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Rotwangscroll button in my mouse acts weird13:21
Rotwangif i try to scroll up or down quickly13:22
sepenjust clean the mouse13:23
Rotwangscroll bar on my monitor goes in opposite direction for a while13:23
Rotwangits hard to explain13:23
Rotwanghow do i clean a scroll button? :<13:23
sepenin the shower?13:24
sepenwell I tried but it died ;D13:25
thrice`sepen: I want to report, that I've used the new iwlwifi driver, and it works well (from contrib)13:27
thrice`version  not sure if you use this still or not :D13:29
sepenI don't have my laptop here, but I'll take a look13:32
sepenthanks thrice`13:32
thrice`no rush.  I just tried last night, and thought I'd report :)13:33
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spaceninjaimagemagick needs an update, they remove  the tarball14:01
thrice`tilman: have you thought of the 2.6 xorg udpate?  did you see how gentoo modifies .la files first with sed to remove xlib crap ?  wonder if that'd be useful to reduce number of rebuilds14:04
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sepenups ;D14:30
jaegerthrice`: uploaded a new iso today with a few more package updates14:49
thrice`jaeger: awesome, the first first worked perfectly.  forgot to share, sorry14:50
jaegerglad to hear it :)14:50
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thrice`huh, I still get a few tiling issues on 2.6.29 with UXA (mainly watching flash vids).  wonder if those bugs weren't fixed yet16:54
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rehabdollpull the drm modules from mesa-git instead, the kernel is lagging behind a couple of months on those issues17:31
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rehabdollulrich vs linus thread17:41
rehabdoll"But quite frankly, the17:42
rehabdollonly thing you have proven so far is that you're an ass.17:42
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thrice`ok, even slackware just released a 64-bit devel branch.  come on 11!!18:53
nipuLCRUX64(multilib) version 2.519:35
nipuLLinux 2.6.24-22-xen #1 SMP Mon Nov 24 21:35:54 UTC 2008 x86_64 Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2212 AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux19:35
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zygmysterHello all21:06
zygmysterI have just installed Crux.  After working with Gentoo for a few years it's nice to see a really stream lined source based distro.21:09
jaegerGlad you like it so far21:14
zygmysterIs there a text based web browser in the default posts?21:16
zygmysterI looked for links and lynx and didn't see either21:17
jaegerelinks, I think21:17
zygmysterOK, I'll give that a shot21:17
zygmysterIt's building now21:18
zygmysterOK, that's wonderful!21:20
zygmysterWorks like a charm21:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: hal: update to 0.5.1222:15

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