IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2009-05-24

bombastAh, got GTK's fonts to look normal.. now it's just Openbox's00:23
bombastat least it's progress00:23
bombastI now have 100% sexeh fonts.00:44
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nipuLi have {lan} <--> [desktop] <--> [test machine]02:20
nipuLi want test machine to access the lan02:20
nipuLi enabled ip forwarding and set the default gateway for the test machine to the desktop ip02:21
nipuLshouldn't that be enough?02:21
nipuLjust forward my damn packets02:21
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bombastnipuL: Sounds reasonable.02:24
bombasthai :)02:25
bombastDefault freetype2 has some ugly ass fonts.02:26
bombastEnabling BCI should be in the wiki02:26
bombaster, BCI02:27
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bombast The wiki needs some major reoganization now that I think about it..02:32
nipuLwell it's not working :\02:32
bombastnipuL: :(02:32
bombastNetworking really isn't my strong suit.. I felt like I genius when I tethered my girlfriend's iphone to my laptop.02:33
bombastAll I reall need to do with my Crux install atm is fix my nvidia issue and setup my usual apps.02:34
bombastOh, and enable my wireless config..02:35
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bombastI don;t get it.02:36
bombastI guess that might be due to the fact I don't know arabic.02:36
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nipuLi doubt many arabs are going to be getting green cards in the current geopolitical climate02:41
krizardhey whats the kde version in the ports ?02:41
bombastYou tell me.02:41
Rotwangkrizard: 3.5x i believe02:41
Rotwangecarux had or still have 4.x ports02:42
krizardbombast: ports db doesnt say much on what version it is02:42
krizardRotwang: thanks02:42
Rotwangand i had svn ports ;]02:42
bombastkrizard: if you click the P it does.02:42
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bombastA KDE user immediately K-Lined.02:45
bombastHow appropriate.02:45
tilmanbombast: a) xorg.conf is/should be optional b) bitstream-vera is on the iso and installed by default02:59
tilmanc) i don't get why people think the bytecode interpreter is needed to make fonts look good02:59
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nipuLoh wow, that was a relief06:16
nipuLjust recovered about 400Gb of data06:17
nipuLfreebsd ftw06:17
nipuLfsck -y mangled the inode links06:19
nipuLso ls would list an empty filesystem06:19
nipuLbut bsd has fsdb which let me inspect inodes until i found the root and link it back into the visible filesystem06:22
nipuLnow my wife won't have to kill me06:22
nipuLperhaps I can convince her for the need to buy a backup hdd for all the data06:23
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thrice`nipuL: tell her the data is only recoverable AFTER you get a backup HD08:08
thrice`mm, I didn't think bitstream-vera was installed by default.  I remember always doing it be hand08:09
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thrice`hi :)08:30
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bombasttilman_: Around?11:13
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jaegerbombast: sorry I missed your question last night, I fell asleep around 19:30 CST and didn't wake up until 7:2011:39
tilman_bombast: yes11:42
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bombastjaeger: its cool11:52
bombastI think my chipset's driver might be missing from the current install disk11:53
bombasttilman: yo11:53
bombastIt made for an interesting experience installing everything, but it was worth it to have up to date stuff.11:55
rehabdollbombast: what chipset is that?12:05
bombastata_piix, intel something12:06
bombasti just got it, heh12:06
rehabdolljust got it? isnt that old as hell=12:06
bombastata_piix is the new driver12:06
rehabdollyeah but ata.. :)12:06
bombastit's for SATA12:07
rehabdollwhat motherboard is it?12:07
bombasthonestly, nfc at the moment - I got it from dell12:07
bombastICH9 seems to be the general idea with the board though.12:09
bombastEverything is Intel12:09
rehabdollthen its ahci12:10
bombaster, Right.12:10
bombastI would've just given the output of lsmod, but I compile everything in.12:11
rehabdollbut ahci is included on the cd?12:11
bombastonly makes my kernel image 3.2 MB12:11
bombastrehabdoll: I'm talking about jaeger's nightly CDs12:11
bombastI need to figure out why nvidia won't initialize the glx core.12:12
bombastHm, reinstalling it didn't seem to work.12:15
bombastIs the version in opt the latest?12:15
bombastHm, yup.12:16
bombastYeah, the GLX extension isn't being loaded at all. glxgears fails to load.12:17
bombastI think I see why.12:18
bombastXorg log is whining about ACPI events.12:18
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bombastHowdy, RedShift.l12:23
bombasthow are you doing?12:23
RedShiftok and you?12:24
bombastpretty good, just trying to make my nvidia stuff work :)12:24
RedShifttrying as in you're having trouble with it?12:26
RedShiftnvidia is a breeze compared to ati...12:26
bombastYeah, I just fixed my error messages by enabling APM in the kernel (forgot to) but it still won't initialize glx.12:27
bombastEverything is fine except for that.12:29
jaegerhave you run gl-select?12:33
bombastAnd suddenly I feel like an idiot.12:33
jaegeryou had problems with ata_piix?12:35
bombastI assume that's what the issue was.12:35
bombastAnything to do with interacting with my drives was slow.12:35
jaegerworking, but slow? DMA issue, perhaps?12:36
bombastbtw, as the gl-select syntax changed?12:36
bombastIt used to be just "gl-select nvidia"12:36
bombastah use12:37
jaegerIt has changed a tad, yes. sepen might be able to tell you why12:37
bombastI forgot to have "use".12:37
jaegerif he were around, heh12:37
bombast:) Thanks jaeger12:38
bombastThat was the issue entirely.12:38
tilmanuse? --old-stuff?12:39
bombastSome things like compiling a kernel come naturally.. debugging Xorg is more like repressed childhood memories.12:39
tilmanwho reviewed this?12:39
bombastI just remember "use" not being needed last time I used the script.12:40
jaegerIt wasn't needed originally. I don't know why the new maintainer changed it, perhaps he added features or just preferred that12:40
bombastIf nothing else12:41
bombastIt needs documenting on the website somewhere.12:41
bombastI'm keeping notes of little things not in the wiki.l12:42
jaegersounds good12:42
tilmanbombast: cat /usr/ports/opt/nvidia/README12:42
bombasttilman: Hm, well I'll be damned.12:43
bombastI assumed that was an NVIDIA document not a CRUX one.12:43
jaegermost of the time a README in ports is ports-specific12:43
* bombast nod12:44
bombastThen perhaps noting THAT should be in the handbook?12:44
bombastA side note in the ports intro.12:44
tilmanmaybe it should be "elsewhere", too12:44
tilmani mean, the nvidia driver is on the iso12:45
tilmanrandom users might not want to read up on ports in the beginning12:45
bombastOr if they used prt-get12:45
bombastThey might not even see it.12:45
jaegerprt-get does make a note if you installed a port with a README, though12:45
bombastAt the end or in the middle?12:46
bombastPerhaps I did see it and assumed it was NVIDIA's12:46
tilmanbombast: i guess the nvidia thing could go in the faq. care to write up something?12:46
bombastSure thing :)12:46
bombastI got a vim buffer open atm while I'm doing these things.12:47
bombastI'm going to read over some of the other FAQ entries so I can see the writing style used.12:48
bombastConsistency is good with FAQ entries,12:48
jaegerhrmm, I kinda wish our wiki had some features like tagging articles as out of date or needing info12:49
bombastHm, couldn't that be done through a third party solution?12:50
bombastInstead of changing the wiki software itself.12:50
bombastEven a simple PHP script at the bottom would suffice.12:51
bombastClicking it would email certain members.12:51
bombastIs there currently a Documentation team?12:51
jaegerI'm not well-versed in who does what these days but I don't think there's an official team for it12:52
tilmanwe're very few quite unorganized people12:52
bombastPerhaps organizing a little could help12:53
bombastTranslating the README to a Wiki FAQ should be straightforward. Most of the information is already there12:57
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thrice`haha, a few unorganized people13:51
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bombastHello, Falcon|14:25
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bombastmade it home to shut down my computer18:33
jaegerI was about to ask, heh18:37
bombastI'm on my laptop now.18:37
bombastI've not hooked up the UPS yet.18:37
bombastI'd die if anything happened to this thing now.18:37
jaegereasy to make backups :)18:43
bombasti have like 5 backups18:44
bombastmy server, my external drive, DVDs, etc18:45
bombastI'm data paranoid.18:45
jaegeryou should be fine, then18:45
bombastYeah, but it's the hardware cost that worries me.18:45
nipuLoh man! i hope you have offsite backups18:45
bombastnipuL: The DVDs are kept at my gf's18:45
nipuLhappened to a client of mine18:46
bombastYeah I do a lot of data recovery for folks.18:46
nipuLmultiple backups, but none offsite18:46
bombastLinux live disks are my best friends.18:46
nipuLthen he had a break in18:46
bombastoh snap18:46
bombastI keep my source code, school documents, etc on DVDs that I do backups of monthly18:47
bombastMusic and stuff is kept onsite because it can just be redownloaded.18:47
bombast(Legally of course *COUGH*)18:47
nipuLmost of my music can't be downloaded18:47
bombastim just a metal head18:48
nipuLanyone played with chromium yet?18:48
bombastI'm thinking about making a testbed drupal page for Crux documentation on my server18:48
bombastnipuL: Yes18:48
jaegernot I18:49
nipuLon crux?18:49
bombastNo, It was on Ubuntu in a VM18:49
bombastusing a nightly build PPA18:49
nipuLthen it doesn't count18:49
bombastHah, I should make a Pkgfile..18:49
bombastI'm thinking about putting my FAQ files on my website first to allow peer review by you guys.18:50
nipuLpulling the surce right now, if it's any good i might put it on my eee18:50
bombastnipuL: Half of everything didn't work when I used it last month.18:51
nipuLfirefox will eat my ssd alive and arora is just too incomplete18:51
nipuLthat's even less complete18:51
bombastYou could always use Dillo..18:51
nipuLarora would be great if it could handle ssl and redirects properly18:51
bombastnipuL: Do you have GNOME installed?18:52
nipuLno way18:53
bombastI was going to suggest maybe using Epiphany Webkit18:53
nipuLwoah, i have 130Gb of anime, i thought it was about 5018:57
bombastI got that way with TV series..18:57
jaegerthere's 130Gb of decent anime out there?18:57
jaegeror is it just that you have 130Gb of crap? =)18:57
nipuLno, it's all good18:57
bombastI only like about 3-4 series18:57
nipuLi'm very picky18:57
bombasti enjoy manga more than anime18:58
* jaeger tries once again to bootstrap an ISO18:59
bombastjaeger: Thank you for your efforts, btw.18:59
jaegerafter having built several good ones recently the last one started segfaulting18:59
bombastI probably wouldn't have been able to install Crux without your disks.19:00
jaegerthe build, that is, not the ISO19:00
jaegernp, it's something I enjoy doing19:00
bombastdid you switch the kernel to .4?19:00
jaegernot yet19:01
bombasti need to convert my fstab to UUID's19:03
bombasttilman: ping19:05
jaegerso glad I don't have to work tomorrow19:20
bombastI'm still on my short break before summer semester.19:21
rehabdolli have19:22
rehabdolland its 2 am19:22
bombastah sweet19:24
bombastmy PAE kernel worked fantastically19:24
bombastMaybe that should be in the handbook too?19:27
bombastSince we're mainly a 32bit distro.19:27
bombastSome people might want all their RAM to work.19:28
jaegerthere's nothing CRUX-specific about PAE, though19:28
bombastTrue but neither is GRUB setup19:28
jaegerfair enough19:29
bombastI think it is relevant in the way that we are a 32bit distro and people might overlook it thinking they can't use all their RAM.19:29
bombastjaeger: Not much in the handbook is TRULY Crux specific except the ports system and setup command. That's the beauty of the system, no?19:31
bombastI think a bigger idea is the question of Crux relevance.19:32
jaegermore info in the wiki is probably not a bad idea19:34
bombastjaeger: :) My thinking exactly.19:34
bombastjaeger: Crux is a fairly simple distro so the two biggest things are documentation and ports, aye?19:35
bombastDoes "mattias" hang out here?19:36
bombastor "mhedenkog"19:36
bombastHis Audacious port seems awkward.19:40
jaegerno idea19:44
jaegerawkward in what way?19:45
bombastHis audacious-plugins port has no dependencies so it's essentially useless if you want to use it to listen to anything.19:46
bombastNo "nice to haves" either19:46
jaegerlooks to me like it depends on audacious and dbus-glib19:46
bombastYes but that does nothing as far as playback.19:46
jaegerI assume you're talking about the audacious port, not audacious-plugins19:47
bombastAudacious is just the GUI.19:47
jaegerI'm confused, then19:47
bombastAudacious-plugins is everything playback oriented.19:47
jaegerthe plugins port is not the player, and should not play anything without one19:47
jaegerhence the dependency on audacious19:47
bombastBut without dependencies for audacious-plugins.19:47
bombastaudacious-plugins is worthless19:48
bombastIt compiles against other things for playback19:48
bombastNone of which are listed.19:48
bombastSee what I mean?19:48
jaegerwell, you can always email the maintainer and ask19:48
bombastI might just install XMMS1 until I can find an xmms2 or mpd client I don't ahte.19:49
bombastIf anyone has a favorite way to listen to music, I'm open to suggestions.19:50
jaegerI kind of equally dislike them all... lately I've been using foobar (windows) and rhythmbox19:51
bombastRhythmbox is okay-ish19:51
bombastDon't feel like going through and installing GNOME for 1 app though19:51
jaegerI suppose at some point I should sort out why the restart/shutdown functions in gnome don't work properly19:58
bombastNo offense in any way, but - I always found GNOME and KDE to be more work than using something lighter.19:59
jaegeryou're welcome to that opinion, of course20:00
bombastIt sure is nice to look at though20:00
jaegerI like the look and feel but also it's something of an interesting project to maintain useful ports for it20:01
jaegertroublesome at times but still interesting20:01
bombastI can understand that completely.20:01
bombastI'd never want to discourage that. :)20:01
bombastas sad as it is20:05
bombastxmms1 seems to work fine for me20:05
jaegerhrmm... consolekit might be the issue but I can't really reboot to test it until my bootstrap is done20:23
bombastWouldn't surprise me too much.20:27
jaegerpolicykit and consolekit are annoying enough already, I really hope they don't end up making PAM a requirement20:28
jaegerbeen dodging that for several releases already20:28
nipuLwow, i'm s pissed off right now. the wife left my sheep skin jacket at a friend of hers for the last few weeks20:32
nipuLi found out this morning that their dog ripped it up20:32
bombastAnd they of course offered to pay for it?20:32
nipuLthese things cost $1000+ new20:32
nipuLand that's for a cheap one20:33
thrice`yeah, xmms1 is probably still my favorite, sadly20:33
jaegerthe idea of owning a $1000 jacket kinda amazes me20:33
jaegerI have a $300 jacket that I paid $60 for, hehe20:33
nipuLwell my dad picked it up in an op-shop for $5020:33
jaegerah, nice :)20:33
nipuLbut still, its not what you paid, its what it costs to replace20:33
jaegerI suppose $1000 AUD is around $780 USD but still20:33
bombastif i were in AU, I'd want a Kangaroo jacket20:34
nipuLi doubt kangaroo skin is very warm20:34
bombastA fat kangaroo?20:34
nipuLdespite what you think, some places here get really cold in winter20:35
thrice`$700 for a jacket!  insane20:35
nipuLworth every cent20:36
jaegerwell, hope you get a replacement20:36
thrice`:>  ok, awesome20:36
nipuLi'll be making sure now20:36
bombasti cant imagine anyone not looking like a douche in that jacket20:36
jaegeraussies can do it20:37
nipuLat first i was just pissed because she left it there for so long and it got wrecked20:38
nipuL"no biggy, surely it won't cost too much to replace" i thought20:38
thrice`out of her pocket, surely? :)20:39
jaegerExtremely aggravating when you loan or leave something and it gets damaged20:39
nipuLdepends what it is, an (ex)friend want absolutely spastic because one of the kids scratched a computer game dvd i borrowed once20:41
nipuLhe went completely psycho over it20:42
jaegerseems like a game dvd is much easier (and cheaper) to replace20:42
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bombastjust smashed my finger between my chair arm rest and desk when i turned21:04
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bombasthi Dudde, aee, rehabdoll.21:49
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bombastSomeone needs to come up with a way to cure cheeto hand.21:58
bombastI actually considered that.22:09
bombastAh, I forgot to add the info about switching back to xorg's gl file after removing nvidia's.22:30
bombastAlso need to make a note of adding yourself to video group..22:34
bombastHm, but I'm not even a member of video.22:34
bombastFootprints seem to mismatch a lot for me.23:03
bombastJust updated gtk-spell23:11
bombastHey aon :)23:17
bombastI'm ashamed how much I rely on gtkspell..23:19
bombastI think I'd sound like an eight year old on IM without it.23:19
aonwork ->23:24

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