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pitiIIogood morning01:01
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sepen<<This software has compatibility issues with the version of msxml4.dll used by cloaking devices on Romulan-modded D7-class battle cruisers. Installing this software on such vessels is punishable by ordeal of Ginst'a'Ed...>>08:40
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spaceninjaI'm trying to build grafx2, but I get this error, is libpng dev flags on?
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spaceninjaits working11:02
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tilmanI'm announcing the release of the kernel.  All users of the11:18
tilman2.6.29 kernel series are very strongly encouraged to upgrade.11:18
tilmani guess there's some undocumented security fix in there11:18
aonbut if you're using 2.6.28, for example, you aren't encouraged to upgrade?11:24
aonor 2.6.9 like i have at work :)11:24
tilmandon't pick nits :p11:24
aonif i had nits, i'd probably pick them11:25
aon"    * Head lice (often known as "nits" in the United Kingdom and Australia)11:25
tilmanyay lice11:26
aonthink i should go play outside for a bit11:31
aonfeels like i'll have rsi soon11:31
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spaceninjaWhat should I type in Pkgfile if the content of a tarball isn't inside a directory named with $name, there's no dir, it just extracts everything into the current dir.12:09
jaegeryou can use $SRC/whateverfilename12:11
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spaceninjalike this?     I get errors like cp grafx2 /home/akin/packages/grafx2/work/pkg/usr/local/share/grafx2/12:15
spaceninjahah ah, it's messed up,12:15
spaceninjait doesn't have configure file12:16
spaceninjaI don't know what to do12:16
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spaceninjaI meant cd $SRC/grafx212:21
spaceninjawhere can I read more about the build() function?12:27
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* spaceninja reads the source12:28
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spaceninjafind /usr/ports/ | grep Pkgfile | while read line; do cat $line; echo -e "-------------------------------------------";  done | less14:12
spaceninjagreat, now I can read every Pkgfile there is, and learn everything14:12
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aonuseless use of .*14:20
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sepenhe also can read every Pkgfile~ ;D14:57
Rotwangalso after every line he will get ------------------------15:02
jesse_zomg crux Pkgfiles r teh complex!1115:07
sepenwell at least he's trying to get more knowledge at channel #bash ;D15:13
sepen<spaceninja> sepen: I've lost my credebility in crux so I have to find new grounds :)15:14
sepen<sepen> spaceninja, you never had credebility ;D15:14
jesse_Truth hurts sometimes.15:17
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treachyou need another t to be bright. :>15:56
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