IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-05-27

bombastAnyone around?01:16
*** deus_ex has joined #crux01:18
bombasthey deus_ex01:18
bombastI just made a slang/jed port combo01:18
*** pedja has quit IRC01:20
bombasthey aon01:23
bombastHow's it going?01:25
aonnot bad01:26
aonhaving post-coffeebreak coffee01:26
bombastI'm just porting over a bunch of PKGBUILD files to Pkgfile01:27
bombastgot bored01:27
bombastFinally got signed up for the mailing list.01:29
bombastSet up a procmail rule and I'm set..01:29
aonhrr, procmail01:30
bombastYou dislike procmail?01:30
aonwell, i prefer fdm01:32
aonalthough nowadays i don't use that either since gnus does that stuff for me01:32
bombastAh, that's right.01:32
bombastYou use Emacs.01:32
bombastAnother one bites the dust01:35
bombastbang bang01:35
*** citizen42alpha has joined #crux01:35
bombasthey citizen42alpha01:36
citizen42alphahi there.01:36
citizen42alphafirst crux install, wish me well : )01:36
* bombast wishes you luck01:36
citizen42alphareboot time!01:37
*** citizen42alpha has left #crux01:37
bombastMaking ports is sadly fun.01:42
*** f1y has joined #crux01:44
bombasthello f1y01:45
f1yHi there :)01:52
bombastI love being able to use elinks in mutt01:52
bombastso handy01:52
bombast^ Neat.01:57
aon"OpenBSD is nice, but it doesn't scale worth a shit."02:03
aoni wonder what that has to do with them writing a smtpd02:03
bombastaon: I tend to ignore a lot of comments on any social bookmarking website.02:04
bombastI'm just excited because OpenBSD pisses excellence.02:04
*** Rotwang has joined #crux02:08
bombastHey Rotwang.02:08
Rotwanghai bombast02:08
bombasthai 2 u02:08
Rotwangnew wonderful day02:08
Rotwangto look for a job ;]02:09
aonnot the best time to look for a job :|02:10
aonat least here, luckily i got my old one again02:10
aonwould suck to have to live on study benefits for the summer02:11
bombastim glad im a university student02:12
aonor well, to get them one would have to study rather uninteresting things02:12
bombastdont have to worry about jobs too much yet02:12
aonsame, but three months off...02:12
* bombast nod02:12
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*** jtnl has joined #crux02:27
bombasthey jtnl02:31
jtnlmorning bombast02:31
*** lasso|qt has joined #crux02:32
bombasthello lasso|qt02:32
bombastHow's it going?02:36
*** Rotwang has joined #crux02:41
bombastit's Rotwang!02:41
bombastI need to figure out how to get the wifi script working w/ dhcpcd02:45
bombastI'll probably do that sometime tomorrow and add it to the wiki.02:46
f1yHi Rotwang [;02:50
bombastI love this distro.02:53
*** binarycodes has joined #crux02:55
bombastHello there binarycodes02:56
binarycodesbombast, hello :)02:56
bombastHow are you?02:57
binarycodesfine, thank you02:57
bombastGood to hear.02:57
binarycodesthought i'll take a peep at the crux guys :P02:57
bombastAh yes.02:58
bombastI thought your name looked familiar.02:58
binarycodeshmm, saw ya in #archlinux couple of days ago02:58
bombastyeah, I still hang around to see what's on the pulse02:58
bombasttry to help when i can02:59
* bombast nod02:59
* binarycodes checks out the home page02:59
bombastIf you have any questions let me/us know.03:00
binarycodessure, just wait till i install it :P03:00
bombastAlmost all the information and questions you might have can be found in the handbook.03:01
Rotwangf1y: hi f1y03:01
bombastReally the only things that are Crux specific are the ports system and init scripts.03:01
bombastEverything else is universal.03:02
binarycodeshmm crux 2.5 handbook!03:02
binarycodesgot it :)03:02
* bombast nod03:02
bombastThe wiki has some good info too.03:02
binarycodeshmm, just to make sure, crux is rolling too right?03:04
binarycodesgot thrown off by the 2.5 version03:04
bombastMore or less, yes.03:04
bombastJust update your software with ports, and update your kernel yourself.03:04
binarycodesoh ok03:05
binarycodesso its just AUR. which is understandable as its source based03:05
binarycodesas long as i can just keep upgrading its fine03:05
* bombast nod03:05
Rotwangbinarycodes: core is not rolling03:06
Rotwangrest is rolin03:06
bombastBut upgrading is cake.03:06
binarycodesso core i have to update manually, rather than from an easy peasy command03:07
binarycodeswhat i am really worried about is that03:07
binarycodesi dont ever have to reinstall right? unless offcourse i screw up myself03:07
bombastThere's a script on the disk that does the upgrade for you AFAIK03:08
bombastMaybe Rotwang can verify that.03:08
binarycodesheh, too much questions, i will you guys with a real install soon enough. :)03:08
bombastAs far as I know the most you might need to do is recompile some stuff.03:08
binarycodes*meet you03:09
binarycodessince then see you all :)03:11
*** binarycodes has left #crux03:11
*** Rotwang has quit IRC03:12
bombastI wonder why revdep is returning the 2 ports it is.03:15
bombastthey are installed for the right reasons :/03:15
bombastOh well, it's getting real late03:17
bombastbetter sleep soon03:17
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*** dolMan is now known as kelly05:29
aonhow on earth does one get working mingw tarballs :|05:50
*** Rotwang has joined #crux06:02
Rotwangmy motivation letter to a company id like to be hired in07:20
Rotwangyou think its gonna work? ;]07:20
nipuLthrow in some naked pics and you're shoe in07:27
*** Rotwang has quit IRC07:34
*** alancio has joined #crux07:47
alanciohi, is anybody reading me in real-time?07:48
* spaceninja is reading now07:49
alanciospaceninja: do you know who is in charge of git now?07:49
spaceninjano clue07:49
spaceninjaif you wait, you might get an answer07:49
alanciook, I'll wait07:50
alancioI sent an email to Tilman some time ago, and it went unanswered07:50
spaceninjawhat will you ask if you know who is in charge of git?07:51
spaceninjasometimes its better to get straight to the point07:52
alancioits not a technical question, its more of a policy question07:52
alancioI'm the maintainer of the kde repository07:53
spaceninjaoh ok07:53
thrice`time for kde4? ;)07:53
thrice`tilman is the git guy, yes07:53
alancioso I'm thinking its better to create a different branch for kde407:53
alanciook, so what do you think about it07:53
alancioinstead of going along with crux versions, use kde versions for branches07:54
thrice`I think it's awesome, and a great idea :)07:54
thrice`yep, I agree07:54
thrice`because it's how jaeger does gnome, too, basically07:54
alancioyes, because I'm sure many people will jump to kde4, and then they will want to go back to kde3 and continue using it for some time07:54
alanciooh, so if its done for gnome, then there's no policy problem with it07:55
alanciokde 4 is getting better, and I'm sure some people would consider it stable now07:56
thrice`yep, it seems most have moved to it in the 4.2 series07:56
alanciowell, thanks07:57
alancioI'm still working on it, but I think it will be ready sometime next week07:57
thrice`you can probably ping him in #crux-devel, too :)07:58
alanciostrange thing, the gnome repo is not listed in git's web interface08:00
thrice`yeah, I think jaeger hosts it on his own server08:02
alancioI see08:04
*** f1y has quit IRC08:06
sepenpfff, if the hostname is not set in /etc/hosts then I can't use 'sudo' on centos08:07
sepen<alancio> so I'm thinking its better to create a different branch for kde408:07
sepenwell, I just pushed my changes for xfce 4.6 in the same git branch08:08
sepenI can't see where is the problem08:08
thrice`well, in case some want to keep kde308:08
sepenand xfce4.4?08:09
alanciothe problem is that some people would like to keep using kde3, and I would like to keep supporting it08:09
sepenkde.git is still in 2.4, so you can create a new branch 2.5 for kde408:09
thrice`so maybe a kde3 tag in git, maybe?08:09
thrice`er, minus a "maybe" :>08:10
alancioI've never used tags in git, I'll have to read about it08:10
sepenATM kde.rsync is pointing to collection=ports/crux-2.4/kde/, imho a new branch 2.5 with kde4 should does the trick08:12
alancioyeah, but then users will think that kde3 is not available/supported in crux 2.508:12
thrice`yep, I can see that too08:13
alancioand anyway, the kde repo doesn't depend on a particular crux version08:13
alanciothe latest version of kde would build perfectly in any version of crux if you have the dependencies08:14
thrice`I could see xfce done like this too.  keep a 4.4 snapshot in git before bumping to 4.608:15
alancioin kde this is an important issue because I'm sure many people will want to keep using kde3 for a long time08:17
*** racer has quit IRC08:17
*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:21
alanciook I just sent him another email08:25
alancioI'm going to sleep now, thanks for helping!08:26
thrice`bye alancio :)08:27
*** alancio has quit IRC08:27
sepenwell sounds reasonable too08:55
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux10:43
thrice`kde4 on crux \o/10:49
tilmani'm wondering why his mails don't get through10:50
thrice`ah, this one didn't either?10:53
tilmanthrice`: i mailed him and asked him to write to crux-devel if mail==fail10:54
*** lennart has joined #crux10:55
thrice`yeah, weird.  I don't think he mentioned it bouncing back, just "he never responded."10:56
aonperhaps it got spamfiltered10:56
aonor he spamfiltered the bounce10:56
*** straw has joined #crux10:56
tilmanaon: yes10:57
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-glproto: updated to
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xkeyboard-config: updated to 1.6.11:02
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bombastWhat are some reasons why ports would be listed in revdep?12:44
bombastTwo ports are listed, seemingly for no reason.12:45
*** jtnl has quit IRC12:45
bombastThey were installed with full dependencies as dependencies for other ports.12:45
Rotwangfirefox and OOo?12:46
bombastlol no12:46
jesse_Those ports might have been compiled against libraries which no longer reflect those you have installed at the moment.12:47
bombasti'll try rebuilding them12:47
jesse_run 'RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep port' to find out what files it reports as fubar.12:48
jesse_That usually gives you a pretty good idea what is busted.12:48
bombastjesse_: You're very right.12:50
jesse_It's a very handy utility, especially when you do binary upgrades from one release to the next one.12:52
* bombast nod12:52
bombastcups got built against dbus even though it isn't a dependency12:53
bombastand when I removed dbus12:53
bombastit got all flaky12:53
bombastjesse_: Thank you for your help. :)12:54
jesse_You're welcome.12:54
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bombastportspage is a neat script12:56
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bombastcritics HATED Terminator Salvation13:52
*** jtnl has quit IRC13:58
jesse_Yay for ignoring TV.14:10
bombastjesse_: I meant Rotten Tomatoes14:11
bombastI'm going to go see it tonight anyways14:11
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*** deus_ex is now known as pedja14:29
joacimwhats a TV=14:56
Rotwangit means that all transvestites are equal14:58
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: arora: updated to 0.7.015:12
*** spaceninja has joined #crux15:17
rehabdollsepen: arora needs -j115:22
rehabdolldumb races15:22
thrice`hm, I've built it with -j3, i think15:23
rehabdollyeah, but then you were lucky :)15:29
rehabdolljust failed twice, truncated .o-files15:29
rehabdollremember kids, some threads are more equal than others!15:29
spaceninjaI'm talking to a vim dude, and he's saying that all the backup files *~ gets deleted with the default configuration.15:31
spaceninjahow come I always have these *~ files lying around15:31
spaceninjaI can't find anything in prt-get cat vim that indicates a change in its backup conf15:33
jesse_Afaic vim's default is to create those backup files. Remove them manually if they bother you that much and configure vim to not make them in the first place.15:34
spaceninjayes but he said that they should be removed after a succesful save15:34
spaceninjaI'll figure it out15:35
spaceninjaHe must of meant the swp file15:56
jesse_Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Indeed they are not the same thing.15:58
sepenrehabdoll, hmm thanks I'll add15:58
sepenjust watching tv, barça, barça, barça!16:01
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thrice`man, hal-disable-polling on my cdrom drive gives my lappy about another 30 mins. of battery.  what a hog :>18:53
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