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pitiIIogood morning01:09
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f1yHi there.01:34
pitiIIohello, has anyone a intel 855GM card and is experiencing any problem while playing videos?01:50
pitiIIoI have been reading about a bug which must be solved with intel 2.7.0 but there is no way to get it working01:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: recordmydesktop: updated to
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rehabdollouch xorg 2.6 was a pain :)07:01
thrice`I did a pretend update of libxcb, and the list was quite intimidating07:06
rehabdollcd xorg; pkgmk -r -u; goto lunch07:09
rehabdollim about to attempt a build of openoffice07:09
joacimis there a new devfs for linux in the works?07:14
thrice`no, not really.  udev seems to work pretty well for most07:15
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Revert "shadow: update to 4.1.4"07:15
joacimthought I read something about it in the news, but I cant find my source again :/07:15
rehabdolldevfs, how -0207:16
joacimudev is so complicated :/07:18
jesse_Greg KH is going off the deep end with udev. Way back in the beginning it seemed like a decent replacement.07:19
thrice`i haven't had any udev issues in awhile, actually07:20
joacimI tried to configure udev once...07:21
jesse_You look at the rules and sooner or later you give up. :p07:22
thrice`i guess I've only had to make 1 or 2 rules on my own, everything else tends to fall into place pretty well ;)07:23
jesse_I admit that I did not like how devfs named devices, but hey, at least it was not rocket science if something had to be changed.07:23
jesse_You start to wonder what was the benefit of creating /sys. My understanding was that it was somehow supposed to replace /proc or something.07:26
rehabdolli have a lot of rules symlinking stuff in /dev - usb sticks, cell phones and cameras07:28
rehabdollwhy the fuck does openoffice need rpm when building from source?07:37
thrice`I think it needs xulrunner too ;)07:39
jesse_Fedora / red hat are the only distributions that matter!07:40
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aoni think gregkh wrote some really small devfs so that the embedded people would start complaining :)07:48
aoni don't think it's in the works, more like already done07:48
thrice`wtf O.o08:03
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thrice`cd windows_708:03
joacimI wonder what kind of porn he watch08:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libcap: possibly fixed compilation with current headers08:08
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jaegerhe posts bash history to twitter? wow... already thought he was odd08:20
jaegerthe scary part is I know someone out there really cares and follows that assiduously08:24
jesse_Sometimes I get a quick chuckle or two from people who willingly post just about every detail to some public website while others are constantly crying spy conspiracy and foul play on privacy.08:24
rehabdolltilman, have you built xulrunner on 2.6?08:24
aonrehabdoll: do you get the font problems too?08:25
thrice`rehabdoll: there is a patch for gcc4.4, I think08:25
rehabdollno, build error08:26
rehabdolleven with the patch08:26
rehabdollbut it might be user error :)08:26
aonoh, there have been loads of updaets08:27
* aon has been drinking so haven't followed the tree that carefully08:27
rehabdollgod there are a lot of warnings with firefox/xulrunner08:29
rehabdollsweet, openoffice thinks i want to cross compile to win3208:30
jesse_What a wonderful world.08:32
jesse_Hmm, something is missing or wrong, let's just assume the user compiling wants a win32 build. :D08:36
rehabdollyes, the most obvious alternative08:40
thrice`*must* be windows08:41
thrice`I wonder what the percentage of platform use is for OOo.  I'd have to guess the majority is linux08:41
rehabdollnah, just the number of windows-machines will probably top it for win08:42
rehabdollyay, not user-error08:43
rehabdollRunner.pp nsAppRunner.cpp08:43
rehabdollnsAppRunner.cpp:1462:6: error: #elif with no expression08:43
rehabdollyay, indeed user-error08:44
rehabdolland some braindamage too08:44
rehabdollbuilt the wrong dir \o/08:44
thrice`the patch fixes that ;)08:44
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pedjawould someone update opera to 9.64?it's one of the sips ports, I think.08:49
pedjaor should I open a bug thingie? :)08:49
aoni think you should pester romster to update his to 9.6408:50
aonsince the one in contrib is probably maintained to some extent08:50
pedjaopera is still in opt08:50
aonyeah, but it might be going08:50
sepenports marked with an **d** are dups in opt and contrib collections08:52
pedjaI have opera port in my local repo, which is updated.08:52
aoni think it's safe to drop it from opt now08:53
pedjaI rarely use it.08:54
sepenaon, +108:57
pedjasepen: when will you push xfce-4.6.1 to xfce repo?btw, xfprint from xfce46 repo is outdated, current is 4.6.108:57
sepenohh yeah, I should do it ;D08:57
pedjayes, I think you should :)08:58
sepenI think I could have sometime at the end of the week08:58
sepenI've an old pc where I can do some tests (remove the old xfce4 and install xfce4.6.1, etc.), just give me some days ;D08:59
sepenpedja, 4.6.1 just rocks IMHO, it's working fine for you?09:00
pedjayes, apart from power-manager09:00
pedjai'll try 0.8.0rc1 one of these days09:01
thrice`power manager seems to work OK fo rme09:01
pedjait's not big a big deal, I'm just curious why it wont work.09:02
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thrice`does it provide an error, or just won't load properly ?09:02
pedjaone sec09:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: ant, bftpd, cdrdao, opera: removed, duplicated in contrib09:06
thrice`did you restart dbus after installing it ?09:08
pedjaI rebooted after kernel update.09:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: adobereader: adopted and updated to 9.110:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: ant, bftpd, cdrdao, opera: removed, duplicated in contrib10:09
thrice`another one bites the dust10:13
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tilmanrehabdoll: no. i built it with gcc 4.4 on a 2.5 system though10:15
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rehabdollyeah, nevermind i have braindamage10:26
rehabdollwell it built, but everything is all fucked up10:32
rehabdollaon: what problems did you have?10:33
thrice`missing fonts, I think10:33
thrice`I wonder if updating nspr to the latest would help10:37
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rehabdollyep, that solved it, thanks for the tip10:42
thrice`what did, an nspr update ?10:44
thrice`tilman: ^^ :>10:47
rehabdollneeds some quirks for 64bit though :/10:56
thrice`oh, on the topic of opt64, I think libdevmapper is good now10:57
thrice`oops, you got it10:58
thrice`I think openoffice should be, though, no ?10:58
thrice`ooh, openoffice isn't in opt10:59
thrice`man, I"m slow today O.o10:59
rehabdollnah.. i put it in my misc-64bit collection10:59
aonwell i'll be damned11:01
aonnot missing fonts but hueg fonts11:02
rehabdollyeah, thats what i had11:05
aonand upgrading nspr helped?11:08
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aonyeah, that helped11:31
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aonnow i can switch back to conkeror <311:36
j^2aon: :D11:36
j^2hey man11:36
aonhi j^211:36
j^2how's life?11:36
aoncould be worse i guess11:37
aonstarting work next week11:37
j^2that's my new office :D11:39
j^ :(11:39
aoni don't think there are such accurate pics of my workplace :)11:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: updated to
j^2scary thing is it really is that bright :(11:41
tilmanhi j^211:42
j^2hey tilman :D11:43
j^2been a while :D11:43
aonamazing detail11:46
aonhelsinki seems to be the only place in finland of which there are satellite images which aren't completely worthless11:47
aonin google maps, at least11:48
aonwhich is strange since the streetview cars are going around here11:48
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: httpup: fixed the build with gcc 4.4.11:49
aonthere it is11:50
aonthat "mapcomp=" looks really useful11:50
thrice`tilman: did you see the fix for the xulrunner issue?  I guess up'ing nspr should work11:51
tilmanthrice`: yeah, aon told me about it11:51
tilmanupdating as we speak11:51
thrice`ok :)11:51
j^2aon: ...grainy eh?11:52
tilmanDAMN now i have to test-build xulrunner against the new nspr11:53
* tilman hytter med naven!11:53
thrice`nah, just have faith11:53
tilmanthrice`: but, murphy!11:54
joacimgoogle used to have better satellite pictures of Trondheim11:54
tilmanaon, thrice`: btw, contained a fix for i96512:11
thrice`the tiling stuff ?12:12
tilmanxulrunner build failed!12:14
tilmanthat's because i still run gcc 4.412:15
thrice`nothing beats building xulrunner, than building it 2 times12:16
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thrice`ok, i'll turn KMS back on \o/12:16
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thrice`I didn't think the fix was going in until 2.6.30 for some reason12:20
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joacimshould a package create the /media directory? hal+thunar failed to automount because the directory was missing12:38
thrice`mm, not sure.  mkdir /media  fixes it, though12:43
thrice`alot of people don't use hal for automounting, so maybe making /media is a bad idea :(  I can see both opinions, personally12:45
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: nspr: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: adobereader: adopted and updated to 9.112:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: ant, bftpd, cdrdao, opera: removed, duplicated in contrib12:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: git: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nspr: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.612:51
aon20:51 < cruxbot> [opt.git/2.6]: ant, bftpd, cdrdao, opera: removed, duplicated in contrib12:52
tilmanaon: did you commit that one separately? once in 2.5, once in 2.6?12:53
aonyea, first in 2.6, then in 2.512:53
aonhow could that merge?12:53
tilmanno idea12:54
aoni thought cherry-pick is the right thing to use when getting one commit from another branch?12:54
tilmanah, you cherry-picked it?12:54
tilmanthat should of been fine12:55
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: rdate: replaced by openrdate13:25
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: openrdate: initial release13:25
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: udev: updated to 142.13:53
thrice`I think when nipuL updates hal, we can remove the udev symlink13:57
tilmanudev 142 bitches when your kernel still has CONFIG_DEPRECATED_SYSFS, fwiw13:58
thrice`i thought I read something in the util-linux 2.15 notes that vol_id might be useless now, but didn't quite understand13:58
thrice`"The libvolume_id from udev and vol_id command is deprecated now.14:00
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb: update to 1.0.114:01
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libusb-compat: initial release14:01
juetilman: see the link at TODO2614:02
tilmanjust found it14:03
tilmani don't get why e2fsprogs gets to declare programs from udev as deprecated14:04
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thrice`nfc :>14:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: squashfs-tools: updated to version 4.014:20
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: readline: removed info pages14:20
thrice`aah, too many updates14:22
thrice`tilman: I'm not at home to test, but on your udev, does "ls -l /sbin/vol_id" show anything funny ?14:29
tilmanwoohoo broken symlink14:29
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tilmanthrice`: so it looks like we either update e2fsprogs in core/2.5, too, or revert udev to 14114:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: clamav: updated to version 0.95.114:32
thrice`hm, also interresting from the 142 changelog:  "udevd: at startup create /dev/null, /dev/console, /dev/kmsg"14:33
happydawnhow are modules auto-loaded during boot in CRUX ?14:34
tilmanhappydawn: you put modprobe calls in /etc/rc.module14:34
thrice`happydawn: udev does most of it, but you can add specific entries to /etc/rc.modules14:34
thrice`tilman: aha, "delete libvolume_id" is the last entry.  so our symlink can probably go.14:34
thrice`(or stick to 141, indeed)14:35
tilmanthrice`: only if e2fsprogs doesn't try to use it!14:35
thrice`I wonder if the former comment means that mknod isn't necessary anymore for /lib/udev/devices/{console,null} ?  this stuff is too confusing O.o14:36
jesse_Yay udev. :s14:37
tilmanthrice`: yes, i think it does :D14:38
tilmannot sure i want to try though :>14:38
jaegeranyone use quake4 or unace? thinking about dropping those14:40
tilmane2fsprogs 1.41.5 doesn't seem to use vol_id14:48
thrice`so, as of the latest util-linux-ng, simply nothing needs it ?14:50
tilmanoh oops14:50
joacimI used to play quake4, but I dont think I play it enough to warrant a port in contrib14:57
jesse_Version control comes handy during a time like this. ;)14:58
jesse_You can remove something and if it ever is needed for some reason, a quick search and retrieve is all you need.14:59
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happydawnthrice`, udev should load modules like uhci_hcd, usbcore and so forth on its own, right?15:17
thrice`typically, sure15:17
thrice`the only one I have to load manually is acpi-cpufreq to get my cpu-scaling to work15:18
happydawnwell, I know I'm creating the problem because I'm actually trying out CRUX init scripts on my Arch machine...15:18
happydawnand in Arch there's a $MOD_AUTOLOAD variable in rc.conf which somehow tells udev to autoload modules15:19
thrice`I think arch also uses a very strange init system regarding a init image15:19
happydawnbut because the init scripts are different, apparently udev doesn't load anyghing15:20
happydawnwhat do you mean?15:20
thrice`doesn't arch pre-load a bunch of crap into their init image for booting ?15:20
happydawnin initrd, yes but I've compiled the necessary functionality in my kernel and don't use such an image15:21
thrice`and, can I ask the obvious of "what the heck are you doing?" :)15:21
happydawnsee, arch and crux init scripts look very much alike, but the arch rc.sysinit does a bunch of stuff I don't need, so I decided to substitute the scripts instead of stripping them down15:22
happydawnit took only a little adjustment and it works so far, except for module auto-loading15:24
thrice`and, the goal is to reduce boot time by the epic 0.5 seconds or so ?15:24
happydawnnot really15:24
thrice`well, did you add the section that calls the modules in the array ?15:24
happydawnI like learning by reading those kinds of scripts15:24
happydawnno, but on my crux machine, the modules that should be autoloaded are and on arch, there is some magic with $MOD_AUTOLOAD, which I can't figure out15:26
happydawn“udev will not do any module loading for you unless MOD_AUTOLOAD is enabled in /etc/rc.conf”15:26
happydawnI know is Arch specific but I thought you might know something about udev15:27
happydawnsorry for bothering you15:27
thrice`no, sorry :(  crux just relies on udev, and then rc.modules if needed15:29
thrice`of course, the suggestion is just use crux ;)15:32
happydawnI would, but I would have to spend a lot more time on maintanance15:33
happydawncompiling programs, maintaining a custom repo15:33
happydawnon Arch I only use the ports system in particular cases15:35
happydawnthanks for your help, I'll try something15:37
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happydawnhaha I added MOD_AUTOLOAD="yes" to rc.conf and it worked15:40
happydawnI still have to figure out why, though15:41
happydawnoh, no I get it... there's some Arch specific stuff in /lib/udev/load-modules.sh15:44
thrice`oh, ugly :(15:45
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thrice`tilman: btw, util-linux-ng is at 2.15 in 2.5 ;)15:49
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thrice`ok, lets see if udev makes devs as it claims16:40
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thrice`ok, device nodes need creating \o/16:50
thrice`seems it was reverted, but shipped in the 142 changelog \o/16:58
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