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nipuLsweet, kms on my eeepc00:05
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spaceninjahow does a package come into contrib?02:15
* spaceninja wants slock there :p02:15
spaceninjabut I guess I could manually add it02:16
nipuLdo you have a private repo listed  on portdb?02:16
spaceninjait's in namelos's repo, but I don't have one myself, haven't had the energy to learn httpup yes02:25
spaceninjamaybe I should do it now02:26
spaceninjado I need my own server?02:29
spaceninjanevermind, I have to do this another time, I must figure out a way to get money before I die :p02:30
nipuLports get into contrib if one of the contrib maintainers put it there02:30
spaceninjaoh, that sounds,, logical :)02:33
joacimno fairie dust and magic here :/02:39
spaceninjawhich usually means, bloated layers of complexity02:40
spaceninjadust and magic02:40
spaceninjathat's a cool game name02:41
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spaceninjaI'm trying to make a Pkgfile, but I get this error "make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop."04:16
nipuLwhy make -f then no -f?04:17
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nipuLanyone here using multicast dns?04:19
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Rotwangspaceninja: you can use sed with different delimiters than / by the way04:20
Rotwanglike sed 's|/foo/bar|/baz|'04:20
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spaceninjaRotwang: ok thx, makes it easier to read. nipuL: should I remove -f?    This is a section from the INSTALL.txt file,
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spaceninjawhat's makefile?04:32
spaceninjaI replaced it with make, because I didn't have it04:32
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spaceninjamaybe I don't need the last line, make install04:41
spaceninjaoh, Rotwang, I'm using your thing now, it could work now :)05:02
spaceninjathe destination was messed up05:03
* spaceninja is compiling05:03
spaceninjano, it didn't work,05:04
spaceninjawasn't that05:06
spaceninja-DNDEBUG -DDEFAULT_PREFIX="\"/usr\"" -05:12
spaceninjathis is the output when I compile05:12
spaceninjais that prefix ok?05:12
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Rotwangspaceninja: do you have solution at last?05:22
spaceninjafirst I thought it was the sed05:24
spaceninjabut it's not05:24
spaceninjathe "\"/usr\"" is ok I think05:25
* Rotwang crys05:25
spaceninjalol at what, my incompetence or the problem? :)05:25
spaceninjaoh well05:27
spaceninja   the error05:28
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* Rotwang crys twice05:28
spaceninjaI feel like you know the answer :)05:28
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Rotwangi give up05:29
Rotwangindentation is wrong because ive done it quickly05:30
spaceninjaomg that so advanced, it would take me a month to figure that out05:30
spaceninja-d hehe05:31
spaceninjathanks! :)05:31
spaceninjaRotwang: when I install it, the files gets installed in /share, not /usr/share      mkdir -p $PKG/share/ase06:45
spaceninjashould it be mkdir -p $PKG/usr/share/ase ?06:46
Rotwangor it should be make -f makefile.lnx DEFAULT_PREFIX=$PKG/usr install06:48
Rotwangand mkdir should be mkdir -p $PKG/usr/{bin,share/ase}06:49
spaceninjagreat thanks agian06:53
spaceninjashould I really run make -f twice?
spaceninjaI guess so, the other ones installs it, stupid me :)07:02
spaceninjasomething is still wrong with the dirs, hmm07:06
spaceninjaI need a break07:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: amule: updated to 2.2.507:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: netpbm: updated to 10.35.6407:10
spaceninjahow do i move /usr/share/ase/data/gui-en.xml     to    /usr/share/ase/gui-en.xml in the script?
spaceninjathat file is in the wrong place07:19
spaceninjathink I got it07:24
* spaceninja writes his own pixel editor08:04
thrice`Rotwang: have you tried to patch the crux latest into a new-er kernel ?08:21
thrice`maybe I suck, but I couldn't get the patch on the colorizing wiki to apply08:26
Rotwangno im still on 2808:46
Rotwangit cant be too hard to fix08:47
Rotwangit happens probably due to tuz08:47
thrice`damn tuz!1108:50
thrice`hm, I think it's working now.09:02
Rotwanggreat you can add it to teh wiki ;]09:04
joacimI need more games that work on a x86-64 pure system09:11
joacimI only have zsh atm09:11
spaceninjadownload nexuiz, it's not pure, just unzip it and play10:14
spaceninjathere is a 64bit binary10:14
spaceninjaso it will work10:15
* spaceninja gonna play somenow10:15
Rotwangjoacim: play teeworlds10:15
Rotwangthere is 64 bit version10:16
Rotwangi mean it should compile under 6410:16
joacimoh teeworld looks nice =)10:17
joacimalready knew about nexuiz tho =)10:18
thrice`haha, "I already have zsh"10:24
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rehabdolllbreakout2 ftw13:09
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thrice`d'oh, the readme was killed from openoffice15:35
joacimsweet jebus. hannesgot a port of the 64-bit nvidia driver :D15:37
joacimI'll be able to play teeworlds with smooth graphics :D15:38
thrice`hm, dont' think I've played that one15:39
rehabdollshit its slow15:59
rehabdolldoes it use opengl or something?15:59
rehabdollalso b0rked up randr15:59
joacimyeah it use opengl16:01
joacimdont need a fancy card tho. works fine on my macbook (x3100)16:01
Rotwangim unable to play it too since ati decided not to support my card anymore16:02
joacimisnt there a command to update the kernel modules database?16:02
joacimupdate-modules or modules-update or something like that?16:02
joacimcant find anything like that on my system16:02
joacimcan swear I have used it before16:03
joacimat least moonbuggy works16:03
rehabdolldoesnt work well with mesa3d sofware :)16:04
rehabdollno 3d for my card yet :p16:04
rehabdolldepmod -a ?16:04
joacimindeed. thanks =)16:05
joacimjust had to do a quick %s/x86/x86_64/g on the port from opt16:07
thrice`rehabdoll: tried mesa 7.5 rc's ?16:12
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thrice`aaw, I own a ps3 :(16:37
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rehabdollNo package 'libvolume_id' found18:54
rehabdollwhen (re)building hal18:54
thrice`downgrade to udev 14118:54
thrice`or, update to udev 142 after using util-linux-ng 2.15.1gitsomething18:55
thrice`hal/udev are kinda stuck until /sbin/blkid gets switched to ship with util-linux (instead of e2fsprogs), which I think will be a 2.6 thing18:59
rehabdolloh, core.rsync was still at 2.6 \o/19:00
rehabdollbleeding edge + senility ftl19:00
thrice`I think if you're on util-linux-ng 2.15.gitversion, hal 0.5.12 might be good19:01
rehabdollhal now installs a 10-keymap.fdi file - setting us keymap D;19:04
rehabdolltoo tired asdg19:05
nipuLi'll be pushing hal 0.5.12 into 2.6 today, just rebuilding the toolchain19:15
thrice`fun fun ;)20:37
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nipuLoh god, revdep is massive22:36
nipuLwell the list is22:36
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