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abI do have a strage problem. I wanted to switch to crux 2.5, but I cannot get a connection via dhcpcd with it after installation!02:39
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: file: update to 5.0103:07
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: sed: update to 4.203:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: coreutils: updated to 7.3.06:09
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: dhcpcd: updated to
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armornickhey guys, I heard some rumors, if you will, that gnome is very hard to install in crux07:05
armornickany comments? ;)07:05
aonthere's a howto on the wiki07:06
aonwtf, gnome is at 2.2607:08
aonthe last version i used was 2.4 or something :D07:08
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armornickI'm really wondering whether Crux is a distro for me07:10
armornickI've already moved way past Ubuntu and the likes, and I really like distros like Arch but the packages are a little too new for me07:11
mike_k_well, if you like Arch, but the art of package management and building is frightening - you'd rather avoid CRUX for now =)07:21
armornickthat's not what I mean07:22
armornickI'm talking about the fact that slackware, for example, uses older but stabler packages07:22
armornickand I heard that Crux can do that since you choose what versions to install07:23
aonwell yeah, but that means that you'll deviate from the main distro and there will be even less handholding :)07:23
armornickperhaps I'll better stick to Debian, but then I loose BSD-init-style07:26
thrice`using a crux with a heavy desktop environment seems difficult to me, but some do it07:48
thrice`I have used the crux gnome ports in the past, and they are very well done and easy to install, though.  just time consuming07:51
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armornickwell, I don't think crux is for me, since the command makefs scares me :D07:53
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armornickseems I'll be going with either arch or slackware (zenwalk)07:56
thrice`slackware doesn't have gnome, fwiw07:57
armornickall de's do the same thing, but don't tell the developers ;)07:58
aonexcept gnome doesn't do anything :)08:00
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thrice`I guess he didn't like that ;)08:04
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thrice`anyone have a good (acpid?) solution to auto-dim screen brightness if it drops to battery power ?  in xfce, I use xfce4-power-manager, but something for openbox would be slick10:36
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thrice`ah, i found /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness11:10
tilmanmy i915's vbios used to do that11:25
tilmanbut the new kms and whatnot seemed to have disabled that11:25
thrice`I still haven't turned KMS back on11:26
aonme neither, i think11:52
thrice`tilman: what do you think about the synaptics port checking for hal, and installing the .fdi file if it's found ?11:53
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thrice`rehabdoll: I think flash could be bumped to 22.87 (security stuff)13:30
thrice`(oh, the irony)13:31
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teKpciutils creates /usr/share/pci.ids with permissions: 600 and root:root.. this seems a little bit to  harsh to me. Maybe it should be set to 64414:09
thrice`-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 590309 May  3 07:51 /usr/share/pci.ids14:10
thrice`seems OK here14:11
teKwtf :)14:12
thrice`bash-3.2$ cat /usr/ports/core/pciutils/.footprint | grep pci.ids   suggests the same14:12
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teKwtf^2 :)14:12
teKreinstalling solved it. So what.14:13
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C3PObash: v: command not found15:05
rehabdollthrice` ?15:12
rehabdollstupid adobe-blog15:13
rehabdollstill lists the old version15:13
rehabdollthanks for the heads-up15:19
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thrice`hum hum ;)16:55
thrice`silly xorg16:57
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nipuLheh, surely there's more pressing issues than whether or not zapping is disabled20:36
thrice`naah ;)20:36
jaegerhrmm, I should upload an updated ISO now that modules work again20:53
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