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ibblebuis there a port of asterisk which I can use proudctively or should I use another distro?05:09
sepenjust use the portd to looking for ports05:10
sepeniirc asterisk in on contrib collection05:10
ibblebuI know there are ports of asterisk.. but would you recommend using it?05:11
sepenwell, I think you should know every port you plain to use05:15
sepencrux is not opensuse, fedoraredhat, or etceteras05:15
sepenjust use at your own risk, so you're an experienced user05:16
ibblebuyes.. that was what I have in mind05:16
ibblebuanother point.. I have to update an old System - its about 3 years old and I guess it never had been updated - is there an easy way to sysupgrade or should I reinstall the OS with a newer version?05:17
ibblebuin general it is better to install a newer version "cleanly" - I know05:18
ibblebuoO(but this lightweight os perhaps can do it better...)05:19
sepenwell, insert the cdrom, but note that you can't upgrade from 2.1 to 2.5 (i.e)05:19
sepenjust upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2, 2.2 to 2.3, ...05:19
sepenit should do the trick05:19
ibblebuah ok.. that was what I wanted to know05:19
tilmana reinstallation is probably less work in this case :D05:20
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sepenI rewrote my portdb script to use directly the sqlite db file instead of xml files, thats an example of output, what are your opinions?05:35
tilmaneh? how do you access the sqlitedb?05:36
sepenI think that this script doesn't have the disadvantage of parsing a xml05:36
sepentilman, well I exported it for my own05:37
sepenbut I saw that there is also exported to public but without the right permissions05:37
tilmanso if i wish to use the new script, i need to create the sqlitedb locally?05:37
tilmani think the sqlite db is just an implementation detail ;)05:38
tilmandon't rely on it05:38
sepenjust you need to download it automagically05:38
tilmantalk to nipul about port db things05:38
sepenthe main problem is that still works with sqlite2 which is incompatible with sqlite305:38
tilmanhold on05:39
tilmansepen: can portdb create xml output?05:40
tilmani think tillb once implemented that, but i don't know if it was merged?05:40
sepentilman, yep05:40
sepentilman, also nipuL has one, but that increases the load in crux.nu05:40
tilmani think you should use that xml output :|05:40
sepenand my script tries to avoid that05:40
tilmanwhat what what05:40
sepenplz, privee05:40
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jaegerthrice`: you said you had no trouble with the updated ISO, right?09:33
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spaceninjais it possible to apply this inkscape patch without any modifications?
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thrice`looks OK - try :)10:29
spaceninja but what should I do with dpatch on #! /bin/sh /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch-run10:31
thrice`what's the patch for?10:31
thrice`does inkscape not compile cleanly?10:32
thrice`ah; which repo is inkscape from ?10:33
spaceninjafrom rho's10:34
thrice`maybe that one will help10:34
spaceninjaI've never done any patching before I can't understand a thing, need a day to read stuff10:35
spaceninjabesides, I've talked to a inkscape developer, and he's going to implement that patch to the svn later on today, so I'll just download it.10:37
spaceninjaah, I need to learn patching anyway, afk10:39
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jaegerhrmm... I think my latest ISO has broken vmware scsi support12:17
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jaegerhrmm... the scsi_transport_spi and mptspi modules are there, they just aren't getting loaded properly13:32
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jaegerok, think that's fixed now13:53
jesse_Slowly but surely moving along eh? :p13:54
thrice`jaeger: sorry.  yeah, seemed OK on my live system13:56
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jaegerjesse_: yeah :)14:10
jaegerthrice`: thanks :)14:10
jaegerjust fixed the issue with both LSI SPI and SAS controllers in vmware, uploading another ISO14:11
jaegerpretty sure that one can be called usable14:11
thrice`agreed :)  2.5 hasn't been out that long, but there sure have been a substantial amount of updates (including gcc, which is a pain).  great to have the update available14:11
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jaegerdefinitely makes new installs faster14:17
jaegeraway for a while, have to go move a bathtub14:17
thrice`heh, enjoy :)14:18
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rehabdollwas it fun?15:47
jesse_Moving something heavy like a bathtub is not too bad if it's only a short distance and you've got a couple pairs of hands helping.15:48
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jaegerI wouldn't say fun but it wans't hard15:58
jaegerThe first time, moving the old tub out, was a huge pain... getting the new one in, not a problem15:58
jaegerit weighed probably less than 1/3 what the original did15:58
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