IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-05-15

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f1yHi there.01:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sudo: moved to core03:06
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: sudo: changed maintainer to system team03:14
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Rotwanggod damn ati, FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU03:22
joacimdidnt think it would take this long to write a pkgfile for comix :/03:24
joacimbloody mimetypes03:24
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cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: e2fsprogs: removed findfs, fsck and blkid with lib06:22
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: util-linux-ng: update to git version 2.15-12-g4bf7d60, enabled libblkid06:22
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thrice`hm, reading -devel, I don't think hal should need a newer e2fsprogs07:04
juethrice`: no, it needs blkid from util-linux-ng07:05
thrice`the rules should only need /sbin/blkid, which is provided now in e2fsprogs07:05
thrice`  no, you are right07:08
thrice`I just saw "use /sbin/blkid instead" and thought that from e2fsprogs would cover it07:12
juethrice`: you've seen the link fro hal I've posted to -devel?07:13
thrice`I noticed the "blkid_module >=1.43".  does that mean it wants blkid to be from e2fsprogs?07:15
thrice`or does the util-linux-ng cover it07:15
jueno I mean that one ->
thrice`ah, ok.  so, maybe udev should be 141 in 2.5, and then bump with hal in 2.6 :-)  that should make everything happy07:16
jueand yes, util-linux-ng covers it07:16
jueyeah, that's the best option IMO too07:17
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spaceninjawhere's gnome in the ports section on
spaceninjaI just remove ubuntu and wanted to install crux with gnome on my desktop computer :p07:19
spaceninjaI thought it had been updated to 2.2607:20
thrice`hm, the portdb seems to be only displaying repos currently :>07:20
spaceninjayes, I first thought it was some kind of cleanup, maybe it's an error07:22
thrice`spaceninja: I *think* this will do it.  I grabbed it from jaeger's site, but can't really test it, as I'm at work:
spaceninjaok thanks07:22
tilmanomg, thrice is irc'ing at work!07:22
thrice`it's what gets me through the day ;)07:22
thrice`but was more of a "I use windows at work" :|07:23
tilmanme too :'(07:23
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spaceninjaoh no, it's 2.2407:25
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spaceninjalets hope it works07:25
spaceninjadid the 2.26 come out recently?07:25
thrice`mm, possibly07:29
thrice`have you checked out xfce lately ?07:30
joacimI only use thunar07:31
joacimdont really notice a difference between thunar 1.0 and the earlier version07:31
joacimcan only say that I liked the version from the early betas of xfce 4.4 more ;)07:32
spaceninjamaybe I should give it a try07:33
spaceninjabut I really like gnome's apps, they're solid07:35
joacimthunar is pretty much the only xfce component that I enjoy =)07:36
* spaceninja is installing xfce07:39
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spaceninjaoh no, I forgot to add runscript07:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Revert "udev: updated to 142."07:45
spaceninjamy crux fingers has gone cold07:46
thrice`I set it globally in prt-get.conf07:47
spaceninjayep, it's  nice place to configure stuff07:47
spaceninjabut I always forget it07:48
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spaceninjaI'm having problems with exo, seems it needs pygtk, maybe it's not in the dep list?08:07
spaceninjafor xfce408:07
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sepenspaceninja, I'll look for exo issues, give sometime08:22
spaceninjaI have the log08:22
sepennice, please paste.se08:22
spaceninjabut I don't have a gui, I don't know how to paste it or something08:22
sepenprt-get depinst wgetpaste; wgetpaste /path/to/file08:23
spaceninjaoh cool08:23
spaceninjaI love these smart terminal programs08:24
spaceninjabut I managed to get it installed after I depinstalled pygtk08:24
spaceninjamaybe it got added to the log, but I paste it08:25
spaceninjawgetpaste doesn't work, "apparently nothing was recieved. Perhaps the connection failed"08:29
spaceninjaI did wgetpaste exo.log08:30
sepen$ wgetpaste -S08:30
spaceninjadpaste is selected08:31
sepen$ wgetpaste -s rafb08:31
spaceninjait has a * in  front of it08:31
sepenso, use another one08:31
spaceninjait worked08:31
spaceninjaI just need to installed gpm08:32
spaceninjaok, I copy it by hand08:32
sepensure, or write a little script for you irc client to execute it08:33
thrice`wgetpaste /path/to/log  should work fine :(08:33
spaceninjathrice`: yes it's working, but not withd dpaste08:34
spaceninjafor me08:34
spaceninjahmm, that log only shows the successfull compilation08:35
spaceninjait got overwritten08:38
spaceninjathere was some glade thing08:44
spaceninjaI don't like glide, don't know why08:44
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sepenwell, I can't see where is the problem, he has pygtk installed09:12
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spaceninjawhich port is the main installtion for xfce?09:57
thrice`I think xfce409:57
spaceninjaok, I guess it's up to me to install other wanted parts09:58
spaceninjabut xfce is nice09:58
thrice`spaceninja: nah, prt-get depinst --install-scripts xfce4 , and go geta  cup of coffee :)09:59
spaceninjaluckily I enabled the scripts in prt-get.conf :)10:01
spaceninjaI'm hoping I will get some icons now that I'm installing the themes10:02
spaceninjaheh, nope10:04
thrice`well, actually, xfce4 ditched icons in 4.6 (or they weren't done).  I use tango-icon-theme personally10:04
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spaceninjaok, so the default that I'm seeing now is hicolor-icon-theme?10:06
pedjasepen: xfce4-power-manager and xfce4-settings are missing from xfce repo(if prtorphan is to be trusted :) )10:07
sepenwell, bit a bit, today is a new xfce's day for me ;D10:07
sepenyesterday I updated a lot, so I think all should be fine at the end of the week10:08
sepenand thanks for testing it ;D10:08
sepenthrice`, I'm using tango too10:08
pedjanp, I am grateful for your work :)10:09
spaceninjahow did you install tango_10:09
joacimthe Gion icon theme is nice =)10:09
sepenwell the work was made in the past by Jue too10:09
sepenspaceninja, hicolor- it's only the skel for icons, iirc10:10
pedjaI also got footprint mismatch with xfce4 port,
sepenthrice`, I asked about the ditched icons on the #xfce channel sometime ago, just they invite me to use tango too ;D10:11
sepenohh thanks pedja10:11
sepenalso I should fix the exo port, I'm wondering about to use --disable-python on it10:11
* pedja uses OxygenRefit2 icons with xfce10:12
thrice`yep, it seems xfce4-icons were not prepared when 4.6.x was released10:12
sepenif not I should add pygtk as dep10:12
spaceninjadoes anyone have a pkgfile for tango_10:12
sepenspaceninja, the gnome repo iirc10:12
spaceninjabut the repos are gone10:12
sepen^^ spaceninja10:13
thrice`careful, the one from gnome might have a few un-needed deps, though10:13
thrice`oh, maybe not :D10:13
spaceninjasepen: thanks10:13
pedjasepen: latest thunar-volman is
sepen$ finddeps tango-icon-theme | grep gnome | wc -l10:13
sepenpedja, hmmm10:13
sepenwell too many work for this night, ;D10:14
sepenI'll part from the office in ten minutes10:14
sepenplease remember me when arrive to home10:14
pedjaI'm already at home :)10:15
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4: fixed footprint (thank pedja)10:20
sepenwell, now going to home10:20
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spaceninjadarnit, I forgot to backup my warez :p10:46
spaceninjalets hope something positive can come out of it10:47
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: thunar-volman: updated to 0.3.8012:02
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4-settings: initial import12:02
thrice`xfce 46 seems to want thunar-volman12:03
thrice`definitely not a depends, but it complains alot about not finding it :)12:03
sepenwell I don't have it12:04
sepenyeah, but I listed thunar as nicetohave for xfce412:04
sependo you mean, that maybe I should replace it by thunar-volman?12:05
thrice`nooo, sorry.  I mean, whenever I log out of xfce, I see lots of warnings about thunar-volman missing.  it is just a plugin12:06
sepenmaybe I should prepare a wiki document, but you know that my englis is poor12:06
sepen*english (spanglish)12:06
thrice`I think just as a "nice to have" is perfect :)12:07
sepenthe problem I think is that people who read Nice to have: thunar-volman (only this dep), should know that it depends on thunar12:08
sepenreally the most features added are by thunar, and the volman are really complements12:09
sepenI've another interesting situtation with 'exo' too, so I should disable all python bindings to avoid the pygtk check12:10
sepenI think I should add pygtk as dep for now, but try to get the same behaviour for a basic desktop installation without pygtk in a near future12:14
sepenor maybe I should split in two ports 'exo', and 'exo-python'12:23
thrice`is there any benefit from the python bindings ?12:24
sepenI think no12:25
sepenI prefer to have other features like the ones provided by libnotify12:31
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: exo: fixed dependencies12:34
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sepenhehe, for what arch?14:27
thrice`awesome logo ;)14:28
thrice`hmm, I wonder if the new mesa RC's + new libdrm would provide any gallium stuff?15:11
* tilman checks that it's not april 1st15:14
treachnext up; Pointers. :P15:21
tilmantreach: heard of internetavgift? :]15:41
treachanother trial in the making, no doubt. This time it will no doubt be "accessory instigating harassment" or some such stupidity.15:43
tilmanthere's an amazing lot of crap going on these days15:43
treachyeah, the corporate neofacists know no shame.15:44
treachand what componds the issue is that we have such a weak constitution.15:44
treachyeah. For starters, and maybe the biggest problem; Our parliament is supposed to control the governement, but in reality, it doesn't.15:46
treachWhy? Because the parties, who make up the governement, decides who is electable for the parliament.15:46
treachif you piss of the brass in your party, you're out the next election, and that's it.15:47
aonluckily we have eu15:48
treachsecondly, we do not have a constititional court, just a pretty lame commitee made up of.. you guessed it. Politicians from said parties.15:48
aonso it's not just your crap or my crap15:48
aonit's our crap15:48
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux15:48
treachand thirdly, if you do something that is against the constitution, there is no punishment.15:48
treachworst thing that can happen is that you get hauled in front of your buddies in the constititional comitee and get a "spot" (or dot, not sure how to translate that).15:50
treachthat's some serious deterrent for bad behaviour, right? :>15:50
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treachof course, if you're well connected you don't even get that, then there will be an "investigation" which infalliably will find you without fault.15:51
jesse_Slap on the wrist, you naughty comrade.15:51
treachdamn, a slap on the wrist would be much worse than that15:51
treachour system is totally fucked up because there is *no* real accountability.15:52
treachs/dot/mark/  I guess.15:53
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thrice`I should update to 2.6.30, just to get rid of tuz16:29
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RyoSthrice`: do it!16:56
treachyeah, get a prerelease kernel in order to remove a small image shown during boot for, what 5 or 10 seconds?16:57
thrice`yes, but daily :(16:58
treachoh, the suffering. :>16:58
RyoSfuck bleeding edge, that 2.6 branch is growing to fast16:59
RyoSi go back to 2.416:59
thrice`i tried to patch it with cptn's crux patch, but I couldn't get that to compile16:59
treachI think 2.2 is still maintained.16:59
RyoStreach: more likely 2.4 ;)17:00
RyoSlatest update in april 200917:00
RyoS2.2s latest update was in 2004 :D17:00
treachyeah, but it's still listed.17:00
treachiirc there are a lot of embedded projects that use it17:01
* treach ponders playing around with btrfs17:04
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joacimoh noes someone is using windows mail :-O17:34
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treachlol, Received: from MrVista ( by pne-smtpout2-sn1.fre.skanova.net17:36
treachWhat does Mr Vista have to do with us? ;>17:36
jesse_For vista to receive an honorific title like that, wow. What will they think of next. :D17:39
treachmmh, push mechanism.. wonder if "cron" would do. ;)17:39
treachms-think ftw.17:39
thrice`regarding the ML mail ?17:43
aondidn't pkgsync or whatever do that?17:44
thrice`I think so17:44
treachwell, I think jdolan_ used to use it, not sure if anyone else is actually using anymore.17:45
treach*using it*17:45
thrice`no, but it solves his question perfectly17:48
treachif it still works, that is.17:48
thrice`portdb is still b0rked :(17:49
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gavinoso i used archlinux, now im on netbsd518:06
gavinoand asw crux and remembered that arch was absed on it18:06
gavinoim curious about it18:06
gavinoand if anyone can comment on it v arch18:06
thrice`well, crux is a little simpler at its base18:07
thrice`but, the biggest difference is that crux is source based, while arch is binary18:07
joacimand arch is discriminating against me18:07
thrice`personally? :)18:11
joacimI dont know. every time I tried arch, there was always some broken package that I had to struggle with18:12
thrice`i always got the impression the arch devs didn't quite know what they were doing18:12
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: ristretto: updated to 0.0.2218:21
*** jue has quit IRC18:42
thrice`aha!  rotwang seems to have an updated crux logo patch18:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mldonkey: updated to 3.0.018:45
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*** rehabdoll_ is now known as rehabdoll18:53
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dbus: update to 1.2.1418:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gnutls: update to 2.6.618:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: qemu: update to 0.10.418:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: rox: update to 2.918:56
gavinocrux has no iceWM :(19:34
thrice`openbox, of course19:35
gavinoso crux is simpler even than archlinux wow19:49
gavinoits sourcy19:49
gavinoso its liek liek gentoo19:49
sepengentoo is not simpler19:50
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gavinodo you compile the kernel even for a basic install?19:57
sepenimho the kernel should be separated from the distro19:58
sepenand yes19:59
sepenbut in slow machines I used to copy the one in the iso, and also the modules19:59
*** gavino has quit IRC20:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: rox: update footprint20:43
nipuLi just build on a faster machine20:44
nipuLit also helps that all my crux boxes are also distcc nodes20:45
thrice`for your eeepc? :)20:48
*** sepen has quit IRC20:52
nipuLit's actually quite speedy considering20:52
nipuLthe 2 cores help20:53
thrice`yeah, definitely20:56
nipuLplus doing as mush as possible in tmpfs20:56
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*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:26
thrice`hmm, new xmms2 ;)21:32
*** VileTimes has joined #crux21:33
VileTimesHey folks. I noticed quite a clean-up happened in the portsdb over at (gnome is gone!?). What's the scoop?21:34
thrice`I think it's broken currently ;)21:35
*** aee_ has joined #crux21:35
VileTimesHey thrice. How've you been?21:35
thrice`nipuL: poke? (or are you not the portdb guru?)21:36
thrice`I'm ok, you ?21:36
*** aee has quit IRC21:36
VileTimesOh quite well. I was looking for a couple of gnome bitz for a system I'm putting together for someone and noticed that a lot of the old repos are now gone.21:37
thrice`  I think that will work21:38
nipuLthrice`: apparently :)21:43
nipuLwwell i haven't touched it, let me have a look21:44
thrice`seems dead :)21:44
VileTimesThat seemed to have worked, Thrice. Thanks so much. :)21:45
nipuLit's been nuked21:46
VileTimesYeah, everything is wiped except for a few repos.21:46
nipuLodd, the data file is intact21:47
thrice`strange that everything got ditched, except items21:51
nipuLbut the database is empty21:51
VileTimesThe site was down last night for a little while. Perhaps that had something to do with it?21:51
VileTimes"Last night" meaning EST time.21:52
nipuLrepos should only get deleted if they are not in the repo list21:52
nipuLit was last written to about 24 hours ago21:52
nipuLi'll give it a day to see if it fixes itself21:53
nipuLbut yeah, probably caused by the downtime21:54
thrice`ah :)21:56

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