IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2009-05-25

bombastI'm actually surprised that most Crux users are from Europe00:11
aonperhaps we're more prone to minimalism? :)00:16
bombastI wish I could afford my VPS now so I could put my repo online.00:17
bombastMy site is hosted locally but a repo would be too much.00:17
aongosh, i'm in the wrong town on the crux user map00:17
aonwell, sort of00:17
bombastI'd like to get my gtk-spell port added to opt00:18
bombastSo that way people can rebuild Pidgin if they choose.00:19
bombastOr any other gtkspell enabled app./00:19
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bombastThis FAQ could be used for the basis of "How to make a local repository", correct?00:39
bombastI'd like my local packages to work with prt-get00:42
aonwell you don't need httpup for that00:43
aonjust put the dir you have your ports in into prt-get.conf00:43
bombastI just noticed the comment in prt-get.conf00:44
bombastAnd it worked like a charm.00:45
bombastprt-get no longer wants to downgrade my openbox.00:45
bombastis there a way to prioritize where packages come from?00:48
bombastE.g. - I have a custom Pkgfile for Pidgin to include gtkspell.00:48
bombastI would always want prt-get to get *that* version.00:48
aonwell, the order of the dir in prt-get.conf dictates that00:49
bombastThat too is in the comments.00:50
bombastI really should read those closer.00:50
aonyeah, tfm is your friend00:50
bombastPidgin is out of date.00:54
* bombast updates00:54
bombastjust pkgfiles, not a valid repo00:57
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bombastHi, sepen.01:17
aonmorning sepen01:20
bombastAnyone know why exactly xulrunner needs dbus?01:22
bombastaon: How would you get your local ports tree to show in ports -d ?01:25
aonby putting it in /usr/ports, i don't know if there's any other way01:26
aonor you can just use prt-get diff01:26
* bombast nod01:26
aonwhich takes the order of repositories into account01:26
bombastIt'd be nice to have ports -d work like prt-get in that aspect.01:27
bombastBut I can see how that might add some complexities.01:27
aoni don't think i've ever even run ports on my current system :)01:28
aoncould probably uninstall it01:28
bombastThe only disadvantage I can think of to putting your local repo in /usr/ports would be that you'd have to edit your Pkgfile's as root.01:29
bombastor chmod the dir.01:29
bombastI might try it out and see how it works out for me.01:30
aon15:48 < aon> $ stat -c %x $(which ports)01:30
aon15:48 < aon> 2009-01-11 21:58:35.000000000 +020001:30
aonyeah, thought so :)01:30
bombastThe only thing I dislike about prt-get is the name.01:32
bombastChildish, yes, but I hate all the *-get package scripts for various distros.01:32
bombastAt least in naming convention.01:32
bombastBut hey, I didn't code it. :P01:33
aonif it was called something else i probably wouldn't mix up the commands everytime i need to use apt-get01:34
bombastHaha. Yeah.01:35
aoncool, lenovo x61's are sold out :|01:35
bombastI really need to sign up for the mailing list(s)01:42
bombastaon: Wow, I'm an idiot.01:44
bombastI forgot about a handy little thing called symbolic links.01:45
* bombast sighs01:45
bombastnow /usr/ports/local points to my $HOME/Ports01:46
bombastand works with ports -d01:46
sepenbombast, maybe you'd be interested on 'fakeroot' to build ports too01:47
bombastI already use it :)01:48
bombastI just don't use it for prt-get (yet)01:48
bombastBut I do use it for locals.01:48
sepeniirc there're some info at our wiki01:49
bombastIndeed there is. :)01:49
bombastI just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.01:49
bombastI'm not too concerned about fakeroot w/ prt-get.01:52
bombastI just delete the work files after.01:52
bombastand leave the Pkgfile01:52
sepenwell, that could be fine for a uniq box, I doubt that you like this method if you're maintaining more >10 boxes or more01:53
bombasttilman has some incredibly good taste in music01:54
* bombast nod01:54
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bombastHello, deus_ex.01:54
aonour group logo is kinda busted01:55
bombastI deleted my account in the wake of the RIAA connections.01:56
bombastI want no part of *that*01:56
bombastNice to see a strong showing of Tool though01:56
bombastaon: Nice cat.01:57
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bombastAnd Machinae Supremacy rules.01:57
aoni don't really listen to it that much, but i accidentally left a ms album on repeat for two days or something01:59
aonwent to see them recently though :)01:59
aonwas quite loud01:59
bombastFramebuffer won't work.02:19
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f1yHi there.02:49
Ditziis xorg hotplugin working on crux? i have hal running and configured but x keep looking for kbd and mouse modules02:56
nipuLworks for me03:35
Ditziit should work without an xorg.conf file :S03:42
Ditzimaybe im missing something03:42
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nipuLoh crap, i'm 30gb short of a complete backup07:05
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spaceninja(thunar:9530): thunar-vfs-WARNING **: Failed to connect to the HAL daemon: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory07:35
spaceninjaI'm in the haldaemon and plugdev groups, added hald in rc.conf07:36
spaceninjawhat else should I do?07:36
Rotwangis hal really running?07:37
spaceninjabash-4.0$ /etc/rc.d/hald restart07:37
spaceninjanothing happens, idle07:37
spaceninjado I need to add something in the kernel?07:37
Rotwangpgrep hal07:38
Rotwangthat means07:38
Rotwanghal is not running07:38
Rotwang/etc/rc.d/udev start07:38
Rotwangand then start hald -_-07:38
Ditzi/etc/rc.d/dbus start07:39
Ditzithen hald07:39
spaceninjaYes it's working, thanks07:40
Rotwangmmh yes, dbus not udev ;]07:40
spaceninjahehe yep07:40
Rotwangmy bad07:40
spaceninjawoho, thunar is nice07:41
* spaceninja can't port abuse :(07:44
Ditzianyone managed to recompile crux with -fstack-protector-all ?07:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-digest-sha1: updated to 2.1207:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ode: updated to 0.11.107:50
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan07:58
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thrice`Ditzi: you're using evdev instead of keyboard/mouse, right?08:20
Ditzithrice`: yes is working now, thanks08:28
thrice`ah, ok :)08:31
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thrice`arora 0.7.0: "add a click-to-flash button to load flash only after clicking a button" :D09:44
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lw0x15crux doesnt even want to work in virtualbox -,-10:01
lw0x15it goes Aborted as soon as i select crux kernel to load10:01
thrice`try "noide"10:03
*** lw0x15_ has joined #crux10:04
thrice`"CRUX noide"    for example10:04
thrice`lw0x15_: did you get that, by chance? :)10:08
lw0x15_which part lol10:08
thrice`try loading in v-box with "CRUX noide"10:09
lw0x15_how do i do that exactly ? :|10:13
sepenjust using the keyboard ;D10:18
lw0x15_doesnt work :|10:18
sepentype CRUX noide at boot prompt10:19
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lw0x15_tried that already lol10:19
lw0x15_i thought there might a be diff checkbox or somethng10:19
thrice`maybe "CRUX libata" ?10:20
thrice`this is at the kernel loading screen, right?10:20
lw0x15_yep works now10:20
sepen"Press F3 to see IDE/SATA/USB/SCSI/FireWire options"10:21
thrice`ah, awesome :)10:21
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tilmanbombast: true10:33
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bombasttilman: true?11:32
tilman"tilman has some incredibly good taste in music"11:34
bombastDark Tranquility ftw.11:34
thrice`ugh, metal sucks !11:34
tilman\o/ dt11:35
bombastMetal is awesome.11:35
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teKtilman: there's a security-relevant update for wireshark12:08
*** jtnl has joined #crux12:16
tilmanteK: thanks12:25
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: nss: updated to
bombastI updated the Pidgin Pkgfile and removed it's startup-notification dependency12:26
bombastAlso made an Openbox 3.4.4-rc1 Pkgfile12:26
thrice`that'd be quite old ;)12:27
thrice`they released that RC some time ago, but never 3.4.8.  never figured out why :(12:27
bombastStill being updated in git12:27
Ditzianyone know a light qt filemanager?12:37
bombastI only know of Dolphin and that's far from light.12:38
Ditziand i want to stay away from kde12:38
bombastThen why go with QT?12:38
bombastQT is almost exclusively for KDE.12:39
Ditziis nice i dont know i want to give it a try12:39
bombastI recommend Thunar/Rox if you're willing to try gtk.12:39
Ditzii use pcmanfm12:39
teKtilman: you're welcome12:40
Ditzibut after years using gtk+ apps want to tray qt alternatives12:40
Ditzigtk+ feels like no innovation12:41
bombastI'm not concerned that my toolkit is innovative.12:41
bombastI'm concerned that it does what it's supposed to.12:41
bombastNo offence.12:42
Ditziits ok. its for the looks12:42
Ditziqt looks great12:42
Ditziand seems solid12:42
bombastI like the way GTK looks, honestly.12:42
thrice`there's not many qt apps outside of kde*, sadly12:43
bombastI can only really think of commercial apps.12:43
Ditzitheres a project called antico12:43
thrice`that'll probably change with their new license, I'd guess12:43
Ditzior something like that, they want to make a light de based on qt12:44
bombastIf I were TOO concerned with how my toolkit looked.12:44
bombastI wouldn't be using XMMS1.12:44
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bombastCrux is still more popular than Lunar on DistroWatch :P13:12
Ditziwhats lunar? :P13:13
bombastA source based distro.13:13
Rotwangdistro from moon!13:13
Ditzilunar could mean mole13:15
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*** gcov is now known as cjg14:41
bombastAnyone need libtorrent/rtorrent Ports?14:45
jaegerI have some already :)14:54
bombastI actually based mine on yours.14:54
bombastThey're a bit outdated.14:55
bombastThe gcc 4.3 patch isn't needed anymore.14:56
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bombastThe Pixies15:05
bombastgood choice of muisic15:05
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bombastAnyone know why XULrunner needs dbus-glib?15:58
bombastI'm going to try and build it without it.15:58
thrice`because configure complains without it, I think15:58
bombastThat's lame.15:58
thrice`very :)15:58
bombastI try to rid myself of dbus/hal/pam/etc15:59
thrice`yeah, I think FF needs dbus at least :(  hal / pam shouldn't be, though :)15:59
bombastDoes FF w/o XULrunner need DBUS?16:00
thrice`more than likely (since FF would just compile the engine anyway)16:00
bombastThat's really not cool.16:01
thrice`you can try, though :)  I think configure for xulrunner will bail out pretty quickly, though16:01
bombasttime to give it a try16:02
bombastxulrunner claims to need perl and python too?16:04
bombastThat doesn't seem right.16:04
bombastWell tilman made the Pkgfile and I trust him.16:04
thrice`typically anything from core/opt will be minimum to get them going16:05
Rotwangim going to a job interview tomorrow16:06
Rotwangkeep your thumbs for me guys!! ;]16:06
thrice`nice :)  good job?16:06
Rotwangi think so16:06
Rotwangits hard to find a good job these times16:07
thrice`yep.  my state is around 12% unemployment right now16:07
bombastI removed dbus and dbus-glib16:08
bombastand firefox still runs16:08
bombastperfectly in fact16:08
thrice`does xulrunner compile, though ?16:08
Rotwangoff to sleep16:09
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:09
bombastbuilding now16:10
bombastthrice`: works fine16:10
bombastthat eliminates 2 un-needed dependencies16:11
bombastI knew requiring dbus couldn't be right.16:11
thrice`hm, wonder what it does, then16:13
bombastI'll let you know if it acts weird after.16:14
bombastWorks great just removing dbus and dbus-glib, though.16:14
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bombastArch users irritate me.16:23
bombastThey're nazis about making people use the 64bit version if they can.16:23
bombastI have a 64bit enabled processor but I doubt I will use a 64bit OS in the life of it.16:24
bombastWhy what?16:25
rehabdollwhy never use 64bit?16:25
bombastI have no need for it.16:25
rehabdoll+4gig ram ftw16:25
bombastI have a PAE enabled kernel.16:25
rehabdollthats just ugly16:25
bombastYou can use up to 64GB of ram in a 32bit OS.16:25
bombastNo, it's not.16:25
bombastIt's an official hardware extension.16:26
rehabdollits still a hack16:26
bombastNot really.16:26
bombastAnd let's be honest.16:27
bombastThe entire x86 architecture is a hack.16:27
bombastComplaining about PAE is just funny.16:27
bombastthrice`: The only file that changed was MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/xulrunner-
thrice`I would have guessed xorg needs dbus, though16:32
bombastOnly if you use HAL16:32
bombastWhich I don't16:32
thrice`the only real benefit I can see if is nothing else from the iso needs dbus, and it can be axed.16:34
bombastHey, one less un-needed dependency is ALWAYS a good thing.16:34
lennartwhat do they use dbus for?16:36
bombastI still have no idea.16:36
lennartmaybe this "optional" dependency is actually a good thing16:36
bombastI've not seen any adverse reaction.16:36
bombastEverything works exactly the same.16:36
*** Ditzi has quit IRC16:37
bombastI guess it can be used for that.16:37
*** Ditzi has joined #crux16:37
bombastAnd potentially integrated with NetworkManager16:37
bombastBut that's all I am finding16:38
thrice`dbus tends to dig pretty deep into the system these days, so i figure there is *some* good reason.. hm16:38
bombastIt looks like it might be useful for people using GNOME16:39
bombastbe we disable everything gnome related already16:39
bombastSo any potential gains is squashed by that16:39
bombasttilman maintains xulrunner so I will ask him his opinion when he comes back16:40
bombastEven Arch builds xulrunner w/o it.16:41
thrice`no, arch has dbus in their core16:42
thrice`doesn't that imply it gets built-in, basically?16:43
bombastIt's easily removed.16:44
bombastThe only common apps built against it in Arch are Gimp, Audacious, XChat and Claws.16:44
bombastBut those are easily rebuilt.16:45
bombastTheir XULrunner isn't built with it.16:45
bombastAnd they have to support binary users.16:45
bombastSo I cannot imagine it adds too much.16:45
thrice`perhaps not, then :)16:45
bombastI'm thinking that since it DOES throw a very scary error in configure that tilman assumed it was required.16:46
thrice`or, since by default they try to push it on, there is a good reason :)16:47
bombastthrice`: good is subjective.16:48
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nipuLi don't see the point of disabling dbus support19:31
nipuLit's not a heavy dependency19:31
nipuLthe advantages for people that want dbus support out weigh the disadvantes for people that don't19:32
bombastBut all the gnome stuff needed to utilize it is disabled anyways19:35
nipuLgnome != dbus19:37
bombastnipuL: What advantages come from dbus?19:54
bombastI can't find any19:54
bombastat least dbus with firefox19:54
bombastI can only find like 2-3 instances of it being used.19:56
bombastLiferea, and a notification extension.19:56
bombastHow come the jre port doesn't list any dependencies?20:02
bombastjue is the maintainer, sip the packager20:02
bombastSorry if I'm asking a lot of questions - just trying to sort out a lot of ports.20:03
thrice`I don't think it has any - it's just a binary blob20:08
bombastDoesn't it technically have an X dependency?20:09
bombastPlus, isn't Java open source now?20:11
thrice`I think there is an openjdk project20:12
thrice`ah, I had this in mind:
bombastYeah, Java itself went open source.20:13
thrice`not being a programmer, I'm kind of out of the loop on this stuff20:13
bombastI'm going to try and work on a port I guess.20:13
bombastThis should be fun.20:17
bombastLuckily Arch has a PKGBUILD I can look at.20:17
*** mrks- has joined #crux20:22
bombastAnyone ever had alsamixer only let them unmute one side of a channel at a time?20:23
thrice`reading the arch-dev mailing list is quite funny.  I don't think half of them have much of a clue :(20:27
bombastEver since their lead developer left, they're clueless.20:27
bombastI used to respect them somewhat.20:28
bombastTheir packages are bloated as fuck these days.20:28
thrice`it's a neat concept for a distro, shame it's not better ran20:28
bombastA fork would do nicely.20:28
bombastpacman is a decent package manager20:29
bombastthe init system and rc.conf is nice (a lot like crux's)20:29
bombastbut the packages suck20:29
bombasta lot20:29
thrice`i've always preferred slackware for binary.  nothing overly complex20:29
bombastAlthough they're kind of silly.20:29
bombastThey developed their own lib just to avoid using libcurl.20:29
bombastYeah, lol.20:31
bombastI asked about it on the forums one day and all they could say was they disliked libcurl's API20:31
bombastSo they made "libdownload"20:31
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bombastgah, i hate forgetting to use "fakeroot" bedore pkgmk -d21:52
nipuLso alias it21:54
bombast... because I'm an idiot who forgot about that nifty function of BASH?21:54
thrice`not only bash, of course :)21:56
* bombast enabling SMTP and xterm_title patch in mutt21:56
bombastthrice`: yeah but i use bash21:56
*** aee has quit IRC21:56
bombastSigned up for the mailing lists.22:08

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