IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-05-06

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pitiIIogood morning01:14
aongm pitiIIo01:14
pitiIIohello aon :)01:15
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pitiIIogood morning sepen01:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: lmms: updated to 0.4.401:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: aircrack-ng: updated to 1.0-rc301:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: syslinux: updated to 3.8001:48
sepenxu xu!01:48
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sepenO_o, wtf
sepenI've 7 kudos?! well Stallman has 10 ;D01:59
Rotwang5 kudos ;}02:03
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rehabdollcool site02:14
rehabdollim such a contributor!02:14
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mike_ksepen: why not adding 'depmod' to virtualbox/post-install?02:45
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mike_kI've added a few git Enlistments some weeks ago, it took time for them to sync02:49
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sepenmike_k, oh sorry, I saw it yesterday03:08
sepenmike_k, well no reasons against, I think it could be fine03:08
sepenmike_k, but only vboxdrv.ko or maybe vboxnetflt.ko too?03:10
mike_k_aren't they both installed by default?03:11
mike_k_just a single modprobe line should be fine, I guess03:11
sepenyep, but why I need vboxnetflt loaded if I don't use it?03:11
mike_k_err, depmod03:11
sepensorry I missread modprobe instead of depmod03:12
mike_k_loading them is really up to user03:12
sependepmod -ae should be fine, though03:12
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bruzlerhello, can anyone tell me who to contact for a question regarding the mailing-list archives??03:27
sepenteK, lol03:27
sepenteK, '... and fuck you sincerely for making my life ... an utter atrocity.."03:28
sepenbruzler, just ask03:30
teKrocks :>03:31
bruzlerregarding removal (or editing) of a stored message?!03:31
sepenbruzler, I can't understand your question, sorry03:32
bruzlerwho of all the crux people is an mailing-list admin? I didn't want to contact all at once03:32
sepenbruzler, just the core developers03:35
sepentilman, jue or cptn03:35
bruzlersepen: ok thank you very much03:35
sepen np03:35
mike_k_bruzler: the archives are all over the net now. might be too late =(03:35
sepenwell, at least it can be removed from the mailman db, but not from the users's mailboxes03:36
sepeniirc some messages don't need a moderator aproval03:37
bruzlersepen: its nothing too bad :)03:37
bruzlerthanks guys03:37
sepenjust ati support sucks, I think I should move to ati-legacy ;|03:49
rehabdollradeon/radeonhd ftw03:56
bruzlersepen: so no opengl3 support for this cards?03:56
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RyoSsepen: nvidia works fine for the last 3 releases :)04:55
RyoSgood perfomance04:55
sepenyep, but I don't have support for my old legacy-nvidia neither04:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: virtualbox: added 'depmod' to post-install (thanks mike_k)05:05
RyoSsepen: get a new one then :O they are not that expensive05:07
RyoSi bought mine on ebay, geforce 6600 gt05:07
RyoSworks fine and with the newest nvidia beta modul i can finally play ut2004 flawlessly :P05:07
sepenwell nowadays I haven't enough time for playing games, but maybe in the near future I'll buy it05:08
sepenbut also I need a new pc ;D05:08
RyoSi wanted to buy an intel atom pc to replace this box i use right now05:09
RyoSnetbsd router05:09
RyoSthey are too expensive right now for me.. but they save energy and have more horse power :p05:09
sepenmy router (mikeux) is running openbsd 4.3 ;D05:10
sepenreally, I'm using the office boxes for compiling and testing all that I need, just see this sunfire x2200
sepenwith 8 cpu-cores it rocks05:12
mike_k_hmm, maybe an active nvidia/ati users might post some information on wiki. for others to find the apropriate driver for their cards.05:15
RyoSmike_k_: could contribute :)05:16
RyoSsepen: lets see05:16
RyoSsepen: oh lol D: yours?05:16
mike_k_that would be nice. I happen to find myself helping a few crux users with their cards... but I have no idea on the current state of things. using i915GM myself.05:17
RyoSwell, i tried ati a while back again with some "recent" ati card or at least one of their most recent agp cards..05:28
RyoSdidnt work well for me on linux :/05:28
RyoSso i returned the card and kept nvidia which is the only that almost always works..05:29
rehabdolli will never buy nvidia again05:30
rehabdollfree drivers ftw05:30
rehabdollthey do everything i need, faster than the nvidia-crap05:31
RyoSfree drivers for what..? i mean my philosophy is "i pay for the card, the drivers should be free"05:31
RyoSthats something that users need to push..05:31
rehabdollyeah but binary blobs arent free05:31
RyoSi know, but nv drivers arent that good..05:31
rehabdollno but xf86-video-{ati,radeon} are05:31
rehabdollthats why ill never buy nvidia again :)05:32
RyoSthe time i used radeon is some years back :P05:32
RyoSwith my ati radeon 9000 i guess XD05:32
rehabdollyou should give it a go now05:33
rehabdoll3d is in the works, as is modesetting etc05:33
rehabdollyou have 2d and xvideo acceleration right now05:33
RyoSmh 3d is not that important but id like it thats why i still use blobs..05:33
rehabdollr5xx has 3d i think05:34
rehabdollr6xx & r7xx has some features in git05:34
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RyoSwell i keep an open eye on it05:35
RyoSi wont buy a new card for that pc anyway *g*05:35
RyoSsounds good05:38
sepensome wiki stuff to write like this?
sepeno like this one?
mike_k_sepen: the first one05:48
mike_k_or just some links on the models/chip revisions and supported drivers plus some CRUX-specific notes on what packages to install.05:49
sepenit could be useful if someone (or more tha one person) is maintaining it05:49
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clareHi all, I have a real need to get ssh -X working between my home machine carbine and another machine I have pasted the error.06:46
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clareanybody home? I have tried this again and now it is saying Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyxterm Xt error: Can't open display: localhost:11.007:13
clareand saying the same in Xorg.0.log07:14
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: xfsprogs: update to 3.0.1, refactoring port, install headers07:48
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.1507:48
pitiIIoclare: have you tried export DISPLAY=remoteIP:0.0 ?07:49
teKwhy mess around with DISPLAY at all?07:52
pitiIIoteK: can you share your knowledge with another way?07:52
pitiIIoteK: I mean if you know another way to do that07:55
pitiIIoI always did it in that way07:55
pitiIIoand I want to know if there is another way to do that07:56
clarepitillo; no, but I have found the original error via google, which looks promising as another sufferer says the cure worked.07:56
clareto do with here's a new option in ssh, ForwardX11Trusted.  this was back in 2004 , but still a possibility; kallirhoe is back at crux 2.307:57
teKneither nor recommend setting DISPLAY and I don't remember setting it either.07:57
pitiIIoummmm I will take a look, like I said I always exported the var to the IP where I was sitting on07:57
teKyou have to do this if you don't use SSH's X Forwarding mechanism07:59
pitiIIoin the second link seems in answers that people use a tunnel to make that08:00
pitiIIoyep, that seems the reason08:00
pitiIIotrying to lie to the computer to get it08:00
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clarepitillo; the google thing was the answer. I said ssh -Y instead of ssh -X and I can now get an xterm without argument.08:03
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pitiIIoclare: perfect then08:04
clareit is in the command line section of man ssh; I have done somethng bad to chatzilla; sorry if I take up a lot of space08:05
clareah! that at least is fixed, and good night all; not I have my forwarding i have work to do. see ya again;08:06
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teKcrazy aussie :>08:07
pitiIIothere are some from lot of places08:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: quota: update to 3.1711:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: squid: update to 3.0.STABLE1511:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: transmission: update to 1.6011:35
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Rotwangwesnoth anyone? ;]12:12
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jesse_It's the final countdown.15:47
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