IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-05-11

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pitiIIogood morning01:22
sepenhmmm seems that opt/dialog sources are in a private ftp server with pass, I'll switch them01:24
sepencan anyone confirm that?01:28
teKI get a permission denied01:33
sepenthanks teK01:34
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dialog: fixed sources01:34
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sepenthrice`, ping03:28
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Ditzihi :)04:21
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: dhcpcd: update to 5.0.305:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: maildrop: update to 2.1.005:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pear: updated to 1.8.106:14
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: procps: update to 3.2.806:55
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thrice`sepen: pong :)06:56
sepenthrice`, thanks for your comments in #407, now I understand it better, but please take a look of this, I think I reported something similar sometime ago06:58
sepennow I'm going to eat, I'll return on a hour or so. bbl06:58
RyoSsiesta :306:59
sepenThe word siesta is Spanish, from the Latin hora sexta - "the sixth hour" (counting from dawn, therefore noon, hence "midday rest").07:01
sepenno, but I need time for other things, ;D07:01
thrice`sepen: ooh, right :)  i've really noticed it if I copy the xorg# packages from the iso to my "/usr/ports/packages/", and then try to 'prt-get depinst xorg' .  it will try to compile everything, instead of using the packages07:03
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RyoSsepen: XD ok :D07:08
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thrice`can users edit the "ideas 2.6" page, or is that a no no ?07:30
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aoni can't see why not07:32
aonunless you plan on going totally bonkers in it :D07:32
thrice`of course I was ;)07:32
Rotwanginstalled 8.10 dit-upgraded07:32
Rotwangand now xserver went insane07:32
aoni think i'll go to bed for a while07:35
aontoo comprehensive lunch :)07:36
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* thrice` runs07:36
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sepenthrice`, hmm07:54
sepenthrice`, nobody understand me when I reported this issue, though07:55
thrice`it is something with prt-get in this case, and not pkgmk, I think07:55
sepenthat could be07:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: xterm: updated to 24308:14
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sepenthrice`, as you mentioned 'pkgmk will un-necessary compile the package. However, if the package exists in the default "/usr/ports/opt/package/package#1.0.pkg.tar.gz, prt-get will simply install the package..' that for what I think its related too08:28
thrice`I think prt-get fails to export PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR or something.  I can't understand the prt-get source, though :(08:31
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: shadow: update to 4.1.408:34
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: glibc: update to 2.10.108:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libgmp: update to 4.3.008:44
aontilman: hows' that iso coming along? :)08:44
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jueaon: which iso?08:46
thrice`hopefully he didn't build glibc 2.8 with gcc 4.4, that seems to be catastrophic08:48
aon22:11 < tilman> i'm building an iso atm08:51
aon22:12 < tilman> damn gcc bootstrap takes an eternity08:51
sepenpfff thrice` sorry, the url isn't valid ;D08:51
jueaon: ah, ok :)08:51
thrice`sepen: hm08:51
sepenthrice`, hmmm well the problem persists, I think that was my problem (for not using sudo), but same results for the 'pkgadd' message08:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: herrie: removed08:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mktorrent: removed08:57
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sepenthrice`, I think I found the error in prt-get's sources09:05
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thrice`oh? :)09:10
sepenread the #407 now09:17
rehabdolltake two with gcc 4.409:22
thrice`I see cptn already commented too :>09:23
aoni wonder what to do with my busted xulrunner09:23
aoni hate opera09:23
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aonand it's almost impossible to search for font issues in a browser09:23
aonregarding the software itself and not some crappy css09:23
sepenthrice`, we can't use export in pkgmk.conf for this variable ;D09:24
thrice`aon: you've reverted all of FF's font settings ?09:28
aoni've nuked ~/.mozilla and all ~/.suspected-gnome-or-x-crap09:29
aonalso /etc/fonts.conf09:29
aonand rebuilt everything i imagine is related09:29
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thrice`strange :\09:43
aoni think something in the 2.6 branch x updates isn't compatible with something that ff depends on09:48
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thrice`ah.  some font changes were done, it appears10:02
thrice`did you rebuild xorg from that new 2.6 list?10:03
thrice`well, the new xorg.git/xorg deps, I guess.  I think tilman trimmed it10:03
thrice`i didn't know if you built it based on that list, or that from 2.5 yet10:04
aonremoved everything from xorg/opt/contrib and did a depinst on what i had installed before10:04
aonwell, for x at least10:05
aonhad too much crap from opt/contrib10:05
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tilmanholy away log spam, batman10:19
aon"DoSed by his own away log"10:20
thrice`spam?!  how insulting :>10:21
thrice`all complaints should be honored ;)10:21
thrice`first day back to work after 2 weeks off kinda sucks :/10:22
tilmanvery true10:22
thrice`if one of viper's ports is broken, does it make sense to open a bug to his name ?10:23
tilmannot really i think10:24
tilmanthrice`: what's broken?10:24
thrice`libdevmapper needs a slight bump, I think10:24
thrice`and, with that, I think it can be whacked from opt64.git, too :>10:25
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thrice`the source is not available, essentially10:25
rehabdolltilman: are you building glibc 2.8 with gcc 4.4 or a newer version?10:25
tilmani didn't build any glibc with gcc 4.410:26
tilmanmy bootstrap attempts failed horribly10:26
rehabdolloh, ok10:26
tilmanaon: bootstrap=fail, no iso yet10:26
rehabdollyeah, everything segfaults :)10:26
tilmanrehabdoll: fwiw, jue bumped glibc to 2.10.1 today10:26
tilmanour gcc 4.4 port does _not_ take advantage of that graphite stuff the gcc people have integrated10:29
thrice`that needs ppl libs or somethign?10:29
tilmancloog-ppl or something10:29
thrice`I laughed when I saw that name :)10:30
thrice`sounds like a slang word in english, Kludge: A kludge (alternately, kluge ) is a clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem or difficulty. In engineering, a kludge is a workaround, typically using unrelated parts cobbled together.10:31
thrice`how appropriate ;>10:31
aoni've heard finns using kludge10:32
thrice`oh, ok.  It's not even common here, so I didn't know how well-known it was10:33
tilmani've seen it being used wrt software quite often10:33
tilmanbut hey, i learned most of my english vocabulary on irc:D10:34
aoni learned my english from commodore basic mostly :|10:34
rehabdollnintendo + dallas!10:40
Rotwangwhat might be the problem?10:41
tilmanbroken rpm?10:41
Rotwangive dled few diffrent rpms and get the same error10:41
thrice`Rotwang: bad rpm10:41
Rotwangi had it with three rpms by now10:42
aonbad original rpm and others mirror it?10:43
aonhow do you know? :)10:46
Rotwangim trying with more rpms atm ;]10:47
aonbad fs? :D10:48
aonbad mem?10:48
aonthat looks pretty retarded in caps10:49
rehabdolleverything looks retarded in caps :)10:49
thrice`Pat V. wrote it, it's gotta be flawless10:49
tilman  PS För att avboka dessa nyhetsbrev, se längst ned i detta mejl11:23
tilmanaon: can you translate that please?11:23
aonto order this newsletter, see the bottom of this mail11:25
aoneh no11:26
aonnot order11:26
tilmani figured11:26
aonsry for guessing :D11:26
tilmani think those are the instructions. what does it say?11:26
tilmani think i can ask them to send me stuff by snail mail :D11:26
aonor both e-mail and snail11:27
aonanswer RADERA to cancel the subscription11:27
aonBREV to get normal post11:27
aonE-POST to get e-mail11:27
aonBÅDE OCH to get both11:27
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tilmanaon: thanks11:31
rehabdollstupid glibc 2.10, wanting to install stuff in /lib6411:32
aonrehabdoll: email drepper :>11:34
teKbut DONT waste his time11:35
aonalso better plot your way into being his employer before that11:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libdrm: don't install the kernel headers.11:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: strace: moved to opt.11:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: strace: moved to opt.11:46
sepenboth to opt?11:46
tilmansepen: i removed it from core, and added it to opt11:47
sepenso [opt.git/2.6]: strace: moved from core ??11:47
tilmanoh come on, the comments aren't that irritating11:48
sepenhmm tiny core I suppose11:48
sepenI like it! ;D11:48
sepenhmm glibc + busybox maybe? hehehe11:48
aonjust spawn /bin/sh from the kernel11:49
aonstatic shell11:49
aonnothing else11:49
Rotwangaon: actually it seems its something with rpmoffset not the archive11:58
Rotwangi still believe that archive is ok11:58
aoni see11:58
Rotwangrpmoffset doesnt print teh offset11:59
aoni removed the whole deptree for firefox and reinstalled everything11:59
aon(well the opt/xorg ports anyway)12:00
aondidn't help12:00
aon(reinstalled => rebuilt)12:00
thrice`hm, other distros seem to keep the drm headers from libdrm, and remove from kernel headers12:00
tilmanaon: didn't help with what?12:00
tilmanyour fonts issue?12:00
juesepen: not really, we're about to add other stuff instead12:02
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thrice`well, at least slackware, arch, and gentoo use libdrm's stuff over the kernel, anyway.  seems fit to keep that dynamic, no?12:08
tilmani don't know12:09
rehabdoll--enable-kernel in glibc should probably be bumped to 2.6.29 in 2.612:12
thrice`i'll email mr. drepper12:12
juerehabdoll: no12:12
teKthrice`: he will eat your skin alive12:13
aontilman: yes, that12:13
thrice`"Dear Mr. Drepper, how much $$ will it take to advise on libdrm?"12:14
juerehabdoll: 2.6.16 is one of the long-time supported kernels and CRUX should support older kernels IMO12:16
rehabdollwhy not jue? i was reading something on the redhat devel list regarding that.. but they were still on 2.6.9. no major changes since what we are on now?12:16
rehabdollah, ok12:16
teKthrice`: Mr. Drepper I think you're a stupid fucking peace of shit because you insult your users wheny they try to improve your software's quality by submitting bug reports12:17
rehabdoll was the thread btw12:17
rehabdoll2.6.16.62 was released last year, is it still supported?12:25
rehabdollsupported to "at least mid-2009"12:27
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thrice`ok, I opened a libdevmapper bug, and just assigned to "noone" :>13:47
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joacimrehabdoll: I believe I'm experiencing issues related to the kernel headers, I cant compile certain software that requres kernel headers (oss-linux-free, nvidia drivers, klibc)14:40
joacimthe compile errors from all of those lead me to believe its caused by the kernel headers (I googled or something)14:41
joacimis there an easy way to fix this?14:41
rehabdollnvidia drivers = binary?14:42
joacimthere is some compiling involved14:43
rehabdolli havent tried to compile any of that so cant say for sure14:43
joacimhave to compile a wrapper (?)14:43
rehabdollbut the headers distributed with the iso should match the regular i686 2.5 headers14:44
rehabdollcan you paste the errors somewhere?14:44
joacimyeah I can, do prt-get/pkgmk have a build log somewhere?14:45
thrice`if you tell it to :)14:48
thrice`pkgmk -kw  or something14:48
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joacim <- build log for nvidia14:55
rehabdollNVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.51-pkg0 <- isnt that 32bit?14:57
joacimboth to my knowledge14:57
thrice`hm, i'm not sure about that14:58
joacimbut, you may be on to something14:58
rehabdoll64bit is called something like NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-180.51-pkg2.run14:59
thrice`  :>15:00
joacimah k15:00
joacimexplains why it wont build :p15:02
rehabdollare you using predatorfreaks port of klibc ?15:02
joacimare there any similar ports that are known to work? so that i can check if im experiencing some good olf pebkac15:03
thrice`out of curiosity, of what use is klibc?15:03
rehabdolldoesnt even build on my i686 box15:04
joacimI dont really know. its recuired by uvesafb15:04
joacimI think this is pebkac15:06
thrice`more than likely, his port just sucks15:07
rehabdolloss-linux-free seems to build for me15:08
rehabdollalthough the port seems outdated. the md5sum has changed and the patches now seem redundant15:08
rehabdollupdate the md5 and comment out the patches and it seems to compile15:08
joacimthe build itself works for me15:08
joacimjust had to comment out the patches and update the md515:09
joacimbut it is the soundon script that gives me the errors, it seems like its trying to build some modules15:09
joacimdont know if that was related to my kernel headers in any way. only googled the klibc and nvidia errors15:10
joacimbut now i know why the nvidia module wouldnt build ;)15:10
rehabdolldont think its header-related15:11
rehabdollprobably gcc is too picky15:13
rehabdolloss seem to have a newer version out too, probably fixed in that one15:15
joacimlooks like the pkgfile is meant for x8615:18
joacimgcc -m3215:18
joacimno wait. never mind15:18
joacimmore pebkac :p15:18
joacim"OSS started OK"15:29
joacimwhat now. do i put my name in the pkgmk or something? =)15:30
thrice`mkdir /usr/ports/mine; cp -R oss /usr/ports/mine :>15:30
joacimxorg is built without support for hal on crux?15:40
thrice`by default, but if you install hal, and then just rebuild xorg-server, it will work15:42
thrice`with the idea to keep off of the iso :)15:42
joacimyeah i dont like hal+xorg much. complicates my configuration :p15:43
joacimhated configuring my keyboard through hal15:43
thrice`it is kind of nice, but xorg was the only thing on my laptop that would use hal, so I didn't think running the daemon just for that was worth-while15:44
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thrice`NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       lib64/  boo16:37
thrice`oh, right16:39
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rehabdolloh, forgot about procps17:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: arora: updated to 0.6.117:13
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nipuL_just got a eeepc 900a, reckon it can power crux?21:25
thrice`is that your new dev box ? :)21:25
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
nipuL_lol, no21:25
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nipuL_though i'm tempted to run a binary based distro on it21:26
jaegernipuL_: I have crux on mine, it works fine21:26
thrice`the horror :(21:26
thrice`(of a binary distro)21:26
jaegerwell, I have a 901 but I bet it's close enough21:27
nipuL_jaeger: do you compile ports on it?21:27
jaegersure. it's not a bad processor, 1.6GHz atom in mine21:27
nipuL_this one is a dual core intel atom 1.6ghz21:27
jaegerI do it in a tmpfs or on a network share though since it's solid state21:27
thrice`I'd just make a firefox-bin port, and run one of your tiling WM's21:27
nipuL_no problem with drivers?21:28
jaegerI can't compile rt2860 with any recent kernel but older ones work fine21:28
nipuL_i had to get a windows one :\ it was cheaper that getting a linux one shipped in, only linux based one they had in town was a 70x21:29
nipuL_this one has atheros cards21:29
nipuL_i hope i have a 32bit crux cd somewhere :\21:30
jaegerthat's not an eee hardware problem, though, it's a kernel vs. driver one21:30
jaegersame problem on my MSI laptop21:30
nipuL_heh, latest 32bit crux iso i have is 2.5-test321:35
nipuL_and can't download a newer one because my bandwidth is shaped until thursday21:35
thrice`that'll work :)21:35
nipuL_to live in a country that has actual bandwidth21:36
nipuL_although we are getting 2 new pipes soon21:37
jaegerand censorship :P21:37
thrice`I have crappy 3 meg DSL :(21:37
nipuL_which are expected to reduce international bandwidth costs but a third21:37
nipuL_i'm on 8, but can only sync at 521:37
nipuL_jaeger: yeah it's a joke21:38
nipuL_if it ever comes in, i'll be setting up an encrypted tunnel to my vps21:38
jaegerI believe it... I've had to deal with the previous stuff, the opt-in ACMA thing21:39
nipuL_it's getting worse21:40
jaegerI'm glad we're getting out of it, that shit wastes a lot of my time21:40
jaegerevery month21:40
nipuL_a site recieved a take down notice for linking to a site that linked to _allegedly_ illegal material21:40
jaegererror: 'struct net_device' nas no member named 'wireless_handlers'21:43
jaegerthat's what I get on the rt2860 build21:44
jaegermaybe I'm missing something wireless, the kernel config stuff for wireless extensions is fairly confusing to me these days21:45
nipuL_do you use a journaling fs?21:45
nipuL_i've never had any problems getting wirless working on my desktop21:45
jaegerI don't use one on the eee, no... ext221:46
jaegerit's only rt2860 that's broken so not sure... my ath5k stuff works21:46
nipuL_i'm guessing you didn't use swap either?21:48
nipuL_try to reduce the writes as much as possible21:48
jaegerthat's correct21:49
jaegerI have /dev/shm, /var/log, /tmp, and /var/tmp in tmpfs21:50
nipuL_~/.mozilla aswell? :)21:51
jaegeractually I haven't run firefox on it yet, but that's not a bad idea21:52
nipuL_eep, it's rolling out IO errors on me21:55
jaegeruh oh21:55
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nipuL_i doubt it's hardware though21:59
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nipuL_   haha, not it won't boot at all22:04
nipuL_yay, only took me an hour to kill it22:04
jaegerdoh, hehe22:05
nipuL_and i fixed it22:13
jaegerooh, yay, rebuilding with the old deprecated wireless extensions seems to have helped22:15
jaegerhrmm... new driver doesn't seem to work, though, guess I'll try the previous one22:27
nipuL_what mount options do you use?22:38
nipuL_just noatime?22:39
jaegeraye, that's all22:43
nipuL_hmm, and again with the io22:43
nipuL_i think i've found a clue though22:43
nipuL_"no drq after issuing multiwrite"22:44
nipuL_CRUX noide sata, seemed to do the trick23:03
nipuL_disk is faster too23:03
jaegergrrr... stupid rt286023:04
nipuL_what cpu type do you choose in the kernel?23:15
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*** sets mode: +o jdolan23:17
jaegercore 2/newer xeon23:17
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