IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-05-26

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bombasttilman: ping00:51
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bombastHey f1y01:37
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: ed: update to 1.301:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Revert "udev: updated to 142."01:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: libmpfr: update to 2.4.1 pl501:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: bash: update to 4.0.2401:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: automake: update to 1.1101:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: curl: update to 7.19.501:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: shadow: update to
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: ed: update to 1.301:38
cruxbot[core.git/2.6]: Merge branch '2.5' into 2.601:38
bombastruh roh01:38
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bombasthey Rotwang01:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: sqlite3: update to
bombastHow's it going, sir?01:52
Rotwangim going for a job interview soon01:53
bombastAh, nice!01:53
bombastxlsfonts is wonky for me.01:56
bombastit lists all my fonts twice, sometimes 4 times.01:56
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dovecot: update to 1.1.1501:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: gtk-engines: update to 2.18.201:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sqlite3: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: dar: update to 2.3.901:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: imagemagick: update to 6.5.1-1001:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: libattr: fix libdir in libattr.la02:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: nss: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.6]: sqlite3: update to
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bombasthey lasso|qt02:33
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lasso|qthullo bombast02:47
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meingbgHow can I intercept keyboard events sent to the X server and pipe them through a program of my choice before they are handled by X? This would be in order to design a keyboard layout beyond the flexibility of xmodmap.07:29
Rotwang[HireMe]#xorg or something ;]07:35
thrice`yeah, no clue here either :(07:36
meingbgok, thanks07:40
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nipuLanyone booting using uuid value?08:52
jaegernot I, only have them in fstab for whatever reason08:53
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thrice`nipuL: you mean in lilo / grub's configs ?08:54
nipuLi plugged a drive into the sata controller and the drive order changed08:54
nipuLive found methods to do it in google, but some are distro specific and ive rebooted so many times now it's annoying me08:55
thrice`ah; they aren't working properly ?08:56
nipuLkeep getting unknown block errors08:56
jaegerlooks like my ubuntu box boots with them08:57
jaeger(via grub)08:57
nipuLwhat does spewbuntu use?08:57
nipuLas the root= parameter?08:58
jaegertitle           Ubuntu 9.04, kernel 2.6.28-11-generic08:58
jaegeruuid            9cd8283c-a2ac-4b3e-92a6-a2fec052aa3208:58
jaegerkernel          /vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic root=UUID=6042dcc5-70c3-4981-b63d-949a01eaf308 ro quiet vga=0x30308:58
jaegerinitrd          /initrd.img-2.6.28-11-generic08:58
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jaegerthat's the whole stanza, seems like the uuid line is for giving this boot image a particular uuid, since the root= one corresponds to the right partition and the other doesn't08:59
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nipuLmust have patched their kernel09:05
jaegeror their grub?09:05
nipuL/dev/disk/by-uuid doesn't work either09:06
nipuLwhy would patching grub matter?09:06
nipuLit's a kernel parameter, not grub09:06
nipuLunless it does preprocessing or something09:07
jaegerJust a guess, I have no idea if it does preprocessing09:07
nipuLguess i'll just have to update grub whenever i add or remove drives on the sata controller09:07
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thrice`it's interresting.  I've never tried, but always thought grabbing the UUID values from blkid and dropping them into lilo.conf was enough :\09:08
nipuLbut i use grub09:08
nipuLtbh i'm really more interested in getting data of this drive atm09:09
jesse_thrice`: doing that indeed works nicely with lilo.09:23
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jesse_I've done the same in fstab since it cuts down on the possibility of confusing drives and usb memory sticks.09:24
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Sotmgis the default desktop going to be changed in crux?10:33
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thrice`you mean from openbox?10:34
thrice`I hope not :)10:35
Sotmgit was wmmaker then bbox now openbox...10:35
Sotmgme too... :)10:36
thrice`well, wmmaker was unmaintained for a long time, then bbox seemed to be too.  openbox is what alot of cruxers use, so it seemed like a good fit :)10:36
jesse_You do realize you can install them separately after installing crux itself.10:36
jesse_The whole point is to have something provided and openbox apparently was the best fit at the time since blackbox has not shown movement for sometime now.10:37
jesse_Might have had something to do with having less deps, not entirely sure though.10:37
thrice`Unless something better comes along, and openbox goes unmaintained, it's a good fit, and I'd be very surprised if it changed10:38
Sotmgi see.10:38
thrice`the goal of the iso is to have a minimal, yet fully functional system off the bat, so a window manager like openbox, which is small and essentially no dependencies, works pretty well :)10:38
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tilmanbombast: pong10:55
thrice`plus tilman, one of the fearless-CRUX-leaders uses openbox :)10:56
tilmanFearless with a cpital f10:57
jesse_That's mister Fearless-CRUX-leader to you! :D11:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wireshark: updated to
bombasttilman: xlsfonts lists the same font(s) multiple times here.11:44
bombastCan you duplicate the?11:44
tilmandon't care. try bugs.freedesktop.org11:45
tilmanif it _was_ a bug, i wouldn't patch it anyway, so...11:45
bombasttilman: I'm just curious if it _was_ a bug or a config issue on my side.11:45
tilmanzsh: command not found: xlsfonts11:46
bombastfair enough11:46
tilmanand i don't have any core fonts installed either11:46
bombastfair enough x211:46
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bombasttilman: Second question - what does dbus add to XULRunner?11:47
bombastI was able to remove it.11:48
tilmanthe previous maintained added it11:48
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bombastIt builds and works fine without it.11:48
bombastNothing seems broken or disabled.11:48
tilmanbombast: what does the google say on the subject?11:48
bombasttilman: I can only find 2 things that use it, a notifcations extension and an extension which works with Liferea.11:48
bombastac_add_options --disable-dbus11:50
bombastin mozconfig11:50
bombasttilman: Sorry if I'm being a pita with some of these things, I'm just going through some ports and seeing what I can do with them.11:52
tilmani'd rather not touch xulrunner at all :D11:53
bombastI understand.11:53
tilmanbombast: if disabling dbus means that one notification extension cannot be used than that's kind of sad, too :p11:53
* thrice` will complain11:53
bombastI guess I lose this battle.11:54
bombastOh well.11:54
jaegeryay, got my new video card12:15
bombastwhat kind12:26
jaegerGeForce GTX 27512:27
jaeger <-- specifically this one12:28
bombasti got an nvidia 8400 gs12:30
bombastnot the best but it works for me12:30
jaegerI never buy the very top of the line but I game enough to get something pretty decent12:34
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thrice`I have a seemingly linux-friendly intel card :|12:39
Tigger__hi, if i want to compile another kernel with a different config do i just do make menuconfig12:39
Tigger__ $ make all12:39
Tigger__ $ make modules_install12:39
Tigger__or do i need to do a "make clean" or anything like that?12:40
Tigger__good to hear thrice`12:40
jaegeryou could "make mrproper" if you wanted to (not sure how that compares to "clean") but it's not required12:42
jaegermrproper does erase .config12:43
thrice`yeah, you are probably fine as outlined above :)12:43
Tigger__ok, thats good :) thanks jaeger and thrice`12:43
bombastI always do mrproper12:43
bombastjust in case12:43
Tigger__ok, i'll try mrproper if i have any issues, thanks bombast12:44
Tigger__i'm installing crux-ppc on qemu-system-ppc btw12:45
Tigger__so take about an hour to compile a kernel12:46
bombastWhat is your host OS?12:46
Tigger__Arch Linux 686 at this precise moment12:46
bombastThen why a PPC guest?12:47
Tigger__because it can sometimes be a challenge to install them lol12:47
Tigger__on qemu anyway12:48
bombastYou're installing it as a challenge?12:48
Tigger__not many people can, so i'm doing all the OS's one by one on ppc12:49
Tigger__i know i must be nuts12:50
Tigger__but there you go lol12:50
bombastNah, people do things for fun.12:50
bombastI get it.12:50
thrice`sounds neat :)12:50
thrice`there seems to be a big crux-ppc community, but I've never tried it12:50
Tigger__yeah, that's it for fun :)12:50
Tigger__yes i think it's probably one of the the earliest linux's for ppc12:52
bombastYeah, especially since most of the others are just ports of Ubuntu and Redhat.12:52
Tigger__i used to install linux distros on pearpc but pearpc will only work on 2.4 kernels12:53
Tigger__indeed bombast12:53
bombastI enjoy users of Crux because they typically use Linux because they like Unix.12:54
bombastUsers of other distros just want to get away from Windows.12:54
Tigger__i know what you mean12:55
Tigger__Crux has a gentoo feel to it so far12:55
Tigger__i find anyway12:55
bombastMy usual line is, Linus Torvalds wanted to write a Unix clone, not a Windows clone.12:55
Tigger__Linux is huge now isn't it12:56
bombastThe kernel is still pretty small.12:57
Tigger__so many people are turning to it12:57
Tigger__oh yes i agree12:57
bombastI tend to ignore the bigger distros12:57
Tigger__i mean it's getting much more popular12:57
bombastYes, it's a blessing and a curse.12:58
bombastEvery time I try to google something Linux related.12:58
bombastI always get Ubuntu specific answers.12:58
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Tigger__i know wacha mean :)12:58
bombastYeah, it gets annoying..12:58
Tigger__Ubuntu seems to be slow compared to some of the other distos now12:59
Tigger__it seems bogged down with if you know what i mean12:59
bombastNot only do they run GNOME, they use a lot of pygtk apps and services.12:59
Tigger__it's ok for newbies13:00
bombastEvery time I try to use bigger distros I feel lost.13:01
Tigger__gives them an insite13:01
bombastI envy the amount of shit in apt.13:01
bombastBut it's all packaged wrong.13:01
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Tigger__well, i like crux so far13:02
Tigger__seems to run ok on qemu13:03
bombastI need to make a port for my wireless card's firmware13:03
bombasti think i will do that now13:03
Tigger__oh right, which one13:03
Tigger__cool, good luck :)13:04
bombastthanks, it shouldn't be too hard13:04
bombastArch has a PKGBUILD I can base it on13:04
Tigger__good to hear :)13:04
bombastUsually porting a PKGBUILD to Pkgfile is easy13:07
bombastwhich is good because I can coast on 99% of their work13:07
Tigger__well, that's what linux is all about .... maybe one day someone will coast on your work if they havn't already :)13:09
bombastWell I'm going to take a shower and go pick up some stuff at the store, if you have any questions or anything just let us know.13:13
Tigger__ok thanks mate :) take care and cya later13:14
bombastnp, later!13:14
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bombastokay screw going out13:42
bombastI got a working port13:42
bombasti'll test it out later13:43
bombastbut it seems fine13:43
bombastIf anyone has an ralink rt61pci let me now13:44
thrice`I have a 3945a/b/g13:45
bombastwhat does your lspci say13:46
RotwangNetwork controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI13:48
bombastRotwang: Want the Pkgfile?13:49
bombastif anyone does13:50
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spaceninjahow should I modprobe kqemu?  lib/modules/
bombastWhat do you mean how?13:58
bombast"modprobe kqemu"13:59
spaceninjamodprobe kqemu doesn't work13:59
bombastAny error messages?13:59
spaceninjabash-4.0# modprobe kqemu13:59
spaceninjaFATAL: Module kqemu not found.13:59
jaegerrun "depmod -a" first13:59
bombastWhat jaeger said.13:59
Rotwangspaceninja: change your prompt ;D13:59
spaceninjaah, it worked, thanks13:59
tilmanand use sudo14:00
spaceninjahehe, yes someday :)14:00
spaceninjaI don't trust sudo14:00
spaceninjabut I have it installed14:00
Rotwangi doesnt like sudo too14:00
bombastI don't have sudo installed tbqh14:00
jesse_sudo hate is in the air.14:03
bombastI don't hate it, I just don't need it.14:03
spaceninjabut I can use it like sudo vim /etc/prt-get.conf14:04
tilmanspaceninja: yes14:04
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bombastI love this Ob3 theme.14:13
tilmanlooks like a winter ripoff :.14:16
bombastthat's because it is a winter knockoff14:17
bombastbased on the e17 version14:17
bombastI used to use an ob3 based on the e16 version14:17
tilmansoyou like those fonts?14:17
bombastI love those fonts.14:17
bombastWouldn't use anything else.14:17
tilmanit's blurry as hell o_O14:18
bombastYou mean my wallpaper..?14:19
tilmani mean the font in your terminals and in firefox14:19
aoni agree, the bold in the term is quite blurry14:19
bombastWould you mind providing a sample screenshot for comparison?14:19
tilmanor something14:19
bombastbeat me by a second14:20
bombasttilman: OH! I remember now, I'm responsible for your .Xdefaults14:20
bombastBut none of these show gtk apps.14:20
bombasttilman: I gave you these
tilmani doubt that14:21
bombastWay back in the day.14:21
bombastI remember.14:21
bombastaon: dwm?14:21
bombastI could've read your emacs buffer D:14:21
bombast"As usual, it?s OpenBox. I?m still running the AYUNb theme.  A few weeks ago, I switched to rxvt-unicode, and I?m using custom term colors now."14:22
bombastThat comment was because I gave you my .Xdefaults back in 0514:23
bombastAnd you modified them.14:23
bombastI forgot all about that.14:23
aonit's been that long since you were here as miqorz/galisus?14:23
bombastOnce again.. my bad.14:24
bombastSorry about being a dick then. :/14:24
tilmanbombast: good that you know, because i don't see a reference to your name in .Xdefaults14:24
bombasttilman: I never tag my config files.14:24
bombastI don't care about ownership - I just forgot about that.14:25
* tilman rolls eyes14:25
bombastE17 always had nice wallpapers.14:29
thrice`are they still alive and kicking?14:35
tilmanreleasing? not so much14:35
bombastWell, they're alive.14:35
bombastE17 is the worlds biggest advertisement for SVN14:35
thrice`is their lack of release taken as they don't want to, or it's actually not there yet?14:36
bombastraster will never consider e17 "done"14:36
bombastand when he does14:37
bombasthe'll want to re-write it14:37
spaceninjanot much but I love my wallpaper tile
aonlooks like actual wallpaper14:37
bombastI love Openbox14:37
tilmanyeah, but you love blurred fonts at 8pt, too14:38
bombastA lot of people enjoy BCI fonts.14:38
* bombast shrugs14:38
spaceninjaits not blurry, can I get it sharper?14:39
tilmanbombast: nothing wrong with bitmap fonts14:39
bombasttilman: I know - I use them in my gtk1 apps.14:39
tilmanhowever, applying aa to them at those tiny sizes is silly14:39
bombastIt's just a font setup. :P14:40
spaceninjaaon: the tile if you want it, got it from
bombastlol, rubber chickens.14:42
bombastLook at method #214:49
spaceninjalol :D14:51
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bombastI need to patch this D:17:14
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bombastHey rehabdoll17:39
bombastI love that clip17:40
bombastWell that was bittersweet.17:40
bombastI was working on a modification to this Mutt patch.17:41
bombastAnd halfway through I found that Debian already extended it in the way I wanted.17:41
jaegerholy giant video card, batman18:12
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bombastAny Virtualbox users?19:25
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bombastHello, preyk.19:50
preykhey bombast :P19:52
bombastHow's it going?19:52
preykbombast, not too bad. just playing around with my dial up connection.19:53
bombastDial up, huh? Ouch..19:53
preykthe most painful thing coming from a 25mbps/2mbps connection19:53
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rehabdoll4am and fucking daylight21:05
rehabdollsummer sux21:05
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nipuLis that with dst?21:51
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