IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-05-23

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mrksgood morning02:41
mrksmy connection sucks big time these days :(02:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dar: update to 2.3.903:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: imagemagick: update to 6.5.1-1003:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: shadow: update to
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: shadow: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libattr: fix libdir in libattr.la04:29
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thrice`Rotwang: I think pidgin should be bumped; the changelog said "several security issues" :>12:46
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Rotwangthrice`: k12:56
* Rotwang added bumping pidgin to his TODO list12:59
Rotwangit's right after "find a new job"12:59
thrice`heh, I saw your "hireme" nick :)12:59
Rotwangyeah, im unempleyd again :<13:00
thrice`damn, sorry to hear.  it's a brutal market, too13:01
thrice`well, at least here13:02
Rotwanghere too13:02
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bombastWhat are some of the biggest needs of Crux atm?17:35
bombastTo help it grow, or at the very least keep it from shrinking.17:36
RyoSmake it a coffee machine17:36
aonand the harm of not growing is what, exactly?17:37
bombastNothing at all, actually.17:37
tilmanbombast: more contributors would be good to have17:37
* bombast nod17:37
bombastWell - I used to maintain a local repo on my old machine.17:38
bombastSo maybe I can start helping out.17:38
aoni'd like to see more arches supported :)17:38
bombastI can help with x86_64 even though I don't intend to use it personally.17:38
bombastI just got a new Wolfdale Core 2 Duo17:38
bombastI'm going to rent a VPS slab in a few weeks and can host my stuff and let you guys take what you want.17:39
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bombastI'll firstly make sure my most used apps are updated if they aren't already (openbox3, mutt, procmail, fetchmail, vim, etc)17:40
tilmanbombast: currently there's some ports in opt who claim to be maintained by someone, but aren't really17:40
* bombast nod17:41
tilmanusually, stuff in opt is popular/"important" software17:41
tilmanso this is bad ;D17:41
bombastI'm in Arch atm since I just wanted a system up and running quickly but I'll be shifting over the Crux in a few days.17:41
bombastBasically, I want to help pick up where things were when my old desktop died in 200717:42
tilmanyou ran crux in 2007?17:42
bombastIt's sad to see this channel so small.17:43
bombastI think Crux still has a very important role to play that not everyone knows exists.17:44
bombastAs Arch becomes more and more complicated, people would enjoy Crux a lot.17:44
thrice`I've never understood how arch became so popular17:45
bombastit does have some interesting features that make it appear appealing from the outside.17:46
bombastBut dealing with the internals gets old, fast.17:46
bombastArch doesn't obey its own rules, ever.17:46
bombastBut this is about Crux :)17:46
bombastI'm going to read a bunch of documentation tonight so I get refreshed on the ports system and scripts.17:47
bombastThis summer I only have 3 classes at school, so I can dedicate a good bit of time here. :)17:48
thrice`awesome :)17:48
bombastI also have a background in web development.17:49
bombastSo if the website ever needs help I can help there too.17:49
thrice`yeah, I seem to remember this channel hitting 70 or so users for awhile a couple years ago17:49
* bombast nod17:49
bombastIt's not entirely a bad thing. It gives the distro a chance to refresh.17:49
tilmannipuL: could you need a hand with the ports db php scripts?17:50
bombastI also know a guy who could help out a bit. He's very good with DBs.17:51
bombastI should probably convert him to Crux since he has a FBSD background.17:51
tilmani think our database is okay, but iirc their were some open issues with the frontend17:52
* bombast nod17:52
bombastYeah, I'm primarily a design person.17:52
tilmans/issues/open feature requests/ i guess17:52
tilmanoh, i see17:52
bombastBut I do have backend experience.17:52
bombasttilman: Does Crux' current ISO release support FTP installs?17:53
tilmanno, but i believe jaeger built a netinst iso17:53
* bombast nod nod17:53
tilmancan't find it17:54
bombasttilman: is your domain, right?17:54
tilmanhis site is, but maybe i'm misremembering and he didn't build a netinst iso at all17:54
tilmanyes, that's me17:54
bombastThat URL just threw me17:54
tilmanthat link should be removed ;D17:55
thrice`he does have an up-to-date iso though that works pretty well17:56
tilmanthrice`: yeah. i saw he called the directory "testing-not-necessaryily-stable" so i didn't want to recommend that :D17:56
bombastThe most up to date iso I can find would be great because even late release kernels have an ata_piix bug that impacts my chipset.17:57
tilmanfirst impressions and all that ;)17:57
thrice`i've tested it, and it works OK :)
bombasttilman: I used Crux for 2 years before that PC died.17:57
bombastIt's okay if it's buggy.17:57
bombastI *am* using Arch atm..17:57
tilmanbombast: right17:57
thrice`well, jaeger does the CRUX iso work typically, so it should be similar quality ;)17:57
bombasttilman: Last time I saw you, you were working on an xmms2 front-end using the EFL.17:58
bombastthrice`: Thanks, dude!17:58
bombastThis is exactly what I was looking for.17:58
tilmanbombast: um, do i know you? :o17:58
bombasttilman: You used to hate me. :)17:59
bombastBut that was a long time ago.17:59
thrice`was your old name arnuld? :)17:59
bombastHaha, no.17:59
tilmanmoqurz something?17:59
bombastThat's me.17:59
thrice`ha ha17:59
bombastBut really - disregard that old stuff if you can.17:59
tilmank :D17:59
bombastI was 16/17 and .. an idiot.18:00
bombast20 now, real world hit me. ;)18:00
aoni knew it from the first line18:00
thrice`arnuld will be back some day :>18:00
tilmanaon: sseriously?18:00
aoni don't think he ever was on our irc channels tho18:00
aontilman: yes18:00
bombastI guess I have obvious mannerisms.18:01
tilmanbombast: only two people liked that xmms2 frontend btw: one guy from nj and me. so i stopped working on it eventually ;)18:03
bombasttilman: I was always obsessed with the multipass winamp theme so I enjoyed it.18:04
thrice`isn't someone doing the end-all frontend this summer ?18:04
tilmanmoooltipass rules18:04
* bombast nod18:04
bombasttilman: Are you still associated with the E project?18:04
tilmanthrice`: yeah18:04
tilmanbombast: no18:04
bombastI drifted away from E when raster became too obsessed with making it a full desktop.18:05
tilmanfuck i'm old18:05
bombastYou're not old until your balls reach your knees.18:05
bombastLooks like I won't be too concerned with if my audio players scrobble anymore.18:06
bombastGiven their solidifed connections to the RIAA..18:09
thrice`I haven't found a music player I like on linux yet :|18:09
bombastI just use Audacious out of habit.18:10
thrice`I really like the interface of ncmpc++, but dislike running a server / client on my only machine18:10
bombastthrice`: Have you tried moc?18:10
thrice`moc is pretty good, but I like cmus a little better :)18:10
bombastYeah, a friend of mine uses that.18:11
bombastAnyone know of an rt61pci firmware Pkgfile?18:11
rehabdollisnt it just unpacking it in /lib/firmware ?18:16
bombastrehabdoll: Thanks.18:16
bombastI'll probably just adapt it from Arch's PKGBUILD when I get everything up and running.18:17
bombastI'll just hook up my ethernet cord.18:17
bombastOh wait, it is plugged in - I just disabled the interface.18:18
bombasti love screen - i just moved this conversation from my desktop to my laptop :)18:20
bombastIndeed. :D18:21
bombastoooo the crux 2.5 iso has a pretty boot18:30
jaegersome people don't like it :P18:31
bombastI do.18:31
jaegersome people spent a lot of effort complaining about it, in fact18:31
jaegerwell, glad to hear that :)18:31
bombastI know I'm a nobody.18:31
bombastBut I like it.18:31
thrice`me too.  I like to see the init system kick in18:32
jaegernah, nobody's a nobody18:32
Rotwangeverybody's everybody!18:32
bombastjaeger: What is the difference between mfs.ext4 and mkfs.ext4dev?18:32
jaegereverybody's somebody, being everybody would get hellishly confusing18:33
jaegerbombast: ext4dev was the name of the ext4 development test stuff18:33
jaegerext4 is ext4dev backwards-compatible if you enable that particular kernel option18:33
bombastI hope this kernel works the first time.. I exported my lsmod from Arch. I hate new hardware. :<18:34
bombastI missed how simple and standard Crux is.18:36
bombastNo real specific "gotchas"18:36
jaegersimple and generic are good18:37
* bombast nod18:37
bombastjaeger: The final straw for me as far as Arch went was the hoops you have to jump through to make your kernel an Arch package to play nice with the nvidia package and firmware packages.18:38
jaegerI haven't used Arch in quite a while so I can't say I'm familiar with that but it doesn't sound fun18:38
bombastIt isn't, at all.18:38
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bombastthis mkfs.ext3 is taking an unusually long time18:51
bombastHm. This is weird.19:49
bombastjaeger: When using passwd in chroot immediately after package installation, "passwd" seems to think my typed passwords don't match19:50
bombastHmm, weird. It works *now*..19:51
bombastWhat's the typical locale for someone in the US?20:01
thrice`yep :)20:04
bombastThanks :)20:04
thrice`I would run those 3, and replace sv_SE with en_US20:04
bombastthat's exactly what im doing now hehe20:04
bombastCompiling kernel. :)20:21
bombastthis isn't good20:35
bombasti don't seem to have lilo or grub20:35
bombastAnd I see why.. I unchecked lilo assuming grub was checked.20:38
thrice`yeah, only 1 is in core/ to avoid conflicts20:51
bombastYeah, Just the wrong one is in there..20:52
thrice`heh.  I prefer lilo, actually ;)20:52
bombastthis is weird20:54
bombastgrub doesn't seem to like not having a boot partition20:54
thrice`sorry, I haven't used grub in a long time.  it should work fine with /boot, though20:56
bombastYeah, I've never had this problem before..20:57
bombastit's really odd20:57
thrice`you saw the handbook portion on grub?20:57
bombastnow im googling it20:58
thrice`ok; i'm clueless outside of that ;)20:58
thrice`what's complaining, the installation ?  is your menu.lst referencing the correct path ?20:58
bombasthmm, actually20:58
bombastit appears files are missing in /boot/grub20:58
thrice`grub is installed from opt/ ?20:59
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thrice`it should definitely populate /boot/grub once installed :\21:01
bombastAh I think I got it working..21:01
bombasttime to find out21:02
bombastit did!21:02
bombastMy kernel is booting.21:02
thrice`and now, if the kernel doesn't panic :)21:02
bombastim at the login screen21:03
bombastwow, first time ive compiled a kernel in over 2 years21:03
bombastworked first time21:03
bombastI have PAE enabled too, so all 4gb are seen.21:04
thrice`pretty good, then :)21:04
bombastsweet! networking works.21:04
bombastI was worried I got the wrong module.21:04
bombastupdating ports and getting ready to build this system21:05
thrice`i always mess up the first try of a kernel on new hardware21:06
bombastim pretty shocked this worked21:06
bombastthis is a 100% brand new computer21:06
bombastBuilding alsa-utils to test if sound is working.21:08
bombastand it does21:11
bombastI'm on a roll.21:11
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bombastthe last big thing to configure i guess is X21:13
bombastwhich is always a PITA21:13
thrice`nah, X -configure  does a pretty good job these days21:14
bombastman this core2duo compiles things extremely fast21:16
thrice`or, you can build hal, recompile xorg-server, and let it handle the configuration :)21:16
bombastyeah, i did that in Arch but HAL annoyed me21:16
thrice`yeah, me too.  doesn't arch also force policy-kit, etc. ?21:17
bombastthis has to be wrong towards the bottom21:22
bombastports -u doesn't provide contrib by default21:22
bombastand there's no entry on the list to provide it21:22
thrice`heh, yeah, quite dated.  looks like it's from 2.121:23
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bombastWhere do you enable contrib at?21:26
bombastI can't seem to find that.21:26
thrice`all ports drivers are in /etc/ports/, so "mv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync" should work21:27
bombastAhhh that's right.21:27
thrice`(and ports -u contrib)21:27
bombast:) Thanks21:27
bombasthmm this is odd.. openbox shouldn't need python21:40
nipuLit doesn't21:42
nipuLcheck the deptree21:42
nipuLxrg-libxcb does21:42
bombastyeah prt-get is still on the xorg dependencies21:42
nipuLbut it still seems odd that xorg requires pythong to run21:42
bombastbtw, nipuL21:43
bombastHello old friend.21:43
nipuLi know you?21:43
bombastYou used to!21:43
nipuLi did?21:43
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bombastMy feet stink..21:49
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bombastThat's odd22:13
bombastNo /etc/X1122:13
bombastIs that normal22:13
bombastHm, got X started but no fonts at all.. gotta fix that.22:19
bombastinstalling dejavu fonts fixed that22:21
bombastew, dbus22:34
bombastthat will be removed later..22:34
bombastwow, my fonts look like crap23:02
bombastI thought for sure the bytecode patch would fix this.23:27
bombastMaybe it's not freetype.23:36
bombastWell I'm oficially out of ideas.23:55
bombastgiving up for the night I guess.23:55

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