with an english translation? :P07:13
Xenius[xchat]Itself, but not its site07:14
joacimsounds overly complicated to me :/07:14
Xenius[xchat]Dragora itself have english interface, but its official site do not07:16
DarkNekrosXenius[xchat], so you are asking for translate the web site, don't you?07:18
Xenius[xchat]yep, I think, it will be useful for english user07:19
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Xenius[xchat]What is it?07:59
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Rotwangso there is ati 9.4 released?11:07
Xenius[xchat]xf86-video-ati the best11:16
aonls: cannot open directory .: Permission denied11:21
sepensecond time today ;D11:21
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aonhaving just one window displayed at a time sure makes such things rare :)11:22
sepenyep, I need a win3.11 desktop box11:25
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Rotwangfucking ati11:26
rehabdollradeon/radeonhd ftw11:39
rehabdolli'll never buy nvidia again11:39
jaegerI'm the opposite, never plan to buy ATI again :)11:42
aoni'll never buy either again11:44
tilmanrehabdoll: same here =)11:47
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tilmanrehabdoll: also, shatter is a gsoc project this year which will probably make my dual head setup much faster11:53
rehabdollholy fuck. drm-next is l a r g e11:58
rehabdolloh, it was the entire kernel :D12:00
tilmanthey moved drm development closer to upstream (ie, kernel-foo.git)12:01
tilmani think the old drm.git repo only contains libdrm these days12:01
rehabdollhere goes..12:18
* rehabdoll fires up ioquake312:27
rehabdollhm, all gl stuff renders in software12:52
rehabdollbut i guess thats to be expected12:53
tilmanno idea, probably not12:53
rehabdolli think so, atleast for r6xx12:54
rehabdollwith that branch anyways12:54
rehabdoll"We will be syncing this code up with the work going on in the radeon-rewrite branch of mesa over the next few weeks"12:55
tilmani didn't think you'd go ahead and test it right away :D12:56
rehabdollofcourse, im always bored :)12:56
* tilman is using his desktop again for the first time in 4 months or so :o12:58
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thrice`tilman: crux64 on desktop?15:26
thrice`hurray :)15:28
tilmannot sure if you should be \o/'ing about it ;D15:28
thrice`4 months is pretty long15:28
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thrice`I think it's \o/-appropriate :>15:29
thrice`(compared to debian)15:30
rehabdollyeah, debian was really a black spot in your history15:37
thrice`I admit to having never tried debian15:39
thrice`I have tried packaging on ubuntu, and that was too complex for me :(15:39
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thrice`rehabdoll: I think libstdc++-compat is missing from latest iso16:03
rehabdoll32bit binaries?16:13
rehabdollthats intentional :)16:13
rehabdollor does the installer look for them=16:13
thrice`ooh, no.  I thought they were more than that16:14
tilmansentient beings?16:16
thrice`or similar, but yes16:17
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